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Title: ~Policies~
Post by: franciele on September 03, 2007, 01:33:30 pm

By downloading and installing our meshes, textures, and skins into your game you agree to the following rules:

(*DO NOT modify anything that is ours without permision!

(*Please do not re-use or modify our textures, or parts of them, in any way as your own.

(*You are not allowed to reuse or modify our meshes, or parts of them, in any way.

(*Recolors of meshes are allowed, but please do not include the meshes with your recolors. Please link back to the mesh and outfit page for download!

(*You may not include any recolors or meshes when uploading full sims either.

(*Do not upload anything that is ours to either the Exchange to the Sims Resource!

(*If you have any questions not answered in this read me email us at or PM one of us here at the insim.

(*These meshes and outfits are to remain free!

We only ask you to follow these simple rules. These are things we make in our free time with no cost to you so please treat us with the respect we deserve.


Franciele and Oneblondmomma

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