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Title: Tutorial: How to Package a Lot for Upload
Post by: Jessica on January 29, 2006, 01:24:57 pm
If you've never packaged a lot before, you want to make sure you do it right but you have no idea where to begin.
This tutorial should help you learn how to package a lot for upload.
I am using the house I made (my real-life house made into sim form) as an example in the screenshots.
This tutorial is only to help you package it up, not tell you step by step how to make a lot....I only suggest that you upload a barely furnished or completely unfurnished lot (exterior decorations are fine) simply because it makes the file smaller for uploading.
1. Turn on the game
2. Choose a neighborhood to play then click the family button and find the lot you want to package. Click on it.
3. On the menu that pops up click the package lot button on the left. A new menu will pop up. Choose package lot to file (not package lot to the exchange) and click the checkmark.
The game will package up your file (it may take awhile be patient) and tell you where you can find it when it's done.
Take screenshots of the lot if you haven't already (make sure you take at least one exterior shot and one for each floor). Exit the game when you're finished.
You can now find your lot in your MyDocuments\eagames\thesims2\packagedlots folder (it automatically created the folder for you when you packaged your first lot)
The file will be called whatever you called the lot when you made it in your game before. Mine is called Jessica's house as you can see in the screenshot (yes i have a pink desktop theme lol ignore that).
Right-click on the lot and choose open with Sims2Pack Clean Installer (if you dont have Clean Installer, get it!).
Use Clean Installer to help you scan the file for hacks/careers/etc and to properly credit the people who made the custom content you used (if you used any).
Go to whatever site you're going to upload the lot to (hopefully this one), upload the lot, upload the screenshots, and whatever information you want to give people and you're done.
Hopefully this tutorial helped you. If you have further questions, please pm me or start a thread in the Sims2Help section here :)

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