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Title: Only Human
Post by: sorrowfultear on May 23, 2007, 07:59:25 pm
(i don't know how to insert videos in my post va whatever tags this sight uses, so you'll have to use the link. ^^ But I am soooo sorry!!) (

1st attempt at a Sims 2 Video... not very good, I know, but I wanted to upload it just to show off my bee-yoo-tiful sims. ^^ Aren't they gorgeous?
Okay, so the story with this is:
Melody loves Kris, Kris loves Heather.
Kris is bf/gf w/ Heather, but one night he gets a little 'friendly' with Melody & so he cheats on poor Heather, who later finds out and freaks on Melody.

The redhead is Heather.
The oriental girl is Melody.
and the guy is Kris.
^^ Maybe I'll upload them to MTS2 sometime, eh?

I have the expansion packs OFB (Open for Business) and NL (Nightlife). Also, I used a TON of custom content, so thanks a gazillion to all the cc creaters out there. This vid would be a flop w/out you. ^^
Songs Used:
Sick Inside, by Hope Partlow

Umm, as a sidenote, the credits are what I did WRONG. Forgetting to turn OFF the bubbles, screwing up the camera, accidentally killing Melody & Heather and bringing Melody back as a vampire...
(I also accidentally got Melody pregnant w/ Kris, & their baby is gorgeous; she's a girl but has Kris' skin and eye color. ^^)

Plus, I cut the song down dramatically. Was running out of space on my harddrive & had to stop filming. XD

Hope you love it!

(posted on my youtube account "joyscry"... sorry about how terrible it is. >.< I'm used to making anime music videos--with the footage already there... filming's harder than it looks!!)

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