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Title: The 2019/2020 Donation Drive!
Post by: Jenna on June 01, 2019, 10:20:13 am

It's time once again for the Give Us All Your Money Event InSim's annual donation drive! With three two months of funding left, we would ask that you kindly chip in and help keep us around for another year. As an added incentive, Squinge will once again come out of retirement and fulfill any and all requests made! He's just not aware of that fact yet.

Fun fact: InSim has been in operation for fourteen years. With your help, we can make it to fifteen.

The Not-So-Fine Print
We are funded entirely by donations, and as such, are dependent upon the generosity of our forum members to keep us afloat. All money received shall be used only for paying the bills related to our hosting. So be a hero and support Insim today! The next twenty callers will also get a shiny title to brag about to their friends! (actually, anyone who donates gets a 'Site Santa' title. Be sure to include your username if you want it.)  

Note: donation totals are updated manually.

Donation Goal: $500
Donations Received: $293

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