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Title: Cheaper clothes (TS2)
Post by: nonnaincarriola on April 22, 2019, 08:32:53 am
Hi there! Long time lurker here, I made another account because I lost my previous one :(

I spent many hours looking for a mod that lowers the prices of clothing, but I didn't find it.
I love making my sims go out to buy more outfits, but it can get expensive in the long run. These are the actual prices for all the clothing categories and the changes I would like to make:

Everyday (§200) change to: (§30)
Formal (§400) change to: (§200)
PJs (§75) change to: (§20)
Undies (§50) change to: (§10)
Swimwear (§150) change to: (§10)
Athletic/Gym Clothes (§100) change to: (20§)
Outerwear (§300) change to: (40§)

Other informations:
I have the Ultimate Collection (all eps, all stuff packs)

Thanks in advance for every reply, I would love anyone that is willing to make this mod for me (if it's not impossible, Idk anything about modding) or point out a mod that does a similar thing (but I'm afraid it doesn't exist, I didn't find it :c)

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