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Title: Not Good Enough
Post by: Da Sugarpumpkin on May 12, 2018, 03:41:51 am
Years ago, when i first signed in as a member at modthesims, i used to share some of my creations over there. Now after many years of break, i have decided to design again and was trying to upload and share some of my work. But apparently non of my creations are what seems "Not professionally" in their eyes for their website. No matter how much i try to change and do, it is never good enough. I do not know about you, but I think they have crossed the line with this strict rules of theirs, on the uploads. Sure it is good to have rules, but you do not need to cross the line and make it impossible either...So from now on, I will share my samples of my creations here in Inieminator instead. At least here the rules of the uploads has not crossed the line yet. For that I say THANK YOU!!!!

I could not figure out where to put this discussion, so i hope it is ok that i put it here...

I will start to upload soon some sims 2  content to my website. But I have not completely done fixing my sims 3 uploads to Casas De Sugarpumpkin yet! It is getting there, but still some work, since I had quite a lot of creations to update the site with.

Plus that i want to build up my city in the sims 3, since I need to rebuild it after cleaning my mod folder. How ever, I will update you when i have content uploaded to my sims 2 website...

Title: Re: Not Good Enough
Post by: Theraven on May 12, 2018, 07:20:46 am
MTS has been strict with their content for a while, and has so many rules I've never bothered to try uploading something there - mostly because the process is too confusing. I don't always know where every single piece of extra non-uploaded CC in my picures can be found, and what's the point of so-and-so large pictures if the item is just a dot in the middle with mostly air all around? I'm pretty sure a lot of good creations are rejected because of some obscure detail they forgot in their initial upload. The strict rules and the slow pocess in getting creations through that tiny key hole is probably why a lot of creators have moved on, and why there's a max of 1-3 new creations over there every day, if any at all (I remember back when there were 1-3 pages of new uploads every day). They're also very strict on not being able to make requests, which would be a very inspiring section for creators if they had it (not counting the "we are available for making requests" topic, because it's not a request section). The rules constrict creativity, and puts it into a little box of "this is what you are allowed to do". Most creators don't like that much.

It also doesn't help much for new creators to hear "your upload is not good enough" too many times. Sure, some creations may not be good, but the more someone creates, the better they'll get. Some people may work until they get it right, but others give up after a time. If I'd tried to upload my first creations at MTS, they'd probably all be rejected. This (,66587.msg1045622.html#msg1045622) was my first upload ever, just a recolor project where I changed the colors of existing designs with hue/saturation. Probably would've been an instant rejection at MTS (today's version, anyway) - but I posted at Insim, found that people liked my stuff (even the not so good recolors) and continued creating.

When that's said, I like MTS and hang out there a lot. The community is mostly alright, and there are still some good uploads to find among the CC (particularly the older ones). I just don't feel like uploading CC there. I prefer posting on my own site, though I do have some of my older uploads here in Insim and a few on GoS, too.

Title: Re: Not Good Enough
Post by: Da Sugarpumpkin on May 16, 2018, 03:04:56 am
Yes, same here, even though i will not upload my stuff there anymore. I still like some of their downloads and still download their mods and other goodies that i need for my game.  :cool:

Title: Re: Not Good Enough
Post by: Paden on July 01, 2018, 06:50:06 pm
I download stuff from there if it meets MY standards but sad to say, it takes months for me to get around to doing a downloading spree from that site. I agree, once upon a time there was scads of great stuff to get and it was a lot of fun to go on those raids, but now, not so much. I've never bothered trying to submit anything of my own, don't feel like getting a rejection. Instead, I just uploaded it all to my Mediafire account. It's there in case my computer ever decides to take a dump again. I'm getting back into making recolours myself, so I feel what you're going through. Before Sailfin took her Sims 2 site down, I uploaded there. I'd upload here but have lost my screenshots, don't feel like doing them all over again and my Photo Bucket account got hacked, so meh.

Title: Re: Not Good Enough
Post by: Karma on July 03, 2018, 06:13:13 am
I know exactly how you feel, the same thing happened to me. That sucks. :(

Title: Re: Not Good Enough
Post by: berenger on September 13, 2018, 02:47:25 am
Yeah, I know that ( feel. Not cool at all.

Title: Re: Not Good Enough
Post by: Sugarpumpkin on September 19, 2018, 09:02:07 pm
Paden, that was a brilliant idea! I store my stuff on my external hard drive, if my laptop would suddenly say good night. I have a refurbished MSI laptop now with win 8.1 My Acer's Ram memory was not good enough with its 8 G Ram, so i bought a refurbished MSI laptop a years back with 16 G Ram. It works BRILLIANT! Gave my acer to my niece to play sims games with.  ;D

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