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Title: Appleblossom Happy Home
Post by: aelflaed on October 08, 2007, 05:59:24 am
Appleblossom Happy Home has been built in response to a request for an Adoption Centre, by ShiningStarSim, on this thread:

Looking for a new addition to your family? Come to Appleblossom!

The Happy Home is currently run by a married couple, and has beds for four boys and four girls in separate dormitories. No hanky-panky here! Clients are guaranteed that all the youngsters have been raised in the strictest morals.

The pseudo-colonial building is fairly well-kept, but with all those kids around, the paintwork has taken a few knocks. Kids are hell on a garden, too, so there are a few bushes and trees, but not much else. No sign of the apple blossom.

Visitors will appreciate the cool flagstone verandahs surrounding the house, and the large reception area inside the main entry. Matron's office is to one side, and a music room (or extra office) occupies the other front corner. Archways at each side lead to the twin staircases, one for the boys and one for the girls. The halls have been used for dart games, so mind how you go. Behind the reception area is the kitchen and dining room, with access to the back verandah and the yard. Tucked in at the back corners are the downstairs bathrooms, segregated of course.

Upstairs, on each side of the building is a landing, opening onto the recreation room. Toys and books make this a pleasant space for the children to wind down in the evenings (naturally they are not permitted to dawdle in the reception room!). Locked doors from this room lead to a private hall, opening onto the dormitories, and to Matron's bed-sitting room, with ensuite. This arrangement allows the caretakers to maintain their private space, while having instant access the the rest of the building in case of disturbance.

The girl's and boys' dormitories are completely segregated, the only communication being via the public rooms or Matron's suite. Each side has its own bathroom and a separate balcony. There is also the shared balcony accessed from the rec room.

The education of the children is taken very seriously, with piano and painting lessons, and quiet study periods insisted upon. The upstairs landings are equipped with desks.

If you would like to select your new son or daughter from the finest the adoption world has to offer, come to Appleblossom!
(Government fees and charges apply.)

Notes for Players

Size 3 x 4
Price $79, 988
Sleeps 8 - 10 (eight single beds, one double bedroom).
5 bathrooms
Requires Uni

The house has not been playtested, so please report if something is broken.
It was built using Numenor's Basegame Starter Pro.

Appleblossom is designed as an orphanage, but would also do well as a dorm with minor changes. I have not allowed for orphaned infants in the furnishing, but cots and bathtubs could easily be installed.

The yard is not fenced (sorry, forgot that completely), so the kids might run amok in town - maybe you should fence the yard first thing. There is also plenty of yard-room and some nice rolling terrain for landscape artists to use.


Numenor's Basegame Starter Pro (

MaryLou's Independent Expressions windows and doors (

Nengi's  ( Bouganvillea

Holy Simoly Victorian Porch Railing (

Cokebuilder's Light Sandstone floor (

Parsimonious ( Oasis tile

Heartfelt thanks to all these creators, and to ShiningStarSim for requesting something I've been meaning to build for ages. The request got me inspired, and here it is.


Title: Appleblossom Happy Home
Post by: lewisb40 on October 08, 2007, 01:52:42 pm
Great job aelflaed. Those orphans have a nice home, and ShiningStarSims will have a great addition to her neighborhood. ;)

Title: Appleblossom Happy Home
Post by: kim on October 08, 2007, 02:16:06 pm
Nice Job

Title: Appleblossom Happy Home
Post by: bogies on October 09, 2007, 08:44:40 pm
Thank you!

Title: Re: Appleblossom Happy Home
Post by: SimmySue29 on March 01, 2010, 11:23:35 pm

Thank you.

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