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Title: Horse riding?
Post by: Rue on March 13, 2007, 09:31:56 pm
Hey... I need help with something important for my story.

I know they are rideable horses, and I even have one as a car in my sims. But, when a sim sits on it, he doesn´t really get on, he just appears on, and immediately resumes the pose of a motorbike rider with his head bent down, and his face invisible.

But I really really need a sim ON a horse for my story and I feel that ages ago Ive seen sims on horses in someone else´s middle age story and they didn´t look as bad as mine. So, is there perhaps a horse with a better animation?

Or, by any chance, do you have an idea what animation could my sim do, during which they would find themselves at the right height, so that I could, with the help of moveobjects on, move them towards the horse/on the horse statue and they would seem like riding? I know I used the jumping on the couch in the past, but it doesnt work for what I want because they are too happy while doing the jumping.

Thanks in advance!

Title: Horse riding?
Post by: Sein on May 02, 2007, 07:49:33 pm
you could always use the facial adjustor to make them seem more serious while they are jumping on the couch!
That's my advice :D

Title: Horse riding?
Post by: Rozalyn on May 11, 2007, 08:06:56 pm
there are horses in the sims 2?! on what pack?

Title: Horse riding?
Post by: trl on May 12, 2007, 08:02:10 pm
Rue, the exercise machines will be helpful, but may not be perfect. Try the one for the legs. Also the cheat,  slow_motion 5  (or any number between 1-8 ) will slow down the animations so you can get the exact pose you want. Remember to use,  slow_motion 0  to get the speed back to normal.

Also, there are the "slot enable packages" at MTS2  here  ( and another one  here  ( they are what are used to place sims on objects such as a decorative horse.  There also is the magistray  here  ( which you can place extra things on tables or other objects. I put my sim on the tray, then the tray on the slot enable package thingy and then move it to the object I want them to pose on. There are invisible recolors included. Check the threads for what EPs may be needed for these.

Please remember[/u]: never save the game with your sims on these, you will not be able to enter the lot or in my case, get them off of the tray.  Read this  here  ( before you use this it explains the warnings.

Title: Horse riding?
Post by: Rue on May 12, 2007, 10:27:44 pm
Quote from: Rozalyn;722801
there are horses in the sims 2?! on what pack?

Nope there are no horses so far, there are horses as decorative objects for download on MTS, and one horse cloned out of a car, also on MTS.

TLR, thank you, I didn´t know about the slow motion cheat :)

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