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Title: Skintones linked to Marvine-Beosboxboy's meshes
Post by: FJPerez on October 04, 2006, 06:40:06 am
Hi. I’ve received several questions about how to my skins can be “shower proof” and conserve like Marvine-Beosboxboy’s bodybuilder (or others) in the shower, etc. My skins are made over Maxi's ones for everybody who have not downloaded those meshes can use them. It you want to make them "shower proof", you have to do this:

     1.- You have to download, first, the skin you want and also one of the skins you can find here, in Insimenator, made, for example, by Wirelessguy or Kavar; that of you want the sim in shower appears. Put them in “My documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Downloads”. [For example, by Kavar >>; and by Wirelessguy >> ].

     2.- Once downloaded, open Body Shop to “create elements” and make a new project loading up my skin; name this project like you want (for example, A). Do not export it to the game.

     3.- Go again to “create elements” and load up Wirelessguy’s water-proof skin creating a new project. Give it a new name (B) and do not close it.

     4.- Without closing body shop and with this second project (B) on the screen:
          a) open Windows Explorer and go to "My documents\EA Games\Projects\ and the name you've given to my skin's one (A)”. You have to copy all the “.bmp” files of the skin (they are practically all of them except one).
          b) Then, go to "My documents\EA Games\Projects\B” (the second project that in this moment you have still open in Body Shop) and paste these .bmp files over.
          c) If you want to have an specific icon of this skin in Body Shop and in the game to identify it, in this project (B), open “swatch” file with a photoshop program to recolour, put an image or whatever you want and save it.

     5.- Now, go to Body Shop and refresh it; you would see the new skin and –if you have done it- also the “swatch” icon. Export it to the game. Next time you open your game, the skin would be there.

     (6).- To verify the skin is rightly exported to the game, you can clone or create a new sim in Body Shop and put him the new skin.

I hope this indications will help. Sorry by my English, and I hope it works. Thank you everybody for your interest and, once more, to Marvine & Beosboxboy for their incredible meshes and also to Wirelessguy and Kavar for their fantastic job.

There is French and Spanish translation here (, where it is also in English whith pics to ilustrate all said.

Title: Skintones linked to Marvine-Beosboxboy's meshes
Post by: BeosBoxBoy on October 04, 2006, 11:16:36 am
very cool!  thank you FJPerez - you may also post this in Spanish if you like :)

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