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Title: RESOLVED - Saved game installation help
Post by: trl on March 25, 2007, 07:07:49 pm
I just installed glamour life and Pets and all went some what smooth. My downloads (furniture, hair, skintones etc) all are present. My problem is that the lots I have either created or downloaded are not showing up in the lot bin and the sims I created in body shop are no longer there (downloaded sims are present though). My neighborhood is fine and the lots and their sims are there, just not showing in body shop or lot bin. I have not put any of my hacks in yet. Did I forget to put in one of my saved game folders? If so which one could it be? I appreciate any suggestions and if this question has been asked and answered 1000 times and I missed it feel free to  :slap: me. LOL Thankies!

EDIT: I have found the problem, I should have moved my folder (not copy it) and drop it into the Sims2 folder and allow it to override . My bad.
Feel free to close this thread :)

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