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Title: Sims 4 Belt accessories
Post by: Mythic_Legend on August 28, 2016, 07:04:49 pm
i really like how belts can be used as accessories however no one (to my knowledge) so far has made belts that can be worn over clothing. i would like to request that. various kinds of belts that can be worn over most pants and shirts (i realize that there are meshes out there that are wider or more frilly.)

if you pardon my drawings (some are really old) here are a few examples:

  • Slanted belts
  • belts with pouches (not sure i would call it a fannypack)
  • double belts, one normal one slanted
  • rope belts
  • i believe belts just below the breasts are what empress belts are but i could very likely be wrong
  • cross belts
  • Fabric or bow belts
  • thin or decorative
  • Chain belts
  • belts with hanging suspenders
  • belts with decorative buckles
  • and normal belts of course

of course i don't expect nor am even asking for all of these, there just examples of types i would like to get on sims. id like the slanted, cross and suspender ones most but i could honestly make due with any of them.

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