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Title: Mesh Expansion?
Post by: TulipMassacre on March 07, 2007, 01:34:26 pm
I'm interested in adapting more meshes (especially popular non-maxis meshes) for your hi-res bodyshape series, but unfortunately I don't know the first thing about meshing nor do I have the extra money for programs like milkshape and photoshop.

Will there be any additional mesh expansions for our shapely gals? I'd especially love some dress/skirt & sexy heels meshes!

Thanks for all your hard work Warlokk!

Title: Mesh Expansion?
Post by: Warlokk on March 07, 2007, 06:16:11 pm
The whole thing is an ongoing project, so I'll be releasing new outfits for the various shapes as the mood strikes me.  However I probably won't be doing much more for the Hi-Res Bodyshape mix-n-match sizes, I got pretty burned out on those already, but I have released all the magnets and such that I used to make them, and I know some other creators have been playing around with them a bit, so more is sure to come for them.  I'm concentrating on new shapes and more complicated stuff like alpha meshes right now.

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