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Title: Carry Child Interaction
Post by: SuperGal on September 18, 2017, 02:46:57 pm
Request 1: While my last thread got deleted on Mod the Sims (no requests allowed in the WCI section), I want to have a mod where teen to elders can carry children on the hip like a toddler. So basically, you extract the animation of toddlers being picked up and carried and convert to child. Add this as an interaction to child. Add "pick up toddler" to teen to elder interactions with children. This should allow teen to adult to pick up and carry child.


Request 2: I also want another mod where children can carry toddlers. Similar instructions to the one above. Maybe adjust or fix floating child.


That's all. Someone who is experienced in converting animation or making custom interactions is fit for this request.

SimplePortal 2.1.1