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Title: Effect Stop/Start [Simantics Primitive]
Post by: Eric on August 21, 2005, 09:42:16 am
These are my notes on how the Effect Stop/Start primitive is used.    This is by no means a set of complete instructions for this primitive, but a work in progress.  

Primitive: Effects Stop/Start (0x0070)
Text List: 0x0000008F - Effect names
Text List: 0x00000090 - Model Bones

ex. #1

• Operand 0 starts or stops the effect - setting this operand to 0 starts the effect, 2 runs a looping effect through a single loop and stops, and 3 stops the effect immediately.
• Operand 1 and Operand 2 are used for the target sim/object that the effect is assigned to.
• Operand 5 is the Effect string ID to be called in Text List 8F.
• Operand 7 is the Model Bone string ID in Text List 90 that the effect is attached to.

Note: An object has to have Model Bones or you can't attach an effect to it.

To download a basic example of applying effects to a sim ---> Sim Effects (

Feel free to offer your input and/or correct errors on my part.

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