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Title: Christine's Invisible
Post by: KatrinaandTiff on January 23, 2008, 09:52:03 pm
I know I write so many stories at once.But I have to start a new one.The others are boring an stupid because nobody reads them.:/
But I want to create my best story called Christine's Invisible
Christine's Invisible
 How can I live with myself?Veronica is only 8.She does not deserve what I have to put up with every day.I wish she could tell what really happened that night."Can I go to Miranda's birthday party this weekend?"I had no choice.If she was away from the house,happy,at Miranda's,then I could make everything straight in my life and not have to go with all that s***."Sure sweetie,but remember her gift."I gave her the gift she had to give Miranda."Oh thanks mummy!I hope she loves it!"I hugged her and went into the bathroom to wash up.I hadn't felt good in years.I felt trapped.No way around my crazy life.I had to do what I had to do and set it straight.No matter if I put my life in danger.My daughter deserves the better life."Hey mummy,uh,there is a guy at the door asking for you."I looked at the door from the bathroom.There was a boy with a wonderful face.I stared at his."Okay,go ahead and let the poor guy in okay?"She smiled at me and raced for the door.She was the sweetest."Hello!Your cute!"The guy picked her up."Hey Christine"I looked at him."Hey Eric."

I am going to have to say.That throughout the story,a few people will die.
I will try to take one snapshot for each chapter due to the problems with my com.But till then,I'll do it without pics.
*hint:a boy will die and something happens to Veronica.Ain't tell ya though.Hehe*

Title: Christine's Invisible
Post by: KatrinaandTiff on January 24, 2008, 04:14:18 pm
This will be much longer and I will edit it with pictures later.But,just to let ya know how long it was.

Christine's Invisible
 "Nice home"Eric looked around a bit as if to see something amazing pop out."Eric,I realize you have a job now,so why are you still here?"I was holding my washcloth washing my hands from all the water and soap."Oh,uh,about that.Well,"He scratched his head looking for something to say that would apparently not irritate me.He made a small smile but not that big."Well,once I left Hardick for my new job as a military officer,I began to think of you.And now I see you do still hate me.I am sorry for what happened that night."He set Veronica down and left the house never looking back at me.Veronica stared at me.I went to go sit by her."Hey princess,you alright?"She nodded."Alright,about we say we can go get some ice cream later huh?Does that sound sweet?"He jumped up and ran upstairs to put something nice on.
 "What kind of ice cream today miss?"I looked down at Veronica.I stared into her dazzling eyes."Hey Ice Cream princess,what does royalty demand for today?"She pointed to Cotton Candy Ice Cream."Okay,and for you miss Christine?""I'll have the normal Coffee Ice Cream."Veronica was jumping up and down.I knew she just loved ice cream and could not stand living without it."Come on.Lets go sit."Veronica was smiling while she ate her ice cream."Hey mummy,who is Eric?"I stared at her as if my daughter was going to threaten me to answer."Just a friend.Now eat your ice cream and we can go to Miranda's."She looked at me like I was crazy."But it is only Friday." I saw her cute confused face and it made me smile."Miranda called earlier and said the birthday was moved to 1:00.We have two hours.And you already look like a mess."I looked at her.She had ice scream all over herself."Come on,we can go shopping."She threw away anything else left and wiped her face and we left the store in the mall and headed to Limited Too."Hey mummy!I love that dress!"She was pointing to a light pink dress with flowers.I looked close at the glass and the tag read.$35.00."You sure?That thing costs a lot.."She put the puppy face on and looked at me."Alright...come on!"I motioned for her to get her butt in the store."Here it is!"She already had the dress in her size tried on."I'd have to admit it looks good on ya."She smiled.And then everything went black and I heard Veronica scream.But I could see nothing.That was maybe the last I would see my little girls face.I was crying,but I could see nothing.I could hear nothing.And all I could think of was what could happen next.

Title: Christine's Invisible
Post by: KatrinaandTiff on January 24, 2008, 09:36:46 pm
I have no choice but to take a break from all the stories to work on my toothache.My updates will be much slower and I won't be on as much.My tooth's fault,not mine.I have my top back tooth and my bottom back tooth right below the top one that is seriously hurting me.So,not another update for a while.Hope it can be up tomorrow then because my tooth is temporary.It will be good for 5 days and then hurt again.All I have to do is numb and sleep with a heat pad just for one night and it should be okay again for another week or less.
*Katrina,a girl with a toothache

Title: Christine's Invisible
Post by: oddball011 on January 27, 2008, 03:08:04 pm
i like this story but it would be better will the proper punctuation
and pics
i understand about your computer, but with pictures it would attract a lot more readers and spark interest among inSIM

Title: Christine's Invisible
Post by: KatrinaandTiff on January 27, 2008, 04:40:07 pm
the pics should be up soon.I just get lag in my game when I do it.So,pics are waiting in photobucket right now.

Title: Christine's Invisible
Post by: KatrinaandTiff on January 27, 2008, 04:57:35 pm
Christine's Invisible
 While I was in the darkness,all I could remember of was my past.I used to love to spend time with my father.
Everything just seemed right then.All things were in place.Nothing was wrong.It was as if nothing could have been better but spending time with family.My father worked at Game Brains.My mom loved spending time with me too.I remember when she would sit in her seat,always watching television.
Her favorite show was Moonlight and Ghost Whisperer.I always watched those shows with her.But after I went to college.My whole life changed.I got weird phone calls.None of my friends ever spoke to me let alone eat with me at lunch.But what changed my life the most was a phone call I had got.It was a doctor.Telling me my parents had died in a fire.I was not sent to a orphanage due to I was old enough and in college.Right after that,I ran outside and dug a hole.
I buried my family photos.My parents portraits.Their belongings.Everything.My life was over was all over my mind.
 "Mommy."Veronica was crying even more."Mommy,help me!"I grabbed my cell phone.Lucky enough they carried light.I walked towards her crying."It's okay princess,I'll be right there.Once I touched her hand.She was being dragged away."Mommy!"She was really sad now."I heard a door slam and the lights to the mall came on.I looked around but no sign of my girl.I cried.And I cried.I grabbed my cell phone again and dialed her cell phone's number.Somebody answered it."Listen,please give my little girl back!I am going to stop at nothing till I can hold her in my arms again."I listened and heard a cry."Mommy!"She was still crying.I got a male's voice reply."You have to do one thing for me."Then the phone went dead.I wanted Veronica back and I would stop at nothing.I called my friend to come pick me up because whoever took my daughter also took my car.Figures.

Title: Christine's Invisible
Post by: KatrinaandTiff on January 30, 2008, 09:07:59 pm
Well,I am going to introduce a new family every now and then.The Optan family.
Here is a short update to satisfy your mind.:)

Just down main street at Pleasantview Country House 1677.There were two kids.Of course they would be messing around.But we do not get to know them quite yet.Lets get back to Christine.

"I have to find out!"Christine was really mad at her friend Mikka."Chris,as a friend,I just wanted you to know..."She took a deep breather."Your insane."My own friend said that to me.As if I needed any more.
I finally got to my house.I was alone for what seemed like years.Until my phone rang.I answered it expecting something amazing to happen to my life."Hello Ms.Christine."It was the guy who seemed to have taken my daughter."You know those two kids?If you don't know,look out that window."I looked at my window.Two kids were playing tag.Once girl and one boy.Each with red hair."I want you to hurt them.If you don't hurt them,I have someone else that Icould hurt instead."I listened.Veronica was crying."Mommy!Help me please!""I do not want to hurt either of them."He spoke again."You got a choice Christine.Hurt the kids.Or I hurt yours.Don't be waiting for my call or it will just take longer for you to hear an answer."Then I heard the phone hang up.I didn't want to hurt either.But what choice should I take?

Hey!I want to know what you think she should do.Should she hurt those two kids,or have the man hurt her daughter.I want to know your best answer!It will really help me out!You can do your part in the story by suggesting what happens or even just replying.Before ahead of all the questions.The two kids on top,I can not quite remember the names.The family is actually quite new and just decided to add a twist to my story.I have it all ready.But I wanted to add them in so the world can see my cute children.Hope to hear some feedback!And thanks for those who enjoy the story.You'll all hear from me soon.But till then I am going to have to take a break.My tooth is finally out but no sugar.(Darn the dentists!)That means no pop,no juice,no anything sugary.I have to have disgusting sugar-free kool-aid which tastes absolutely terrible for those who want to try it.Yuck!Later guys!

Title: Christine's Invisible
Post by: KatrinaandTiff on February 16, 2008, 03:35:42 pm
Well,no replies in about 2 weeks.So that means nobody cares.Might as well end it.

Title: Christine's Invisible
Post by: KatrinaandTiff on February 16, 2008, 03:43:51 pm
I ran to my car as fast as I could.I had to mess with the keys since they were tangled.I finally got them in and started the car.As I drove,I lost control.My head started to hurt and my vision went blurry.I looked back and saw my daughter playing with her dolls in the car seat.I thought I heard her say,"Mommy,watch out."I smiled.Then I heard a crash.Everything went black.
  "She should be alright sir."It was an unfamiliar voice.I heard a machine and I opened my eyes.I was in a hospital bed.I looked around.There was a guy standing next to me.It was Eric."Hey felling alright?"I nodded.My throat hurt so bad.I couldn't move my arms or legs.I looked around.There were two kids in the hospital room.They too were in a hospital bed."What happened to them?"I looked at Eric expecting him to answer me."You hit those kids.They were playing tag when you crashed into them."I looked at him."Are they okay?"He looked scared."They don't know.But they think they might not survive."I recognized the kids.Red hair.Children.Those were the two kids.Thekids.Uh oh.I really did it.I might have cost them their lives.

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