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Title: Final Life *New*
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The overhead street lamp barely illuminated the dark musty alleyway. It was virtually impossible to see further than a few feet ahead.
   A man stood at the foot of the alley. His long silver hair almost grey as the dismal shadows stretched across him. He didn’t need light to see, his burning ember eyes cut through the dark like a hot knife in butter. The alley ahead of him deserted all except a stray cat that was rummaging through the trashcan for any morsel of food it could find.


   The man took an effortless, but heavy step foreword into the darkness, the cat stopped, turned, and hissed. Its fur spiking up in harsh peaks as it back its way into a darker corner.
   He would have hissed backed and had a little fun, but there was no time. There were deadlines to meet if everything was to go as planned.


   Ignoring the cat, he bent down and placed the limp unconscious body on the damp ground.
   “Its nearly time my friend.” He said and the deep velvet of his voice still heard even though he spoke in a whisper.


   “You were so mean to that guy.” Said Amanda.
   “Oh come on, he deserved it. What with his stupid last century top and his cheesy chat up lines.” Said Dani. “Heaven must be missing an angle tonight.”
   Both girls laughed at Dani’s impression of the guy.


   “Yeah ok so he was an idiot, but still—”
   “Mandy don’t be such an old woman.”
   Amanda paused and slowed down, she gripped a little harder on Dani’s arm that was linked with hers. “Did you hear that?”
   Dani rolled her eyes and sighed. “It was nothing, just probably some horny alley cat waiting to get laid.”
   “No I’m serious listen.”
   They both stopped. Amanda’s eyes were wide as she listened and scanned the area.”
   “It’s nothing.”
   “No, no.” she said. “Listen. Again. Over there.” And she pointed over to the alley at the back of the restaurant.


   Dani stepped forward, loosening her arm from Amanda’s, but Amanda caught her top and pulled her back.
   “What are you doing?” asked Amanda.
   “Going to look.”
   “Are you mad? It could be anyone. Let’s go back and walk round.”
   “Yeah right, it takes ages to walk that way, I want to get home and to bed. I told you it’ll be some damn cat, and I’m damned if I am going to let it make me walk miles to get home.”
   Amanda reached out and took Dani’s hand in hers. “Better a long walk than dead in an alley.”
   “Now you’re over reacting. It’ll turn out to be nothing, I’ll show you.”
   “It doesn’t sound like a cat.”
   “Come on I’ll show you.”
   Dani let go of Amanda’s hand and was out of reach before she had time to react.
   “Don’t Dani—”


   “Oh crap. Amanda you better get over here.”
   “I aint coming no where near.” She said as she wrapped her arms around herself, even though she wasn’t cold.
   “Oh come on, there’s nothing—” Dani pretended to scream and choke herself. The thin heal of her shoe caught in a crack in the ground and she fell backwards.
   “Dani!” Amanda rushed over to the alley. Dani sat on the ground rubbing her ankle.
   “What is it?”
   “Dani burst into laughter even though her ankle hurt like hell. “The look on your face.” She said struggling to speak.
   “Your not funny.”
   “Nope, but you are.” Dani continued laughing and Amanda folded her arms.


   The silver haired man smiled as he watched them. Keeping his eyes black as the night. This was going just as he planned.


   Dani and Amanda hadn’t noticed the body on the ground next to them and they both screamed as his hand rested lightly on Dani’s leg.


Title: Final Life *New*
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ooooh good start to a story! I will be watching this one for sure!

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:happy8:I LOVE IT you know i love ur stories
i cant wait.... popcorn

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I love it. Can't wait fo rmore.

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wow! i like this story alot! update it soon please!

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Amanda grabbed Dani and yanked her to her feet and out of the alley.
   “Stop.” Said Dani pulling back on her friend.
   “Stop? Are you mad?”
   “I think we should help him.”
   Amanda looked past Dani’s shoulder at the guy lying on the ground. How they hadn’t seen him before god only knows. Maybe he had just been well hidden, on thing was certain, she
didn’t want to go back to him.


“Stop.” Said Dani pulling back on her friend.
   “Stop? Are you mad?”
   “I think we should help him.”
   Amanda looked past Dani’s shoulder at the guy lying on the ground. How they hadn’t seen him before god only knows. Maybe he had just been well hidden, on thing was certain, she
didn’t want to go back to him.
"I think we should call med cops and leave." said Amanda.
   "And what are they gonna do? The reason they issued us with the imbisol crap was so they dont have to do that catching, you really think their gonna care about some half dead guy in an alley?"
   "Maybe someone sol'd him then?"
   "Nah. He wouldn’t be moving if they had." she said.
   “I still think we should go.”
   “What and leave him? What if he is hurt bad?” Dani shook her head at Amanda. “I’m going to check he’s alright, I cant just leave him there and I am not leaving him for the sweepers to get him.”


   “Dani don’t—”
   Although Amanda was the most fun loving one, she drove Dani mad when she got her sensible head on. One minute they could be having a laugh and a drink and the next Amanda would suddenly remember she had an early start and would just go to bed. Not one for sitting in the office with a hangover. It made Amanda so unpredictable.

Dani walked back to the man on the ground. He was trying his best to sit up and failing miserably.


“Who are you?” asked Dani as she crouched just out of reaching distance.”


“I said who are you? What's your name?”

“I er…I’m not sure.” The mans voice was so quiet, Dani could hardly hear what he was saying.

“Do you know how you got here?”

He paused for a moment and opened his mouth to reply, but then closed it again and shook his head.

He was still trying to get up as Dani grilled him further, both making futile attempts. He didn’t seem to notice that his face was bruised or that blood had begun drying down his top lip and chin.

Dani studied him for a minute. The man could barley move, surely, Amanda was wrong. He couldn’t be dangerous. She glanced over at Amanda who gave her a disapproving look.

Amanda was not going to like this.


Dani got closer to the man and reached for his hand, ignoring the protest from behind her. He paused and frowned as if he wasn’t sure what to do.

“Come on, I’ll help you.” She said as she took his cold hand in hers.

It took a couple of attempts to get him to his feet. He was very unsteady and Dani had to drape his arm around her shoulder to give him support.

“I’m gonna take you back to my place ok?”

“What are you doing?” asked Amanda as Dani and the man finally reached her.

“I’m taking him back to our place.”

“Your what?”

“Look stop panicking. Look at his arm. He’s green tagged.” Said Dani as she struggled to reach round and grab the mans arm just so she could show her friend the bracelet.

“Just because he’s green doesn’t mean he’s harmless. I mean he could just be clever and never been caught.”

“Your telling me that you think its possible to not get caught? Come on Amanda, you fart in wrong place and your tag changes colour.”

“Maybe he’s done something a long time ago. I mean you don’t get beaten up like this for no reason.”

“You wanna check his tag for prior pins? I checked it already, but if you don’t believe me take a look for yourself.”

“It’s not that. It’s just…”

“Look stop it with all the paranoia and help me get him out of here before the sweepers come out and we end up colour coded for loitering.”


“How long is that guy going to sleep for?” asked Amanda as she loaded the toaster with bread. “If I’d have known he was going to sleep this long I’d have slept better myself.”

Dani took a sip from her coffee and rolled her eyes. “Your telling me you have spent the whole night  awake worrying?”

“Didn’t you?”


“What if he had got up in the middle of the night? He could have come searching and killed us while we slept.”

“Oh Amanda, now your really overreacting.”

“Am I?” asked Amanda as she sat down opposite Dani, the toast forgotten.


“Yes you are and you know it.”

“You bring a guy home, a stranger into our house, one that you found in an alley I might add and then you let him sleep off whatever it is in our house and you think I am overreacting?”

“Yes.” Said Dani. “He’s green tagged, it looks like someone beat the crap out of him and he could hardly move, let alone murder us in our beds, and anyway I bugged his room, I’m not totally stupid. The guy hasn’t moved all night, not even to take a pee.”

“Oh crap.” Said Amanda as she jumped up to rescue the her breakfast. The smell of burnt toast filled the room. This was not going to be a good day.



It was almost seven when Amanda had to go to work. The unknown man still hadn’t woken up yet and Amanda had made Dani go and check on him at least every half an hour to make sure that he was still alive.

“Do you think we should wake him?” asked Amanda from the doorway.

Dani slid the brush in a swift motion along her fingernail before looking up. “Nah, he’ll be fine. You go to work. He’ll wake up when he is ready.”

Three bleeps sounded from upstairs. Dani ignored them and was already concentrating on her left hand. Amanda listened, her face looking startled as she heard footsteps on the landing.


She moved quickly over to Dani as the footsteps started to descend the stairs.

“Amanda!” Dani yelled as her friend collided with her hands and smudging her nail varnish. “Now I’ll have to start al over again.”

“He’s coming.” Whispered Amanda.

“Yeah?” said Dani unconcerned. “And?”

“Oh for god sake Dani, there’s a strange man coming down the stairs and all your bothered about is your damn nails. You need to get your priorities right and start thinking about our safety.”

Dani opened her mouth to respond, but closed it again as their unknown guest opened the door.


Amanda stared intently at him, ready if he made any sudden move. Dani leant back into the cushion, totally relaxed.

“She’s right you know.” He said breaking the silence.

“Pardon me?” said Amanda.

“Your right. She should be careful. You never know who your going to invite into your house. With a house as remote as this, no one would hear you scream.”

Amanda took a step back and swallowed hard. Her somersaulting stomach sending cold waves through her body and making her flesh tingle.


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Oh great. Another flid story to get addicted to. :smt120

Great beginning, I can't wait for more...SEE WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO ME?

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wow. lvoed it. i cant wait to find out what happens

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yay! more!

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He smiled and held his hands up. “This time your in luck.” He said as he walked closer to them. “Can I use your phone? I’ll be out of here as soon as possible.”

Amanda disregarded his question and concentrated on his face.

“Please.” He said.

“Where are all the bruises?” asked Amanda. “And where are the cuts, there isn’t a mark on you.”


Dani looked to see what she was talking about, his face was flawless. His steel grey eyes flicked from Amanda and Dani as they both stared at him.

He took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “I don’t know what you mean.” He said. “I don’t even know how I got here. All I remember is being…”


“It doesn’t matter. Look can I use your phone. I can get someone to pick me up and be out of your way.”

“We find you unconscious in an alley and it looked like someone had beaten the crap out of you. What's going on?”

Amanda stared at him, waiting for an answer; he knew there was no way he was getting out of this.


“I don’t know about these so called cuts and bruises. I got them after…” he paused and looked at both girls for a moment; this was not going to be pretty. “I was injected with Dawn.”

Amanda’s eyes went wide and she felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up.

“You’re a night hunter?” she asked before turning her attention to Dani. “You brought a god damn hunter into our home?”
If Amanda didn’t look so scared Dani would have laughed, it was hard for her to contain herself with the look Amanda had on her face. She truly believed.

“No offence.” She said to the man and he nodded. “But do you really believe in hunters? I mean come on Amanda. Its just scare tactics to keep us all inside after dark.”


“Dani your too naïve and trusting. You think everything is a way for the government to control us.”

“Ladies” interrupted the man. “I don’t want to cause a fight. If I may just use your phone then I can go home and you two can forget you ever found me.”

“Its over there.” Said Dani as she pointed to the table. Maybe Dani was naïve and trusting, but rather that then paranoid.

Amanda remained scowling at Dani as the man used the phone.


Dani ignored her and watched him with strange fascination. Amanda was right in a way, she did need to be more cautious, but there was something about their unknown guest, something familiar. She’d never met him before, of that she was certain. He was a stranger, but he didn’t feel like any kind of threat. If anything, he felt like peace.

“You come and get me right now.” Said the man to whoever he was talking too. “I don’t care who she is. I told you. I’m not doing this.”

They watched him as his knuckles went white around the receiver. “Just come and get me.” He said and he put the receiver heavily into its cradle.


It was a couple of minutes before he turned back to face Amanda and Dani, they wanted him gone, especially Amanda, he didn’t want to have to ask to stay a little longer.

“I’m sorry he said.” “My boss should be here soon. I hope”

His grey eyes connected with Dani’s and smoothing sparked inside her. They say the eyes are the window to a persons soul and she swore she could see his, but hunters don’t have souls do they? If they even existed at all.

“Would you like anything to eat or drink?” asked Dani. “It sounds like you’ll be here for a while.”

Amanda scoffed in the corner. “What are you gonna do? Offer him your neck?”


“He held his hands up in surrender. “We don’t do that. Hollywood has a lot to answer for.”

“Don’t you need blood then?”

“Well yes, that part is true, but we don’t take it from people anymore.”

“So you’re saying you don’t need human blood to survive?”

“No we do..”

“See I told you. Look what you have brought into our house Dani, not only will he kill us, but most likely drain us too. Thanks a lot.”

“No. I’m saying we don’t go around chewing on peoples necks anymore. We get our supply from the medical service.”

“And what of the hunters that do bite people?” she asked. “Surely just because its supplied for you doesn’t mean there aren’t hunters out there who do as their told.”

“They get hunted and executed, simple as that.”

Although Amanda carried on questioning him as intensely as possible, he couldn’t keep his eyes off Dani. Damn the Nosferatu for doing this to him.


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Great Update. I loved it.
Can't wait for more.
((By The way where did you get amanda's shirt from?))

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possibly tsr i think a long time ago

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Wonderful start! I love it! ^^ Glad to see you're doing something out of the ordinary.

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Thanks Flid!

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its not quite out of the ordinary, just more in the future so i get to be more inventive :)

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Ah, another Flid story to get addicted to..Looks great so far. =D

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Thanks, hopefully I can update it tonight

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“Don’t you have to go to work?” asked Dani.

Amanda didn’t say a word, with the expression on her face she didn’t have to. How could she leave Dani alone in the house with a stranger? And a night hunter at that.

She had never missed a day’s work though. Not even when her mother had passed away. Being a waitress it meant that she could swap shifts when needed, but how would she explain this one? ‘Please can I do a double tomorrow because my housemate found a beaten up night hunter and I’m afraid to leave her alone with him in case he eats her.’ Even saying it in her head, it sounded outrageous.


“I’ll be fine Amanda.” Said Dani as if reading her thoughts. “I’m sure I’ll still be in one piece when you get home. In fact I’ll probably be curled up in bed by the time you get back.”

“I wish I could be so sure.”

“Amanda, god damn it. Just go to work before you’re late.”


Amanda was about to argue with Dani when the sound of their doorbell made both girls jump. Dani hadn’t realised how on edge she was, but it wasn’t fear that was making her nervous, it was something else, something different.

“Its for you.” Amanda said to their still unknown guest as she came back. A tall man was following behind her, his long silver hair flowing over his shoulders, yet he didn’t look old enough for his hair to be colourless with age. His face was free from age. It was totally flawless, as if he had never had a worry in his life.

His oval face was pale and kind, but there was something about his smile, something sinister, and it made Amanda feel even more uneasy.

The men greeted each other and although their guest seemed relieved that the other man had arrived, he did not greet him with any warmth.


“I thank you both for your help last night and today.” Said their guest. “Now that my acquaintance has arrived I shall leave you both in peace.”

The other man stood casually against the doorframe with his arms folded, he seemed angry, but he was still smiling.

“Would you like a life to work?” the guest asked Amanda. “It’s the least we can do for putting you out and I also fear I may have made you late.”

Dani laughed inside. Amanda had shown nothing but fear and precaution when there was only one stranger in the house. There was no chance that she would get into a car with two men that she didn’t know.

“Thank you for the offer.” She said, “But I can get there myself.”

The guest nodded and smiled, he had known Amanda for such a short space of time, but already he knew how to interpret what she meant, not that her attitude had been hard to decipher.



It wasn’t a pleasant atmosphere in the car. Lex could feel the tension in the air as he drove them home, but he still smiled pretending to not be listening.

It was a long time before wither one of them spoke and broke the silence.

“You were wrong to put me there. I do not wish to be part of her life. You can drug me as often as you like, but each time I will walk away.”

The boss leant forward in his seat. “You forget your place little one. My word and orders are binding, not even you may go against them.”

“And what will you do? Kill me? You need me too much to do that. There is nothing you can do to punish me; I have already lived through enough.”

A sneer took control of the bosses face. “If you do not obey me then what reason do I have to keep you alive? I may as well kill you.”

“I prey for death every day.”

Their faces were so close now, the slightest jerk of the car would have made them connect.

“You must do what is right for the Nosferatu. It is your obligation.”

“I cannot sacrifice her life.” He said.

The boss leant back and his face relaxed once again expressionless. “If you do not do this then you have condemned her to an awful death.” He said. “You will condemn us all to death. If I can find her so can Cowan and once he has her out of the way there will be no stopping him.”

“He may not find her; he may not even know she exists. What if it is I that leads him to her? She deserves a life. She deserves to remain in ignorant bliss to our world, the would that would destroy her.”

The boss was running out of options and that didn’t sit well with him. They both knew he would never kill him, his own child.

“No matter what you do.” Said the boss. “You cannot avoid her.”

“I cant take loosing her.” The man said. “It is better that my heart beats in wanting rather than grieving.”

“Your heart only beats because she walks the earth.” He whispered.


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Really good story!  I can't believe I just found it now!

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Great story so far Flid and great update.   Seems very interesting.

Will be watching this one.

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Flid is back :)
kathwynn does the happy, happy, joy, joy, dance... :toothy8:
Glad I checked, it looks like this one will be as mind bending and hurting as all your stories..
yess evil Flid isss back my precioussss...  She hasss coome back to torture ussss...
we musssst  :worship: the :evil2: onnnee... :toothy3:

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awsome update =)

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Dun dun dunnnn! o.o

I see... well, this future sure isn't the ol' bright and friendly one we hear about. But man, I wish there would be vampire type creatures and hunters in the future!

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Dani stood at the sink, her hands in a bowl of warm soapy water as she washed the evening’s dishes. Although it had been well over a week since their strange visitor had left and Amanda was finally beginning to relax about the whole fiasco, Dani just could not get her mind of it.

She slid the sponge over the mug again and immersed it into the water, a vacant stare filling her eyes.

"The cups clean you know," said Amanda as she held her hand out for it.

"Huh?" asked Dani.

"The cup. You've washed it about ten times already.”

"Oh." said Dani and she gave a sheepish smile as she handed to the cup to Amanda for her to dry.


She didn’t even know his name, who he was or where he had come from, but yet she felt as if she had known him forever, every quiet moment she got, her mind would wonder off to imaginary encounters with him, where they shared stories of their lives with each other, even in sleep Dani couldn’t escape him.

She knew it was utter madness. He meant nothing to her just as she meant nothing to him, but she couldn’t help it. Something about him had sparked something deep inside. She felt like she was being pulled to him. Maybe this was what they called love at first sight. Yeah Amanda would love that, her best friend in love with a night hunter.


With the dishes finally cleaned and put away, Amanda had gone into the lounge to watch some documentary on the environment, or at least the state of it. Dani didn’t know what to do with herself, she wasn’t particularly tired, but she didn’t want to join her friend in front of the television. The mundane stuff that she enjoyed easily just seemed pointless now and she didn’t know why. She felt she should be doing something. Maybe now was the time she should decide what to do with her life. It was ok living with her friend and surviving on her inheritance, but that didn’t give her life substance, she was just existing. There was more outside these simple bricks and mortar, but dare she venture out.

Dani couldn’t settle on anything, even sitting around doing nothing was not appealing, it was as if something inside was restless and needed more, the only way to silence it was sleep.


It didn’t take Dani long to fall asleep and a smile creased her face as she entered her dream. He was there waiting as normal, under the weeping willow at the bottom of the garden. She didn’t go over to him right away, she wanted to savour the memory of just watching him stare out into the water.

He turned and saw her and she smiled more, she fought with her self as she walked over to him, her legs felt unsteady as if just looking at him made her drunk. He took a step forward and held out his hand as she reached him.


Neither of them spoke, they didn’t need to. He raised his hand to her face and gently ran the back of his fingers down her cheek and then cupped her face with his hand. Dani melted into him, pressing her face into his palm and holding his hand in place with her own as she closed her eyes.

She knew what he was, but in her dream he was so warm, the heat from his hand crept up her face and she step into him.


He pressed his forehead against hers and just breathed in the scent of her perfume.

“Sometime I wish I didn’t have to wake up.” He said.

“Since I met you, I wish that all the time.”

He didn’t notice her eyes fill up and she closed them to save them from crying. She wanted to savour every moment with him, even if it was just in sleep. His arms came around her and wrapped her in warmth, she never wanted to leave.

“You seem troubled tonight?” he said as he pulled away just enough to look at her face, but she pulled him closer and rested against his chest.


“I’m ok, its just...”

“Just?” he stepped away from her and sat down on the ground, pulling her with him.

She sighed. “Have you ever felt like there is more to life, like suddenly there is something missing, but you only just realised.”

“Sometimes we don’t know we are missing anything until we find it.” He said.

She nodded and began to run her fingertips up along the pale flesh of his arm as she thought. She wanted to know so much about him, but he must have lived so long being what he is, where did she start?


“Do you miss being human?” she asked.

“Only something’s.”

“What do you miss?”

“Mortality.” He said without hesitation, and then he smiled. “And sunshine.”

“Mortality? Most people want to live forever, that’s why your species is such a contradiction, your not the hunters, you’re the hunted. Hunted by people who seek eternal life.”

“It is not what they think it is.” He said.

“You wish to die?”

“I wish to have no more pain. I have outlived all my family. I watched all of them die knowing that I will never join them in the after life. I watched my children grow old and die before me.”

“You had children?”

“Yes, I had four children and I have outlived them all.”

Dani had never thought of it like that before. His life must be so lonely, and suddenly she felt sad for him. She couldn’t even imagine how he felt.
She moved even closer to him and put her arms around his neck, his soft hair tickled her bare arms as she pulled his mouth to hers and kissed him.


Her eyes opened and Dani was back in her room, alone, but she could still feel him in her arms, this stranger that seemed to be haunting her, she still hadn’t learnt his name, even in her dreams he never told her.

She wrapped her arms around herself and rolled onto her side, trying the keep away the empty gap he had left.


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Great update Flid.  :)

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I just found this and it is fabulous flid! keep up the great story telling!

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It makes you wonder...Are these more than dreams?:!:
Great update!  Can't wait for more!!!:clap:

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Great story flid, always try and read yours.

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Also makes you wonder, is the guy sharing these 'dreams'?

Wonderful chapter. I'm really curious now.

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I believe you'll get the answer to that in the next paragraph.

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YAY it's here!!
yes, I know I'm a bit slow on the uptake but my old pc was even slower!!
love this story already, can't wait to see more :D

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ooh great story!  Looking forward to reading more!

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I'm liking this quite a bit so far.  Nice storytelling and pretty pictures to go with it.  I look forward to seeing where it goes next.

Title: Final Life *New*
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Every day was nearly the same. She would wake up after dreaming about her mysterious stranger feeling as if she was missing something because he wasn’t there. It was like a hole that was getting bigger and bigger everyday. She knew it was stupid, she knew she was falling for him, but she had only met him once, in real life. It was nearly a month since then. He had probably forgotten all about her and here she was pinning for him like some idiot.


It was as if he was calling her in her head, she knew he was there waiting, but surely it was impossible, the sun still out shone through the windows of the room.

Dani looked down at herself, the pink dress flowed out behind her, and she didn’t remember choosing this, how funny dreams were, in life Dani would never have chosen such a dress.


The stones on the front of the bodice sparkled as the light hit them. She stepped out of her front door and onto sand. Sand? They lived nowhere near the sea.

What strange place had this dream taken her too? She bent down and ran her hands through the warm grainy particles. They fell lightly from her fingers, like dust floating down to the ground.


She turned, she knew he was there watching waiting, she could feel him; feel the energy coming off him in hot waves that surrounded her.

"What is this place?" she asked. "And why are we in sun light?"


"In dreams I can go anywhere. I miss the light, I miss the sea and the beaches, and this was one of my favourite spots before..."

"Before you died?" she said making it a question.

"Yes. My mother used to bring me here, we weren’t a wealthy family, but my mother always taught me that you don’t need money to enjoy what nature has to offer. We used to come down here when she wasn’t working, even in the rain and wind when the sea was too rough to go closer she would bring me. She just liked to watch the waves crashing, listen to them as they crashed into the sand." he said. "Now I can only see the beach in light when I am dreaming."


"Did you bring your children here too?" she asked.

"No, I would have loved to, but I was turned before they ever existed."

"Before? How can that be? I didn’t think you could have children because..."

"Because of what I am? As long as my heart beats and I am healthy I can have children."

"How healthy can dead be?" she asked smiling and he couldn’t help give a laugh. "I'm sorry, that wasn’t a very good joke was it?"

"There is no need to be sorry. It is a long time since I have laughed or even smiled. It’s a long time since I have felt anything."

Dani turned to face the sea and watched as the waves raced up the shore and stopped just before them, he came up behind her and instinctively she leant back as his arms snaked around her waist and pulled her close. In his hold, she felt safe, as if nothing in the world would ever be able to hurt her. It was as if she where she was meant to be. She lent her head back and he rested his chin on her shoulder, his cheek touching hers. His skin was so warm against her face, how could someone this alive be dead?


He was warm and he was breathing, she felt the air tickle her skin each time he exhaled. Hunters don’t breathe do they? She thought to herself. No, they are dead, dead don’t breathe. Dani couldn’t remember, she wasn’t into all the supernatural paranoia that went around. She knew they existed, but up until a few weeks ago, she realised that she had never actually believed it.

"What are you thinking?" he asked.
"Nothing really." she said. Just wondering why you don’t seem all that dead, and I'll have to investigate when we wake up.

He pulled his arms tighter around her and pulled her closer to him. "Liar." he whispered in her ear.

"I'm thinking that if you don’t let go I'm going to pass out through lack of oxygen.

He laughed and loosened his hold on her, turning her in his arms to face him. She stared up at him, his eyes were like grey - silver flames that burned right through her. She bit down on her bottom lip to keep from saying what she was thinking.


"Tell me what it is, please." he said.

"If we arranged to meet when we wake would you turn up?"

He reached out and smoothed a piece of her fringe that didn’t really need adjusting. "This is only a dream. If we arrange to meet, only one of us would get the message, the one who dreamed it."

"Who is dreaming? It doesn’t feel like a dream to me. I wake up and I can still feel you holding me. I can still smell the scent of your skin and feel the air against my own. I wake up, but I feel that I have been with you. Its stupid I know, but I can’t help how I feel."


He knew what she meant, he knew more than anything, he felt it too. There was some connection, more than just a dream. Surely if you’re dreaming, you know it’s your own dream.

"I think we could drive ourselves mad trying to work it out, and going insane while asleep is not something I fancy doing."

"Then lets try it" her voice higher and tight with determination and excitement.

"It wont work." he said. "I promise you, only one of us will turn up and that will be which ever one of us is dreaming, and quite frankly if it’s me dreaming I don’t want to go tomorrow and discover your not there."

"What if we are both dreaming the same thing?"

"Its impossible." he said as he bent down to kiss her. She brought her hand up fast and pressed her finger across his mouth to block him.

"If you want to kiss me then you have to meet me tomorrow. Nine O Clock at Decades. There’s a bit upstairs that’s not to busy and I'll be waiting. Come there and you can have your kiss."



"Tomorrow." she said smiling as she broke free from his arms and raced along the sand back in the direction that he had come from.

"Dani....Dani!.." he shouted as loud as he could, he shouted into the darkness as his eyes opened, he shouted not realising that he was no longer in his dream, but back alone in his room. Her name echoed in his mouth as the reality sunk in and he ceased calling for her.


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No pictures with this one as it would be impossible to take any good ones for this update.


He could not do this anymore, he couldn’t keep waking up and wanting her. Feeling as if he had really left her somewhere and not just in a dream ready to go back to tomorrow. Maybe one day he just would not come back from the dream and would stay there with her forever.

The display on the clock read 7:45 am; he shouldn’t have woken up this early. He rolled onto his back and closed his eyes. The room he lay in was very dark, every possible the place sun would be able to get too had been covered to protect his skin from the burning rays while in his death sleep. The sleep that he should still be in.

The floor where his room was was also covered from any form of natural light to protect any hunter that would be walking around. He could hear the day staff that cleaned the home while he slept, but none of the hunters should be up and around and that included him, it was as if some part of him fought when he was in these dreams with Dani. Once in sleep he should stay there until the setting sun woke him.

He got out of his bed and went out into the corridor, an elderly woman looked at him startled, he nodded in acknowledgement to her, and she went back to what she was doing.

"Sir" said the elder woman as he reached the top of the stairs. "It is still light down there." The woman was nervous he could hear it in her voice and see it, but most of all he could smell her fear. His emotions were running high. The tips of his fangs started to extend. This should not be happening to him, he needed to get a hold of himself.

"Thank you." he said and turned away from her, he didn’t want to cause her any harm. He had to fight with all his might not to be a true hunter, he could hear the woman’s pulse against her skin, could visualise grabbing her and biting into it, letting the hot metallic liquid flow down his throat. He felt almost out of control.

He stood at the top of the stairs his hand leaning against the wall to steady himself. He could see the light shining through the window as the bottom, this was the first time he had seen any form of sunshine in nearly a hundred years. He took a step forward and down the first step. His mouth was almost watering with anticipation; he so much wanted to step out into the light, to have the sunstroke across his skin with its warm fingers. He could already feel his skin getting hotter, and he knew if he was to go any further he would be at risk of burning altogether, but the thought did not stop him wanting to. He closed his eyes and swallowed hard. What was happening to him? Every emotion felt intensified. Something was going on, he just didn’t know what, but he had a good idea who had caused it.

"Are you planning on killing yourself?" said the boss’s voice from behind him.

"I just want to see it, just once."

"Just once would be all that you would get."

He breathed in and then let it out before he spoke, he was shaking as his emotions ran through him. "Is it you fault I am awake?" he asked turning to face his boss. "Is it your fault I suddenly dream and have desire for light and other feelings that I cant control?"

"You have given me no choice; you will not do what you have to do, what is your purpose."

"Then kill me, but please do not do this to me, I have suffered enough."

"If I do not do this, you will make us all suffer."

He clutched harder onto the wall as if it was the only thing keeping him stood where he was. He wanted to hit this boss, to hit him so hard and hurt him for what he was doing, but this was his father and he couldn’t. "When I dream of her, I am not really dreaming am I?"

"In a way."

"In a way? What is that supposed to mean? You cannot fob me off with your crap. When I meet her, I am really meeting her aren’t I?"

"Like I said, you gave me no choice."

"And that gives you a right to control me? To force this upon me? I thought I had already made my position clear on this, I do not want to be part of her life, or death."

"If you are in her life she doesn’t have to die, you can protect her."

"Like I did before? I do not wish to see anyone else die, if I stay away she will never need to know what hunts her, she can live a free life."

"After all this time are you still so naive? Do you believe that Cowan won’t find her?" asked the boss. "Because he is looking, I have found her, so he can too and when he does he will make sure that both of you suffer. You must get to her before he does."

"Maybe if I do step into the light he won’t. If I am gone he will have no need for her."

"No, but he will kill the rest of the Nosferatu."

He stepped back up and faced his father. "Are you not master enough to hold him off?"

"Are you questioning my authority child, my power? You have seen what I can do, do not think that you have the right to stand up to me, you are my child, my creation and still mine to control."

"I can fix that." He said nodding in the direction of the stairs.

"Do not push me. If you die she dies, do you not understand that? Cowan wouldn’t have to kill her, you will do it for him. If either of your hearts stop you both die."

His world instantly crashed down, everything he had promised himself not to do fell down around him in one emotional disaster as the fear of what his father had done to him suddenly awoke.” What have you done?"

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fld youve outdone yourself
and you even used the name dani ^_^

Title: Final Life *New*
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It was the name you choose when i was writing Seeking :)

Title: Final Life *New*
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i feel so special^_^

Title: Final Life *New*
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This is such a great story!  Please continue writing!

Title: Final Life *New*
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She was waiting, just as she had said in the dream. Nine O Clock, upstairs in Decades. Her long hair hung down loosely around her face. She was dressed more for an evening stroll along the beach rather than a night in a club. She wore a short white dress that was dotted neatly with small red flowers, her platform cork sandals made her legs look even longer and made Dani appear to be a lot taller.

He lent against the post out of her sight just watching her. He could see she was feeling the gap from the part that was missing from her life, just the little things she did, the small bits of body language that showed something was missing, but lucky for her she was blissfully unaware. He wished he could be so lucky, he wished he didnt have to feel the emotions slam into him every waking night as they slowly devoured him from the inside, until he was just an empty space of nothing.

The hole in him, the missing piece of his life was sat directly in front of him. Delicately holding her drink, raising it to her slightly parted lips in an image that was so feminine. Her small finger daring to stretch away from the glass as she drank. It was so hard not for him to go over to her, he imagined the feel of her soft fingers touching his face as her mouth closed over his. The way she looked at him, as if she had loved him all her life.


He backed away, never taking his eyes of her, the loud thumping of the music crashing through his head and he fought himself to keep going backwards away from her. He would not be selfish and take her life just so she could have her. She deserved to live and she deserved to be happy.

He took one last look at her as he reached the top of the stairs. She checked her watch and looked around her, searching for him. He wanted to go to her and tell her he was there, but he couldn’t. He blinked away the pressure building up behind his eyes, turned and ran out of the club to his car. He was doing the right thing.


The house smelt of roses when he finally got home. The sweet scent greeted him as he stepped into the hallway. Vases of roses decorated the area, stood elegantly on tables and shelves.

“What are you doing? He asked as he marched into his fathers study. What strange and wonderful plans do you have going on now?”

“His father turned in his seat and smiled. Do you not think they brighten the place up? Give the house a little decoration?”

“It would never be that simple with you.”

He reached out to the vase on the side and plucked the single rose from its glass home. “What are you planning this time? What ever it is, believe me it is better that you stop it now.”

“Are you threatening me?” asked the boss as he stood up. “Everyday you are getting more daring. Do not push me boy, or you will give me no choice but to destroy you.”

He stepped up to his father, facing him so his eyes glared into his. “You would never destroy me. If you were going to you would have done so already.”

His father’s anger filled the room like a hot wave that would take down anything in its path. It swam over his skin and he had to breathe in deeper just to get air. The rose bit into the flesh of his palm as his father crushed his hand against the delicate flower. A red tear slid down his fathers face. “If you were not mine, I wouldn’t hesitate to end your life, but if you carry on pushing me I will have no choice. Why can you not do as is meant? You cannot run and hide from what is prophecy. It is written and it will be, neither you nor I can change that.”

He tried to pull back from his fathers grasp, blood dripped down onto the floor from his hand where the thorns had pierced his skin. “I will die trying.” He said.

 “Then you die a fool and take us all with you.”

“If that is how it must be.” He said and snatched his hand away. “The sun rises outside, not even sleep gives me solace anymore, but the days rays force my eyes to close, I just wish they would close forever.”


It took him a while to sleep, even though the sun was shining somewhere beyond the walls where it couldn’t touch him, he knew it was there, could feel it as if he was tuned in like a radio wave. Only the bricks and mortar around him to protect his delicate skin from the warm heaven that would devour him. He wished that somehow he could just step into the light and be gone, but if what his father said was true then he would curse Dani to the same excruciating death and he could not do that too her.

Death took him into sleep, dread washed over him as he knew she would be there waiting for him. He stopped at the corner, not wanting to walk around the corner and into her world. He didn’t want to cause her any more pain, but he could feel her, like a cord tied in his chest pulling him to where she stood waiting.

Her face lit up as he moved into view and she smiled sadly. “You did not come.” She said. “I waited for you.”

“I told you, only one would turn up, and as you dreamed it, it was you. How could I meet you if I do not dream the arrangements?”

“Can we please try again?”


“Please. When I am not dreaming I feel like I am still connected with you somehow. Its like I know if I dream it here then you will know too.”

He reached for her hands and rested his forehead against hers, both of them looking down to the ground. “Don’t do this Dani, please don’t cause yourself more pain.”

“Just one last time.” She begged. “If you don’t turn up then I will give up, but here with you seems so real, how can it just be a dream?”


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A tortured vampiric love story.  How romantic!  Beautiful writing, Flid.  You have a way with words, and this story is getting ever more interesting.

Title: Final Life *New*
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She had fought him into a corner and was leaving him little choice. He didn’t want to hurt her, far from it. He loved her, he always had and would, but this was going to be the only way to save her life and if that meant breaking her heart then that’s what he would have to do.

“Ok.” He said. “I’ll meet you, just this one time, but if I don’t get this message in real life then please promise me you wont try again?”

“Thank you.” She said as she relaxed against him. “I know what I feel and this feels so real. It will work.”

“I hope so.” He said and he didn’t mean the arranged meeting.

He closed his eyes and rested his head against her shoulder, her dark red hair sweeping over his face. He would enjoy this moment and remember it forever because he was quite sure after tomorrow she would never want to see him again and so much as it hurt him to be apart from her there was no other way to save her.


He awoke with the scent of her hair still lingering. The feel of her mouth against his as he had kissed her goodbye one final time. A deep sadness settled inside him and blocked out the natural hunger every night hunter feels.

He showered and dressed quickly. He wouldn’t need to dress up for what he was planning. He wore a simple black shirt and matching jeans.

His father and Sarah were already drinking breakfast.

“I’ll be in my office.” Said his father leaving the table.

“Avoiding me?” he asked. “Or hiding something?”

“I’m not going to fight with you any longer. You’ll do as you’re supposed to. I fear if I sit here with you I shall end up killing you.”

His father leaving him pleased him; it was Sarah he wanted to talk to. For nearly three hundred years she had been by his side, he just hoped now her loyalty to him would provable and she would go against the master’s wishes.


Dani was a flurry of excitement as she dressed. Again she wore just a simple outfit. She wasn’t going out clubbing, she was going to met the man she knew that she had some sort of connection too. She didnt know what it was, but she could feel it none the less. And it was real.

She slipped on her beige summer dress, the evenings were still warm, but even f they weren’t she was to excited to feel the cold. Amanda was at work, Dani was thankful of that. She had received a barrage of questions the first time she went to meet her mystery man, and she hated lying to Amanda, but she wouldn’t understand.

The man had scared Amanda; ever since she had learned what he was she had refused to leave the house at night unless it was for work or an emergency. She had even had extra locks fitted, not that that would prevent a hunter from entering, if they wanted in, then they got in and no amount of locks would stop them.

They had arranged to meet at Decades again, Dani loved it there and it was public, plus a hunter ran it, Dani had discovered so there was no problem with him getting in. It was one of the only spots where they could mingle with humans and not be questioned.

Dani was amazed, all this time she had thought that hunters were something that has been invented by those that run the city, a way to scare people into doing what they wanted. What had surprised her even more was that she wasn’t scared at all by it; in fact it made him even more special.

The doorbell rang just as Dani was closing the house down ready to go out.

“Miss Deacon?” asked the man in at her door, he was dressed in a blue ‘Petals Delivery’ suit.


“These are for you.” He said as he handed her a bunch of white roses. “The cards inside, plus this.” He held out a single red rose. Dani reached for it. One of the thorns caught on her bracelet as the delivery guy tried to hand her the flower at an awkward angle. Another thorn caught the skin of her knuckles and she yelped, dropping the rose.

“Damn thorns.” She said in annoyance as she put her knuckle to he mouth to stop it bleeding.

“I’m ever so sorry.” He said as he bent down to pick it up. “Oh, its snapped. I can get you another from the van if you like?”

“”No harm done really. I have these lovely ones.” Said Dani trying to get rid of him so that she could get out of the house. She smiled politely at him and eased the door shut, hopping that it wasn’t too rude.

She placed the flowers in a vase of water and pulled out the card. “No longer in dreams.” It read.

Her heart leapt. It was real. He was really going to be there, tonight. She placed the card on the table and raced out of the house, she could hardly wait for their meeting now.


Sarah pulled the car up around the corner from decades. “Making me drive in these boots is not amusing.”

“You could have worn trainers.”

“And you could get someone else to help you.”

He turned in his seat and faced her. “There is no one else I would trust.”

Sarah knew what he meant, through all their years together, though they had had a love hate relationship, they were always there for each other. Ever since that night…

“Are you sure this is what you want?” she asked. “Its not to late for me to go back.”

“This is how it has to be, he has left me no choice. I cant kill her, not again.”

“You might not you know.”

“Its to high a risk. This is how it has to be.”

He starred out of the window; he didn’t want to get out the car. This was almost as bad as killing her, but it needed to be done to save her life. Tough love they call it.

“Shall we?” Sarah asked as she opened her door.

He didn’t answer; he gave a weak smile and got out.


Decade’s was semi busy, but not crowded. Dani scanned the people around the room, but she couldn’t see him. Heading upstairs she kept her eyes on the crowd and the door just in case, she was early though so no need to worry. Yet.

He wasn’t upstairs either and although she knew it wasn’t time for them to meet, her heart still sank lightly at the prospect that he may not turn up, she kept the words from the card going over and over in her head as reassurance.

Nerves made her drink faster than she had planned. Leaving her seat she got up to go to the bar for another, and then she saw him, dressed in black. The sight of him made her stop and just stare. She couldn’t quite believe that he was here, that they hadn’t been just dreaming.

She took a deep breath and forced herself forwards towards him. Would it be like in the dreams? Would his feelings for her still be the same? She hoped so.

“Hi.” She said as she reached him. “The roses were lovely, thank you.”

He turned and looked at her, he was taller than she remembered from her dreams, and his skin was paler, but then that was probably because it was a dream.

“Sorry?” he said a look of confusion on his face.

“Its me, Dani.”

“Oh god, I’m so sorry. You’re the girl who helped me that night aren’t you?” he said as a tall woman walked over to him with two drinks. She handed one to him and then began to drink from the other glass. He placed his arm around her shoulder. “Sarah, this is Dani, the girl I told you about that found me that night. Dani, this is my wife Sarah.”

“How very nice to meet you.” She said as she moved from his grasp and held out her hand towards Dani.

Dani’s world crashed down, the music died in her ears along with her. He was married? What was going on? She stepped back from them, they were saying something, but she couldn’t hear them. Her heart beat banged in her head as her vision blurred with tears.

He looked away from her, it took all the fight in him not to grab hold of her and tell her the truth, he knew it would be hard hurting her, but watching her cry over him was almost killing him.

He wanted to take her in his arms and say he was sorry, that he didn’t mean it and it was all a lie, but it was better this way.


“I owe you one for that.” He said trying to sound as casual as possible as his heart tore at his chest. “I’m Jerry by the way.”

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Nooooo! That's not fair. Poor Dani. So glad you are writing another story though Flid.

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I love the hints of things to come!  Poor Dani.

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Aw. So sad... >.<
I'm so glad I found this again! I really missed you stories Flid.
Please update again soon!

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poor Dani!
glad that you're continuing the story :]

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Yeah I've been about out of it with my writing lately, but thanks to the Nano ( comp i got back into it all again :)

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Hurrah!  I just read your other stories and suddenly this one has much more meaning!  Still kinda disappointed that it seems the other family is actually going to live in peace for once.  ;)
Oh well, any story by flid is gonna be good.  It will also make me scream, I'm sure.  :D

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NOOOOOOOOOO i need more answers hehe getting so into this story its fab your an amazing writer and i love this story things are being hinted and i cant wait to see what the 'he killed her before' thing means i have an idea but....

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btw did jerry get a new skintone?

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Yeah he did, the old one was made when I was no good.

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we finally saw his face lol i was lyk hangon is that him but ive never seen him before it confused me cos of all the shots where he is just shown with his shoulders and stuff but there is the one shot with him and his dad i think but he looked different

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garr!  i just found this sotry and now going to search to find your others- its truly wonderful and im really gratfeul your keepign me occupied- as i have fogotten my keys.... *sigh*

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on the first page.Did you notice that the red shirt and jeans she was wearing is the same outfit that Vanessa was wearing in Seeking Deeply?

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Not to be a pest or anything...but could you pleeaaz update???  Sorry, I am just dying over here.  Maybe I'll just go to your site and see wats going on there...:]

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Yeah I will do asap. Been having a few problems with my game. The update is all written but since BV installed it just crashes. Installed the Bete driver for nvidia fingers crossed :)

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There are only pictures half way through this as my game decided it was going to crash.

She left them, she didn’t say a word, she just ran away and out of the club. The air outside was warm, but she was cold as she ran all the way back home, her heart breaking.

Amanda was home when Dani crashed through the front door.

“Dani, what’s happened?” asked her friend as she saw her. “Are you ok?”

“What…are you…doing home?” asked Dani through crying.

“Carol needed this afternoon off so we swapped shifts. What’s the matter?”

Amanda didn’t know what to do as Dani sank to the floor. She leant her back against the wall and hugged her knees to herself.

“Dani, please talk to me, tell me what’s happened.”

“He’s married.” She muttered.

“Married? Whose married.”


Amanda had no idea what Dani was talking about, she didn’t know a Jerry and she certainly didn’t know her friend had been dating someone, it wasn’t like Dani to keep a secret.

“The guy we found.”


Suddenly it sank in. Amanda reeled back as she realised who Dani was talking about. Although she was still wary about their hunter visitor she was beginning to relax again about it. It had been ages since he had been here, and she thought he was long forgotten.

“You’ve been dating a hunter? How could you be so stupid.”

“I haven’t and I’m not.” Dani yelled and cried back. “He’s married so you don’t need to worry about it. Ok?” she got up and ran up the stairs to her room.


The house was quiet when Jerry and Sarah arrived back, all except for the conversation coming from the main office. Jerry entered, not bothering to knock. Right then he didn’t care if he was killed or punished for his disrespectful entrance, in fact he hoped for it.

“Ah your there.” Said Aboas from his seat behind the desk.

“You always know where I am, don’t act so shocked.”

“Very true.” He said as he leant back in his chair and clasped his fingers together. “Something appears to be troubling you.”

“You are all the time.” Said Jerry his voice laced with anger.


Aboas looked past Jerry almost through him. “Sarah my child, you may enter.” He called. “At least one of my children has manners.”

Sarah entered the room, nothing scared her, normally, but Jerry could see the terror on her face as she met Aboas’ gaze he knew damn well what his master was doing.

“Stop it now.” Yelled Jerry as he smacked his fist against the desk.

“When are you going to give up Jerry? When will you realise that you can’t fight me?”

“And when are you going to realise that I do not want to be a part of this thing you are playing.”

“You wont get rid of her that easy Jerry. How long do you think she’ll believe the married story?”

Jerry ground his teeth as he felt himself boil inside. Right at that moment he wanted to run over to Aboas and drive a stake right through his chest. He wanted to make him go away and stop this. He did not want to be made to kill Dani.



Apart from eating and necessity, Dani hadn’t left the confines of her bedroom in nearly a week. Not since that night with Jerry. In her dreams she ran away from their meeting places. Hiding so that the dream version of him couldn’t find her.

She so wanted to confront him in her dreams, ask him why he never said, but she knew the answer to that one and also whatever he said would just be the subconscious answers she was looking for.

Amanda didn’t understand. How could she? How can anyone be in love with someone they had only met once in the flesh? And how could any human love a hunter? It was absurd, but it didn’t stop it being true.

The lids of her eyes began to drop as she fought to stay awake and watch the meaningless program on the television, anything but sleep. She stretched her eyes open wider, but it was no use fighting against them, they closed and she finally slept.


He was there; she could feel him, as always, his presence seemed to have an entity of its own that called to her, screaming for her to go to him. She backed away, hiding herself behind the wall of the imaginary house. The garden was so bright with colour, even in the dark. It was decorated with red and white roses, the scent of them filling her nostrils.

A slight snap sounded round her and seemed to echo as she looked down and saw the rose that she had broken, she bent down and lifted it from the ground, its stem was crushed, but the head of the rose still remained bright and alive. Cradling it in her hand she went to the front of the house and sat on the step, leaning her back against the door.

The delicate petals felt silky and smooth under her fingertips. The stem was wet where it had broken, she looked down at her fingers, they were red, the rose was bleeding.

The bitter memory of seeing Jerry with his wife tore through her and she clasped her hand shut around the bleeding flower. Its thorns dug into her palm in protest as the delicate bud fought for life.

“I never meant to hurt you.” Said Jerry. He was stood at the gate at the foot of the path, dressed in a grey jumper and pale jeans. It made his deep red hair seem brighter.

“You could have told me.” Said Dani. “Instead of leading me on and making me think that we had a chance at something good.”

“How could I tell you if this is your dream?”

She looked up at him, tears staining her fair skin. “Then how can you truly be sorry if this is my dream?”

Her words stabbed through his chest like a frozen sword. He’d come to apologise, to make it right and to just see her on last time to say goodbye, he didn’t mean to cause her more pain.

Jerry walked towards her, she stood. He reached out and to trace the bottom of her jaw with his fingers.

“Please don’t.” she said. “I don’t think I could cope if you touched me.”

She held the rose out to him and he took it, its petals crushed.

“Goodbye Jerry.” She said as she walked past him and out of the garden.

“Goodbye Dani.” Whispered Jerry as watched her leave.

“Wake up, wake up.” Dani repeated to herself with each step she took away from Jerry, the desperation in her voice getting louder. “Wake up.”

Her eyes sprang open. She was back in her room, awake and in the real world. Her heart was pounding and she could still feel the frustration gnawing at her insides from trying to wake herself up.

She rubbed at her eyes. Her hand felt warm and wet. She brought her palms up in front of her face. Smears of blood stained her skin. Something stuck out from one of the small wounds and she plucked it out. A thorn.

It wasn’t possible. She had managed to bring part of the bleeding rose back with her. Its blood, its thorn and the damage to her hand.

Almost throwing herself out of bed. Dani raced to the bathroom and ran her hand under the cold water to clear the blood. Two marks pierced her skin from where the thorns had bitten her when the rose was fighting for its life.

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Ooh!  Very cool!  I love the surrealism.  I'm really on the edge of my seat now - can't wait to see what happens next!

Title: Final Life *New*
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The dreams stopped after that. Dani had tried many times to get back into ‘their’ dream world, but she never managed it. The rose however had given her hope. Hope that they had someway connected. Hope that one day she would see him again.

It had been months since that night, and although she wasn’t over him, she managed to put that side of her life behind her. Today was going to be a new start. She had a new job. A new chapter in her life.

It wasn’t a spectacular job. She would be the assistant to some top community guy. Answering his phone, taking messages etc, but it got her out and into the real world. She would be working in his home, that was where he did his business from. She hadn’t met him yet; his former assistant had interviewed her.

Dani pulled her car up in the car park of the house. It was amazingly huge. Double garages and a car park stood to the left. Then a mass of gardens, fountains and stone lined the front. The house it self was large even without the grounds it stood on. She looked up, so many windows, so many rooms. She was sure that she would easily get lost in a place like this.

The double front door was white and shining, the knockers were gold as was the handle, Dani wouldn’t have been surprised to learn that they were real gold. She knocked lightly on the door and waited. It was an unusual time to be starting work. The letter telling her she had been successful in her application had stated that she came at 6pm.


“You must be Danielle Deacans?” said the man who answered the door. He was young, probably no more than thirty. His dark brown hair was brushed back and he had a typical out of the bottle tan. The white shirt he wore made it look a little orange. “I’m Lex.”

“Dani.” She said as she took his extended hand and shook it.

Lex stepped back and opened the door further so that she could enter. Dani almost gasped as she looked around the vast hall. It was like walking into a history museum, only without the protective glass. The hall was filled with memorabilia from the 21st Century.

Lex smiled watching her in utter awe. “This way.” Said Lex indicating the door off to the right.

Dani muttered and apology, her head still taking in her surroundings as she caught up with Lex.

“This is Mr Brennan’s office.” He said as they went through the room to another door. The room was large, spectacular in its own right. It wasn’t like the hallway. While the hall held history, this room was very much today. Everything was silver and polished. The desk appeared empty, all except the panel that had been left open. Obviously whoever had used the office last, had forgotten it when shutting down.


Lex shut the door again and the locks clicked automatically into place. “They are controlled by palm recognition.” He said. “Everyone’s palm prints are in the systems, you get assigned rights, your hand is your pass. Don’t worry I’ll print you later”

Dani looked down at her hand as if her palm was already scanned..

“This is yours.” He said distracting her. She followed him in back into the room they had just come from. “Its linked up to Mr Brennans office. When he calls you, you go.”

“Understood.” Replied Dani. Her office was basically a mirror image of Mr Brennans. Just a little smaller.

“You have two offices. This one here and one at the club. Wherever Mr Brennan is, that’s where you’ll be. Just remember to be listening so that you can be in the right place at the right time. He’s fired people for less.”

Dani surveyed her office and swallowed. It was such a big step for her. She knew she could do the job, but Mr Brennan sounded harsh.

“What ever you do, no matter who they are do not under any circumstances let anyone into his office if they don’t have an appointment they don’t get in.”

Dani nodded.

Lex showed her around the rest of the staff area and took her prints. He left her alone in her office. Mr Brennan started work whatever time he liked, but was always in by 11pm. Dani’s hours were 6pm until whatever time Mr Brennan let her go home, unless of course she was otherwise instructed. She got Monday to Wednesday off.

Dani sat herself at her desk and switched on her computer. Lex had kindly left an instruction booklet of what she needed to set herself up with in order to do her job. Email addresses, phone numbers and addresses. She was just over an hour into it when a man walked into her office. He wore a torn pair of faded blue jeans and an equally faded black t-shirt. His black hair was swept of his face. She smiled up at him.


“Can I help you?” she asked.

He stopped and looked her up and down, his expression saying that he was not happy with what he was seeing. “No, not really.” He said.


“Mr Brennan?” from the way Lex had spoken about him, Dani had expected some middle-aged man with a beer belly and a receding hairline. But this guy was far from that. He was well built his body slender and toned and he didn’t look a day over thirty.

“The door locks number six one nine on your pad, you can let me in now.”

“Of course.” Dani said. Next to her desk was a small number pad, next to her number pad was a larger book with a list of what codes did what. She pressed six one nine.

Mr Brennan didn’t bother to shut his door behind him. Dani couldn’t help but hear as he yelled for Lex through his phone. She cringed, hoping that she’d never get called that way.

Dani had no idea how he had done it, but Lex was through her office and in Mr Brennans faster than a heart beat.

“What is that?” she heard Brennan asked.

“Erm…She is Danielle. Your new assistant. Danielle Deacans. Sir.”


“Deacans.” He yelled. “Get in here. Now.”

She didn’t argue. What could she have possibly done wrong in the whole five minutes he had been in his office.

“Were you not told that under no circumstances you are to let no one in here if they don’t have an appointment?”

“Yes…I er…thought…”

“You thought what? That I was Mr Brennan?”

Oh crap she thought to herself. “I just assumed that…”

“You just assumed that I was Mr Brennan? Did your mother never teach you not to make assumptions?”

“My mother is dead.” Said Dani flatly.

“Well these things happen.” He said and sat back in the chair. Dani stepped forward as the man began to open the draws on the desk.


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Your sims are always so gorgeous and your storytelling skills are priceless. Awesome!

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wow can't wait for more now, brennan may be a jerk but he's

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wow.. this is really good, flid. i love this new story.. and the love between Dani and Jerry! but i'm squeezing my eyes shut when it comes to the sad parts, and clicking my heels together that it all ends up happy.

What can i say, i'm a sucker for happy endings. with a little torture along the way :devill:

so yeah, looking forward to the rest of this! it's really, really good. ah, it's good to be back!

oh yeah, i forgot to say that i'm really suspicious of brennan.... i'll be like your amateur detective =D

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your all assuming he is Brennan ;)

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okay... or someone related/aquaintanced with brennan ;)

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“Yes?” he said raising his eyebrows at her.

“I er…don’t think you should be going through the desk.”

“But its my desk.” He said. “Why can’t I go through my own desk?”

“You’re Mr Brennan?” she asked.

“Yes I am.”

Dani didn’t know if she should scream, shout or just walk over and hit him. Managed to hold herself back and not do any of them.


“You can have a weeks pay. Lex will see you to the door.” He said. Getting up from his seat.

“You’re giving me the sack?” she asked.

“Terminating your employment I think would be the correct term, but as you were only here an hour or so I wouldn’t really call it employment would you?”

“Terminating my employment?” she asked. “On what grounds?”

“Because you’re incompetent.”


“Are you going to repeat everything I say? If so this is going to be a long conversation and I am a very busy man.

“Do you know something? Sack me I don’t care. Your so god damn rude and its not like I need this job anyway. No one talks to me like that, so you can just stick this job up you’re….”


He started laughing; Dani was so close to hitting him she could hardly restrain herself.

“That’s better.” He said as he got up and walked round to her.


“Nicholas Brennan.” He said holding his hand out to her. “Though just call me Nick.”

She took his hand and shook it with caution, waiting for him to pull it away and tell her that she was gullible as well as everything else.

Nick sat back at his desk and ignored both Dani and Lex as f they had never been in the room. Dani stood and stared, her mouth gaping open in total disbelief at what had just happened. Lex grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the office.


“You’ve just been tested.”

“Pardon me?”

“Tested. He does that to everyone.”

“So you mean he isn’t obnoxious really?”

“I didn’t say he mislead you, I just said you’d been tested. And yes, he is that obnoxious.”

“Great.”  Replied Dani. “Do I still have a job?”

Lex laughed. “Yes you do, believe me you’d know it if he had fired you.”

“Well that fills me with joy, joy feelings.”


Lex left Dani too it. She sat back at her desk and tried to get her head around what had just happened. No matter how much she played it over in her head, she still couldn’t work it out.

“Deacans.” Nick bellowed from his office.


“It’s Dani.” She said as she rushed into his office.

“What is?”

“My name, its Dani.”

“Oh, how sweet.”

Dani glared at him. She hadn’t even worked for him, for an hour and already she was imagining slamming his hand in the desk draw.

 “Deacans.” He said emphasising her name on purpose. “Get me a car. We’re going to the club, you can drive cant you?”

“Of course I can drive.”

“Great, then get the car.”

Dani didn’t know how to reply to him. She didn’t even know which car he wanted, but she was damned if she was going to ask him. She’d just have to find Lex and get the information from him instead.


“Is there a problem Deacans?” asked Nick.

“No, should there be?”

“Well you’re still stood there.”

Dani opened her mouth to give him another verbal bashing; he sat back down and smiled, waiting for it. She clamped her mouth shut and smiled sweetly at him, she wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction.



Some women have no self respect. They had arrived at the club, and within less than a minute two women had already, quite obviously thrown themselves at Nick’s feet. They were in a hunter’s club. For every hunter, there appeared to be three women competing to be the ‘next’ meal.

Nick seemed to ignore every advance the women made though. He dismissed them as if they weren’t really there.

“Next time we come here.” Nick said completely ignoring the woman in front of him. “I suggest you dress a little more appropriately for the occasion.

“Well I’ll be sure to dress down to match you then, assuming you give me a little bit of notice like any decent employer would.” She replied.


Before she had chance to smile at her own wit, Nick laughed. It only added more fuel to her already overwhelming desire to hurt him. Not even Amanda could make her so mad, so quickly.


Nick stopped smiling as a man approached them, a hunter. He was tall, his height was almost dazzling. His skin and eyes were so pale. Dani stepped back instinctively towards Nick and he put his arm around her.


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oooh i love this story ~ but whats happened to jerry!

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he should be in the next update...dont worry he's about...I have plans ;)

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OMG!! yay update- hes such a head f* i am loving it! hes exactly the guys i fancy. yay to Dani for standing up to herself! shes really brave - i wouldnt do that.

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Man i lost track of this story for quite some time. Finally i caught up! - and dammit woman! Now you will have me waiting for an update - evil clifhangers of the good. ^_^

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The man in front of them stared intently at Dani, she shifted uneasily as the weight of his gaze pressed down on her.

“You shouldn’t be here,” said Nick. “You should be –“

“I had to come. I had to see for myself. I always thought that I believed, but now I realise that I didn’t. I was just kidding myself all along.”

“Langdon,” said Nick trying to get his attention, but it seemed pointless.

“How can you stand it Nick?”

Langdon moved closer to Dani, so close that she could feel the material of his shirt against her. He closed his eyes as if he was in some kind of trance.

“Back off.” Nick said, pulling Dani closer to him.


Nick lifted his other hand and placed it on her face, making her turn her head towards him. He kissed her cheek and whispered. “Run to the bar, tell the woman there that we need AB dawn.”

Dani went to step back, but Nick tightened his grip on her arm and he pulled her back. His hand was round the back of her head so fast that she didn’t notice him do it. He kissed her, almost bruising, she didn’t have time to react.

“What do you think you are doing?” she said as she pulled her mouth from his.

“Saving your life.” He said pulling her into a hug so that he could whisper again. “Take this key, let yourself into my office and lock the door behind you. Do not answer the door to anyone but me.”

Dani felt his hand in hers and she took the keys from him. He realised her just enough to kiss her once more before fully letting her go.


Dani did as he asked her too. There was only one female at the bar serving so she assumed this was the woman he meant. Probably would have helped if he had given her a name too use. Ah well, she could pick at him later for it. Right now she had to concentrate on getting to his office. Wherever that was.

She ordered the glass of blood. The woman seemed to know what Dani was talking about, so Dani just left the barmaid to take it too Nick herself.

The staff area wasn’t hard to find. Pretty typical of any nightclub. Door located right behind the main bar. Dani hesitated as she went to enter the working area, but no body seemed to bother that she was just letting herself behind the bar and then into the staff area. Surely they had know idea who she was.

Through the door was a corridor with two or three more doors leading off. Dani walked a little further down the corridor, before she heard someone coming the other way. She could hear and man and a woman talking. The door on her left said ‘Nick Brennan’ on the plate. She didn’t realise how nervous she was, but her hands were shaking as she fumbled with the keys trying to unlock the door.


She gasped as the couple turned the corner, just as the lock clicked open. Jerry’s eyes connected with hers, she opened the door, dashed in and locked it behind her again. Her heart was hammering, and her breath was coming fast as she tried to shake the vision of Jerry from her mind. She pressed her back against the door and tried to regain some control over herself as she heard him walk closer and stop right on the other side of the door. The urge to step out was almost overpowering.

He walked away and Dani let out a breath.



Langdon smiled as they both watched Dani rush way. “You lucky sod,” he said. “But seriously, how do you stand being so close to her?”

“Because it’s my job. Cowan wants her, he’ll come and get her when he is ready,” replied Nick. “But tell me Langdon, why are you here? Other than blowing my cover I can’t really see a purpose. “

“I just had to see her. I had to see it and understand for myself. Don’t you see Nick? Can you imagine it? Once the Nosferatu is gone?”


Nick stepped closer to him and lowered his voice. “You better keep a lid on that excitement or it wont just be Dani that I’ll end, it’ll be you too, brother or no brother, don’t mess this up, now run back to Cowan before he sends out the search party.”

Langdon stepped even closer to Nick, “forgive me Nicky, for I have sinned,” he said a smile spreading over his face in some sinister grin.

Nick stepped back, turned and walked away from his brother. They may have been flesh and blood, but sometimes Nick wished that he was doing this without him. He was sure that Langdon would eventually mess things up, somehow.



Jerry tried to ignore the clawing inside himself. The urge to go back to Brennan’s office and tell her everything was crap, and how much he missed her. He ached to just hold her again and have her safe in his arms, but no, it was much better this way. This way she could live a free life. It was just coincidence that she was here. He hoped, he was certainly going to find out.



The bang on the door almost made Dani yelp and she sank a little further into Nick’s chair in hope that whatever was on the other side of the door would back away.

“Deacans, it’s me. Open the door.”


“No, it’s the god damn tooth fairy. Open the door.”


In seconds Dani went from scared to mad. The nerve of him. She unlocked the door, but didn’t open it. He had two hands he could at least do that part himself. She was damned if she was going to.

Nick walked in and sat himself in the chair Dani had been using. She watched him as he loaded up his computer and went back to his normal ignoring of her.


“Are you going to tell me what that was all about?” she asked finally giving into the silence.

“Not really,” he said.

“Not really?”

“Oh please don’t start all that repeating me stuff, it gets really boring to hear my own side of the conversation back at me.”

“Well then give me some answers.”

“I did, just then. Were you not listening?”

“No you didn’t.” she said.


“Yes I did. You asked if I was going to tell you what it was all about. I said not really. See question and answer.” He said it in a tone as if he had been talking to a five year old and Dani was all but ready to kill him. He smiled at her, so innocently that all she could see in her mind was her hands around his throat throttling him.

“So as you won’t tell me what’s going on, then I’ll have to make my own mind up. You’re a rude looser whose only way to get a girl to kiss him is to make up some sorry ass line about being in danger and that the kiss was a cover to save her life.” Said Dani, pleased with herself.

“Deacons, if I wanted to kiss you. I’d just do it.”

“And who’s to say I’d kiss you back. I might smack you one straight in the mouth for even trying.”


Nick was up out of his seat and in front of her before she even had time to blink. She moved away, her back now pressed up to the wall next to the door. The only escape she had would be to dissolve through the bricks. Nick leant forward and kissed her. Pushing her head further back against the concrete. “See.” He said. “Told you that if I wanted to kiss you I could, and I didn’t feel you push me away either.”


There was a knock at the door and it opened before either of them had chance to react. Jerry stood there with no sign of his companion from before. “Should you not be working Brennan instead of entertaining women in the office?”

“Should you not be off disobeying your father instead of keeping an eye on me?” replied Nick.

“Being here is disobeying my father,” said Jerry, his eyes on Dani. Staring so hard that she wished she could back up further away.

“No, he wants you here. That’s why he told you too stay away.”


Jerry shot Nick a look, his eyes turned slightly red as they burned with anger towards Nick. “I’ll be watching you.” He said as he left, casting one last look at Dani, before closing the door behind him.

Dani remained glued to the wall as she studied Nick. His cool exterior had gone in an instant. Jerry had certainly changed Nick’s mood. She almost dared to comment on it, but she could feel that to do so would be foolish.

“Deacans. Go and get me a drink.” He snapped not even looking at her.


Jerry was talking to a woman when Dani went to the bar. She tried so hard not to look at him, but it was like and instant reaction and she couldn’t stop her eyes wondering in his direction. It was an effort to make herself look away and concentrate on the bottles of blood behind the bar.

She didn’t see as Jerry stared at her intently while she faced away from him. The woman in front of him continued their conversation, but now the words went over his head and he heard nothing.


Dani looked back and he looked away just before she caught him.

“Here you go.” Said the barmaid.

“Oh, how much?” asked Dani, her thoughts brought back to what she was supposed to be doing.

The barmaid laughed. “It’s for Nick.”


It took Dani a second to realise what the girl meant. She looked back to Jerry, but he was gone, as was the woman. She felt a pang of jealousy and disappointment as she stared at the empty space.


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Nick eventually let Dani finish around 4am. She didn’t realise just how tired she was until she sat down. Kicking her shoes off, she leant back into the sofa and let out a sigh. Her feet ached, her head was thumping and her back was so stiff she felt like she had been sat in one position forever. She was glad the house was quiet, Dani half expected Amanda to be sat waiting up for her.


The thought of Amanda soon made Dani sit up. Why wasn’t she sat up waiting? Why weren’t any of the lights on when she came home? No they were…weren’t they. Dani couldn’t remember if she had turned them on or not. It was rare Dani was out this late, but Amanda would not have had the house in darkness, even if she had gone to bed. Suddenly the quietness didn’t feel so good anymore, it felt heavy.

Dani laughed at herself. She was being stupid. Maybe Amanda’s cautiousness was finally getting to her, or maybe she was just too over tired. She leant back again and closed her eyes. “Gad damn it.” She said opening her eyes again a few seconds later. “I’ll just walk round the house. Everything’s fine.”


Kicking her shoes out the way, Dani opened the door and listened for any noises upstairs or anywhere else in the house, as she expected it was quiet. She went into the kitchen. Nothing looked out of place. The curtains were drawn, the washing up was done and the place was generally tidy, but something just felt…wrong.

Closing the kitchen door again she headed upstairs, the uneasy feeling pressing harder and harder against her, the closer she got to the top of the stairs. It wasn’t just quiet, it was silent. She opened the bathroom, nothing wrong there. The spare bedroom, as with the rest of the house just as it should be.


She stood outside her door, her hand on the door knob, she couldn’t force herself to turn it and open it, but she could certainly feel the cold feeling from her room. The feeling that when she opened the door she wasn’t going to like what she saw.

“Get a grip Dani.” She whispered to herself and something banged downstairs almost making her yell out as her heart gave an almighty thud against her ribs.

She opened her mouth and let out her breath as slowly as she could manage trying to calm herself. “Open it, open it.” She thought to herself cringing as she made her hand turn the doorknob and push the door open.


Nick pinched the top of his nose between his eyes and slouched back into his chair, trying to relieve some of the tension he had felt from the evening. He wasn’t normally so on edge. Damn Langdon for coming to the club, he knew the rules knew what the plans were. No doubt Cowan would be on his back once again as to why he couldn’t keep his brother under control.


As if on cue.

Nick didn’t even get chance to speak as he put the receiver to his ear, Cowan’s stern voice filled the air as Nick sat back and sighed.

“Can you not handle this Nick? Would you like me to pass the girl onto someone else? Someone more capable?” asked Cowan.

“I can handle it.”

“Maybe you can.” He said, “But can you handle your brother?”

“I can handle Langdon.”

“It doesn’t appear that way to me. Maybe I should just go and kill the girl myself tonight, get it over and done with. I mean she is ‘alone’ at the moment.” He said emphasizing the word alone so that Nick got the point.

Nick stood up. “I can handle this. And I can handle Langdon…”

“You better, or it won’t just be her life the Nosferatu will be morning.”

Nick slammed his phone down on the table almost hard enough to break it. If Cowan killed Dani himself then what could he do? Cowan would probably come after him and his brother, either that or Aboas would. Either way this would not be a good ending for him.


Dani had left a stack of invoices on his desk before she had left. He grabbed them, almost tearing them. He searched and searched through the filing cabinet, trying to find the right folder to drop them into, but for the life of him he just couldn’t do it. His head was else where. He leaned himself over the open draw, resting on the files.

The door opened and Jerry came in, his face not that of a happy man. Nick turned, but didn’t move from his resting spot.


“Well aren’t I the popular one tonight?” said Nick. He went back to his filing, finally managing to get the invoices into the right files, or at least he thought it was correct. Dani would probably tell him he was wrong tomorrow.

“Has she gone?” Jerry asked.

Nick pushed the draw shut with a click. “Yes.” He said.


“I dunno, fifteen minutes ago…more maybe?” replied Nick.

“Where has she gone?”

“Home probably. Why do you care?” asked Nick.

“I don’t.”
“Well it sure looks that way to me.” Said Nick. “You’ve done nothing but hover around here all night. Just because you blew it with her doesn’t…”

Jerry moved so quickly. He was older and faster than Nick and had him pinned up against the wall before either of them had time to blink. He opened his mouth to say something, but closed it again and they just stayed there staring each other out, until Jerry let go and let Nick stand back down on the floor.


Nick brushed his hands down the front of his T shirt smoothing out the creases from where Jerry had just held onto him. If his heart could beat it would be thumping against his chest in anger right now. But it couldn’t, and it didn’t. It was silent. He could hear Jerry’s though. He could hear the blood flowing round his body powered by the gentle thud, thud of his heart


Nicks eyes began to change, he felt his fangs pierce the flesh of his lip as they began to descend. The emotions coming from Jerry mixed in with the sound of blood flowing through his veins was so enticing. Aboas had been right.  


Nick closed his eyes and tried to concentrate on making his fangs retract. It had been so long since he had tasted real blood, so many years without the feel of his teeth breaking through the skin on warm living flesh, tasting the life that floated on the blood as he swallowed.

Jerry knew what Nick was thinking, knew what he was going through. It had been so long since he had had this effect on other hunters, vampires just like him. It was almost time, he knew it deep down, but he was going to go down fighting. He was going to save her, this time.

The look on Nick’s face as Jerry had left him, hadn’t been the look of anger or fear, but pure craving. Jerry hadn’t realised how hard it had hit him. He hadn’t seen that look since Bryan. Jerry hesitated at the path. He hadn’t been here in so long. He knew there was nothing but a bed full of empty shells. It pained him to see the markers. Headstones, so many of them, so many people he had loved and lost. All of them gone before him. He couldn’t add one more to the line it wasn’t right. She didn’t deserve to be put here.

He knelt. “Leigh Thompson”. The name fell from his mouth to a whisper. “Why? Why did you have to do it?” he asked the silent stone. He traced his fingers over the letters of her name.


“Because it’s what’s meant to be.” Said a voice behind him. “But you know that already.”

Jerry didn’t turn around, he knew the voice. He knew who stood behind him. Instead he looked down at the ground watching as he ran his hand through the dirt as if in some way that would help. A small delicate hand ran across the top of his back until she reached his hair. She stopped, walked round him and knelt, making him look at her.

“Otani.” He said.


Title: Final Life *New*
Post by: oddball011 on July 09, 2008, 12:42:06 pm
flid you rock!
this story is so suspenceful
i cant wait for the next chapter!

Title: Final Life *New*
Post by: Elven_Song on July 10, 2008, 01:58:15 pm
Awesome! I missed the update of the last few chapters but now I've finally caught up to say that you still got it, flid! =] Keep these chapters coming.
Aghh! the suspense! >.<

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