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Title: German WW2 uniforms
Post by: kokozas on January 24, 2008, 05:01:38 am
I've recolored a bunch of German soldier/nco uniforms of the Nazi era. The work on the first set is 95% finished, and quality is pretty good. As there weren't perfect meshes for the job I used Maxis soldiers uniform and had to make some compromises with realism but they look realistic enough. I'm not a Nazi or anything like that, au contraire, I just created them to give my villaineous populace some variety and to study the uniforms for another project of mine.

There are few Wehrmacht, Afrika Korps and Waffen-SS soldier- and NCO-uniforms including a cool SS-camoflage lieutenant's version. In the near future I probably will continue to create higher ranking officers.

I've been leeching a lot mainly here and in mts2 so it's about time I start contributing but I thought I ask if it's ok first because of the Nazi era symbols including swastikas and ss-standards. Should I change them first to non-existant imagined symbols, like some runic-styled Simstaffel thingies and simoleon/swastika-mix - what do you fine people here at the insimenator think?



Title: German WW2 uniforms
Post by: Stelio Kontos on January 24, 2008, 08:00:18 pm
My suggestion:
Offer 2 versions of the uniforms. One can be historically accurate, and the other version can have the swastikas edited.

Title: German WW2 uniforms
Post by: kokozas on January 25, 2008, 05:07:10 am
Yeah, I think I'll upload the "Simreich" version first, and see if there's demand for the accurate versions. I don't even know if there's demand for uniforms at all.

Title: German WW2 uniforms
Post by: CynaraBlade on January 26, 2008, 05:44:49 pm
Ah yes...that would be very useful for storytelling purposes indeed!

Title: German WW2 uniforms
Post by: Lord_Morgan on January 28, 2008, 03:23:52 pm
Well one thing's for sure: the germans had the best looking uniforms during ww2. Many would agree that their uniforms were very diverse and unique in design. I've been comparing many military uniforms and i personally believe that the whole range of ww2 german uniforms is very interesting, be it a Wermacht or SS-Allemagne uniform. I would like to see these creations in sims 2, although you have to offer a hat (whether a new hair style or accessory) with every uniform otherwise your project would be incomplete.
As for the swastikas, they're illegal in Germany and Austria, and anything that represents the Third Reich for that matter, so instead of placing the swastika and the imperial eagle, why not place the Iron Cross in their place? It's historically correct, the Germans wore them during ww1, it doesn't offend them or anyone else. Many pc-games practice this when they're up for sale in the German markets, so i think making the uniforms like that wouldn't be a bad idea right?

Title: German WW2 uniforms
Post by: kokozas on January 28, 2008, 04:17:37 pm
I knew swastikas and runic ss were banned, but I didn't know that about the eagle. I was planning to use the "simoleon symbol" or Charles Chaplin-like "double X" instead of swastika and ss. Many people hate to see nazi symbols even if they are legal in their country, so I'll create two sets like SecretAgentZero suggested. Naturally from a distance it's hard to spot any small details in uniforms, but I tried to make insignia sharp so it will look realistic&better when you zoom close. I'll try to post them here before sunday.

Btw, do you know why the Germans had best looking uniforms?

Hugo Boss designed the famous SS-uniforms. Christian Dior designed dresses for the wives of the Nazi leaders. Coco Chanel had an affair with a Nazi officer or official. Gerda Christian, one of the Hitler's private secretaries worked for Elisabeth Arden prior Adolf. All is connected, you see... :evil3:

Title: German WW2 uniforms
Post by: CuriousSimmer on July 18, 2008, 09:45:25 pm

Title: German WW2 uniforms
Post by: spiderviveka on July 18, 2008, 11:18:00 pm
My great grandfather and grandfather were both soldiers in the German army during WWII. They wore the Swastika, but they were hardly Nazis. Just men trying too support themselves and their family. My great grandfather froze to death in Russia and my grandmother still has his sword and dress uniform.

There were many vilanous people involved with the German military, but a lot of them were just average, working class citizens. In fact, ironically enough, my (biological) grandfather's family were gypsies, many of them were killed in Auswitz.

Anyway, thanks for making these uniforms. I would love to see them. Could you possibly make regular army (non-SS) uniforms from world war two? I would love to make a sim-story about some of the soldiers who inadvertently got caught up in the whole thing.

Title: German WW2 uniforms
Post by: schuybird on August 24, 2008, 02:06:07 pm
I'd really like to know where to download these, too!

Title: German WW2 uniforms
Post by: litha on October 13, 2008, 06:56:04 pm
Good ideas, they are brilliant!

Title: German WW2 uniforms
Post by: heartless on October 14, 2008, 12:45:59 am
oh, this is wonderful! i have a strange fascination with vintage army uniforms...
as for the swastikas, yeah, a different symbol would be fine. you know what's funny? a long time ago i saw on tv this show that showed all these barns that had swastikas on them. apparently it was supposedly to be a good luck symbol or something before the nazis stole it. interesting, huh? kind of like how some people claim that peace symbols are evil now cuz' some satanists use it. :( that makes me sad cuz' peace symbols are hella cool.

Title: Re: German WW2 uniforms
Post by: yalayna on January 02, 2009, 05:51:13 pm
The German uniforms with the Nazi insignia/swastikas sound fine to me, of course offer versions with differant symbols as to not offend anyone. But I know that my husband has been looking for this sort of thing for awhile because he wants to make a sim story based on his book Nocturnia-which is a vampire novel with modern day nazis in it.

Title: Re: German WW2 uniforms
Post by: LibraryGuy on January 07, 2009, 11:36:53 am
I vote for the two versions. I'd love a copy, but the whole swastika thing makes me queasy. And I can see where it would be really offensive to others.
Besides, I try to keep my Simmies "otherworldly-" using only Simlish posters and signs if I can help it, stuff like that. So the uniforms without the swastikas (the Iron Cross idea is pretty swell, as is the Chaplin insignia) would be great. I mean, here's our opportunity to do WWII German zombies!
Now, if someone would do a Sgt. Rock and Easy Co. set of uniforms...

Title: Re: German WW2 uniforms
Post by: zampa on July 15, 2009, 05:44:57 pm
Where can we download these uniforms does anyone have a link or something?

Title: Re: German WW2 uniforms
Post by: ekimsal on August 03, 2009, 02:59:36 pm
Actually the swastika was an ancient sun and luck symbol, the Nazis just reversed the direction and rotated it 45 degrees. It was found all over the world; Native Americans used them in artwork, Tsarina Alexandra had drawn one on the wall of Impatiev House in Ekaterinburg, and it is still used in Buddhist and Hindu religious art

Title: Re: German WW2 uniforms
Post by: Paden on August 03, 2009, 10:17:33 pm
Yes, but it has been perverted so badly by the Nazi party that the original meaning has been lost and people can't see past what it was made into to find the beginnings of it. It went from being a symbol of hope to being one of hatred and despair.

Title: Re: German WW2 uniforms
Post by: legionoxo on October 01, 2011, 06:41:33 pm
Okay, this whole WW2 uniforms has been a topic for years. The uniforms are not a problem. I've made the black SS uniform, with and without the armband and accessorized with the black cap and black trenchcoat. They look pretty good in game. I used uniforms,caps and coat made by others and just recolored some. There are drivable tanks around too. BUT try to get the helmets and firearms. Nothing out there in virtual land. I would make'm myself if  I had the requisite skills and talent. No I've not uploaded anywhere. Thought about it but jumping through the hoops some places require deters me. I've no problem sharing with anyone who wants'em. Just ask.

Title: Re: German WW2 uniforms
Post by: Theraven on October 01, 2011, 07:13:55 pm
legionoxo, could you please lay off old topics (as in more than a few months old)? You can show off the items in a picture topic if you feel like, and perhaps share them. But leave the zombie topics to rot, m'kay. Resurrecting the old ones isn't very popular, especially if you keep doing it all the time.

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