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Title: Terms of use :) (edited regarding clothes)
Post by: Enayla on April 14, 2007, 08:15:19 am
You can (as long as proper credit is given):

O Upload my skins, eyes, and makeup with your Sims.
O Use them in any model on any site (no credit needed).
O Use them in any pictures, stories or videos (no credit needed).
O Add tattoos or piercings for upload.
O Recolour for your own, personal use.
O Recolour CLOTHES and ACCESSORIES textures for upload. Please keep in mind that the makers of the meshes might have different rules regarding what can be done and not. I leave this up to you to find out. Please drop me a line so that I can see the result.

You can't:

O Redistribute my skins on paysites or the exchange.
O Redistribute recolours of skins and eyes of your making.
O Claim the skins as your own.
O Re-use my textures for any purpose.
O Edit my clothes and accessories' textures.

Please don't:

O Send me requests for my models.
O Send me tutorial-requests, for tutorials on how I paint
(which is how I skin) see
O Ask me to do something exclusive for you; I like to keep my skins and eyes available for everyone who plays the game.
O Ask me to send you the files if you can't download them properly – that's either the server where the file is at, or
your computer that's causing the trouble.

I don't do:

O Defaults – but if you search MS2 for them, you'll find that
I give permission for others to do them. There are several
different variations around.
O Requests – I have more than enough ideas, and too little time,
as it is.
O Genitals. I don't find nudity disgusting in the slightest, but
I think it looks fairly silly in the game, so I won't go there.
O Body hair ;) I don't like it, plain and simple.

Check this thread to,
O Find geneticised versions of my skins (thanks to the wonderful people who take the time to do things as these - if you've made defaults or similar with my skins or eyes, please post them in this thread)

I hope you enjoy the skins :) Remember that I do this as a
hobby, I charge no money and I only want to help the
community out. Keep that in mind before demanding more work
from me than I already put out.

Please limit posts in this thread to links to download items connected to my skins

Hope you enjoy your downloads :)


Title: Terms of use :) (edited regarding clothes)
Post by: dewshine on April 14, 2007, 09:08:38 am
More of your eyes will soon be up at the link for the eyes as well as I've fiddled with every single one.

Folks wanting Enayla's eyes without going through my Yahoo group can download genetic versions here:

The 15 "eyes for the eyeless" pack from MTS2:

The "old eye" collection from MTS2:

The new "Eyes for the Eyeless" released here on 4/11/2007:

And all the other loose eyes released before 4/11/2007:

Eyes and skins for the Sims released April 18th and 19th:

Title: Terms of use :) (edited regarding clothes)
Post by: jmtmom on April 20, 2007, 05:17:47 pm
If it helps, here's all links I could find at MTS2:

Eye defaults: ( (

Skin Defaults: (
(I could have sworn someone did a Pixie Default set, but couldn't find it)

Plantsim defaults: (

Elf Ears: ( (

ETA: Here's an alien default set with Pixie Cold and Sonata eyes:

Elf ears using Eclipse's elf ear mesh:

Title: Terms of use :) (edited regarding clothes)
Post by: ching.shih.yang on April 20, 2007, 08:34:30 pm


S1 Lightest
S2 Tan
S3 Medium
S4 Dark
S5 Alien
S6 Zombie

Geneticised skins (

Geneticised eyes (

Linked to Athlete and SlimBB (
Pixie Breeze
Pixie Bronze
Pixie Chocolate
Pixie Crush
Pixie Darling
Pixie Game
Pixie Ashes
Pixie Fiend
Pixie Gloom
Pixie Incubi

Linked to Huge Bodybilder and Ren Gal (
Pixie Glory
Pixie Ruby

Linked to AthGirl/SlimBB (
Pixie Fiend
Pixie Incubi

shawnees defaults (
S1 Pixie Kisses
S2 Pixie Flirt
S3 Pixie Rush
S4 Pixie Chocolate
S5 Pixie Moss

shawnees second defaults (
S1 Pixie Fall
S2 Pixie Bronze
S3 Pixie Breeze
S4 Pixie Game

Engrams defaults (
S1 Pixie Breeze
S2 Pixie Bronze
S3 Pixie Game
S4 Pixie Chocolate

Engrams second default (
S1 Pixie Gold
S2 Pixie Warmth
S3 Pixie Game
S4 Pixie Chocolate

Enayla Defaults (
S1 Early Spring
S2 Summertime
S3 Autumn
S4 Late Fall

MissSimGameFan defaults (
S1 Pixie Light
S2 Morning Light
S3 Pixie Rust
S4 Pixie Night

poodle_love Defaults (
S1 Pixie Glow
S2 Pixie Dream
S3 Pixie Rust
S4 Pixie Hush

Sausages Default full set (
S1 Pixie Kisses
S2 Pixie Breeze
S3 Pixie Game
S4 Pixie Ruby

Sausages defaults for S1 and S2 (
Pixie Clouds
Pixie Darling
Pixie Delicate
Pixie Hero
Pixie Ivory
Pixie June
Pixie Joyless
Pixie Loveless

Pixie Clouds
Pixie Endless
Pixie Gold
Pixie Hero
Pixie Rush
Pixie Rust

Sausages defaults for S3 and S4 (
Pixie Endless
Pixie Hush
Pixie Oak
Pixie Teak
Pixie Warmth

Pixie Ebony
Pixie Oak
Pixie Shadow
Pixie Teak


Plantsim defaults (
Pixie Moss (Healthy)
Pixie Nymph (Healthy and Wilted)
Pixie Glory (Wilted)

Plantsim defaults (
Pixie Nymph (Healthy)
Pixie Rot (Wilted)

more plantsim (
Pixie Ivy (Healthy)
Pixie Glory (Wilted)

Zombie S6

Deceased (

Pixie Rot (
Pixie Rot

Pixie Grave (
Pixie Grave


Vampire Grace (
Vampire Grace

Pixie Hunter (
Pixie Hunter

Pixie Stalker (
Pixie Stalker

Alien S5

Unearthly (

Pixie Anomaly (
Pixie Anomaly

pixie incubi (
Pixie Incubi

swampcandys Alien defaults (
Pixie Ashes
Pixie Diamond
Pixie Fiend
Pixie Gloom
Pixie Glory
Pixie Moss
Pixie Guilt
Pixie Nymph
Pixie Orchid
Pixie Pearl
Pixie Royal
Pixie Steel

Shawnees alien default (
Pixie Moss

Sausages alien defaults (
Pixie Winter
Pixie Serpent

Pixie Galaxies (
Pixie Galaxies

Pixie Gloom Genie (
Pixie Gloom

Engram (
Pixie Bruise

IAmTheRads Evil witch (
Pixie Serpent

Spookymuffins evil witch (,817.0.html)missing
Pixie Emerald

Engrams evil witch (
Pixie Fiend

Eyes (
Clear waters
Angel (
Dark Bronze

eyeset (
Hushed Blue
Green Secrets
Clear Waters

engrams (

Lips ( (

Ears and Horns by Kitiara to match (
Makeup for Pixie Serpent by SwitchfootKatie (
Male and Female Gorgon Hair Retextures to Match "Pixie Serpent" Skintone (
Ren's Elf Ears for Enayla skins ( ( ( new ears

Title: Terms of use :) (edited regarding clothes)
Post by: Enayla on April 21, 2007, 02:48:01 am
Actually - that's great - I don't think I need to edit my post and add them. Let's just make sure only links to stuff like this is posted in this thread, and no fluff :)

Title: Terms of use :) (edited regarding clothes)
Post by: AdmiralAeris on April 23, 2007, 10:56:53 pm
Another set of defaults using your eyes: (different lblue/dblue/green than the other 'eyes for the eyeless' set)

And I myself have made Pixie Dream into a default replacement for S2 -- I can upload it here if that's okay (I'm also working on a mixed-mode default set of Pixie skins so people don't have to put 30MB files in the downloads folder just to replace ONE skin).

Title: Terms of use :) (edited regarding clothes)
Post by: AdmiralAeris on April 30, 2007, 02:42:31 am
poodle love at MTS2 made a default Pixie set:

Title: Terms of use :) (edited regarding clothes)
Post by: smclin on April 30, 2007, 02:45:42 am
Your skins are my favorite!

Title: More Enayla Skins
Post by: JCSpencer on July 18, 2007, 01:00:47 pm
Quote from: Enayla;285219
For the Pixie collection I did that isn't uploaded to Insimenator, take a peek at - MS2 (

Forgive my impertinence, and I apologize if this is a breech of protocol, but I wanted to share some more of Enayla's work that is only available from MTS2. Her creations are so beautiful, realistic and stunning that I thought every fan of her skintones needs to know about them. Obviously I take no credit for anything; I am merely posting links to her posts on MTS2 where she released some sets not currently available on InSim, but no less desirable.

Unholy Collection (Pixie Anomaly, Pixie Hunter, Pixie Rot) (
Pixie Gold (
Sunset, Cold Light, Morning Light (
Autumn, Early Spring, Late Fall, Summertime (Non-Default) (
Autumn, Early Spring, Late Fall, Summertime (Defaults) (
Opaline, Golden Grace (
Horror Set (Vampire Grace, Deceased, Jade/Unearthly) (
Improved Skin Collection (Alabaster, Rich Earth, Porcelain Doll, The Fae, Blue Midnight, Rich Gold, Sweet Fall, Dusk) (
Pale Collection (Deep Golden, Fresh Summer, Pale Blush, Ghostly) (
Eerie Skin (amazing imperfect beauty) (
Golden Flush (amazing imperfect beauty) (

EDIT: Thank you to whomever moved my post here - I totally missed this. It looks like I'm behind the times.

Title: Question to your Downloads problems
Post by: klmfrigate on September 22, 2007, 09:40:30 am
I have DIAL UP right now, used to have cable at my old residence, but its not available out here.  I have only been able to download about half of a file at a time.  I've gotten some full files but not many.  When I go to start the download again it only goes up to the amount of bites as I got with first trying to download it.

The sites I've tried to download from in the one where madam mim is with genetisized versions, modthesims2, and this one.  I was wondering if anyone with satalite, dsl, or cable is having this problems.  If not I've got to find a place to go to download.  I'm hoping its not the sites as I really want these skins.

By the way Enayla, best skins and eyes ever on the net.  You can tell your a real artist.  If I ever get these downloaded I'll have to upload pics of aliens I plan on making into pollination techs.

Title: Terms of use :) (edited regarding clothes)
Post by: Enayla on February 05, 2008, 07:21:47 am
Thank you all for the time you've taken to gather up all this information - I now refer people to your posts rather than mine when it comes to finding defaults. I'm so behind the times in these matters.

Also, I've edited the rules a little - I still don't like when my skins are edited but I've decided I don't mind recolours of the clothes so much as long as credit is given (this is because I'm unlikely to do recolours myself, as opposed to loving doing it with my skins).

Title: Terms of use :) (edited regarding clothes)
Post by: jjjim on February 20, 2008, 10:11:11 am
Thanks everyone. This is a very helpful thead.

Title: Terms of use :) (edited regarding clothes)
Post by: PlayGirl on May 15, 2008, 04:58:55 am
Here ( are Enayla's eyes blended with bruno's.They're nice,I think.
Sorry if this post isn't for this topic:happy8:

Title: Terms of use :) (edited regarding clothes)
Post by: cassandra_107 on September 04, 2008, 06:12:13 pm
A few more sets have been made, so here is a list of all the Pixie sets that I know of:

Skins S1-S4 defaults:

Sausage's mix & match sets -
here ( and here (
Pixie Set01  (
Pixie Set 02 (

Pixie Serpent & Pixie Winter (
8 Choices (
Pixie Incubi (
Unearthly  (
PixieAnomaly (

Pixie Gloom (

Moss/Glory/Nymph (
Nymph/Rot (

PixieHunter (
Vampire Grace (

PixieRot (
Deceased (

Title: Terms of use :) (edited regarding clothes)
Post by: jmtmom on September 06, 2008, 09:42:50 pm
Enayla, how do you feel about people editing your skins so they fit with BlooM's or other detailed foot meshes? It's usually a minor adjustment with the feet, probably less alteration than adding tattoos or piercings.

Title: Terms of use :) (edited regarding clothes)
Post by: Enayla on September 09, 2008, 08:26:23 am
I wouldn't mind that in the slightest :)

Title: Terms of use :) (edited regarding clothes)
Post by: J00wish on September 09, 2008, 08:50:15 am
Quote from: Enayla;1372179
I wouldn't mind that in the slightest :)

YES!!!!! You are awesome! *grins wildly*

Title: Terms of use :) (edited regarding clothes)
Post by: PixieAlchemist on September 24, 2008, 04:02:00 pm
Do you mind if we use some parts of your skin for blending?

Title: Re: Terms of use :) (edited regarding clothes)
Post by: HectorRashbaum on February 17, 2009, 11:28:58 am
I've got a megapost of geneticized + townified versions of most of your fantasy skins here (

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