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Title: WCIF "realistic" Crossdressing outfits? (Found some)
Post by: JazzyClassy on February 11, 2017, 05:50:11 pm

Hopes the question fits here. I happend to come across a tumblr from someone called  azaya ( and found some quite nice crossdressing outfits. They were "realistic" in the means of not having any fake breast forms. It was just a male in a dress, as simple as that. Well, I did write "quite nice" as some of the downloads could have been better. You will see when following the links. I want to have more downloads like this so if you know some good stuff, just reply. I do add three links so you can see what I'm after. (
I have this one. It come in many colors. (
This ones would be nice but the tops are horrible. And the skirt is so high, it don't work whit any other. Need better tops that work. (
I have not found this dresses but they do look good.

Edit: Found some downloads over at GoS and there is some on MTS. If you know about other updates, it's welocome.

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