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Title: ... any tools ?
Post by: Ayame48 on July 19, 2007, 08:42:57 am

I'm desperatly looking for a tool that can scan all my HUGE ( more than 8 Go :smt107) downloads folder, and can tell me which download i never used in my game... cause i'm a hardcore downloader, and i allways find some download so good, so cute, so beautifull, in this site that i can't resist... but i have to confess don't using all of them...:oops:
...and my downloads folder gets bigger and bigger...

So i would like to know (...if it's possible) if this kind of tool exist and where  :pray:?

Thank you:icon_smi:

Title: ... any tools ?
Post by: MissDoh on July 19, 2007, 09:19:17 am
Delphy over at MTS2 made a wonderful download management tool, you can get it there:  Delphy's Download Organiser  (

As for something that will tell you if you never used an item or genetic in game that kind of program is not doable since weither you are using cc or not is not tag within the cc folder itself but in other files all over the game.

I am afraid you will have to check your download with either the Clean installer or manually in game and delete what you do not like.

Title: ... any tools ?
Post by: Ayame48 on July 21, 2007, 08:47:15 am
Hi MissDoh :angel:

As i was looking for this kind of tools, i already take these great one from Delphy, and tried all that tool propose... and, yes, it don't exactly do what i wish...:icon9:
... so, i'm affraid to be agree with you, i had to clean up my folder myself ( ...more than 8 Go...:bawl:...)

Nevermind (... i guess), thanks for the reply ;)

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