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Title: Life After ANTM
Post by: summer_wine on April 25, 2007, 12:51:11 am
So the competition is over. But what happens after? Will our models get "real jobs" in the "real world"?

This is the continuation of their stories and their lives. So why don't you grab a seat, put your feet up, steal some popcorn from Cinamun (LOL) and catch up with the Final Five as they take on their greatest challenge yet...

Banner by Sharura

NOTE: This will be a work-in-progress type story wherein  all of the top 5 girls from ANTM Remixed will post their stories in their own threads. They will talk about their lives after the show. If your model was in the cycle, you are free to post your stories as long as they include any or all of the girls in the top 5.

For more info on this you can check out the chatter thread.
If you wish to join, the top 5 girls are available for download in the Sim Honeys section of this site. (I will post links later, so unprepared this host is :) )

Have fun!

Title: The Adventures of Josy Bauer
Post by: Spongity on April 25, 2007, 12:57:41 am


Josy Bauer:Quirky, hyper, fun, bubbly, happy, spunky, random. Though compassionate and empathetic, it is hard to find Josy having a serious moment. She can be a bit on the clumsy side (except on the runway!), and enjoys a good laugh. She loves taking risks (pulled the fire alarm in high school twice) and has a certain disregard for rules, but can get out of anything with her charm and sweet-talking. She has no limit to her confidence and will willingly speak her mind (or slap Sophia if she makes a move on her boyfriend ).

Download Josy (

Title: Semra's Bits
Post by: Semra on April 25, 2007, 12:58:40 am

Semra is available for download here (

Semra Sahib:

Semra is generally a kind and gentle girl, although she can be a bit goofy and naive. She loves to exercise; jogging, yoga, taking long walks... that kind of stuff. She started modeling a few years back to save up money for college and really likes it so far, but she's a bit lenient when it comes to properly taking care of herself -- she'll eat that cake whether it's good for her diet or not! ;)

Sim creation info: (these are just general guidelines, feel free to make stuff up)
Semra is a family sim and hopes to find that special someone to settle down with in the future (hopeless romantic :P).
Her personality type is Pisces, her turn-ons are underwear and dark-haired guys, her turn-off is cologne.

* Prologue ( Updated!
* Chapter 1 ( Updated!

:iamwithstupid11: :laugh:

Title: According to Iseul
Post by: Miss Zora on April 25, 2007, 01:00:31 am
:withstup: :D

**download here: Iseul (**

Levelheaded and pragmatic, Iseul is best described as the model that almost wasn't.  In her last semester of undergraduate study, Iseul was accepted to grad school but was forced to defer enrollment due to lack of finances.  While working a collection of odd jobs, she entered a modeling contest on a whim and surprised everybody with her success...including herself.

Iseul's biggest flaw is over-analyzing most of her decisions.  Otherwise, she is generally easy going, caring, shy yet self-confident (though an ill-placed fat joke will put her on edge).  Iseul is awkward with money, as she's never really had a lot before, much to Sophia's amusement.

In Game Stats...
~Knowledge Aspiration
~Facial Hair, Underwear (turnons)
~Stink (turnoff)

Title: Sophias story.
Post by: Buffy on April 25, 2007, 01:07:26 am
"Sophia's Story".


sophia is: A money hungry, concieted, coniving, back stabber who will steal your husband/boyfriend as soon as you have your back turned. She speaks her mind and generally doesnt care who gets hurt by her outbursts.  But I think somewhere in there is a heart , she just likes to pretend its untouchable.
She models purely for what it does for her ego, she comes from a wealthy family so she doesnt need the fundage.

Sophia. (

Title: Mirin's Masquerades
Post by: ladyfaenya on April 25, 2007, 04:54:30 am

Mirin Takashi:
She's sarcastic to a fault, bookwormy, competative, mild mannered, kind, sometimes reserved and nerdy. She does like to have fun though too but can sometimes be a little anal retentive over some things. Generally willing to get along with anyone, unless of course you've done something to piss her off. Even though she's competative by nature, she's a good sport about it. Mirin models because its something to do. :brain: lol

Give her a drink and she's happy. xD Though she's no alcholic, but a drink here and there surely wont hurt. She definately needs to work on her tan. Sometimes she does have her moments. :goofy:

Mirin (

(You two :laugh:)

Title: Semra's Bits - Prologue
Post by: Semra on April 26, 2007, 12:46:41 pm
Semra’s Bits
Prologue: Too old.

Semra sighed, absentmindedly pulling out small wisps of grass out of the ground next to her. The blue sky above her was almost blindingly bright. Chewing her lip in thought, she began to softly whisper potential baby names. ‘Autumn... Sara? No... Sky..? Way too cheesy...’

Today had been the day of the check-up. The doctor was finally able to determine the baby’s gender and knowing full well she hated being kept in suspense, Semra had asked. A girl. That would make one boy and two little girls.

‘I’m getting old...’ she murmured while throwing a few blades of grass towards the sky. Too old for modeling. The only jobs she’d be able to get were anti-wrinkle cream and hair-dye ads. Chuckling sadly, she propped herself up on her elbows. She spotted her daughter digging around the flowerbeds, searching for something. ‘Hana? What are you doing over there?’

‘Nooooooothing, mom!’ Hana yelled, quickly hiding something behind her back and looking caught.

Semra eyed her suspiciously. ‘Dawn… keep an eye on your sister, will you? I’m going to make some lunch for us.’


Dawn waved in acknowledgement and began swimming towards the edge. Groaning under the weight of her belly, Semra pulled herself up and waggled towards the kitchen. Her entire body ached. Too old…

A few hours later…[/i]
‘Honey, I’m hoooome!’ Jules grinned, throwing his keys on the table.


Semra looked up questioningly. ‘Did you get the groceries?’
Frowning at the lack of a warm welcome, Jules shrugged and rubbed the back of his neck. ‘Of course. They’re in the car.’

‘You know I can’t carry them all inside by myself, Jules!’ Semra whined.

‘Fine, I’ll just change real quick and get them. No need to get all worked up...’ Jules turned and headed for the stairs.

‘It’s a girl by the way, thanks for caring!’ Semra snapped at his back. He didn’t show any sign of hearing what she'd said and continued stomping up the stairs. Gritting her teeth, she crinkled the newspaper in her hands. ‘Bastard…’

The next day…

‘Oh Sophie, I just have no idea what to do with him!’ Semra exclaimed, rubbing her temples. ‘The man’s hopeless! You know how many times I called him yesterday? And when he came home he didn’t even ask! He doesn’t care about this baby or the children at all…’

Sophia pursed her lips and rotated the cup of coffee she was holding. ‘Semra, sweetie, the man’s an idiot. I told you before, you should’ve never married him. It’s a miracle you two are even together after all these years!’

Semra sniffled. ‘But… you know what happened! I was pregnant! The press would’ve had a field trip. Sweet and innocent Semra, getting knocked up?’

Shrugging, Sophia took a sip. ‘Wouldn’t have been the first. These things happen hon, that doesn’t mean you marry the first guy that gets you pregnant.’

Semra stared at her for a few seconds, then chuckled and shook her head. ‘You never change.’
Reaching over the table, Sophia tousled her hair a bit. ‘You’re still that same naïve kid from back then, too. Only with a few more wrinkles.’ She winked.

Semra reached up to her eyes and pouted. ‘Not that many!’ They both laughed and moved on to a lighter subject.

‘I still remember when we first moved in to the mansion,’ Semra sighed. She leaned back and rubbed her belly. The baby had been active today, kicking and turning.

‘Me too,’ Sophia placed her cup on the table and crossed her legs. ‘It was nothing compared to my own mansion of course, but it was alright.’

Semra rolled her eyes. ‘Not everyone’s loaded, Sophie. It was a huge improvement over my room on campus...’ She stared off into space a bit while remembering the events of the past 16 years.

End of Prologue: to be continued.

Title: Life After ANTM
Post by: Buffy on April 26, 2007, 06:09:31 pm
sharura, that is pure gold. love it.:worship:  !!!!! sophia is such a cow :-P .

Title: Life After ANTM
Post by: summer_wine on April 26, 2007, 07:42:04 pm
oh wow that was good! i looked really hot LOL, that was my favorite part, btw just kidding!

i love it. i hope i get to read more soon! :)

and guys, feel free to give yourselves photoshoots or commercial thingies to do. :)

Title: Life After ANTM
Post by: Miss Zora on April 27, 2007, 12:35:50 am
Oh, yay, Sharura, I loved it! :love2:

Hopefully I'll get to play soon too, I just finished final exams, WHEEE! :D

ETA: Finally got my bio up, yay. :P

Title: ANTM Big Brother: Day 1
Post by: summer_wine on April 27, 2007, 08:06:58 am
The telephone rings twice before a muffled voice answers. "Yes, Ma'am?"

Summer Wine, the hottest model agency manager, drawled, "Tell me something."

"Well... nothing's been happening much... since you left."

"What do you mean nothing's happening? They're models. In one house. You have screenshots? Send them in."

Her laptop beeped and a robotic voice said: Files About to be Received. Accept or Deny?

She typed in Accept.

Transferring 11 images now, replied the robot voice.

*Scenes from inside the ANTM Mansion*

Mirin admired Josy's electric guitar playing and even tipped her $20!

But when you're in a house full of models, you really shouldn't turn your back on two of them. Because they will ultimately begin talking about you.

Wondering where Semra is? She's eating! After eating, the doorbell rang and she answered the door to find new neighbors!

Hmm... the two girls aren't too attractive but the guy definitely is.

Surprising everyone, Sophia began cleaning the kitchen.

And afterwards, she wanted to hug Josy. The latter refused vehemently.

Mirin and Sophia took a dip in the pool. They really enjoyed it.

And later on, Sophia's hugging marathon continued in the kitchen with Iseul. She also rejected her! Poor Sophie...

Leave it to the girls to find the basement nightclub. Iseul and JOsy helped themselves to the fruit punch!

Josy was really glad to find it methinks.


Transfer Complete.

"That will be all for today," Summer announced.

She hung up the phone.

"Let's see what happens tomorrow..." she murmured.

*Sorry for the oversharpened look and the red lines. the pics were rushed. but i just wanted to share them with you i left the girls alone i just watched them it was great. :)

Title: Life After ANTM
Post by: ladyfaenya on April 27, 2007, 09:11:48 am
I love the way that played out Semra xD That mudmask was priceless :laugh: Heck even I laughed at that one xD

Lol @ sophia trying to hug everyone lol

Title: Life After ANTM
Post by: Fercho on April 27, 2007, 03:49:31 pm
oh My!!!! hot girls!! hot girls!!!!
everyone´s gorgeous here!!!

... and yes, the story is looking great also ;)

Title: Life After ANTM
Post by: Buffy on April 27, 2007, 06:08:29 pm
lmao summer, ANTM Big Brother, thats hilarious. ooh fercho feel free to add pics of any of the models if you have any in your game. your photos are always magnificent.

Title: Life After ANTM
Post by: Spongity on April 27, 2007, 09:21:35 pm
XD I'm in the middle of writing the first part of my story... Sophia doesn't exactly go on a hugging marathon in it... :rofl: You sure made a fun character to write for, Buffy!
I'm loving these so far!

Title: Life After ANTM
Post by: summer_wine on April 28, 2007, 07:19:00 am
she kept doing it! i didn't make her. it was so funny because people just don't like her LOL sorry buffy. but as you know beautiful girls don't have friends haha :D

Title: Life After ANTM
Post by: Buffy on April 28, 2007, 08:29:33 am
lol..poor soph. im half way through getting a first chapter together, im so craptacular at writing though, and wren i think its sweet that soph has 2 kids and a house.

Title: Life After ANTM
Post by: sweet6lou on April 28, 2007, 06:07:25 pm
Ok you guys I have downloded the girls and I mated them with each other to see the product there is 2 good ones 0ut of 3.
Here is Han
Here is Donny
And here is Dane the Ugly one

Nobody did this and I was waiting to see it done so I couldnt wait anymore so I did it myself.

Im gonna Use your models pics for one of my videos ok.

Title: Life After ANTM
Post by: Semra on April 28, 2007, 09:16:31 pm
Lol! Hmm, let me guess the parents...

1: Josy with ... uh, Iseul maybe?
2: I recognize my own sim's genetics anywhere! :p Semra with.... Sophia?
3: Mirin with uh.. yeah I have no idea.

Did I even get them close? Haha.

Title: Life After ANTM
Post by: sweet6lou on April 28, 2007, 09:26:27 pm
Ok this is the way I did it.
I mated the top five first and then I mated their children and yes the ones
who have the stronger genetics are Semra,Sophia,and Mirin.
Then I mated the top 5 children together and then their children and I got those 3 boys I can post the whole family tree if you wnat its really complicated.

Title: Life After ANTM
Post by: Semra on April 28, 2007, 09:40:49 pm
Oh wow, you really put some time into it! :P That explains the other sims I saw in the background.

Title: Life After ANTM
Post by: Miss Zora on April 29, 2007, 11:34:55 am
Oooooh, Donny has Iseul's eyes!! :love5:

Title: Semra's Bits - Chapter 1
Post by: Semra on April 29, 2007, 09:50:57 pm
Semra’s Bits
Chapter 1: Did I do the right thing?

Sixteen years ago; a week after the announcement...

Semra bit her lip nervously. She’d never spend this much time with the other models and she was feeling rather uncomfortable. She felt like a third wheel and mostly kept to herself, looking out the window of the car at the passing scenery. They were nearing a huge mansion.

The car began to slow down and eventually stopped, right before the path leading to the door. Semra stared at the house, completely overwhelmed. The other girls grabbed their purses and she quickly did the same. Following the others, she headed for the door.


After the contest ended, the agency surprised Semra by offering her a contract. While thrilled, she wasn’t sure whether to accept it or not. She was still in college after all, her exams were coming up… She had to make a tough decision. Accepting the contract would mean she’d have to drop out of college and live with all the other girls in one big house;  she’d be swamped with jobs all the time, she’d have no time for friends or family and there was no guarantee she’d be successful.

After discussing it with her family and several sleepless nights, Semra decided to take the leap and packed her bags.


When they reached the door, the models were greeted by their new manager, who introduced herself as Miss Summer Wine. Tons of girls had made it to the top under her guidance, so Semra was pretty glad to see she didn’t get some no-name shady guy as a manager. A good manager was everything in this world.

The other girls did most of the talking, while Semra looked around and took in her surroundings. The house looked even bigger up close, she couldn’t even imagine what it would look like inside. She felt like she had to pinch herself.


After the quick introduction, Miss wine gave them a short tour of the mansion. Semra could only stare, jaw wide open. She was used to living in a tiny room with a smelly roommate on campus, this was on an entirely different level. They had fountains! Inside! She could barely believe it.


After the tour, the girls settled down to get some lunch. It turned out they even had their own chef -- Semra nearly drooled at the thought of all the mouth-watering dinners they’d be having, not to mention delicious desserts. Her hopes were dashed though when Miss Wine mentioned they were all under a strict diet and instead of desserts, the girls would be eating salads and carrots. Pouting, she remained silent.


Lunch was interrupted by Miss Wine's cellphone. After exchanging a few words, she hung up and informed the girls she’d be leaving for the day and that they were to make themselves comfortable.


"Did you see that pool out in the backyard?" the girl nearest to Semra asked. Semra frowned while trying to remember her name. Iseul?

"Ugh, I'm dying to take a dip," Mirin sighed while fanning herself.

"It's an awfully hot day today..." Josy started, winking.

The girls exchanged looks. Semra smiled. Maybe this wasn’t so bad after all…


While Semra preferred the ocean, the pool felt great too. She had a great time playing around with the girls, splashing and dipping eachother under water. She got on especially well with Iseul, who reminded her of her older sister.

There was one girl, Sophia, who  didn’t join in the fun and stayed on the side though. Semra wasn’t sure what to think of her, she seemed pretty stuck up.

Afterwards, they were all starving after hours of exercise in the pool, but they wanted to get cleaned up first. Sophia and Semra shared a bathroom on the second floor and Sophia hogged it for the longest time.

She sighed while leaning against the wall, tapping her foot impatiently. What on earth was Sophia doing in there?


After what seemed like ages, Sophia emerged from the bathroom. Semra took one look at her and covered her mouth in an attempt to stop a burst of laughter.


Semra cheered silently. Lucky! Apparently, their chef got a call while the girls were cleaning up and it turned out his wife was in labor. He left in such a hurry he didn’t even notify the agency, so they were free from eating rabbit-food that night.

Semra took it upon herself to cook dinner for the girls. Searching the fridge, she decided to take the easy way and make some hamburgers.


While Semra cooked, the other girls took their seats at the dining table.


Semra was rather pleased with how the hamburgers turned out, but it seems Sophia had a different opinion…

"Semra honey, you want me to eat this? Do you know what kind of stuff they put in this meat?" She sighed.

Semra shrugged and took another bite out of her hamburger. As long as it tasted good, everything was fine by her.


After dinner was over, Iseul offered to do the dishes. Semra took this opportunity to head up to the study and turn on the computer. She'd promised her mother she would keep her notified of everything that’d happened, so she wrote her a lengthy email describing that day’s events.


Downstairs, she could hear loud music and the girls laughing. They were still going at it and by the sound of it, having a small party. Semra was feeling a bit out of place though, so she didn’t join them.


Not knowing what to do with herself, she decided to head to bed early. She wasn't that tired yet, but she was feeling homesick all of a sudden… did she do the right thing by coming here?

Sighing and turning in her bed, she tried to get some sleep. With the way her schedule was looking, she’d need all the rest she could get.

End of Chapter 1: to be continued.

NB: this chapter is written in a pretty simple style; next chapter will be more story-like, like in the prologue.

Title: Life After ANTM
Post by: ladyfaenya on April 30, 2007, 08:50:38 am
I love the prologue Semra!! Its really interesting how you do it like a flash back, cant wait to see more XD

Title: Life After ANTM
Post by: Semra on April 30, 2007, 10:30:04 am
Yeah, the first chapter is horrible compared to the prologue but I didn't want to remove it completely, haha. I'm in the process of rewriting chapter 1 but I need to take some different pictures first. What a mess! That's what happens when you don't plan before you start posting... :happy8:

Title: Life After ANTM
Post by: summer_wine on April 30, 2007, 05:09:32 pm
i know what you mean semra. LOL @ the name change i love it

but you're doing a great job. :)

Title: Life After ANTM
Post by: Buffy on April 30, 2007, 05:25:44 pm
semra, i agree with wren, you are great at storytelling. magnifico!!!

Title: Life After ANTM
Post by: sweet6lou on May 03, 2007, 07:13:41 pm
I agree Semra you are one great storyteller Im lovin reading your story.
Here is sophia and a model for another forum Sphia serves as her mentor and so do the other girls but sophia taught her everything she knows.Dont they look nice together.

Title: Life After ANTM
Post by: AlbinoBambi on May 11, 2007, 04:30:05 pm
Hey, you guys! I want to read more story's! ;-)

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