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Title: Red De'Vill-update JAN 6th
Post by: Rock Chick on November 01, 2006, 03:02:22 pm
A couple people suggested I post this here
Hope you enjoy it x

I just fancied writing a legacy type story around one of my new sims...and having the main character as a guy this time
It's basically about a rock star forced into bankrupcy by his nasty management. Thanks to them embezzling all his money , he's having to start out from scratch...with nothing but a few measley simoleans and a plot of land in Strangetown..

In Red's Own Words
' So here I am ..In the middle of NOWHERE......literally....My head is still killing me...I went out on a bender just before the balliffs arrived and took the rest of my stuff....and my so called agent drove me here and dumped me...I've got nothing left....'
'wait ....did I say nothing??? I meant I have the worlds biggest kitty litter tray, a post box and a trash can'

'My agent sent some builders round to make me a hovel....don't get me wrong..I'm grateful for the walls and stuff...but they spent most of my money levelling the I got left with this grand establishment...It's a long way from the luxury I got used know five years at the top of my game..slogging my guts out on mammouth tours all round the world...month upon month in the studios...all for this'


'One box, one sofa...smells'm not gonna tell you....but I wish I had windows in this shack.....a not bad least my beer will be cold...this heat sheesh...I miss trees......and I HATE the sun!!! and a the living's gotta get better right?'

'Well apparently there is life on mars ....because I got visitors weird guy...though I've seen weirder...and two chicks......crikey...I forgot the last time when*cough* anyway...I am only human...maybe one of them will fancy me....mind you , what self respecting bird is gonna do anything with me in that place...sofa facing the loo....mmmmm ....there's nothing like the seductive aroma of the BOG to get a girl in the mood....*rolls eyes* sheesh....crikey....don't go IN!!.....ugh I'm so embarrassed'
'I managed to intercept one chick anyway...tried a bit of the old De'Vill charm..I never had a green one before....hmmmm, she said she was called Lola..she's got a sister and two room mates...ALL SINGLE!!! weyhey!! anyway, the other woman that came over went straight in to use me humble facilities...not shy round here are they? and the bloke is called Nervous...what sort of a name is that..he started giggling to himself...what a muppet!..
So whilst I tried to seduce Lovely Lola, Nervous walks straight in on this Jenny bird...she didn't bat an maybe I'm chatting up the wrong one here! *blink*
That 'Nervous' guy just pointed at her and laughed then ran back out.....something tells me he's not the sharpest tool in the box...know what I mean?
Anyway my thoughts were confirmed when he started pranking everyone tragic , a ten year old trapped in a mans body.'
'He got Jenny with a water balloon....I never saw that...where did he get it? don't bear thinking about! anyway I can't believe he got Lola as just don't do that to a bird someone is chatting's like an unwritten law man!!!...still I had the ideal opportunity to give her a comforting hug...hmmmmm...physical contact at last!!!'
'Well I wasn't expecting the cold (wet) shoulder from Lola..we were getting on I thought...she said something about her lighting bolt for me had a red cross on it.....what the**** does that mean??? This place has the right name...strangetown...looneyville would have done just as well though.'

'Nervous is relentless man! what a kid! I decided to sort him out...poor Jenny could hardly breathe when he let rip....I dread to think what that guy eats...he seriously needs to see a doctor.....and a shrink while he's at it'
'So you know being a gentleman I checked Jenny was allright first...she just laughed and said it was allright cos she'd had two kids......Riiiight...I dread to think what they're like then!!!.....I seriously don't think people round here should be allowed to breed.........anyway...maybe I'm just meeting the lower end of the gene pool a baptism of fire initiation thing......*gulp*...I wish me Mum was around!!!....ahem... so yeah I decided to have a word with Nervous's not cool to harrass the ladies after all'
'OK dude'...I said...'jokes're going too far...let's apologise to the ladies and calm it down yeah?'
He looked at me all serious and then nodded...'Oh yes I'm sorry.. was only playing' and he held out his hand for me to shake it....fair enough I know , he's probably not a bad guy...bit immature ...probably never had a girlfriend..definitely never I maybe I could help him out...take him under my wing you know..I clasped his hand ...'Ok mate...cheers.......huh?.... eeeeeAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH You bleeding *curse* *beep* *swear*)*
' That was not a smart move...what a pain in neck he was...' Seriously , if you can't calm it down you can sling your know LEAVE' I said to him...he agreed..then just as he started walking away....
'DON'T even Think about it!!!!'
'Gaahhhhhhhhhh......OH THAT'S IT!!!!'
'You better start running !!! grrrrrrrrrr'

Title: Red De'Vill-update JAN 6th
Post by: Rock Chick on November 01, 2006, 03:04:09 pm
'Well luckily for Nervous he ran....good grief! *rolls eyes* I wasn't suprised to find the girls had gone too...I mean after that fiasco who could blame them? I couldn't believe I was stuck in the desert with a bunch of crazy people....I must have been Atilla the Hun in a previous life or about your bad karma overload!!,....anyway...I tried not to panic...OK well I had a little panic'
'after a bit of a weak moment , I decided to get myself motivated and find a job...OH to have a seperate bathroom...and a don't realise how much you take things like that for granted til you lose em...'
'So I scanned the paper for a job and found one as a campaign worker...long hours but good money...I needed new clothes ..a bath and most of all a guitar...the repo swines didn't even let me keep ONE....*sob*
'After I got accepted for the job, I cheered up a bit...maybe it wouldn't be so bad after all...I still didn't like the heat...but later on I could get air con right? and to get a guitar again...that cheered me up no end :) I even played around a bit....
'So I was down but not out.....that's when I met her. The girl who would turn my world even more inside out than it already was....'
I went outside to make the most of the cooler evening air...just mulling over the day and how weird it had all been when I heard someone jog up behind me'
"hi I'm Jess" she said to me....she was a knock out! I can just remember gazing at her for a bit with a big grin on my face...she was gorgeous....even all sweaty with no make up......imagine what she would be like all dressed up!'

'We chatted and laughed together...I wanted to invite her in but my place being the dump it know...I didn't want to mess this was going too well with her....she gave me a hug goodnight!!! wow I so needed that! and I watched her go...she said she would see me again...and I certainly hoped so...hmmmmm Jess...I lay down on the sand and watched the stars...I was starting to really like it after all..'

'hey it's me , Red...I'm still here..I slept on my sofa..brave eh...and naturally didn't get a good sleep..I ache all over man...ugh...but I survived my first night! I am desparate for a coffee and still half asleep...someone came to give me a lift to work...hope they don't mind me flashing my chest in the office...can't afford luxuries like shirts yet ya know!....Still on the whole..that morning I was feeling happier...mainly due to that hottie Jess.........if only I'd I went to work....'
'well it was a long old day but I got through it...I managed to earn a good days pay...very good in fact...I went straight and phoned up the furniture 24 hour direct store...(how lucky they do immediate despatch ;) ) and got myself a BED!!!! woooooo..and a couple other bits...
'I got a table and stools and a shower!! It ROCKED to have amenities I can tell you! course what they giveth with one hand they taketh with the other...I had bills! sheesh for WHAT?? exactly...anyway...they would have to wait for the next payday...'
'I was outside early evening surveying my estate like you do...when someone else strolled by...she was a fox too!'
'I remember liking her dress A LOT!! her name was Bella something..or..other.....anyway..what a dress! and she flirted with me loads...hehe it was luck being the way it is..Bella kissed me goodbye just as Jess came by on her evening she got mad!!! she even slapped me...I'm amazed she liked me that much.......time for some serious grovelling!!!! '
'It appeared I was an expert groveller....she actually chilled out and went and lay on my we could *talk* she said....I was up for that of course...I did really like her you know...not just fancy her...seriously LIKED her'

'There was a bit of an awquard silence...I wasn't sure what to say...I don't think she was either...but I guess she liked me enough to just hang out ...I just stayed quiet and waited for her to do something...or say anything....expect the unexpected , that's what I decided'
'She mumbled something about feeling really attracted to I kind of tried to hug her...honest just hug!'
'Yeah well as you can see that didn't go down too we chatted a bit...what she said next totally blew me away.....
she said "well If we're going to live together, we need to tidy this place up...I'll sort it in the morning"
THEN whilst I was still reeling she jumped on me and had her wicked way! honest! I can't show you because tender eyes might be looking...but she's like a thing possessed!!! As I lay there exhausted after she finished with me I just hoped there wouldn't be scratches all over me back in the morning!!! aye carumba!!!!'

Title: Red De'Vill-update JAN 6th
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'We slept well...I certainly did...she wore me out...I won't go into details...anyhoooo....the next morning we both had to go to work...I never noticed she brought a smart suit with her..but she showered and changed into it...she was full of suprises....a deafening roar made me jump out of my skin.....
'That's my ride' she yelled to me........
I asked her what she did for work to merit a helicopter turning up ...
'I'm the Mayor of Strangetown' she yelled back
'WHHHAAAAT???????'well I was a bit suprised yeah...wouldn't you be??
'Off she went ride came shortly after the chopper took off...I'm amazed the wind generated from the launch didn't blow the old banger I went to work in clean off the road!
'Work that day was just a blur'
'She finished early everyday she said......and when I got home I could not believe my little bloodshot eyes!! about extreme make over...the shack was like a little palace...I spose Mayors have standards....anyway it ROCKED!!! Things seemed to be coming up roses for me finally.....note I said "seemed"
'She really meant it when she said she would sort it out....she even got me a guitar...I think it was at that moment I fell in amazing she was...she knew how much I missed my music...I was touched man I gotta say...really deeply...*eyes watering* sniffle...*cough* anyway yeah it was cool! I played that flying V for her most of the night...then she dragged me into the bedroom..... :wow:
'Talk about my dream woman.....evenso...she was a bit over the top with the whoohoooing....I mean not being bigheaded or nothing but I am fairly fit you know...lots of stamina...but she wanted to keep going ....I had work in the morning ya know!!! sheesh'

'I went off to work as usual that morningafter a nice long bath..I at last washed away my stage make up.....Jess had the day off lucky girl..but that was cool..I said bye to her and that I would be home at six as usual'
'Truth is at work I felt terrible...I mean really a migraine from *heck* or something..So I went back home, Jess had popped out when I got back so I just fell into bed........Later on everything started to slide down the spiral again.'
'Jess had come back from town and ordered groceries....the delivery guy showed up and she tipped him and invited him in.....guess they knew each other'
'So they chatted...that was fine , I mean, small town in the middle of nowhere...I guessed everybody knew each other right...and I had no need to worry'
'ok, so they had a's cool she's the'
'Right OK ! that is definately NOT official business!!!........and not cool....I woke up then and stumbled towards the kitchen to get a glass of water and some aspirin'
'I hurt so bad at that head was thumping anyway and now my chest someone had knocked me backwards....I just lurched past them....jeez I felt like I was going to hurl at that moment....'
'The migraine just went hyper then...I managed to get my aspirin down and stumble back to bed...sobbing my stupid heart out.... they just carried on...I heard em....I just lay there in agony wishing the pillow over my head would block the racket out better..that night Jess chose to sleep on the sofa...for the best definitely.'

'The next day I missed work be honest I was scared to come out of the bedroom til she if I didn't see her , what happened the night before would all be erased...yeah I know...what a coward eh? Still I was in love with her...right about then she was my whole world you know? Anyway..she came back from work and I think she was feeling bad about it...
'She called me in for dinner...she made a nice salad dish...I was almost too scared to look at her, but we had to chat right? clear the air and so on'
'I'll certainly never forget the went a bit like this'
'her-- "so how's your head now? did you want me to pick up some more aspirin this afternoon? *smile* "
Me --- "You and that delivery bloke last night....what the **** was that about?"
Her--- "OH him...that was just a bit of fun....I'm WITH you.....I know...that was just playing"
Me --- "Just playing?? you don't just play...when ...when you're in a relationship"
Her --- " Oh come on Red, I thought you would be cool with an open relationship...I mean all the groupies and that from your life before Strangetown...I thought you were laid know secure enough with yourself to let me play...I can cuts both ways"
Me--- " Yeah well I ain't like that...when I'm with someone I'm loyal...."
Her --- "I'm not about to change who I accept me as I am...or forget it"
Me---- " I do accept's not what I expected..."
Her ---- "'s how things are....I don't know why you're complaining...I mean , I made your place nice...I don't make any demands on you...well just fun ones right *wink* for goodness sake chill...I'm still here aren't I?"

' She got up from the table..."I'm going out for a bit....take it easy babe" she said
I felt sick , just playing with the food on my plate.....
"I love you Jess" I said....
"don't Red" her voice faltered as she left

Title: Red De'Vill-update JAN 6th
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' You know I think it's true...women are from another planet...I felt like I would never understand her...but at the same time I didn't want her to leave me...I hated her as much as I loved her then...You know when I heard about people staying in bad relationships cos they loved their partners so much they would put up with anything...well I used to laugh about how stupid they were...only then did I have empathy for people like that..when it happened to me.... I didn't like to admit it but I was nothing more that her little kept love sounds funny now...but god it hurt so much. Music helped distract me, and as the day went on I kind of mulled it all over...I believed she was sorry...I mean she must have been right? she saw how upset I'd been..maybe she would try to stay exclusive to me now I'd said how I felt...I hung on to that thought and felt better'
'So life went on, the delivery guy left her a present...I thought about chucking the rose away...but I wanted to prove to Jess that I accepted matter what..maybe just doing that would make her want to stay with me ...and not play around anymore...that was my plan anyway'

'She seemed happy I was cool about the gift..she hung out wth me a lot over the couple of weeks that was nice you know...I mean I was happier...I relaxed again...she even took an interest in my music and I helped her with guitar lessons...Listening to her play I was overwhelmed with love you know...she acted like she did when we first hooked up...really sweet and well...mind blowing woohoo all the time.....yeah you could say my wounds were healed up nicely'
'I was having a long soak in the bath one morning.. we were both having a day off work..I heard voices in the lounge as I lay there enjoying the warm my relief it was another woman....what I didn't realise was'
'Yeah Jess was playing again....I was oblivious in the bathroom...I mean..I hadn't realised she was open to women as you know...I didn't feel the need to check'
'I was glad she found a female friend...relieved in fact!!! I thought a mate might help her stay away from other guys...sheesh.... I'm no prude...but she was meant to be with me ......that is...I wanted it to be just the two of us you know?...gah love sucks at times......any the time I got out the bath things had progressed somewhat'
'I walked in to find them in a clinch..they were both startled to see me...the bed had obviously been used...I glanced at the crumpled sheets...I'd made the bed tidy as usual that morning'
"Hey you.....we... were trying on might have knocked!!" Jess gasped was pretty unconvincing and we all knew it....
"yeah sorry" I mumbled...I turned and made for the lounge

'You know looking back I should have just given her MY should always be true to yourself right? It was my own fault ...I mean, to be fair to her she told me straight how she was...I just was so mad about her I wanted her to have to accept someone good and bad...I guess back then I couldn't accept that letting her go would be healthier....I didn't say a word when the post lady left...and I didn't say anything further to Jess either....turning a blind eye appeared the easiest option'
'I tell you one thing though....heartache is really good for songwriting...I was on a creative roll....and as before, Jess was kind and kept me busy in the was kind of uncomfortable at times...but I blocked bad thoughts out of my mind, besides...she knew how to get me going.....she had me wrapped round her little finger'
'She started to act a bit she would get sick in the mornings...mind you her cooking skills weren't too great...salads yes....anything involving heat...NOOOOO!

'She managed to get her blackened pancakes down as I got to the table...looking at her ashen face it seemed doubtful she would keep them down though...
"I'm going to the docs....I need something to help stop this sickness" she said weakly... I offered to take her but she declined..."I have my driver coming." she explained...being the mayor had it's perks...chauffered to the doctors office no less...I kissed her goodbye and went back to my composing'
'I went out whilst she was gone to pick up groceries...I decided not to risk home deliveries any more after what happened...I mean...why put temptation right on our doorstep?? I got home and Jess was waiting for me...she called me into the bedroom.......'
'I don't know what happened at that doctors but wow! she looked incredible..she called me over to sit on the bed and explained that she'd felt a lot better and decided to go for a new look to really cheer herself up...all I can say is it worked....I won't say much more than by the time it was over I was ready to pass out!  Evidently having a make over was the worlds best aprhodisiac'
'we got up and she said she would make us dinner...why did I get the feeling she was trying to sweeten me up for something??...fleetingly I wondered if she wanted to ask me to marry her...she was unpredictable enough...mind you when I had hinted at it she'd looked like a deer trapped in the headlights....well a guy could dream right?'

Title: Red De'Vill-update JAN 6th
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'Like I said ..I was hanging!! I needed to get some sleep....I went off yawning into the bathroom...
"Chicken salad OK for you babe? " she called ...I agreed and staggered along to freshen up a bit before we ate
After dinner I'm afraid I was beat..I collapsed on the sofa...well come on.. you know what us guys are like after woohoo....ahem ...anyway...she was checking her make up....she liked her new look a did I......hmmmmm'
'just as I was dropping off to sleep the phone went...she ran and answered it...
"I don't want double glazing thankyou" she said loudly rolling her eyes at me....
I closed mine happily and went off to sleep.
' "he's out's OK Johnson......god I missed you so much...can you come over?" she whispered into the phone..
'Yeah turns out Johnson was some guy she'd been seeing in her lunch hour at work...I don't know how long that had been going on...anyway she got him to come appeared they had something important to discuss'
'At least this time they met outside...she was really into him....
Him --- "so you're sure he doesn't know??....hey he won't wake up will he??"
Her---" not after the sleeping pill in his drink he won' did you tell Veronica about us yet?"
Him --- "come on babe ...these things take time....I got the kids to consider as well"
Her ---"They'll be ok.....Johnson please I love you...I want to be with you..."
Him--- "what about him? have you told him about the baby?"
Her ---"I will.........when the time's right.......anyway...maybe it's yours"
Him --- "pretty unlikely after my vasectomy don't you think??? Listen...I can't be raising some other bloke's kid......Veronica is going to take me to the cleaners enough when she finds out about you."
Her ---" so what are you saying? it's not going to work out?"
Him --- " We will be can leave the kid with Red...I mean..he's the dad right?"
She pulled away..."I don't know......"
"listen, this is the only way it's gonna work said he's a good bloke....the baby will keep him company when you and I are a consolation prize"
If she felt bad about any of it she didn't show it then..."Ok agreed...I'll tell him tonight....let's go to the bedroom first.....I need something to keep me going til next time"
'They had finished whatever they were doing in the bedroom and were heading out of the house when I finally came round...the phone woke me actually as they were heading out the door...I kind of guessed what was happening...'
'I confronted her...finally....
Me ---"who the hell was that?"
Her ---"A friend from work"
Me "What was he doing here"
Her "dropping me off ....uh....a note"
She really wound me up then....
Me ---- "A Note?????? what the?? Oh come on Jess that's pretty lame....give me a bit of credit"
Her--- "no no it's true.........wait...."
Johnson (lol fitting name eh) had left by now of course..she ran to her handbag and pulled out a slip of paper...."see's my result......Johnson picked it up from the doctors for was too nervous to phone for it...."
Her hand shook as she gave the paper to me.....
"what is this" I said to her
She moved closer to me and touched my butter wouldn't melt....
"darling I'm having your baby.....we're going to be parents"

'I remember just getting dressed...I was gonna go out and get wasted in town when she came in...she always did manage to trap me easily in the bedroom...
I decided to let her speak ....I felt so confused you know...suddenly a baby was in the picture..and I had to make sure if it WAS mine...I did the right thing by it...and her
Her--- "I'm sorry you found out in such a crude way Red"
Me--- "you reckon it's mine? sorry if I'm not convinced"
Her --- "I can't blame you for that....I dunno whats wrong with me...I get into these crazy moods you know...and just do stupid things..."
Me --- "So what happens now?"
Her --- "well and I raise the baby....our baby of course...didn't you say your agent had some possible work for know with that Guitar Magazine..."
Me --- "yeah she mentioned something like that a while back....I could work from home she said....I dunno though"
Her--- " see that would be could stay at home and watch the baby...I can keep the big bucks rolling'll be fun"
I felt so very could she be so calm about it all..? My mind was so scrambled.
"you're my best friend Red....." she said suddenly, "whatever happens I'll.....I'll not let you down...."
well that could have meant anything...but being the lovestruck idiot I was I chose to percieve it as her settling down to play happy ever after with me...I never learn eh'
'I had the uncanny ability to switch off that little voice of reason...she lay cuddling me and I hung onto my visions of our perfect life together..the one that this baby would bring to us.'
'I always slept well after we got reality it was her way to put me out of do what she wanted to without seeing me...what the eye doesn't see the heart doesn't grieve for right?'
'In a way I think Jess quite liked her pregnancy...her hormones made her want me more than ever,..well physically anyway...course I just decided she was realising how very much she loved me...she was off work for a nice long time too....maybe the demands of her job had driven her into the arms of so many hard play hard and so on...whatever it was I was happy..she seemed to be too....'
'The time seemd to whiz by so fast...her bump was nothing one day and huge the next it seemed...quite often though I would catch her with a faraway look in her eyes..and bouts of sobbing which she explained with one word.."hormones" we'll I knew that pregnant women can get a little put it politely! Still, yours truly here was in his element! I felt that all the troubles were behind us now'
'I have to amount of classes , books or chats to the midwife can prepare you for the arrival of your first baby...we were watching TV one evening when Jess popped out to the kitchen to get a snack....all quiet on the western front one minute...and ear splitting shreik the next'
"AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH my waters just broke.....RRREEEEEEEEDDDD!!! get the midwife....her numbers on the little list thing...aaaahhh ...."
Me --- "Bloody h*ll!!! OK OK ...don't let it come out yet...umm...."
I won't repeat what she said to me next but a sailor would have blushed
'Intense was not the word to describe it.. but some things in life you just can't do justice to with mere least I couldn't...the midwife got there in time but only just....amazingly enough things went well....we were all sobbing our hearts out by the end of it though..the emotions and stress and everything was exhausting...but I can remember looking at Jess with so much pride and admiration right then...that's something that won't ever diminish...she did so well...the language mind you !!! phew ! I thought I heard some choice words on tour with my band...but this girl was coming up with ones I never knew existed!!'
'As Jess held the baby girl in her arms that thought crossed my mind again for the first time in months...was this my real daughter..I willed her to be so much'
'I can't tell you how I felt looking into my daughters light green eyes...inherited from my Mums side...we'd picked the name Ellie for a there I was...holding my baby girl Ellie...she stopped bawling when I held her too...we looked at each other for eyes just brimmed over..the tears flooded down my face...and I just smiled at her...sheer perfection...

'Jess was showered and changed so quick I hardly realised it...she looked as gorgeous as always...she bent to look at Ellie..she was crying too....
'She whispered something to Ellie...then looked at me ...let me feed go to bed..." Jess said....I did offer to swap so she could rest but she insisted....
'I was out like a light .....I didn't hear Jess use the phone'
Her--- "It's me....I ...I have to come now.....before I change my mind...."
voice on the phone --- " Ok I'll get a cab round to you...we can buy you new stuff...just come as you are..."

I often wonder to this day what she was thinking as she walked out ...and if she loved Ellie as much as I did...or knew how much I loved her up to that point...
'One thing was certain, my life would never be the same...'

Title: Red De'Vill-update JAN 6th
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'You know, I think that tiny little baby saved me...lord knows she kept me up all that night...I had a note from Jess...she'd lied of course..."going to the hospital ...feel a bit unwell..see you later...big kisses for you and Elliexxx" took me a while to realise what had really happened...Later the next day...I'd phoned the hospital after Eliie FINALLY suprise to find Jess had not checked in.....a call to her office had sent me back into harsh reality...apparently she was on a plane to St Lucia with that Johnson guy......yeah well you can imagine my reaction to that......
I just cried ...bloody h*ll I never thought the tears would stop....she'd left could she...cold hearted self centred nympho physcho.........I stood by Ellie's cot and broke down into a pathetic wreck.....but Ellie needed me....if it weren't for her....well I doubt I would be here to tell the tale...know what I mean?
So yeah what choice did I have? I got on with it....Ellie looked so much like her Mum...sometimes the pain that seered through me was almost too much to bear...I tried and tried to call Jess but there was never an answer...'
'I never had to take care of a baby before but you know what? It's suprising how fast you can learn when you have no-one else to help you..I'm pretty proud of myself you know..I got the midwife to pop round and show me the basics..she was awesome actually..she couldn't believe what Jess had done either...I got a nice hamper of baby stuff from her and her colleagues to help me out...and she came round to give advice in the first couple weeks...what a star! I dunno what I would have done without her.
I wondered if mum and Dad could see Ellie...I wasn't religious particluarly , but I kind of felt they saw her..and were watching us from somewhere in the afterlife.I held my baby I wished they were there to play with her and be around her too....poor kid didn't have much of a family'
'Still we were doing pretty good...I was the total doting daddy ...I never thought back when I was in the band...that I would get so domestic man!!! haha...but I was thriving on helped ease the pain of Jess leaving...whenever I started to feel unhinged I would only have to look at that little face...and my heart would just burst with love again....

'So my celibate years began ! I didn't actually notice much...I know that sounds hard to believe but it's true...Ellie gave me a purpose and kept me busy..
besides..I didn't feel like getting involved with anyone ever again...after Jess had done her best to rip out my heart and smash it into a million tiny
we made a good little team..Ellie and I.

First thing I did was get my agent to chase up the writing job..I quit the politics..(thank goodness) and started working from home , the dust settled and we got ourselves a pretty good routine going ;)
'Time went by quick once we'd sorted ourselves out....if anyone ever says taking care of a baby is hard..wait til you get to the toddler stage!!! crikey!!! I had a little firecracker on my hands when Ellie got mobile!

'Just before Ellie's 2nd birthday I called's how that went...
Me --- " finally...why didn't you call me back..."
Her--- "I'm sorry Red...we just got back from Tokyo....anything up?"
Me --- "It's Ellie's birthday soon...are you gonna make an appearance this year or what?"
Me ---  *whispered* "Jess ...she's your only daughter.........right??? come and see her for ***** sake..........
Her --- * I...I can't this time...I'll send money.....get her something nice.........*click*"

At that time I could not comprehend why she was so indifferent...

'Blimey did that kid have a pair of lungs on her.....she had to be a singer when she was older!!! part of me was proud..the other wished I had industrial strength ear defenders!!!
'So yet again we celebrated alone...but it was for the best....I can see that the time I was seething inside....
'On the whole , my Ellie was a good kid....I missed the days when she was a bit younger sometimes...but only when I was busy with work and the little terror was up to her armpits in toilet water or pulling everything out of the fridge!!
But she was a sweetheart...I couldn't love her more'
'Beautiful and a little genius...I realised how lucky I was...and even though I was tired out most of the time...I was really happy....time sped by as it always does...we never got a visit from Jess though...lucky for Ellie she didn't know any the back of my mind there was the growing worry of what to say when she asked about her mum....Jess sent money every birthday and was for I didn't turn it down...sometimes she would cry on the phone...I never knew how genuine those tears were...she said it would be better for Ellie if she stayed away..I guess we both agreed on that in the end..
she set up a trust fund for Ellie....Jess had quit work a long time ago...Johnson was loaded anyway...they always seemed to be jetting off somewhere new....I sent a photo of Ellie every now and then...and she called to say thank you each time...choking with sobs...maybe she did love her kid...she had a funny way of showing it though...still ...time marched on and Ellie grew '

'Ok excuse the doting Dad moment ..but did you ever see such a beautiful kid?? I couldn't believe how awesome she was at times...but you know I got to say I think I did OK *pats self on the back* She was more amazing every day..and as smart as anything !
'We continued to be a great team..she inherited a lot from Jess...but it was all the good stuff...looks and plenty of pep...she was intelligent and independent..and she fussed over her old Dad....she would look at me all thoughtful sometimes...and ask how I was...was I happy? lonely?...she would watch me play guitar and just hang out with me really...I was blessed...and I was grateful for that'

Title: Red De'Vill-update JAN 6th
Post by: Rock Chick on November 01, 2006, 03:11:35 pm
'Another birthday was looming for Ellie....that meant the usual phone call to Jess to try and persuade her to pay us a visit...Ellie had been asking questions...ones that hurt my heart to"why doesn't mum like me" ..yeah the heck do you field that one year after year......
anyway, I braced myself for the call my suprise Jess phoned me first.
Her--- "h..hi...Red....Um thanks for the photo you sent....she's looking so well  *voice breaking up* I'm afraid I can't make it...."
Me ----" Yeah well no change there then......what do you want"
Her ---- " Her report card was fantastic ...wasn't're a great dad you know....I just wanted to say"
Me --- " what you wanna know? what her favourite colour is? what toys she likes...? you want to send me a questionnaire?"
Her ---*soflly crying*  I know Red...I'm no good to anyone......I just wanted to do something good for thought about that private school....I can pay the fees....I mean...I would like to.....if it's allright with you"
her voice was a little wasn't the first occasion she'd sounded weird on the phone...for the previous three years it had been this way..
I just put it down to too much of the high in the fast lane...I's what she craved all the time ...
Me--- "I see..well that would be great...but it's not up to's Ellie's choice...why don't you call later..after she finishes school...ask her yourself...."
There was a long pause...she was obviously thinking it over...caught off guard was the first time I'd suggested she talked to our daughter directly...
Her --- "No's better I don't ...."
Me --- "Better for who exactly???"
Her --- " For is...please ...just phone the head...I'll text you the number....let the school know...I've already told them to contact me regarding finances....should Ellie attend.......listen....Johnson is coming back....I...I got to go...tell her.....well..........wish her happy birthday from me...."
Me --- "Ok....and that you love her"
Her ---" Yes i do....tell her what you think is best...bye"
'I wonder if I had known what was happening with Jess at that time might have changed the course of all our lives...but Jess being Jess would never have admitted it
'When Ellie got home from school it was time to broach the subject of Jess's call to her...I thank my lucky stars I had such a sharp kid...'
Me --- "Hey was school today?
Ellie --- "Oh cool Dad...we had art today..I did you a picture"
Me --- "That's lovely mum called wish you a Happy Birthday.."
Ellie--- "SHE called you?? ..oh.......she's not coming is she Dad...."
Me --- " No love,...I'm sorry.....but hey know that nice school we go past sometimes on the way to town? you know with the big old buildings and nice gardens....well your mum asked me to ask you wether you would like to go would be really great for you there...the teachers are it's your choice ..."
Ellie ---- " You want me to go Dad? it's a good school I know..."
Me --- "It would be a great start for you kitten....and I would love for you to have the chance to go...but not if it makes you sad..."
Her --- "hmmm.....I would miss my friends a bit....but they can come play after school...."
She looked at me gravely...her little eyebrows raised a bit...
"Dad........I think that I will go.......because I think it would help me be a rockstar...and I think it would make you prouder...and Mum might even come and see me in my I expect I will decide yes........but..."
'Here it comes I thought'
"But..........I need you to do something for me"
I smiled "Anything kitten"
"I want to invite my teacher here....Miss Brodie......cos I will miss her the most ...and I want her to be my friend even after I leave my old school....."
Her eyes brimmed with tears...
I hugged her tightly......."Of course about tomorrow night? she can come for dinner"

Ellie wiped her eyes and beamed at me......a sneaky little grin spreading over her face....
"You know Dad..." she said making for her room , "Miss Brodie would be just right for NEED a girlfriend"
I laughed...Oh lord! some old biddy in a twinset and pearls...yeah that would be about right...if I remembered rightly , Ellie's teacher was a nice old dear..rosie cheeked and pushing 60....

"Don't you think Miss Brodie is a bit old for me love...? " I called after her..
Ellie stopped and grinned back at me....
"Silly daddy you don't remember ANYTHING!!! Mrs Jenkins was old...and she retired....Miss Brodie is my NEW teacher...I told you ages ago....tsk...anyway..I'll tell her tomorrow.....she's a BABE Dad!!! Mikey Sullivan says so......he LOVES her...and she's SEEN you already...Carla Winchelsea got sent to the heads office and on the way past the staff room she heard Miss Brodie say to Mrs Kendall that you were sex on a stick...hehe anyway ...I'm gonna play in my room..."

'Uh OH! ..."Hey hang on a minute young lady...where did you hear an expression like that???...panic set in then...would I have to have THE TALK???? OMG already??? I was hoping to get her a book...
She looked at me thoughtfully and went on .."Oh it's allright Dad..I know ALL about boys and that...."

'Oh lord' I thought...'Here it comes'..."Ok then....."
Ellie Rolled her eyes and put her hands on her hips
"Well basically Dad you find a boy you like and kiss him on the mouth and then hold hands with him...and then a seed goes up your sleeve and a baby comes out the bottom of your sweater....Carla told me all about it"
'My skills at supressing a giggling fit can only be put down to a fathers un-erring love for his child...her little face was so serious....
"Actually Dad I don't think Carla got it all right......but I'm gonna ask Miss Brodie about that too.....I hope you don't mind"

'Mind??? Heck no!! I didn't mind at all....I was beginning to warm to Miss Brodie'
Ellie seemed happy so why not go along with it...It was good to see her in such high spirits
and you can never have too many friends right? Lord help me I didn't have any!'

'So yeah..I didn't know why but I was really edgy the whole of that following day...Ellie just kept grinning at me after school...and rushing round helping me tidy up....
"I think I'll eat my dinner before Miss Brodie comes....can I Daddy? I will get too hungry otherwise"
She didn't even try to conceal the cheeky smirk on her face...little devil!
I grinned at her and played along....maybe Miss Brodie was can't really rely on an 8 year olds judgement when it comes to Babes now can you?  could you?  ....whatever happened I'd decided that if Ellie doted on her so much, this person must be a pretty good sort...and yeah, I could stand a friend right about then...It was lonely at times now Ellie was at school'
Ellie was playing outside as I was finishing off an editorial piece for the forthcoming Guitar Magazine edition...
her voice piped up..."Daddeeeeeeeeeeeeee...she's Heeeeeeere!"
'Ok all I can say is WOAH....I honestly wasn't expecting Miss Brodie to look like that...honest!
'So did I wow her with the old De'Vill Charisma??? not exactly....It had been ages since I'd been near any females my age....not really least not so my house....*gulp*
Me --- "bloody H*ll !!!! *turning beetroot red*
Her --- "um it OK to visit? Ellie did say you invited me....."
Me --- *quickly* "oh god YES.....*blush blush* I mean.....of good to meet you Miss Brodie"
Her --- " It's Kira ....thanks for asking me over....Ellie is a real credit to you...I'm going to miss her terribly when she starts her new school"
'well I was in full twerp mode then...."You can come here anytime to see if you want " I blurted...Ellie giggled from the computer where was playing a game....
"please take a seat...I'll get a drink for us...."
She smiled and nodded and went to sit down on  the sofa...I was a bit rusty at all this......'
'I just prayed I wouldn't make my bad first impression any worse!'

'No doubt about daughter was a genius....a devious one...but a genius none the less...She leapt away from the computer and managed to get to Miss Brodie before she even got to the sofa...
"Actually...I am really tired...I think I'll go to bed...I'll probably go STRAIGHT to sleep too...*pretend yawn*...goodnight Miss look so PRETTY tonight....doesn't she DAD??? goodnight Dad!!....." She announced smirking widely
'Naturally at the time both me and Miss Brodie...I mean Kira...turned puce with embarrassment.....I would have cause to thank Ellie later though....but right at that point,....she was grounded!!!'
'We said goodnight to Ellie and sat sort of awquardly on the sofa....I couldn't believe how a guy like know..who'd been a bit wild in his time...could have a lump in his throat the size of a small coconut and worryingly sweaty palms...*ugh*....
I could hardly look at that gorgeous angelic doe-eyed goddess of perfection sitting with me on the sofa..OK you could have driven a tram right between us...but it was a woman!! nearby.. after I don't know how many years...and I was only human you know??? *whimper* Still...after what seems a life time I was inspired...
Me -- "uh....let's eat!"
Her--- "OK"

'Yeah ...hardly earth moving stuff...but thankfully we had something to do with our hands!'
'We both had a couple glasses of wine before either of us relaxed...but when we did finally was a wonderful evening...and I never realised how important it would be to all three of us...'
We finished up and I checked in on my little cupid...out like a light as she'd promised :)
Then Kira and I retired to the sofa again....only this was a mite cosier '

Title: Red De'Vill-update JAN 6th
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'Well yes we were getting on great...both a little tipsy....not so much breaking the ice as anihilating it!...but you know what...I knew I deserved it..I also knew this was something potentially special...what I had been longing for..and I wasn't gonna let rampant testosterone ruin it for me... it was hard work though...phew
...In what I can only decscribe as a feat of superhuman self control *wink* we had a bit of a canoodle and I got her home in a cab before things got too steamy...see I told you I was a gent...I mean you just don't woohoo the living daylights out of your kids teacher the first time you meet...generally that kind of thing is frowned on in most places!'
'Nope this time I was gonna do it right....or at least at a more steady pace...Ellie agreed to attend private school and Kira and I started seeing a lot of each other.
You know it blew me away how she different from my relationship (if you could call it that) with Jess.
Kira was affectionate...the first time she cuddled me I was expecting her to then rush out on the town ..but no...she just gave affection for nothing...I had forgotten that it could be that way.
..and forgotten my heartache over Jess. It was replaced by annoyance mainly...particuarly on the eve of Ellie's first day at the new school when she'd tried to call her mum...she's been so excited...only to have a quick..."Sorry I'm busy" from Jess...I'll never forget Ellie's little face as she hung up the phone..she'd disappeared into her room...and then when her mum came up in conversation again, Ellie started referring to her as Jessica.'
'But Ellie being like her old Dad..just got on with it..and she did great from the start'

'Time whizzes by when you're having fun...actually in Strangetown time did whiz by wether you were enjoying yourself or not...funny how so many weird things were a part of life now that I never how fast Ellie was growing...still I didn't question the good stuff...I didn't want to jinx it away'
'Kira was as sweet and loving as ever...I waited and waited for the cracks to show but they never did..she was a bit of a hippy chick on the quiet but that suited me...and Ellie...well Ellie absolutely adored Kira...and it was mutual too which made me feel so happy..'
'So I decided after one really special date to make things more permanent :)'
'We were sitting on the sofa after coming back to my place after a great meal downtown...My hands were shaking as I braced myself to ask something very important...'
Me-- "We've been going out together for a while now"
Her --- " Ages yes...*smile* it's been wonderful"
Me --- " It has.....Kira...I was wondering....'
I moved off the sofa and we stood facing each I knelt down in front of her I saw her eyes glaze over as she beamed at me'
Me ---" Kira....I love you....I was wondering....would you marry me?"
I couldn't really hear her ...her voice had gone completely and tears were rolling down her flushed cheeks...but she nodded furiously !
We held each other close and kissed....and decided she would move in...I couldn't wait to tell Ellie in the morning....we went off to bed to celebrate'

'So we became a family...I was thrilled ...Ellie was ecstatic! I think Kira did well considering she'd been single before moving in..she had fretted about telling me she was pregnant...but though it wasn't planned and fairly soon after she moved in, I didn't worry...I was an old hand remember ;) Ellie had already started to call Kira Mum anyway!  As we talked about the baby in the bedroom , I looked around...that decor was what Jess had arranged...her influence was still in our home...with Kira expecting , we agreed to postpone the wedding for a while and redecorate...I wanted Kir' to feel this was her home...and I gave her carte blanche when it came to colours only wish was for everything but Ellies bedroom to be totally different.... '
'I had a new look too...the thought of another baby pulling out big handfuls of my hair was the main reason...I did keep some length..couldn't quite face a short back and sides...not an old rocker like me!!! but I looked more Dad like I guess...'
'So we redid the whole looked warm and cosy...and above all..totally different from before...I wanted to finally release those last remaining sad memories'
'By the time we were done...Kira's pregnancy was really moving along...'
'Yeah see totally different! But it was a really happy time ...for all of us...whilst that might seem boring was much needed...'
' ever hear that expression ..."the calm before the storm" ?? '

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'Looking at how beautiful she was most people would never have suspected 'Kira had a hard time with her pregnancy...she was sick all through most of it...and she developed a worrying obsession for burnt cheesecake!
'I did try to tell her about the theory that too much cheesecake causes twins..but those cravings were too strong! Still I knew we could cope with whatever was going to happen...'
'So we just relaxed and enjoyed the peace and quiet (and cheesecake) before we had a tiny baby keeping us all busy
...and Ellie was so excited to have a baby brother or sister...she even got a baby name book from town and made lists for us!'
'Yes life was just a dream...I really felt settled you know?  ...Jess didn't seem to call as much.....she even missed Ellie's last birthday before.....well before the Chaos began!

'Wow! even though I had been through it once before with Ellie, that moment when Kira went into labour was certainly memorable...she was in a lot of pain and very frightened but she coped well...breathing deeply she instructed me to call Charmaine, her friend and the mother of Ellies best friend Theresa...Charmaine came right over to be with Ellie...who was psyched about the imminent birth!'
'And I took Kira to hospital........we both had the shock of our lives!'
'We welcomed our son Rhys..................
AND our 2nd daughter Anoushka!!!
'Both of them had their Mum's beautiful big dark eyes...but Rhys had red hair like his Dad and little Noush (that's what we nicknamed her) had warm blonde hair just Like Kira........That night I left Kira and the twins at the hospital to rest and went home to my lovely girl tell her all about her new brother and sister!'

'Kira and the little ones stayed in hospital for a few days after the birth, the twins had been unexpected and the medical team were anxious to ensure all three of them were doing well before allowing them to come home. Still Ellie and I made the most to have some quality time together and I took full advantage of the hours Ellie was at school to rock out man!! ahaha !! ;)'

'The storm hit hard, a lot harder than I expected..I was glad we had made the most of that short idyllic time when the twins first arrived.
We noticed that Anoushka wasn't thriving very quickly, she was pale too..and so quiet. Often we would sit up with her at night..afraid to sleep in case she stopped breathing.
Thankfully Rhys was a lot stronger and seemed to be OK..but it was hard on all of us....Then one afternoon our worst fears were realised.
Ellie went to say hello to the twins as usual just after school..they were sleeping in the bedroom ..
'Ellie screamed and came bursting into the lounge where Kira and I were tidying up...

"Something's wrong!! somethings wrong with Noush!!!"

It was one of those times when things seem surreal...Kira got hold of Noush..she was very limp..I remember Kir was so strong, so much calmer than I was...we called the ambulance and Kiras friend Charmaine...thankfully she was only a couple houses away and arrived just before the ambulance to comfort a distraught Ellie...I kissed my oldest daughter and squeezed her shaking body tight...I couldn't speak...Kira and I left then with our tiny girl for the hospital.

'We watched the doctors and nurses prepare her for surgery.. Noush had congenital heart disease..they were going to perform a cardiac catheterization on her..she had lung congestion and a ventricular septal defect...a hole in the heart to you and I. I don't think either of us had ever been so terrified as the moment when she was whisked away to the operating theatre. Only time would tell.'

The operartion went seemed like she was in there for so long..hours and hours of waiting. Both of us crying. I thought about Ellie and Rhys at home..poor Ellie not knowing what was least Charmaine was there to comfort her and care for Rhys.
When the surgery had finished we looked at our tiny girl laying in intensive care, tubes helping her to breathe..she looked so detsined to leave us. Kira stayed and urged me to get back to our kids at home. Noah, Charmaine's husband, picked me up from the hospital. The drive home seemed to be in slow motion too... neither of use really said much, I didn't know him that well..but he seemed to know how to help best and I was grateful for that.
When we arrived back at my house, Ellie was sleeping. She'd cried herself to sleep..poor kid..Charmaine had fed and bathed Rhys.
Their elder son was at home with Noah drove back and Charmaine insisted on staying with us the night. She made herself up a bed in Ellie's room and after many reassurances from me, she went off to get some well earned sleep.
Poor Rhys....maybe he sensed his sister wasn't there..they say twins can do that sort of thing. I looked at our son drifting off to sleep and tried to block out the terrible visions from fears causing heartbreaking images to flicker through my mind.....a tiny white coffin...why do our minds do that to us...I wiped the tears that surged down my face and gently picked up my son to rock him off to feel his warmth and feel hopeful again.

to be continued ..

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wow! *wants more!*

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cool you moved the story to here i lost track of it at sims community lol still waiting for an update to it

Title: Red De'Vill-update JAN 6th
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Thanks xx
The last bit about Anoushka is a mini update. Now my site is up and running I can give this more time

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Rockchick what a cool story!  It started out with a down in your luck vibe to high drama!  Can't wait for more!

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I'm liking it.  Can't wait for more.

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oh Great story .. I can't wait for more

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Great work Rock Chick!!! Go on the story, please...I wanna know how it continues.....;)

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what happened rock chick?  Now that I finished my story I want to read some more of everybodies! LOL! jk! LOL will wait patiently...

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'It's hard to describe how I felt to have Kira and Noush back at home...there were so many moments where I felt sure we would have to say goodbye to our frail litte flower. But she was a De'Vill after all, and she pulled through it.
So there we were, a family complete...and time passed by much more calmly once again.
Well ...for a while. It's so weird with minute there they are...these tiny little bundles..and the next thing you know they are all grown up and asking to borrow your car!!
Noush was still in and out of hospital but we were very careful with her.
.she couldn't do too much running around, but that was OK...she was the quieter twin anyway...Rhys made enough mischief for both of them.
And my Ellie?
 She turned into a real stunner...I knew she would.
She became a lot quieter...I know that she doted on her brother and sister...we all only just had each other...she worried for Noush a lot ....what she managed to hide from me was that her school work had been suffering.

Ellie's Diary
' I can't believe what happened yesterday...all I can say is I'm glad to be home...
Yesterday morning I got called to the head teachers office...I was scared...mainly of disappointing Dad ..I haven't been able to focus for ages I knew I was going to get told off about my standard of work...
I expected to see Kira when Miss Hubert said my mother was in with Mr Pierce.....but I got the shock of my life when I saw who it was'

Jess - Hello Ellie

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I don't know how you guys work so fast!! I'm not even reading fast enough, let alone getting my own posted!!

Great stuff so far....and your site is great!

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'This is what happened next'
Ellie- 'Why is she here? where's my Dad ...and Mum?'
Jess- I am your mother sit down
Mr Pierce- Take a seat immediately Miss De' Vill....I suggest you drop that attitude straightaway'
I sat down...I just wanted to run back out of the door. This was the first time I met Jess...she left when I was only a few hours old , Dad told me...I didn't expect to ever see her..specially not in my headmasters office.

Mr Pierce- As I was saying Miss Ebadi, Ellie started out very well with us but in recent times her work has deteriorated noticebly. To the extent where we are concerned for her future here with us....I have refrained from taking our usual measures because you have been such a generous benefactor...but as you realise ..we have standards to maintain here..'
Jess- Yes Mr Pierce of course... I feel responsible for my daughters poor performance...she is living with her...father and his ...girlfriend and their children...I imagine it must be almost impossible for Ellie to study properly in the midst of all the noise...
Ellie- They're not noisy....
Mr Pierce and Jess- Don't interrupt!
Jess- I have a new apartment in a good area by the beach now....and as I will no longer be travelling as much I feel it is time to step in and take over the primary care of my daughter before any further damage is done'
Ellie- I don't want to leave Dad and Mum...I won't !!! I want to stay with them and my little sister and brother!!!"
Jess- Step siblings...not real sister and brother
Ellie- how the hell would you know anything about families?
Mr Pierce- MISS DE'VILL!!!! I am apalled you would speak to your own mother with such should be ashamed of yourself!!! Miss Ebadi I applaud you in your decision to intervene and remove Ellie from such an unhealthy influence...I dread to think of what goes on in that house!

I stood up ..I couldn't bear to hear anymore from either of them...I felt so sick I wanted to hurl on the gross carpet....and my hands were shaking like crazy

Mr Pierce- SIT DOWN !
Ellie- BITE ME!
Jess- I can see you need my help more than I could ever have realised...I'm sorry Mr Pierce...I will get my lawyer to start custody proceedings as soon as possible!
Ellie- I hate you don't know me and you have no right to run my family're a selfish sl*t...and you Mr Pierce can ram this stuffy hell hole right up your shrivelled a**

I felt eyes burning into my back as I turned and walked out the office ..I wanted to run and cry...but there was no way on earth I would let them see me weaken...I knew I had stirred up a hornets nest...but my family had been through tough times before....and I knew Dad and Kira would be there for me ...

I could hear them muttering as I leant against the hall wall..
Mr Pierce- Rest assured Miss Ebadi, you have my absolute support ...if there is anything myself and the board of governers can do to assist you, I vow we shall
Jess- Thank you Mr Pierce...I think I can deal with my ex partner and his girlfriend...I never had too much trouble with him before.'

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ooh nooo!!  rockchic this is getting soo good! btw your sims are just gorgeous!

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Thank you Star!! :) Better think up more foul deeds for ya ;)

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I've been enjoying this story :)

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aww didn't even see that coming. i am glad you updated and posted your story here for everyone to see your talents go wy further then skinning lol.

i think jess is pretty but have hated her from the start lol i'm sure that was what you wanted people to do i knew ellie would be pretty but wow she grew up a lot prettier then i even and kira need to defeat jess once and for all lol call in hugh jass and jack nippleson from unclesparks story on insim adults site lol j/k.great update.

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noooooooooooooooooooooooo i want moreeee!!!!!!!!

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Thanks to not one but several game meltdowns, I have lost everyone :( That's to say, I have them but not as a household anymore.
At the moment I only have the base game installed as I have had so much hassle since Pets and Legacy bodyshop. I was wondering if anyone wanted me to continue..baring in mind we will have to have some years missing in the story. I have an idea so let me know if you want me to finish off x

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YES PLEASE!!!!!! I'm so sorry about your game meltdowns, so only if that's okay with you!! :D:D

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Oh Rock Chick u have to continue...i just came upon this story and it is really good...i'm sorry to hear aout the melt down tho...hopefully u can salvage the story enough to finish...bookmarking this page for sure....

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you MUST continue, PLEASE! its so awesome!

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Yes please this is the first story i have ever read and now you have given me such a high standard i don't know if anyone elses will be good

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Thanks for the lovely comments folks! I will definately do some more then. I am doing a fantasy story at the moment with some adult themes and once I am done with that I will return to Red x

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Sorry about your game meltdowns.  I love Red's story.  I definately would love you to continue his story.  I've kept checking from time to time too see if you've ever done any more to his story.

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Neen ,I do hope you continue your lovely story somehow. I'm so in love with Red!!! He is adorable!!!

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WHAT!!! I just read stumbled across this story now and come to the last post and that's it!!! You can't do this!! I was enjoying this story! Bloody hell lol. I really liked your take on a male point of veiw. I actually started a story around 4 months ago which is still in pregress and the beginning of this reminded me a lot of my own writing style, although yours was a lot funnier :) I've lost my touch...anyways i hope you continue this because i was really liking it, plus i want someone to stick it to the b*tch bio-mother :D

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more more!

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I've just come across this story and I think it's brillant. I'm sorry that you lost ths family though. If you want to still write about them then please do so.

See ya.

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Wow, i've just come across it as well.  It's such a great story, and I was hooked from the beginning.  Please continue!

Title: Red De'Vill - A New Beginning
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Note from me first :)
Well after umpteen meltdowns and a total PC change, I think *touch wood* I have a stable enough system to pick this up again. As I lost a lot of stuff, eg all the supporting characters , lots etc lol I have moved the family on somewhat to help explain the changes in appearance etc.
Thanks to everyone who has read so far and been so enthusiastic about me continuing xx
Love Neen

A New Beginning

Red's own words

Me again *smile*
I hardly know where to start actually, life span us all round again to put it mildly. Kira passed away, happened so suddenly. That one night changed so much in all our lives.
She was out getting a few bits and pieces from the 24 hour supermarket, Annoushka had been off colour again so Kira was picking up some medicine from the pharmacy counter within the store.. long distance trucker fell asleep at the wheel and ..well...Kira's car was so was instant they said..the paramedics and
You know me , just broke my heart and got on with it anyway, two little tots and a terrific older daughter. I had to you know. Still, finally leaving Strangetown was hard, after all that time.. but Kiras ashes had been scattered at sea, her folks live near the coast. Once that was done we had no reason to stay any longer.
Hope the kids will like it here, specially my Ellie.. she's so grown up now, poor kid just assumed the role of guardian to her younger brother and sister...she's always been so wise for her much sorrow and responsibility for a young girl to experience you know, but she's been my rock that kid....I hope this new home will give her a chance to meet new mates and see a bit of life.

Ellie's words


It feels weird , this new place. I don't know what to make of it yet. I guess seeing snow in winter and being in a busier place will be interesting. Have so much to sort out, Rhys is such a pain...only really behaves himself when he's doing his music..Dad calls him a chip off the old block...pain in the arse more like! I do love him though..drives me mad but...anyway, Noosh (Annoushka) is pretty quiet still, her health should benefit from our new surroundings..course, Dad still pines for Kira..sometimes even I can't really believe she was taken away from us so suddenly like that..she was my only real mum...speaking of mothers...Jessica..yeah she went quiet after Kira's she was all set to take me away and then after the accident kind of slithered back under her rock. I think if she had dragged Dad to court over custody at that point I'd have shot her.

Rhy's Words

You would not believe the girls downtown, talk about spoilt for choice!!! Back in Strangetown it was pretty poor pickings...god...but here...I KNOW I'm gonna be just fine :) I mean , girls love a musician right???? If Ellie can stop trying to be my bloody mother for five minutes...sheesh...there's someone who needs to let her hair down and get a life. She's so uptight, I don't think she's ever had a boyfriend even... and she wouldn't go to UNI...said she wanted to stay and help Dad with us...Dad was in a bad way for ages know, over Mum...
I don't remember much about her..little bits I spose , but I was still in nappies when she died. Hope she's allright , you know.. wherever her spirit is ..I spose its nice to think she's still around in some way.

Annoushka's Words


I like it so far, though Ellie and Dad have already dragged me down town and got me a load of winter clothes in case I get double pneumonia or something. I love the autumn colours though, I hope I can get to paint outside, some nice picturesque places here ..I feel really inspired. Course , with the amount of layers of clothing Dad insists I put on already here I am more likely to injure myself trying to move about in all the fleeces and scarves than I am to come down with a virus...I get fed up of Ellie and Dad worrying about I might keel over at any second...The doc says I am doing fine! I don't go off playing rugby every day for goodness sake... The worst that can happen to me at the moment is getting repetitive strain injury from using my paint brush too often...*sigh* Well thats how it's always been...Noosh is all weak and feeble....I know they are worried for me..but I rarely get heart problems these days...anyway... My main goal for this place..aside from to meet a nice boy or two..Strangetown boys were just bluuurgh....and fix Ellie up so she can quit following me around asking if I'm feeling allright...or have I had my medication yet....grrrr...gees I have so much medication I walk round rattling like a pair of flipping maracas ..anyway...I feel like this place is gonna be good for all of us :)

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So the De'Vills hit Pleasantview, luckily for them, the house was a snip...unlucky of course for the Pleasants, who'd sold cheap as a result of a particularly messy divorce...still it was perfect for Red and the kids. Good neighbourhood and busy, wealthy town. So many new doors could open here.
Red was editor of Guitar magazine, Ellie had quit her job as an office temp in Strangetown and was looking forward to a better career and the twins were looking forward to their new high school.
Red cleared the dishes from their first evening meal in the new house, looking out of the kitchen window at trees and nearby neighbours. They had finally made the break that place, aside from the kids and Kira, there had been little good for him there...but then the kids were amazing..and Kira.
Even after all the years that had passed since she died, the tears came freely. Someone so wonderful would never come along again.
He wiped his eyes before Ellie or the twins could see...Ellie had given up so much to help their little family...he was constantly amazed by her strength ...and sad for her missed opportunities.
Pleasantview was one of the host towns for that years 'Star Factor'..he'd entered Ellie for the auditions. Ellie had the most beautiful singing voice he'd heard in a long time. He'd tried to get her to show it off for ages now...Red just hoped she would go for would be so great to see her up there on stage..having the time of her life. If anyone deserved it , it was Ellie hands down.

*You allright Dad?" she asked. Red braced himself, "You know that show on TV...Star Factor"
Ellie grinned, "Oh god yeah, the one with all the crazy people auditioning...I can hardly watch some of it..totally cringeworthy!!!"
Red smiled, "um yeah thats the one love....I was might want to go for it this know you could breeze through it kiddo..."
Ellie gasped.."Oooohh noooooo way!!!! I couldn't possibly...for a start we have to go sort the furniture and redecorate, don't want the bad juju from the Pleasants hanging round us do we" she giggled...inside feeling wasn't the first time her Dad had mentioned some talent show or other...she had a good voice yes...but not the confidence..and how could she flit off and leave her family? They needed her.
"Well...I know what you're thinking...can't leave us poor sods to fend for ourselves..." Red smiled , he knew she'd always wanted to sing..really sing, as a career..her vocation.
Missing Uni was enough sacrifice, he didn't want Ellie to miss out on this too..besides, he had one of those strange gut instinct things going on, somehow this year he knew he had to push her.
Ellie searched her Dads face....."Oh my god......Dad what have you done"
"The auditions are next week...I think tuesday? dunno I can check...."
Ellie began to panic..."W week? god Dad I haven't sung for weeks....I won't be ready....I can't believe ...oh god I feel sick....."

"Do it do it" chanted Noosh from where she was happily painting at her easel..
"Shush you" retorted Ellie..she wanted to do it so badly...but there was that huge feeling of fear surging up at the same time...
"Nothing good ever happens Dad....not for us...they would laugh at me" she blurted.
Red chuckled, "That's not true kiddo...don't start talking like a numpty.."
"Drama queen" muttered Rhys.
Red sighed and patted his eldest daughters arm, "Just say the word and I can cancel...or don't forcing you sweeetheart"
He smiled and winked then disappeared into the sitting room.
"You know you wanna!" whispered Noosh turning to speak to Ellie directly.
"Yes...but...I can't..there's no point anyway...."
Noosh giggled, "HAH!!! you said YES!!!! KNEW IT!!"
Ellie rolled her eyes, "Obviously I would LIKE to..but it's not practical..I have to look for work..."
Red called in from the other room, "My salary will cover us fine love.. no rush to find anything for you"
", See?? No reason you can't" Winked Noosh
Ellie bit her lip..."Yes but I need to help you settle in to school , I need to drop you guys off everyday and..."
"There's a BUS Elle's Belles..."chipped in Rhys. Enjoying his older sisters floundering excuses immensely.
"Shut up Rhys" snapped Ellie.
"Come oh Ellie don't get like that" called Red, smiling..he knew she wanted to audition...all that deinal was the old De'Vill stubborn streak coming out in her just as it used to in him years ago.
"Do it for me then!!! " Noosh insisted...."I can come with you and schmooze with all the celebs"
Ellie chuckled "What makes you think I'm going to be anywhere near celebrities for goodness sake?..I won't even get past the first stage"
Noosh grinned, "Welllll...if you're chicken.....fine....great example to set eh...what did you always say to me? You and Dad? 'Do your art, enter contests...make the most of your talents' about double standards sis"
Ellie let out a huge sigh "Argh!! ALL RIGHT!!!! I'll do it for YOU lot...if it will shut you all up"
"Yeah thats right it for US" Noosh said cheekily, Red and Rhys grinned , Ellie failed to suppress a smile..." lot are a pain in the backside" she skipped off upstairs to avoid being seen beaming from ear to ear.

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im so happy :D
keep on goin! its as great if not better than part 1!

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Thank you for reading Grey Dove xx Cross fingers I can finish it too eh ;)

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Meet the Neighbours
Ellie was out wandering around their new garden looking at the leaves tumbling slowly down from the trees…what a difference from the desert of Strangetown.
She wandered round the front to check the mailbox and was greeted by a friendly voice.
“Hi! Saw you moving in the other day”


A girl around the same age as her in a trendy outfit was standing smiling at her.
“Oh hey, yeah we moved here from Strangetown, just getting used to the rain and all that” Ellie replied.
“I’m Sam anyway,” the girl walked up to stand beside Ellie, still all smiles
“My lot live just over the road”
Sam gestured to a small white house nearby.
“Good to meet you Sam, I’m Ellie”


Sam explained that she and her siblings were adopted but their adoptive mother had recently passed away, their adoptive Dad having died a few years before.
“They’d always fostered kids, didn’t have any of their own…my elder sis is kind of Mum now…she’s in her late thirties. My brother and sister are 17 and 16...pain in the butts, he he” Sam went on grinning; she was very animated and seemed pretty outgoing. But definitely a nice person, Ellie had withdrawn so much since Kira’s accident, even drifting apart from her childhood best friend Teresa, it would be nice to make a friend.
Ellie instantly liked Sam; it was one of those things. Perhaps she was drawn to her bubbly nature…Sam was full of fun; it was easy to see that. Fun was something that had been in short supply for Ellie and her family.


“So do you fancy going to town and doing a bit of shopping tomorrow? There’s some nice places in the city centre for clothes…I’m like charity shop diva, I love finding odd bits…hope you don’t mind that…but yeah some good boutiques if you prefer new stuff” Sam gushed excitedly, from her account so far of her own family , Ellie could tell there had been some tough times for Sam too..
“I’m not really in touch with what’s in fashion” admitted Ellie truthfully, “I have to find something for the Star Factor audition though…I only have work clothes and frumpy housework clothes…I have no clue what to wear”


Sam’s eyes glittered…” OH……..MY….GAAAWWWWD!!!!!...You are going for that??? That’s amazing!!! Can you sing then?? Well yeah probably…D’oh stupid me….your Dad’s a musical type isn’t he? We saw the Piano and guitars getting unloaded .so I suppose you would be…Oh my god…..can I help you choose….I reckon blue ..I dunno why”
Ellie chuckled at the enthusiasm “Oh right …yeah blue sounds fine ..hehe…why don’t you enter?”


Sam guffawed loudly “Yeah I sing and have the RSPCA turn up thinking it was a distressed goat or something. I’ll just be your stylist …ha ha, I would love to come give you moral support though…I can give that nasty judge Steve a load of grief if they don’t put you through” her eyes had a definite glint of mischief.


Later on Red went to get the evening paper..Light rain fell on his face. The autumn breeze felt clean and refreshing. He didn’t miss the arid desert air that was for sure. A woman was standing staring at him from the pavement outside the gate. She blushed when he caught her eye..”Hello there” he said..the woman walked up to greet him.


“Hi…um..welcome ..I mean. I’m Molly Evans…I er live over there” Molly pointed across at the white house opposite them.
“Hi and thanks yeah…seems a nice area” replied Red smiling. He could see her hands trembling a little bit.


Molly was kicking herself for wandering over in her gardening clothes…couldn’t have been much more unflattering if they tried…her hair needed washing…no make up…and this gorgeous hunk was smiling at her at point blank range…she just prayed the bone meal fertiliser she had used around the roses wasn’t still reeking after it had spattered over her trousers earlier.


“I am not normally like this” she blurted…” I was gardening…um…if I’d realised…”
Red grinned as the rather flustered Molly just managed to stop herself saying something she would definitely regret. It was kind of cute.
“Realised what?” he asked

Molly changed the subject, “so yes, um my sister Sam has met your daughter…….I haven’t seen your partner….”
Red smiled sadly, “ She passed away a long time ago…..”
Molly flushed red to the roots “God I am so sorry…I always put my foot right in it…my Mum passed away about 6 months ago…she’d been ill for a long time…um….god sorry…”
Molly looked like she was going to cry.


Red smiled encouragingly, “Sorry for your loss…hard to lose someone close….”
“Yes, I um…I go to a bereavement help group sometimes…nice when you don’t have anyone to talk to about that sort of stuff “,
Red nodded, “Well, I guess we could chat…If you know.”
Molly smiled at last, she had a sweet smile. Red had noticed her eyes too…it had been a while since he’d noticed anything like that about a woman.


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love it!

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ooh im hooked!

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Thanks for reading xxx more soon hopefully *hugs*

Title: Shopping with Sam
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Shopping with Sam

Funny how time can stand still one moment and slip by so fast in another. As Ellie stood outside near the gate waiting for Sam to show up and take her audition outfit shopping, she felt so nervous…like she was getting pulled off the surface of the planet by her stomach…
Rhys grinned at her on the way back to the house after alighting from the school bus.
“You’ll have to wear hot pants and a crop top…you know, if you want to impress the judges”
“Thanks Rhys” She scowled..Rhys could be a little arse at times. “But I’m going to audition for a singing contest not Hooters..”
“Ah well don’t say I didn’t warn you”….He disappeared into the house enjoying his moment of triumph. Making Ellie mad was one of his favourite pastimes, always had been.
Ellie’s fuming was cut short when Sam arrived. Her new friend had been working at the hairdressers’ for most of the day. Ellie knew that she was lucky not to have to go straight out and find anything just yet..The contest was scary but it was like a holiday too…well, infinitely better than working as a temp again in some stuffy office. She would rather do anything else after the contest than that again.
“That was a crappy day in the salon…” Sam exclaimed “Like… advanced crappy”
Sam was funny, even when she was trying to be serious.
“Blasted faux-hawks all day…so flipping BORING….anyway...I called a taxi and we have about 2 hours before the stores close today….”

“I won’t need two hours” Mumbled Ellie…she was so accustomed to buying her stuff from mail order catalogues that the idea of trying things on in trendy boutiques was really nerve wracking.
“pfffft” Sam grinned….”We need more than two to be honest…shopping is an art you know…Anyway we need find something to show off your awesome leggies!”
Ellie burst out laughing….”oh noooo way, categorically NO minis”
“Ah come on….at least prove to the world you have knees, woman!!!” Sam retorted…”You’re not a granny yet …..or are you???.Oh my god….you look marvellous for your age…” She teased.
“Sorry Sam…people will have to just trust that I have knees” Chuckled Ellie…having a laugh helped the tension a little. There were only a few measly hours before she would be waiting her turn in front of the infamous judges…TV cameras….
“Hmm…we need to thrash the tweed twin set mentality out of you girl” mused Sam…the taxi arrived and Sam led the way smiling happily
“Let’s rock then shall we”
So there she was at last, choosing her audition clothes with her new best friend. Trying not to look out of her depth in the midst of all the trendy clientele and snooty looking shop assistants.
Ellie saw a bit of blue sleeve and pulled out the top to peer at it…Sam whizzed up to her..
“Put the naff blouse down and step awayyyyy from the mumsy section”
They laughed…”Aw come on you said blue….” Protested Ellie.
“Yeah slinky classy young blue not making jam for the Womens Institute blue”
“Argh…well as you are so keen to be a stylist…you find something……I trust you…no pvc though right?”  Ellie gestured towards the clothing displays , half joking half desparate.
Sam patted her arm…”You nervous eh”
Ellie nodded…”Petrified”
“But you want it” Sam said warmly.
“Very much”
Sam smiled reassuringly, “Then let’s find you something perfect”

Title: Star Factor Begins
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Star Factor Begins


In a hotel suite in downtown Pleasantview, the infamous Star Factor judges were waiting for the call to start proceedings. Last stop of the nationwide first round auditions and all were tired and some more than others feeling jaded.
Mimi Anderson was the newest member of the panel. She had been a well respected recording artist for years, having had a break from her gruelling worldwide tours to have a family..This was a gentle and fun way back into show business. Marla, the most popular of the existing panel from Star Factor, had asked Mimi to participate that year.
They sat chatting quietly on the plush sofa.


“It’s usually pretty dire by the time we get round here….well the last leg anywhere is..I hope I get the 25 and over category this year. Groups are always a pain…so many more egos ….” Marla explained adjusting her pearls. Mimi was enjoying the experience immensely, just missing her baby and producer husband Kenny like crazy.
“It’s exciting though…I’m looking forward to seeing some amazing people today”
They had been to all the major cities in the country all through the summer. So many hopefuls, a few with unmistakable raw talent but the vast majority somewhat deluded…naturally a few insane ones snuck in.  The viewers and fans of the show lapped it all up.
“I like this town” Mimi said smiling, “I hope that they can produce a finalist this year, truly…”


“Don’t hold your breath” came a wry response from one of the other sofas.
 Steve Conway was the ‘nasty’ but annoyingly astute judge everyone loved to hate. In private of course, a very nice guy…but his reputation for brutal honesty to auditionees had half the nation despising him and the other half adoring his candour. It was like being a pantomime villain but he enjoyed it all immensely.
He sat slightly bored, with the presenter of Star Factor, Cherise Masters. She was equally bored, but Star Factor was hugely popular, she knew she was fortunate to get the gig.
“Oh now come on Steve” Marla smiled…”This place is always a hoot”


“Yeah ‘hoot’ …rather good word to describe some of the caterwauling that these inbred imbeciles drone out every year”
“Oh Steve, don’t be daft” scoffed Marla. She knew he was exaggerating terribly.
“Getting into character already Steve? “ Quipped Cherise.


 Steve allowed a faint smile to flicker across his face. He enjoyed the fact that Cherise had enough front to tease him..She had ambition and he admired her for it.


Mimi frowned a little, inside hoping that at least one contender for the live shows would be somewhere in the crowd that day…if only to wipe the smug expression from Steve Conway for once.

“Well I always enjoy it here…I’m hoping we’ll find a good new boy-band…you know the business is crying out for a new …”
Ronny, the eldest member of the panel, was always hoping to emulate the success his label had a decade before. The charts had been dominated by boy-bands and girl-bands back then…   and managing them was his forte.


“Oh come on Ronny” Interrupted Steve, looking annoyed, “What about the fuss you had with those god awful Caliente sisters here last year??”


“I’m telling you Steve, there’s a big revival of the singing groups this year…” Ronny argued

“In your mind only Ron, anyway…ten years isn’t long enough ago for a bloody revival of anything…..” Scoffed Steve.. “I can do without a repetition of all that dross in my life time thanks”
Cherise rolled her eyes, “There’s not going to much much of it left if you keep going through the brandy and cigars at your rate” She muttered.


“Well I just love the old dears who come along…singing the old show tunes…they are marvellous” gushed Marla…”and the viewers love them of course”


“Oh god, I forgot…this place is full of OAPS” Moaned Steve, Ronny told him off indignantly… “Oi you’re not a spring chicken mate…how many nips and tucks is it now Steve?”
“Hey I take care of the merchandise …nothing wrong with that” Steve retorted, winking slyly at Cherise. They enjoyed flirting, an affair between them was constantly speculated over in the tabloids. Publicity was publicity after all, so the two of them seemed to relish keeping the rumours alive.

Further bickering was interrupted as a runner appeared bearing an overflowing clipboard in the doorway…”Time to head out everyone” he gasped breathlessly…runners always seemed to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

“Thank you Wayne” cooed Marla; she was like the Mum of the whole crew…
The judges left for the Audition venue…where hundreds of excited Pleasantview hopefuls waited buzzing with excitement in the crisp autumn air.


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Oh wow. This is really good!! Sad Kira died though. :cry:

Title: Red De'Vill-update JAN 6th
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Thankyou very much!  More soon xxx

Title: Ellie's Audition
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Ellie’s Audition


So there she was, Ellie De’Vill, sitting in the waiting area as people tromped in and out past them to try and win over the Star Factor panel. They had been there for hours, Ellie finally persuaded Red and the twins to go home when Sam volunteered to wait with her.

Red was indignant about staying but for Ellie it was a relief when he reluctantly agreed to leave. The pressure was immense, and Ellie could not bear to face her family at that place if she were to make a mess of it.
She had to promise to call immediately as she finished her turn. That is if she ever got in there. Sam smiled at her….
”Wow there were so many of them today….did anyone actually get through to the next stage??”


Ellie gulped, remembering the seamlessly endless procession of weeping, swearing and bewildered individuals pouring out of the audition rooms all day.


“But they haven’t seen the best yet eh? “ Sam added seeing yet more colour drain from her friends face.
Sam had not yet heard Ellie sing…she hoped inwardly that Ellie actually could for her own sake. The judges could come out with some pretty devastating comments to some people….most people actually.
Ellie was grateful for Sam’s help in getting ready; she had picked her out a clingy classy navy blue top and some trendy jeans…just right knowing how reserved Ellie was…she had also done Ellie’s hair. Sam did joke, that if Ellie got through to the live rounds, she would be kitting her out in sequin pasties with tassels and a thong.
Sam was a real brick as it happened, so many times, Ellie had felt like bolting from the door…usually after some poor unfortunate emerged from their turn wailing into a handkerchief.


“I’m so sorry for all this waiting” Ellie had apologised almost every 10 minutes…
“Will you shurrup woman!!! “ grinned Sam…”I don’t mind…I’m well excited…”

Someone popped their head round the corner and called “Number 111 please, number 111”
Ellie felt her heart fly up into her throat…”Oh god, Oh god”


Sam pulled her up off the chair and flung her arms round her…
“Now listen you, get in there and show them what a proper singer is..I will be out here ready to egg the buggers if they upset you….now get going”

“Thanks Sam, so much…I don’t know what I would do if it we…..”Mumbled Ellie.
Sam pushed her towards the doorway smiling widely…
”Will you bloody go before you miss your turn??”


Here it was, the point of no return.
Ellie walked in quietly, trying not to look at the TV cameras and sound equipment looming all round her. The production crew looked busy, a couple of them nodding and smiling politely in her direction.
She was ushered to her mark in front of an old style mic. Gradually she raised her head to face the four people who could change her life.


Mimi spoke first
“What’s your name Honey?”


Ellie clasped her hands tight together to stop them shaking….
”Ellie, I’m er….21…and I just moved here recently”

Marla smiled at her “Little nervous Ellie?”


Ellie nodded…feeling warmer and warmer under the lights.


“So what are you going to be singing for us this evening Ellie” Prompted Steve..

Ellie cleared her throat….”Um …..‘You don’t know me’ “

“That’s an interesting choice for a young lady like you…any particular reason?”
Asked Simon, being uncharacteristically pleasant.

Ellie took a deep breath, “Well, I really like Ray Charles…um…and this is one of my favourites……..”

“Ok Ellie…in your own time”


Ellie began to sing, it helped a lot to imagine just her Dad and brother and sister, the people who she sang for …the only people she’d ever sung for. And just sang for them…she knew that they were at home then, at that very moment, watching her and willing her on. And she sang it for Sam..Who she was pretty certain was outside the door with her ear pressed to the wood.


That was the thing about her music, she could lose herself in it, as she closed her eyes her voice flowed effortlessly, and she was enjoying herself too much to even notice the judges had allowed her to continue.
Once she had finished all was eerily silent for a moment or two.

Title: Red De'Vill-update JAN 6th
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Ronny was first to break the silence.

“That’s not the voice I was expecting to hear from a shy 21 year old” he admitted…”I’m going to say Yes.”


Ellie breathed finally…”Thank you very much”


Mimi was next…”That was beautiful Ellie…it’s absolutely a yes from me”


Marla beamed at her…”Yes from me too sweetheart” she gushed……all eyes fell on Steve..


The last judge to make a decision leaned forward in his seat to peer at Ellie intently…her hands were shaking wildly..

“So Ellie…three say Yes….do you think you could cope with the pressure of live shows?”


“I hope I can have the chance to try…at least..” Ellie said softly…hardly daring to speak at all…

“Well you managed not to murder one of my favourite songs…” he went on…

Marla interrupted…”Oh come on Steve, don’t keep the poor love waiting “


Steve chuckled….”All right….all right…… “
He turned back to look at Ellie.


“I like your voice Ellie….I like your personality….but I worry about your ability to cope…..however…I think I’m going to have to say ……(long pause) ….Yes…”

Ellie stood motionless for a moment… They all smiled at her…
”That means you are through to the next round honey” Mimi nodded at her…..



“What????? Really??????? “
Ellie gasped then launched herself up in the air whooping.
“Thank you so much …Thank you!! “ She gushed breathlessly, racing out of the room, leaving the judges smiling and laughing at her enthusiasm.

Sam was in mid scream when Ellie raced up to her




“Thanks for being here with me Sam…you rock so much…” Ellie spluttered..
They did a little victory dance, then left, whooping and jumping all the way out into the chilly October evening air.


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Glad to see you got the story back on track! Great updates!

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I am lovin' it!!!

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Thanks very much you three! It's lovely to know this is being read now I can finally continue with it xx

Title: The Finalist
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The Finalist

Life took on a surreal quality in the couple weeks following Ellie’s successful audition.
There had been a family party of course…Sam and her family had been over for  a somewhat chilly but fun all the same, last barbecue of the year on a mellow autumn evening…
Ellie let herself be carried by the events that followed. There in their lovely new home with her doting Dad and siblings, new loyal best friend and a huge adventure unfolding before her, what else was there to do but enjoy the ride?
So much was happening on a daily basis it was impossible to really mull over anything too much.


It wasn’t till she sat drinking coffee at a ridiculously early hour one Saturday morning that things began to dawn on her fully.
About the third cup along, Ellie’s father poured one for him-self and joined her.

“Morning Love” He said sleepily, feeling concerned as Ellie sat staring into the opposite wall.


“Couldn’t sleep eh? “ Red added… Ellie blinked and smiled over at him, looking pale.
“Oh hey Dad sorry…was miles away”
Red sipped his coffee thoughtfully. “Things are moving pretty fast for you, how are you feeling about tonight?”

Ellie went a little paler…”Um Ok I think…I’m glad you are all coming to drop me off…I packed last night…I could have stayed in bed but…”


Her voice tailed off, she had been awake most of the night, Noosh slept peacefully across the room they shared. All sounds seemed magnified, the alarm clock ticking…wind in the tree branches outside…even the sound of the foxes crying out in the woods ..
She had showered and tried to force down breakfast but felt so sick with nerves the smell of the food made her retch.
That day she was to appear in the first Star Factor live show as one of a dozen finalists. 12 acts that made it through the qualifying stages to fight it out in the last few weeks live on TV to the nation every Saturday.
Ellie had been enjoying the relative safety in numbers up till this point…but attention was now going to be firmly on the final few…she felt out of her depth and scared to let her family down.


“I see “said Red, he was worried for her, she was pushing hard..And he wasn’t absolutely sure why she was doing it any more. Now the scale of it all was hitting home, he wondered if it was really what she wanted, or what she thought was expected of her.

“Ellie……If you want out…we will be here for you, absolutely no-one will think less of you for quitting today….you don’t have to justify it to anyone…you know that kiddo?”

Ellie sipped the last of her coffee,
“I know Dad, I am scared…but a part of me needs to see it through…I can’t explain why…just like something is compelling me to do it anyway…”


“Sounds like the De’Vill in you” Red smiled and finished his drink.
“You miss Sam too I know, she’s been a terrific mate for you…she’s a good kid” he added.
Ellie’s dearest friend and self proclaimed stylist had been ordered to go on some course for new techniques by the salon boss. Ellie missed her enthusiasm and confidence, not to mention her fashion advice…but they were calling each other and sending loads of texts…Ellie was grateful that Sam and her Dad were there for her as much as they could be.


Ellie got up from the table to fetch yet more coffee.
“Why don’t you try and eat something now, all that coffee is going to make you feel ten times worse….and then I want you to have a nice soak in the bath and have a nap before we get going..We have a couple hours before we have to start driving up there…..Dad’s orders OK?” Red insisted.
Ellie grinned, “Still going on that date with Molly later in the week then Dad?”
Red flushed a little…”Hey you cheeky sod. I would hardly call some new age support group a date…..”
Ellie chuckled for the first time in what seemed ages ..”Sure Dad, whatever you say”


On the way through to the bathroom, Noosh was busy at the piano already, trying to turn one of her poems into a song with Rhys’s help. Her younger brother stopped her….Ellie braced herself for a load of cheek as usual, but Rhys looked serious for once.
“Hey Elle’s Belles…I just wanted to say…”

Ellie turned to face him… “What? “
Rhys almost looked like he was about to cry…”It’s like….I know I am an arse…..and know you’re annoying like…you’re always on at me about stuff……but “he faltered a bit.


“Ok” said Ellie patiently, bracing herself for some sort of sudden typical Rhys wind-up.
He threw his arms round her and squeezed her tightly.

“I do appreciate what you do…and I know…without you Dad wouldn’t be here…or any of us…and if anyone should win and be a rich bitch diva it’s you…..”

Ellie squished him back, chuckling …”Thank you…I love you too you little snotface….anyway….” She felt tears pricking her eyes…


Ellie turned and disappeared into the bathroom feeling tearful but a little stronger.

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Nice Job!!

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I'm so happy you continued with Red's story - I just love Red - wonderful story so far - can't wait for more.

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Thanks very much for commenting! Hope you both keep reading ! I am determined to finish this one :)

Title: The First Show -Part 1
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The First Show part 1


“Good evening everyone and welcome to the very first live round of Star Factor 2007”
Cherise Masters stood on the infamous Star Factor stage, announcing the beginning of the show to huge applause from the audience. As the crowd quietened she continued.

“Twelve talented acts have made it here from the thousands of you who began auditions only a few weeks ago…and now the journey is nearly over for the winner amongst them.
Without further ado, let’s say hello to our wonderful judges and mentors, Steve, Marla, Ronny and Mimi……..(Wait for more applause to die down) ….and lets meet our first act of the evening singing a classic disco song……Louis Banks………….”


Louis had been successfully picked out from the qualifying rounds at Veronaville, he had been on the club circuit for years and this was his chance to break into the professional scene at last..He had a lot of live performance experience behind him and took the stage with confidence to deliver a great version of “Celebrate” By Kool and the Gang.


The enthusiastic studio audience gave him a rapturous applause and Cherise waited again patiently for the hub bub to die down before addressing the panel….
“Wonderful start to the show there from Louis..but do our mentors agree….Mimi. would you like to start us off with your verdict?”


The cameras turned to Mimi Anderson,
“Sure Cherise Thank you, absolutely, that was a great performance there with great delivery and Louis looked really comfortable all through…definitely a hit with me”

Each of the other judges gave Louis a glowing review, and then Cherise announced the next act….


“Great result for Louis there….Ok next up we have Bluewaters’ successful entrants…boy band The Rice Brothers……..”

More applause as the quartet of two brothers and their two school friends began “Can you feel it” by the Jackson Five.

Backstage in the Blue room, Ellie was sweating a bit….she was regretting all the coffee she had drunk early that morning. She pined for her family…they would be just about back home by now, rushing in from the car to switch on the TV and watch her.
Sam too would be at her hotel switching on to watch…shame Sam was not able to help Ellie that night with her outfit. She had picked out a nice enough dress and the TV studio’s make up and hair team had helped her do the rest… Ellie fretted , the boy band’s song came to an end.

The studio audience were excited and gave them huge cheers,….but they had not been that good…Cherise once again asked the panel for their feedback.


“All right…Thank you boys…..lets see how our Judges rated you….Steve , perhaps you would start off” Cherise said trying not to smirk.


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Steve Conway launched into quite a tirade…
“That was a disaster from start to finish….out of tune……totally the wrong song for you….and as for the dance routine….well anyway…utterly horrendous…I’m disappointed”

Ronny interrupted….”I totally disagree Steve….These boys are exactly what the chart needs right now..They are fun and the fans love them…I think they have terrific potential…”


Cherise spoke again, asking Mimi and Marla in turn to offer their opinions…

“Ok next up, “ Cherise said brightly…”A young lady also from Veronaville…Cindy Anne Craven……singing a disco classic..”Ring my Bell”…..good luck Cindy Anne….”


Cindy Anne strutted out onto the stage, she was very confident that was certain… she launched into her song , being very provocative , her voice was certainly not her strong point but she worked the crowd with her moves….


She certainly seemed to be enjoying herself anyway…Cherise spoke to the judges again as Cindy Anne sashayed off the stage.

“Well that was an interesting performance…” Marla said trying to be diplomatic…”definitely a confident performer….um….”


Steve chipped in with clear disdain. “Totally awful, just a cacophony…and what was the gyrating for exactly? This is not a pole dancing contest”


“I thought she was sensational…absolutely gorgeous girl with loads of talent and real star quality…two thumbs up from me for sure” Gushed Ronny…who had definitely taken a shine to the ambitious blonde…..

Mimi commented that with work, a lot of work, Cindy Anne could really improve..

The cameras swung back to Cherise once more…..

“Ok thank you panel…we’ll be back after the break with girl band “Lipgloss”   don’t touch that remote!”

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The First Show Part 2


“Hello and welcome back to our very first live show of the series! We have had a terrific first half so without any more delay…lets hear it for ‘Lip Gloss’ with ‘Funky Town’! Take it away girls!”

Five young girls in excruciatingly tight mini dresses and killer heels teetered up to their marks and began singing and dancing….


Ronny Reed was the first to comment this time..
“Ah girls you took the song and made it your own…absolutely tremendous performance…you are amongst my favourites in this whole contest…” he said positively drooling as the girls giggled and waved at the audience.


“Oh do me a favour….” Moaned Steve sarcastically…”Girls you are very sweet but that was just lacklustre …average and what on earth was going on with the harmonies….needs a lot more refining….”


 Mimi was trying to be a little less scathing, but was in total agreement with Steve on this one….
“Yes ladies, I do believe more work is needed…you need to pay a little more attention to your breathing and closer work together with the harmonies…but yes I think there is potential for greater things from you……”


Marla nodded in agreement…”Yes I concur with Mimi…but also I have to say, lovely bubbly performance, you could have a good successful time in the pop charts provided you put in the ground work….”

Cherise thanked the panel and moved to the next act.

A couple more acts later and it was the turn of another solo artist. Self proclaimed diva, Denise Hunter stepped out on stage to belt out a stirring rendition of ‘I will survive’. Denise was also an established live performer having started in Church at the tender age of 6….


Denise too, got a great reception from the crowd…Once more; Cherise was up to get the verdict…


“Ok then panel…marvellous version of the classic by Gloria Gaynor there….lets have your views on Denise”

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“Wonderful slick performance there Denise…I think we all would agree you truly belong on that stage and you owned it girl….absolutely fab darling!” Gushed Marla…the other judges agreed…Denise Hunter was oozing with talent.

The next up was a young guy called Pete Marshall from the small town of River blossom Hills…after a quick introduction , he launched into his version of ‘Heaven must be missing an angel’ to lots of squeals from the teenage girls In the audience.


He finished amidst more screams and Cherise finally was able to make herself heard.
“Thank you Pete….Ok Judges, clearly a favourite amongst the studio audience here…but do you agree with them?”
The judges gave Pete good reviews; he was one of the favourites to win overall…good looking and talented..He had the appeal to make a lot of money for Steve’s label…Steve Conway’s company had put up the 1 million simoelean recording contract for the lucky winner.

Waiting in the wings, Ellie felt like she would collapse..The noise and chaos around her was almost too much to bear….she prayed she would have the strength to walk out there…
She could hear Cherise Masters announce her taking a deep breath, Ellie balled her hands into fists…..and walked up on the stage, with the lights beaming down on her…it was hard to make out the audience..but this worked in her favour as she stepped up to the mark and began to sing ‘Last Dance’ by Donna Summer.


Ellie lost herself in the song again…and kept holding on to what her Dad had said…that it was an adventure..and no matter what…her family would always be proud of her.
She was still in a daze as she left the stage.

“You nailed it Ellie” Marla said happily, Ellie had been faultless, even though she looked like a little mouse up there at first..The audience liked her too…the purity of her voice rang out and made up for her shyness …


“Great job…need to build confidence…but even so…classy performance Ellie…well done” Steve actually looked pleased for a change.

Ronny had to agree, he tried to play it down a little…having already thrown himself into backing Cindy Anne for some reason.

The show wound up….A duet were eliminated with the least votes and the entrants retired to the blue room to wind down before going to sleep at the nearby ‘Grand Hotel’.

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yahoo they are back glad you remade then rockchick this story has gotten better though i will miss Kira,must have missed the part about her accident

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Thanks Hotrod...Glad to see you back reading this again! xx

Title: The Blue Room
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The Blue Room- After the First Show

The contestants sat around in the blue room at the studio, it was sort of like a holding area lounge affair…and where all of them had waited to go on after getting ready in their dressing rooms. It was a fairly high charged atmosphere but the production crew kept everything under control.
Ellie was more than a little relieved when her mobile rang.
“Dad!!” she gasped,


Red’s voice on the line was a huge comfort to her..
“Are you all right sweetheart? You were fantastic Love….we’re so proud of you…”
Ellie moved away from where her competitors were chatting ….
“Oh my god Dad I was petrified”
“Well it didn’t show…ahhh…hold on…Noosh is trying to rip the phone off me…speak to your sister a sec will you “
Ellie chuckled as Noosh squealed down the phone…
“Oh my god!!! You were great…really really….and I love the song…and um…do you think you can get the Rice Brothers autographs for my friend Shelby? And Pete’s for me…god he’s gorgeous…”
Ellie heard her Dad prise the phone back off her sister……
“Hello Ellie? So yeah….are you OK now? What are you doing tonight?”
Ellie glanced round the room.
“Some of them have already gone back to the hotel, we’re just having a cuppa and then I think we get chaperoned over to the hotel too in a minute.”


Ellie went quiet….
“Listen kiddo….you go hang out…if you want to chat to me later, just give me a call…don’t worry about what time…if you need me , I am here ok”
Ellie felt tearful again and so quickly composed herself and went to sit with the others.


Ellie sat down in a spare seat between Denise and Louis; they were busy chatting about how their careers would take shape after the contest…
“So Ellie….do you have any particular plans for after the show?”


Denise asked… “Ellie shrugged, “Gosh I don’t know…I haven’t really thought about it…I was so amazed to get this far anyway..”


“I am seriously looking into an album…maybe a tour after the Star Factor tour at least…my agent is negotiating some time for me at a really great studio” Louis explained…
“Uh huh…” nodded Denise, “I just have so many songs lined up..double albums worth for sure… really don’t have anything set up Ellie? really should have an agent..”


“I’m just enjoying the experience really…I try not to think to far ahead” Ellie admitted.

Cindy Anne chuckled and flicked her hair back…
“Wow…seems a silly approach..everyone knows this show can open doors…like so far beyond singing…I have my people looking into a fragrance, clothing line…workout video…I mean SOME of us can pull it off better than others……”
She gave Ellie a slightly superior look.


“Really, I don’t mind..I’m happy to just be this far into it…I miss my family and stuff…” Ellie said quietly, feeling more and more foolish listening to everyone else talk about sponsorship deals and TV appearances.
Gradually the others were collected one by one till only Ellie and Cindy Anne were left.
Ellie was pacing round the room waiting for a text back from Sam when Cindy Anne walked over to her.


“I have to hand it to you Ellie” Cindy Anne sneered as she spoke…Ellie turned to face her…
“What’s that?”
“This goody two shoes act of yours… this for the experience? Come on! That’s so obviously fake…..people are going to see you for what you really are…you wait and see…” Cindy Anne ranted at her.
Ellie recoiled, totally unprepared…”Wh..What?”


“You’re so weak…you aren’t going to last…its not just about the voice..don’t you realise that they can enhance everything in the studios these days? That you hardly ever sing live? It’s all miming..anyone with half a brain in this business knows that… are so out of your league it’s not even funny…..”
Cindy Anne’s eyes glittered; she was clearly enjoying this …
Ellie felt so alone…it was true , she did feel out of her depth….she was so stressed already , and Cindy Anne could tell Ellie was vulnerable…….


“You are never going to make it to the end Ellie….you don’t belong in this contest…I wonder who you slept with to get this far…….”


Cindy Anne’s Chaperone called from just outside the door….as Ellie burst into tears, Cindy left her parting shot……


“And by the way…that dress is gross…you just looked like a dog….”
Cindy Anne left with a satisfied smirk on her face.

Ellie wanted the ground to swallow her up, right there..alone at last she sobbed into her hands…
A text from Sam arrived…it was just what she needed to prompt her into taking a deep breath and drying her eyes.
She walked towards the window and watched the city through the drapes, trying to hold on to thoughts of those she loved back home…who loved her and believed in her….for them she would not let the Cindy Anne’s of the world beat her down.


A voice behind her startled her a little….
“Excuse me? Miss De’Vill….I am so sorry I’m late..”


Ellie turned round to find a drop dead gorgeous hunk looking at her with concern….
“Miss De’Vill? Are you OK? You look upset…”


Ellie was taken aback…about the last thing she expected to be confronted with after her run in with Cindy Anne was someone like this
She nodded and smiled a little
“Um yes…I was er….missing my family you know…big night and all that”

The man smiled back,
“Of course…my name is Brett, and I’m your chaperone for the course of the finals….”


“My what? sorry” Ellie could feel her cheeks burning…..

“Your chaperone, bodyguard..whatever you want to call me really,” Brett explained,
“All finalists have one of us to look after them at this stage in the proceedings…why? Did you maybe want someone else? It’s not a problem if you don’t feel I’m the right person…”


Ellie cleared her throat.. “Um no no..I think you will …er…you will do “
She blushed deep crimson..
”What I mean is …oh god sorry…what I mean is that I am cool with you looking after me… are we going to the hotel?..I mean not staying there in the same room or anything….are we?”

Brett suppressed a grin
“No I shall be next door, just page me if you need me… if everything is in order shall we go?”

Ellie turned and walked out into the foyer determined not to say another word till
she’d had a cold shower and at least 12 hours sleep.


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This is really good!! And Ellie's Bodyguard is very cool!!! :)

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Aw Thank you very much !

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Wow, it just keeps getting better and better! Keep up the good work!!

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i LOVE it ! cant wait until the next update!:D

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:rabbit: Hey, you know that black and white skull and crossbone dress Sam was wearing? Where can I find it? Is it based on a real dress? Cuz I want one!! Also, I have yet to see the hot bodyguard! The pic's won't load. :coffee2:

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Thanks folks xx
Hi Kristen, I can't remember offhand where I got the outfit, it might be but I will have a look next time I load the game, and the pics are OK, there are just a lot of them so they take a minute or two to load

Title: Suprises
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Surprise visit

The next morning, Ellie and the other contestants had a free day..There was only one thing she wanted to do. Luckily, Brett was happy to drive her.

Red was amazed later that evening when his eldest daughter burst in and threw her arms round him.


“OH DAD!!!!” She yelled…hugging him tightly…finally she released her grip a bit.

“What are you doing back here sweetheart?? Are you all right? Is something wrong?” Red was happy to have Ellie back but concerned for her too.

“How come you’re home? You didn’t call me; I would have come and picked you up love”


Ellie took a deep breath
“I know I know….I just…it was a spur of the moment thing….Where’s Noosh and Rhys??” She glanced round for her younger siblings eagerly.

“They are staying at friends tonight….You can call them in a few…listen ..Tell me…is everything all right up there?” Red persisted.

They were interrupted by a mad hammering at the door…Sam was jumping up and down waving and knocking frantically outside… they laughed , Red sighed…

”You better let her in before she makes a Sam shaped hole in the wall…I’m gonna start sorting dinner..”


“Right .thanks Dad” Ellie turned to let her best friend in.

Sam practically ran Ellie over; she was thrilled to see her…
“OMYGAWD WOMAN!!!!” Sam gushed, “You were absobloodylutely AMAY-ZNG!!....I saw you get out the car just now…so I came straight over…is that OK???”

Red called in from the kitchen, “Stay for dinner if you want Sam”
Sam yelled back excitedly…”Thanks Mr Dee”


Sam hugged Ellie enthusiastically, “I missed you, ya cow bag”
Ellie was feeling so happy to be back amongst friendly faces again…Sam was bursting to ask all sorts ..

“Well come on then…been to any good parties last night?....that Pete bloke is a bit of all right isn’t he? Anything to confess then?” beamed Sam

Ellie remembered the unpleasantness with Cindy Anne and winced…
“What???? Are you all right? What happened” Sam urged her for more details.

Ellie nodded, she told her friend about the interlude with Cindy….”I’m just so glad to get away from her for a bit..”

Sam furrowed her brow and screwed up her nose …”OOOOH I wish I’d have been there…I would love to see how she’d manage to smarm around like lady bloody muck with a fat lip and a BLACK EYE…..”
Ellie could just imagine Sam flooring Cindy and chuckled at the mental image.

“That’s better” Sam winked ……”Soooo …..”
Sam smirked and gestured to the door…
“Did you know there was a burly man standing outside looking lost?”


“OH NO!!” Ellie had left her chaperone standing by the gate ..She’d been so overjoyed to be home ….

“That’s Brett….he drove me here”

“Blimey girl…you pulled already?? Well they do say it’s always the quiet ones” Sam giggled

Ellie blushed in spite of herself…”NO he’s my chaperone ….”
Sam cackled ..”Hmmm bodyguard eh…well well….”
She waggled her eyebrows..
Ellie felt her cheeks burning…how could she have forgotten him? He must think she was a complete idiot…or just plain ignorant

Red called out again…”Ellie De’Ville! I’m surprised at you…fancy leaving him out there in the cold…”
He winked at her as he went to the door to call Brett in.
“I’m so sorry “ Ellie blurted, hiding away a bit behind Sam as Brett wandered in.
“It’s ok, no worries” he answered grinning.


“So you’re looking after my girl up there eh?”
Red shook hands with Brett and the two men began chatting.
“That’s right sir”
Red nodded, “ah just call me Red…Listen mate, why don’t you stay for dinner? “

Brett smiled “Thanks Red, If you’re sure it’s no trouble…we will have to leave first thing in the morning though…I’ll kip in the car..”

“No way…you can stay in my sons room, he’s off at his friends tonight…”
Red insisted generously.


Brett thanked Red but insisted on crashing on the sofa.

“OK well if you are sure, I’m gonna dish out dinner “

Title: Red De'Vill-update JAN 6th
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Soon the four of them were sitting around the table tucking in to one of Red’s specialities, after years of being a single dad working from home, Red had become a force to be reckoned with in the kitchen.
Ellie cleared her throat and spoke.

“I just wanted to say, thanks Dad…for entering me in the contest..and Sam for being the best friend ever….and um….Brett, I really appreciate you driving me all the way down here…Thank you”

Red and Sam smiled widely, Brett too,

“Makes a change from being dragged around shops carrying bags for someone”
Brett admitted.
 In all previous years of the competition he seemed to be landed with some bimbo who wanted to blow her wardrobe allowance in one hit all round the cities trendy boutiques…never once had he been begged to drive anyone home to their family before…it made a nice change and he said so.
Sam’s eyes glittered…”Wait…did you say they get money for outfits?”


Brett nodded, “Sure, at this stage in the contest there’s a lot of money flying about….the revenue from the votes phoned in by the viewers, all the merchandising…course there’s the spin off stuff in the mags and papers…contestants get a clothing budget, stylist…one of us to look after them…they have the equivalent of their wages paid into their accounts each week…you compensate for having time off regular jobs…”

“I don’t have a stylist…I didn’t realise all that….” Ellie said …feeling out of her depth again…..all those millions of viewers…of course there would be huge money involved…
Brett looked at Ellie thoughtfully,
“That’s what an agent would have fixed up for you…but you can ask for one.”

“I would…I would do it for you in a heartbeat” Sam exclaimed.

Ellie beamed….How perfect that would be….
“You would get a pretty good salary…they put you up in the hotel with the finalists so you are on call for the duration of it…would your boss release you for the whole two months though” Brett asked Sam…Sam was already in action mode…” Oh I will be there..wether the salon like it or not!!  “ She leapt up and thanked Red for the meal, “I’m gonna go phone him now” Sam declared referring to the owner of the salon…
“Don’t leave without me ok??”

Sam left and Red turned to Ellie…” So that’s good news then eh babe? What with Sam and Brett here to take good care of you…its going to be a great experience for you, I’m going to go on to bed so I can get you up in the morning…besides…you two might want some time alone” He winked across at Ellie…Brett seemed a nice guy…


Ellie flushed to the roots again….”Dad!!! “She hissed

Red chuckled and went off in the direction of the stairs teasing, “Goodnight you two…don’t do anything I wouldn’t do”


Ellie murmured an apology. Brett grinned, “You have a really nice Dad…you’re very lucky to have such close family and friends….”
She nodded, “Yeah I know….it feels weird up there without them..”

“Well I guess I’ll turn in if I have that long drive tomorrow” Brett sighed…Ellie was having trouble looking him in the eye..They got up from the table and she peered out of the window…the weather looked like it was taking a turn for the worst.

“I’m sorry you had to drive such a way….and now back to tomorrow as well…I am so thoughtless…” Ellie mumbled feeling guilty..She stared out the window harder as she felt him looking at her..

“Ah no worries really…was a good drive…I enjoyed chatting to you, and having a nice family meal was great…haven’t done that in ages…..” Brett assured her.

“So um goodnight then”
 “Goodnight Ellie”

Ellie stood facing him for a minute..sort of gazing…after a little awquard second or two they turned smiling shyly and walked off in opposite directions.


The Previous Evening, on the other side of  Pleasantview City.

Lawrence Montgomery slumped down onto the couch after a hectic day at the office, Saturday evening television never normally interested him but he had such a draining time of it having to go in on his day off, he felt like veging out …
He flicked through the channels coming to a stop at the first live final of Star Factor, a lot of his staff were buzzing about it…no harm in letting some crass nonsense wash over him that night…his new wife of 3 months came in and sat beside him.

“Darling, whatever are you watching?” she enquired.
Lawrence covered his eyes cringing as the girl group caterwauled through a song..”Dear lord what a nightmare”

“Don’t watch it then…why don’t we pop out to the wine bar tonight instead?” she offered…Lawrence was beat, “ I am far to tired …this is fine..I need to switch off the brain for a bit that’s all”
His wife snorted a little..” Really I don’t understand why Lorraine couldn’t have dealt with it..” she said referring to Lawrence’s hard working PA.
“Jessica darling, Perhaps we can go out for lunch at the golf club tomorrow…”

Jess groaned and rolled her eyes……”Fine” They sat in silence gazing at the TV. The show was almost over, She was about to leave the room when someone familiar caught her eye………

“OH my god Darling…isn’t that your errant daughter???”

Later on, Jessica clattered around the kitchen noisily…mind whirring……

Lawrence passed by to get himself a coffee, “Good lord Darling, you must be distracted if you’re preparing food….” He remarked, the couple employed a housekeeper to do all the cooking and chores, Jessica did not like domestic work and she did not cook full stop…yet she was frantically making sandwiches for supper…
Lawrence went to sit outside taking the sandwiches with him..
Alone in the kitchen, Jessica’s annoyance grew…until a course of action came to mind.


As they sat out  eating supper Jessica looked up at her husband, “Laurie darling…do you think you could get Lorraine to call the Pleasantview Herald …oh and perhaps that breakfast time chat show …Sunrise……I think as her mother, I have a right to share some of Ellie’s good fortune …don’t you? All the private school fees I spent out all those years….for a start..”


Lawrence smiled a thin sly smile…”Oh absolutely darling…and she’ll need our help managing her earnings…you know how irresponsible young people are these days…I’ll get Lorraine on task first thing in the morning”

Title: Red De'Vill-update JAN 6th
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I'm glad that you started writing about this family again. I hope that Red will stop Jessica from taking all Ellie's earnings.

See ya.

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oh my god!!!!!!!! YOU SHOULD PUBLISH THIS!!

i read part one a while back and have been trying to find it ever since....


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geez, this story never gets boring for a second.
right when everything starts to look really good, BOOM comes Jessica to ruin it like she always does :]

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we all just love to hate jess(ica)

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its so amazing- the pictures tell its so perfectly- oh god its wonderful- i forgotten all about my dinner in the oven - untill the smoke alarm.... * eek * but hell like i care!

i started reading it today and i cant wait!!!!!!!!!

brett is such a hottie!

JUST OMG! i love this storey- i am so in love with all your characters!

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(*cry*) You hurry bloody UP! And thank you for the dress info. I want it for my fav Sims. (*still sniffling*) The pics don't load! Just lil red Xs in white boxes. Maybe if you took a few out...

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Mmm, me does like. I love all the pictures you take, and Ellie is quite gorgeous. I'm already looking forward to the next update!

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Thanks , I will update as soon as I can, just moved house and it took 2 weeks to get broadband back. Will update as soon as poss

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This is amazing!! Thanks for the fab story. (If I was Ellie, Jessica would of had a umm, accident to say the least... ;))

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Thank you for giving it a chance :)

Title: Part 40
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Ellie travelled back to the contest with Sam and Brett feeling much more resilient. Knowing that her family and friends back home would be watching and willing her on gave her the confidence she so desperately needed.
The next couple of weeks were so much better, acts were voted off gradually leaving the solo artists and only two groups remaining as the final loomed nearer.
Ellie had insisted that she wanted to share a twin room with Sam. Preferring to be with her best friend rather than knocking around a big plush suite by herself. Brett, naturally moved to the room next door to keep an eye on them.
The girls finished getting Ellie ready and waited in their room for the ride to the live venue.
Sam eyed her thoughtfully…”What’s up? “
In the weeks since the visit home Ellie seemed so calm before each show, that evening she looked a bit distracted ..


“Ah you know, Rock theme tonight…I want to do it well for Dad you know” Ellie replied…that was part of it…she was thinking about Brett again. As the weeks had gone by he seemed to be less talkative, less friendly and more business like, maybe he didn’t like her…not that she expected him to ‘LIKE’ her….but…well she hoped they could be friends at least. She often now found herself pondering on what she might have done wrong.

“Thinking about someone else too eh?” Sam smirked. Not much escaped her.
Ellie sighed and sat up on the bed…”There’s not much point is there? He’s PAID to hang out with me…”


“Not paid to give you longing looks though is he?“ Sam replied winking.


“Pfft, he doesn’t …stop winding me up”
Sam grinned and gave one of her knowing looks…
”Hmm well we’ll see…anyway chick we have to get a move on…you ready to go?”


“As I’ll ever be..” Ellie sucked in a deep breath and followed Sam to the door…. Right on schedule, there was a polite rap on the wood and Brett’s voice announcing it was time to go…

“Let’s do this thang” quipped Sam, as she always did.


Just as they were leaving the room, Sam’s mobile rang, She motioned for Ellie to go on with Brett…”Don’t worry I’ll taxi it, you go or you’ll be late! Good Luck Babe!”


“Hiya Sis” Sam answered her phone, as usual it was Molly, checking if everything was OK…
Her elder sister sounded upset and anxious ..Well Molly was usually a bit anxious all the time anyway.
“Has Ellie seen the paper today?” Molly asked
“No been too busy, why?.......replied Sam…”Are you all right Molls?”
Sam listened as Molly explained ….Jessica Ebadi, Ellie’s estranged mother, had given interviews in the press, apparently spilling details about Ellie having a wild child past…with claims of underage sex, drugs and run-ins with the law……

“Are you kidding me???” gasped Sam in shock, “Ellie’s no way done any of that….I mean…anyone who knows her will realise that’s a load of rubbish!!!”

Sam said goodbye quickly and rushed out to find a taxi…she wanted to fore-warn her friend before anyone else had the chance to tell her.


As usual in the Blue Room before the show, the solo artists waited for their turn to perform…it was always tense and made more frustrating by Cindy Anne piping up about the latest celebrity studded party she’d been to..or which movie star had told her she was their favourite and “sure to win it”
She was certainly confident…but as the weeks had gone by, her arrogance had begun to grate on everyone.
Pete was trying not to launch into a tirade at her as they endured her inexhaustible name dropping.


Louis and Denise were chatting about the theme of the evening… “I’m just saying Rock isn’t my speciality you know…Kinda worried about my song choice” Admitted Louis , showing real nerves for the first time in the whole contest.


Title: part 40 continued
Post by: Rock Chick on December 20, 2007, 08:41:45 am
Denise nodded in agreement.. “Yeah, but you know, you have such talent, you just have to put the smooth aside and let out the raw….the song you have is fantastic…I myself am really looking forward to Ellie tonight….this is your area isn’t it Ellie?”

All eyes fell on Ellie, who would usually be the quietest there before and after each show.
“Um…I don’t know…I mean..the song is one of my Dads favourites so I want to get it right”
Louis raised his brows, “You are gonna be fine this week ….I reckon I might not be here next week…If I mess up tonight”


Cindy Anne never missed an opportunity to slip in a sly comment when Ellie spoke….that evening she had an even more smug look on her face as she opened her mouth to speak..

“Well, OF COURSE she’s going to do ‘ok’ this week, I mean…I have to congratulate you Ellie…papers covered with juicy details about how you were a right little tearaway….and you really look the part tonight…all the make up and little rebel look……nice job on the publicity…you had everyone fooled you were this sweet innocent little thing….ha ha priceless”


“You what??” Ellie exclaimed “What do you mean papers?”

Cindy Anne beamed in delight, “Newspapers darling…..what did you think……ha ha oh no way……don’t tell me you don’t know……..didn’t your slutty friend or minder get you a paper today?


“Oh shut it Cindy…why do you always have to do this” Pete said angrily
“Pete sweetie, wouldn’t you want to know if there was a load of filth written in the news about you by your mum???... I mean I wanted to warn Ellie so she doesn’t go out there tonight…to be a laughing stock….”

The others were ushered into make up for a final check as the first group opened the show….

“Just can it and focus on stayin in tune this week will you Cindy” remarked Louis, scowling at her…

Cindy always loved to wait til they were alone so she could dig at Ellie before a performance


 Ellie was getting better at handling it…but the papers comment…..and her mum? That shook her a little…
“Just give it up Cindy, you aren’t going to affect my performance…concentrate on your own”

Cindy smiled slyly…”Oh I have no worries there….my voice don’t matter…I am going to WIN this contest…it’s guaranteed… wait and see, you little slag…I knew you were one under that act”


Ellie squared up to Cindy Anne, Furiously,


“Cindy, It doesn’t matter what you say or think and it never will…..except of course when you’re insulting my friend..and if  I ever hear you refer to her in such a vile way again I will knock your sodding block off you spiteful cow”

Cindy flounced out leaving Ellie in peace to compose herself, she now felt even more determined to do well in the show…Brett came in a while later…”They are asking for you in make up………is everything OK?”


There he was again, how could Sam really think Brett was interested in Ellie, he was cool, polite and seemed to want to keep his distance…but he looked her in the eye for a second…


“You look wonderful………” He said quietly…he always said something kind…
Ellie met his gaze for as long as she dared..


“Thanks Brett….. um….yeah thanks” She really wanted to ask what she’d done…if anything…maybe he was just being extra nice at the beginning when she was so shy…now she’d gotten more confident..he was just being how he was with all the contestants….She decided not to dwell on it…after the contest they would never see each other again.

“It’s time to go Ellie” He reminded her….
“I’m ready”


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Good update. I seriously hate Jess now!!! *Gets Chainsaw* Where is Jess!!! My chainsaw is ready!!!

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when i saw you had posted an update at work- i literally ran home- and i dont me its not dignified

awww whats up with hunky brett - he better not have a gf or something- i was really liking him.

and GO ELLIE!!!

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Great story, RockChick:)

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Big thanks for the lovely comments , I hope you will all stick with it ! Much love xxx

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Great story! I wonder what's wrong with Brett. Can't wait for the next update :)

Title: Red De'Vill-update JAN 6th
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Thanks for reading :) Pics are done for next update, just have to find time to write it now !

Title: Part 41
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Part 41

As usual, Ellie was faultless; she put all other thoughts out of her mind as soon as it was her turn to sing. Her performance of Skunk Anansie’s song ‘Weak’ was effortless and powerful, and Ellie hoped her father was pleased with how she’d done it.
The shock of the evening had been the last few moments.
The lowest scoring acts that evening were Denise, girl group ‘Lipgloss’ and Cindy Anne…In a shock decision to all, Denise and Lipgloss were voted out by the public phone in, leaving a very smug Cindy Anne to continue in the competition.
Even Cherise the presenter could not hide her amazement..Despite being the weakest singer and not trying too hard to soften her hard persona, Cindy Anne was saved every week thus far in the contest.
Denise was gracious in defeat, possibly due to having work in theatre lined up already by her agent; the girls in Lipgloss were heartbroken and left the stage clinging to one another sobbing.


Sam was troubled, seeing so many much more talented acts voted out while Cindy remained had made her nervous for Ellie for a couple weeks …Back at the hotel; Sam silently followed Cindy Anne as she went up stairs to the upstairs lobby.
Instead of going into her usual suite Cindy Anne crept down the corridor to the luxury rooms that the judges occupied.


Sam gritted her teeth and stealthily followed..Cindy Anne hadn’t closed the door properly; she was in some hurry to get in there,..Sam peeped through a tiny crack in the door and stifled a gasp as she saw what was happening.


“That was a little too close tonight Pookie, I thought you said I had nothing to worry
She spoke in a baby voice, pouting at Ronny..


”You have nothing to worry about Babycakes” He assured her…”Now come here”
Cindy Anne sighed heavily, “Hmm I don’t know if you deserve me …I still am a bit worried about De’Vill, she can’t win surely…I mean she’s so nasty to me Pookie…”


Cindy bit her lip and started to sniff..
Ronny grinned at her

”Oh anyone who’s mean to my Babycakes will pay the price you’ll see….why don’t we have a little fun to cheer us up?”


He leaned over to Cindy and she forced a smile…”Oh you are naughty…but that’s why I wuv you …you’re so good to me “


“Honey, the phone in doesn’t matter; you know I have my people making sure you always do great in the polls…don’t matter who votes for who…my Babycakes will win, no question”
Cindy Anne squealed in delight and pounced on a flushed looking Ronny..”Aw I knew you wouldn’t let me down”.


Sam forced back her gag reflex and held her mobile steady as the whole scene was captured on video in the tiny screen, she was glad she’d charged it up earlier.


Sam allowed herself a smile as she slipped the phone safely into her pocket; it was time for some revelations.


Title: Red De'Vill-update JAN 6th
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i knew that cindy was up to something- i cant believe sam managed to capture it on her mobile- but i hope shes okay carrying that valuable information!

Title: Red De'Vill-update JAN 6th
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Hiya! Happy New Year and Thank you for following the story :) Yeah Sam is sharp and she always has her mobile!! She's the type that can't function without it ;) more soon xx

Title: Part 42
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Part 42

The morning after Star Factors ‘Rock’ theme night, Red was in high spirits, whatever nonsense had been written about Ellie would not damage her chances after the performance she’d given the night before. He had already been on to his lawyers regarding the ridiculous libel Jess had inexplicably blabbed to the gutter press. Noush was in the living room watching the breakfast show ‘Sunrise’ enjoying a nice veg out when the announcer mentioned ‘Star Factor’
“Hey Dad, come watch this, it’s about the contest”


Red joined his younger daughter on the sofa as the presenters announced the next segment of their show.


Lauren, the lead female presenter, spoke first;

“Welcome back and we’d like to now say Hello to our guest this morning …Jessica…Now if you’ve been glued to the TV every Saturday night these past few months like we have, you may well recognise Jessica’s beautiful and talented daughter Ellie De’Vill…Hi Jessica..lovely to have you with us this morning”


Red couldn’t believe his eyes…Noush gasped
“Oh god Dad!!! What an earth is she doing???”


Jessica sat cool as a cucumber with the hosts Lauren and Rory…
“Oh Thank you both , nice of you to have me on here” She said sweetly.
“So tell us Jessica, what’s it like to have a rising star as your daughter?”
Rory leant towards her smiling politely.


“Well I’m proud of her of course…In so far as I admire her talent…however I feel she is embarrassing herself by being involved with a tacky reality show” Jessica exclaimed..


“Really? There have been some amazingly successful artists coming out of ‘Star Factor’ Ellie always comes across as a very dedicated young woman” Lauren said. Somewhat taken aback by Jessica’s attitude.


“Had I been able to raise her in my way this regrettable attention seeking would never have happened…I did not have the heart to separate her from her half siblings and her father…he was very liberal with her unfortunately.”

Lauren and Rory exchanged glances… “Sooo….how do you think Ellie will cope with life in the spotlight if she wins…she certainly seems to be a popular contestant” Lauren went on


Red and Noush recoiled in shock at what they were hearing
“How can she do this to Ellie Dad? Is she joking?? “
Noush wailed


“I don’t know sweetheart…but she will pay for this..” Red muttered
The interview dragged on….

“I don’t think I can allow my daughter to end up like so many of these ghastly young so-called celebrities who end up in the tabloids displaying their private parts, drunk and falling out of mini cabs” Jessica shuddered…..


Rory and Lauren seemed shocked too… “But isn’t it so that you have been to various newspapers and given them details about Ellie’s alleged wild past?? Is that really acceptable from her own mother?”

Jessica raised her eyebrows.. “The problem with young people today is they are not responsible…not accountable for their rash actions and bad judgements…..I offered the best lifestyle to that girl..paid for her private education and she didn’t even come to see me when I was in the throes of a terribly abusive relationship….”


“I see…so what do you hope to achieve by coming here this morning?” Asked Lauren, looking decidedly uncomfortable.

“I hope that at best Ellie will let me back into her life and allow myself and my husband Laurence to become the parents she always should have had…to help steer her career to a more respectable classical route and of course help her manage her success…..we don’t want her blowing all her earnings on drugs and alcohol and burning herself out…”


Lauren and Rory wrapped up the interview gratefully and Red turned off the TV.

Title: Red De'Vill-update JAN 6th
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“What the hell???” gasped Red…..
“Dad you should go to her….we’ll be ok”
Noush exclaimed
“Lord knows I wish I could sweetheart… and Rhys have school though”


“Look, why don’t you call Molly? She can keep an eye on us…I mean she offered to help any way she could when the papers printed all that stuff “
“I don’t know love, she has her hands full already with her brother and sister your age …”

“Maybe if you can hold off going up till Saturday…none of us will have school…please just ask her Dad..”

Red sighed, he checked in with Ellie first then popped across to the little white house opposite.

Molly jumped as she let Red in…he was charming as ever, smiling and apologising for disturbing them…although he did look very upset as well…her palms always sweated madly whenever he was near her..

“Molly, I am so sorry but I wasn’t sure what else to do…I need to go up and see Ellie this weekend for the show….just seen her mother on television spouting even more trash about her…I was wondering if there was any way you could look out for Rhys and Noush…I am so sorry to have to ask this”

Red looked like he was about to burst into tears as his crystalline green eyes looked right into hers…


Molly wanted to hug him…but Molly just never managed to do things like she kept rigid…”Um…of of.c course…anything at all to help….Jake and Louise get on great with the twins…uh….I can get them dinner and you know…I can do whatever you want…” Molly clammed up, going a lovely puce colour…


Red was too distraught to notice Molly’s embarrassment, but her adoptive siblings grinned at the faux pas.


“I so so appreciate your help Molly, you’re a true friend” Red said earnestly.
Molly couldn’t string much of a sentence together in his presence, normally she was a chatterbox but with him standing so close she daren’t risk saying else silly…He squeezed her hands warmly and said his goodbyes, leaving Molly practically hyperventilating.

Later on Molly sat with Jake and Louise chatting and gazing at the TV.

“It was nice of you to help him out” Jake said, “Got to be worth a dinner date right?” Jake grinned as he spoke..The pair of them were trying to get her to ask Red out ever since she’d admitted she found him attractive.


“Jake don’t start that again…it’s not exactly likely” Molly moaned, she got jittery just thinking about it.


“Come on Moll, you have to put yourself out there…you took care of all of us for a long time now…helping Mum and Dad, caring for both of them when they were ill….what are you going to do when we go to college? And you know my birth Mom’s family are still asking if I want to go stay with them for a while..”

Molly sighed…”Jake, You don’t have to put anything on hold for me..I’ll be fine…don’t worry”


“I know, but you really deserve some fun times…and I know you have the hots for him!” Jake went back to watching the TV smirking…

“I can help you pick out some nice clothes..and some good make up when you do go out with him…Sam taught me loads when she was doing beauty therapy at college.” Louise gushed…


“I love you both but you’re doing my head in!!! Red isn’t interested in me…not that way…not after his partner died…he said he would never get over her….anyway he’s a bit busy with Ellie and the contest…and his work…Noush and Rhys…...”
Molly protested

”You have a lot to offer sis” Insisted Louise sagely…..”Even Red would see that if you just let him you know…..”
Molly shook her head…”Lou you watch too many soap operas”

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well im glad sam had her mobile- shes a sharp cookie!

and i cant believe another update- IM LOVING IT! it so made my friday even if i dont get the job im going for an interview for.

Jessica- could you make her any more evil- i just love it!

i wish soaps were as good as this!

Title: Red De'Vill-update JAN 6th
Post by: Rock Chick on January 04, 2008, 06:53:19 am
Thank you lovely, for another sweet comment! I have yet another bit of update for you now:) I wish you every success with your job application! Fingers crossed here!

Title: Part 43
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The week following Jessica’s newspaper and TV interviews was particularly eventful..Sam had been a brick as always and now more than ever Ellie was glad of her support.
Brett had done his duty, keeping the paparazzi out of her hair as much as was possible, but to Ellie’s dismay had kept communication with her to a very basic level. He was even more polite, distant, cold and efficient… he no longer engaged in casual chat at all……surely he didn’t believe all the lies about her?…she wished that when he had been more friendly at the beginning of her journey she could have summoned the courage to make a move..but then, perhaps it would have been inappropriate.

Ellie had never been short of admirers, but all through her teens, life had been tough. Helping her Dad cope with the twins after Kira died left Ellie little time to socialise and she had a maturity about her early on because of the difficult times…worrying about her broken-hearted father, her frail little sister and wayward brother took the place of the usual teen experiences. How ironic that Jessica had accused her of being out of control when she had never even kissed a guy before, let alone most of the other things she was alleged to have done.
Even more ironic, it was the semi finals that Saturday…the love song theme night…it was uncomfortable to say the least.


And as the remaining solo acts sat waiting as usual in the Blue Room before the show, there was immense tension. Denise being voted out had shaken them all…she was an incredible performer….


All tense of course , except for Cindy Anne.


“You missed a fabulous party last night” she gushed ,” I got approached by a leading perfume manufacturer…They said I was the Face of the season……and I am lined up for so much TV work…haven’t had time to rehearse much..” she giggled.


“Well you seem to be popular with the viewers” Mumbled Pete, “Must be nice not to have to worry about a little thing like rehearsals” he added, uncharacteriscally lapsing into sarcasm.

Ellie remained silent, the media was saturated with her story, Jessica seemed to be popping up on any show that would have her…she was seemingly on a moral crusade for some reason…using Ellie as a ticket to airtime. It was so humiliating.

They said little else, allowing Cindy Anne’s irritating babble to wash over them as they waited to be summoned.

As usual Ellie was the last remaining one in the Blue Room…a polite cough announced the arrival of her chaperone

“Miss De’Vill, it’s time to go”


Ellie turned and gasped in shock….A new face smiled back at her


“Hello….um…where’s Brett?”

The new chaperone smiled and introduced himself.

“My name is Gus, Miss De’Vill, I am your chaperone for the remainder of the contest……I hope that’s all-right”


Ellie was stunned, it was anything but all right…but not Gus’s fault…”No no…it’s fine…I just…What happened to Brett?? he ill? ..”

She felt her heart thrashing in her chest…trying hard to stay calm she clenched her hands into fists….

“I’m sorry Miss, Brett quit earlier this evening, well an hour or so ago… just walked out saying he was finished”

Gus’s words hit her like a ton of bricks….he’d quit??

“He quit? You mean he didn’t want to work with me anymore?”

Gus shrugged..”I don’t know all the details Miss De’Vill…I’m sure it wasn’t anything to do with you personally..he quit the job altogether….”

Tears welled in Ellie’s eyes…not swapped to look after someone else but literally left his job….she never even had a chance to say was so final. She felt sick…..Gus was reminding her they had to leave …but Ellie stayed frozen to the spot….


Tears began to roll down her cheek, she managed to ask Gus to allow her a moment alone to calm her nerves, even as he turned to leave, she began to cry silently…this was the last straw….


Ellie never cried much…since Kira died , when she saw how broken Red had been…the devastation in his eyes just after the accident, .she’d dried her own tears and become his young and yet such an old soul…Ellie held back everything…her fears, her wants…and put everything she had into helping Red and the twins….but now…she stood alone in the Blue Room and let the tears stream in rivers down her face.

“Oh Sweetheart”

The voice made her jump



Red hugged her tightly as she sobbed…”I’m here kiddo….I’m here for you don’t worry”

Gus nervously popped his head round the door “I’m so sorry ..uh…they’re going crazy waiting for you”

Ellie sucked in a deep breath and stood straight facing her Dad.

Red smiled..”Whatever you do I am here, I won’t leave you”

“Ok Dad…I’m going to see this through”

“You don’t have to do this for anyone else…you know that”

“I know…I want to…for me”


Red winked at her…”Come on then kiddo…show them what a real singer can do”

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NO NNO NO!!! brett is not meant to go!!

ooohhh!! please let him not have a huge skeleton in the closet- or that Jessica's has had him removed! or that he believes the newspapers!!

woah im getting way to emotional over a story- so good to escape the boredom at work...and thanks for the luck. means a lot

Title: Red De'Vill-update JAN 6th
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Some more coming up (can you tell who had a lot of free time today?)

Title: Red De'Vill-update JAN 6th
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^^^^^^^^^ i really hopes it you- my comp just melted and crashed....

Title: Part 44
Post by: Rock Chick on January 04, 2008, 06:01:36 pm
Part 44

A little before the contest that same evening, back at the hotel, Sam was on a mission …she was nervous, despite her usual confident persona. With copies of the damning video from her mobile of Ronny and Cindy safely stashed on her laptop and burned to a disc or two, Sam hoped that what she had mapped out in theory since the last show and her discovery, would now come together.

Steve was the ‘nasty’ judge, he was a shrewd businessman and hugely successful in the music industry..’Star Factor‘ was his pet project and the million simolean recording contract was from his own international label.


She had rapped on his hotel room door and almost been taken aback to be invited in cordially by the man himself and not some lackey….

“Has to be quick my dear, we have a show to do in a couple hours..what’s up?.” He said amiably,
Sam took a deep breath…”I have something very serious I need to tell you”


Steve peered at her face, he recognised her from somewhere…”Oh look, if you auditioned and want another go …this isn’t the way love” his eyes darted to the hotel bed and back to her a little disdainfully.

Sam wrinkled her nose…”OH GOD!!! NOOOOO!!!....not here for that Thank you!! I am Ellie’s stylist…you know Ellie right?”


Steve laughed and apologised…he remembered her now, supporting Ellie at all times.

“So what did you want me for…er sorry I don’t recall your name…”

“It’s Sam…….look, there’s no easy way to explain this…other than I was thinking how weird it is someone like Cindy Anne is almost in the finals of this whole thing and cool acts like Lipgloss and Denise get booted off….anyway I followed her last week and she went into Ronny’s suite….” Sam exclaimed..


Steve recoiled a little….”So you’re spying on my contestants? And she went to his room not unlike you came to mine? Seriously Sam I thought you were a bit sharper…”

“Nothing like I came to you” She said angrily, “I came to you for help”


“Look Sam, I don’t want to have to call security up here..can you either get to the point or leave..”

“Fine!” Sam brandished her mobile…

Steve groaned..”Oh come on”


Sam held it in front of him defiantly…”Before you say it, IT’S NOT A FAKE!” she cried, “The only Fakes are the two people in it…”

Reluctantly Steve watched the video.


Sam waited nervously as Steve scowled at the screen, apart from the rather ghastly physical side, there was no mistaking the conversation about vote rigging.
For the first time since she’d entered, Sam wondered if a rich man like Steve would consider doing anything sinister to keep her quiet and his show’s reputation safe.

Steve sighed heavily and handed her back the mobile.

“Ok what is it you want? Money I suppose?”


Sam shook her head..”What? No not really…I just want it to be fair…for the people that are left…no more rigged lines for ANYONE….and….the public to be able to vote for their favourite acts…….”

Steve smiled a little, Sam looked so sincere…he liked her more and more as they stood there..She waited patiently..


“Ok Sam…leave it with me”


Sam gulped..he looked very calm about it all which made her even more nervous…”I have copies of this safe you know…” she blurted
“Good grief..Why does everybody think I’m bloody evil incarnate!!” he exclaimed rolling his eyes in exasperation...


Sam shifted from one foot to the other…feeling a bit awquard.
Steve shook her hand coolly, “I appreciate why you did this Sam..You have integrity…nice to see in someone your age….I will not allow anything to hurt the future of my show OR the true talent any more …I have my people looking into a management deal with ‘Lipgloss’..I think they have potential and I agree with you…off the record of course…that Cindy Anne does not deserve to be in this thing at all…and that was only on the merits of her performances before this evening…


Sam thanked him, nodded and left, leaving Steve to work out a plan of action of his own in what little time was left before the live show began.

Title: Red De'Vill-update JAN 6th
Post by: ktggoodnight on January 04, 2008, 06:17:09 pm
^^^^^^^ ooo i do hope steve is guenine ! hes sooooooo smexy aswell.....

ooo sam and steve.... up a tree...... *teehee*

honestly i am a mature person lol!

Title: Red De'Vill-update JAN 6th
Post by: mpb4l1fe on January 05, 2008, 03:40:19 pm
Ooh, it just gets better and better! I wonder why Brett quit?

Title: Red De'Vill-update JAN 6th
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Thanks you two! I appreciate you reading! more's a comin :)

Title: Part 45
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The Semi Final

The semi final began then, excitement had been building in the previous weeks and the studio audience were already going crazy as Cherise began her first announcement.


“Hello! Good evening everyone and welcome to the Star Factor 2008 semi final!!!”

Cherise struggled to make herself heard oven the enthusiastic whoops and cheers from a hyped crowd.

“Okay this is it! Tonight, you the viewers are voting for the three acts you want to see in next weeks FINAL!!!!”

(Paused for a huge roar from the audience)


“Let’s say Hi to our venerable judges as always…….Mimi, Ronny….


Marla …and of course last but not least, Steve!”

More applause ensued..Cherise chuckled as she strained to make herself heard above the hubbub

“Two of our acts will be leaving us tonight…but right now let’s kick off the show with four gorgeous guys!!!...It’s The Rice Brothers!!”

Deafening screams rang out from a large number of young women in the studio as AJ, Ryan, Tom and Greg began their song


The popular boy band did a great rendition of “What Becomes of the Broken Hearted”
Barely audible at times as the girls in the audience squealed in delight each time the giant plasma screens high above the stage showed a close up of one of the guys’ faces

They finished to huge that stage in the contest , each act was received with great appreciation, even the judges eased up a little…it was a taste of what the final would hold for them….

Cherise cheered the boys along with the crowd and waited patiently for a lull in the chaos to announce the next performance after kind comments from each of the judges…

“Ok next up this evening..A young lady called Cindy Anne! “ A slightly more reserved applause for Cindy as she strutted confidently out onto her mark.


Cindy breathlessly pouted and moaned her way through a cringe worthy rendition of “Love to love you baby” which only received polite applause and a few boos from the audience. When it came to the judges, even Ronny was embarrassed by the performance..


Cindy was so confident in her chances of winning the jeers didn’t phase her. She beamed out at the audience as her song finished…as far as she was concerned, she was assured of first place and merely going through the motions….

“Thank you I LOVE YOU” she trilled as she wound up her turn..


Incredibly, all four judges were pretty scathing in their evaluations….Cindy shot Ronny a withering look for slamming her vocals as she left the stage….it was the first time he had ever said a word against her….


“OK Thank you Cindy Anne”  Cherise was back announcing the next act once
more…”Right everyone …put your hands together for the fabulous LOUIS!!!!”

Louis was back in his comfort zone as he made easy work of a wonderful classic love song…. He was a total natural and the audience adored him…


As usual, Louis could do little wrong as far as everyone in the TV studio was concerned; he left the stage happily waving as judges and public alike gave him a huge cheer….


Title: Part 45 contd
Post by: Rock Chick on January 05, 2008, 07:37:44 pm
“Ok we will be back after the break for our last two contestants….and of course to find out which two acts will be leaving us tonight!!! Don’t go away!!” Exclaimed Cherise smiling…….


Soon it was Pete’s turn to sing..He was unassuming…slightly shy, but another firm favourite with girls nationwide


…squeals of delight pealed out as he began his version of “Patience” by Take That with the help of some backing singers…..predictably everyone loved him…

Cherise announced Ellie finally..


Even with her Dad watching in the wings,Ellie was terrified of how she would be received because of all the bad publicity she had endured in the week before because of Jessica.

She needn’t have was the semi finals after all, and everybody was determined to enjoy the evening..not only that, they all knew Ellie always delivered a beautiful performance…that night was no exception, as the music built around her..she emptied her mind of distractions and sang a sensational version of  Maria Mckee’s “Show me Heaven”


Massive applause followed and Ellie flew offstage and into a giant squashy hug from Red.

Cherise was back again as the show approached its final add break before the end and the results of the phone in vote.

“Ok welcome back everyone and I cannot begin to tell you how CLOSE this contest has been this evening…….”


A hush fell in the studio as Cherise listened for the first of the acts to go in her ear piece….

“Ok the first act to be sent home tonight is………………….The Rice Brothers!”


The four guys walked out onstage waving and smiling amidst cheers as the audience showed their appreciation…

“AJ, Ryan, Tom and Greg…guys you have been fantastic contestants and we all know you guys are going to have a fabulous career !” exclaimed Cherise..the guys waved and grinned as their fans went mad ….”Thanks Cherise…just like to say thanks so much to everyone who voted for us..and you ain’t seen the last of us!! Love you all!” shouted Ryan…..

They left the stage as a palpable silence descended once again….

“Wonderful contestants there..we all wish you every success guys…..Ok……” Cherise paused….an air of acute anticipation swept around them as Cherise was given the second name………….
“The second act to leave us is ………….CINDY ANNE!!!!”

A massive whoop went up as Cindy Anne appeared to have almost been pushed onto the stage

“NOOOOOOOOO! She screamed…”Someone’s made a mistake!!!...I’m not meant to go!!!”


Cherise was somewhat unprepared for that……she looked just as embarrassed as everyone else for a moment…..

“Ok I can see Cindy is shocked…must be difficult to be leaving at this stage…”


Cindy Anne was hysterical…screeching at the top of her voice……

“But I wanted to win…I SHOULD WIN THIS TWO-BIT CONTEST!!!....I’m the Star!!! I’M carrying it all!! Do you hear me?????? I was meant to win!!!!!!!”


The stage manager was gesturing madly from the wings as Cherise wrapped the show up, trying to ignore Cindy Anne’s loud bawling as she trudged off the stage…..


“Join us next week for what promises to be a fantastic final! Louis , Pete or Ellie…..who will be our 2008 champion? Only you can decide!!....Take care and goodnight!!”


Title: Red De'Vill-update JAN 6th
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yeah im so glad that two bit nobody got what she finally deserved and that steve was a good guy- i hope that nothing bad comes out of it.

steve and sam... im serious... if not id take steve...... ! LOL!

and yay for ellie for not letting it get to her, WOOOOOOOO!

Title: Red De'Vill-update JAN 6th
Post by: Rock Chick on January 05, 2008, 07:47:11 pm
Aw cheers hun...Steve might be a bit old for Sam...I was thinking of doing a Sam's story spin off after this is done

Title: Red De'Vill-update JAN 6th
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yeah your right- your the one with the story gene not I

i know whatever youd choose it would be perfect- and that sam spin off story I LOVEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so please dont let me down LOL! *Smile*

Title: Red De'Vill-update JAN 6th
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YES!!! cindy-anne is GONE!!

Title: Red De'Vill-update JAN 6th
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Oooh, this is absolutely brilliant! Cindy-anne's finally gone!

Title: Red De'Vill-update JAN 6th
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i LOVE the updates! Cindy Anne is such an untalented hooch, she so deserved to get the boot, and as for Jessica...hmph!

Title: Red De'Vill-update JAN 6th
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Thanks for reading :) I have the pics done for the next two chapters so should be an update soon :)

Title: Red De'Vill-update JAN 6th
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wow! pics done ALREADY?? whenever i make a creation and then have to take pics, i don't really get to it whenever i can :wink: then again, my pics aren't exactly great

Title: Red De'Vill-update JAN 6th
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Hey Rock Chick... I just wanted to say I loove your story !! I can't wait for your next update :icon_smi:

Title: Red De'Vill-update JAN 6th
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Thank you , bit busy in rl at the moment but hopefully update soon x

Title: Red De'Vill-update JAN 6th
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O.o I stumbled across your story, by accident and well read a few lines and seven pages later.... >.> I couldn't stop. I love your story! You officially have another fan! ^.^ I can't wait for you to update, I love your characters. Ellie is so pretty, and everything is well done. Your characters make me hope for the best for them.

Title: Red De'Vill-update JAN 6th
Post by: Rock Chick on August 08, 2008, 01:40:05 am
Thanks very much for that, I had to pause the story when my old pc died (again) I have managed to save the characters though so what I'm going to do is write the rest and only post when I know for sure I have completed, just in case something horrible happens with my game/pc again, Thanks so much for reading, I enjoyed doing this one and I hope I can complete it for you as well. Love Neen

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