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Title: Forever Starts Today Chapter 12 & What the... Pictures!
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The year is 1985, 15 year-old Lilith Gross rides the roller coaster of life through her teen pregnancy, birth, and death of her child while guided by her idol Bob Dylan.
This story is 100% true. All facts and people* are real.
want more? See below! Post #8!

*names have been changed

Title: Forever starts today-Chapter 11
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the pics dont show up, good story tho

Title: Forever starts today-Chapter 11
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thanks! I like your story too... i'll see what i can do about the pictures

it took forever but the pict's are up!!!

Title: Forever starts today-Chapter 11
Post by: Astral Faery on March 08, 2008, 01:07:45 pm
This is pretty good!  Off to a nice strong start and I'm interested in learning more.

Congratualtions on your own little bundle!

Title: Forever starts today-Chapter 11
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Great story! Can't wait to read more!

Title: Plot change.....
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There is a huge block on me. Yes the dreaded writes block. As my sims are going haywire, &%*&$$ Maxis I will write from now on (on this story only) basicly my Life from my diary enteries. The charchter of me will be played by Lilith. Thanks and here is Forever Starts Today New and Improved exuse the language, It's my dark day.

A light? A bright light? Who are you stranger and why are you in scrubs? “Push?” You tell me. Push what? Ow! What is that pain? Yes! I can hear you! What? Me? A baby? No, no, miss scrubs, I’m a good girl! I’m not pregnant! Teen pregnancy is for sinners! So I’ve made a few bad choices, miss scrubs! But I’m a good girl! Ow! The pain! It’s unbearable! Why does it hurt so? Miss Scrubs you’ve got it all wrong. Mia Lynton is the school slut! Look at her! A mini skirt and a tube top! She’s the one who should be here! No Me! I am a good girl! I have good grades. I’m on the debate team! I’m the Junior Classics League President! I AM A GOOD GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!
Ow! It’s over…..Wait? What do you mean he’s not breathing? No! Don’t take him from me! DYLAN! Please I’ll be a good mom. I’m a good girl. The light. It’s fading. My eyes. Their tired. Maybe I’ll just close them. Only for a minute.

                             Dylan Gross
          10:31 am June 24 1986-June 26 1986 1:00 am

("nothing we could do")

Funneral Day

What am I? I am a thing; I have feelings that hurt easily. What am I? I am a thing, I want no pain. What am I? I am a thing who feels dead. What am I? I am, I am. I am me. I am a thing who cries. I am a thing who lies. What good am I am now?  I have failed the thing that grew from me. Oh, how they laughed. Poor girl. They say. Easy. They say. Slut, baggage, used goods, been around the block… Oh they think I can’t hear! Friends lost. Is my touch going to get you pregnant? Can you not console your once friend who has lost her only child? Can you not send her a letter that says ‘thoughts are with you’? He is gone. My stomach, it looks like it was never a home. He deserves better than that tiny funeral. The Rev. Kelly wouldn’t look me in the eye. Only a few feet away from me, sits the boy who I hate. He tries to act sad. But I see through it. I stare him down. He is the trash, the slut, the baggage,  the used goods. He winked at me. After  the tiny coffin I laid into the ground. He walks over. He tries to make small talk. But he knows he has a victory. He’s slept with half the girls in school. He thinks “god” watches over him. That the one who got pregnant, was punished. A life created only to die within hours of birth. He asks if I want to go back to his place. He and the guys are having a party… for a friend… not for… what was his name? DYLAN! The greenest eyes, the softest skin, and tiny wisps of brown hair. DYLAN! He acts so cocky. Like nothing ever happen! I prayed for light to shrike him down, oh heaven father help me seek my revenge! Nothing. A flower from the cherry tree floats on down to his head. Well, If I wasn’t a sinner then. Throwing a bible at him made me one. It breaks and papers fly into summer breeze. Stone silence. I march off heels getting caught in the deep grass of the old grave yard with what dignity  I have left.


Title: Forever starts today-Chapter 11
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Whoa.  This is deep.  And full of many strong emotions.  Very well done!

Title: Forever starts today-Chapter 11
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thanks. That really for my diary. here's a second one. I'm going in order now.

Chapter 2 N&I

As I looked at these rich snobs I felt a little sorry for them but worse for me. They had money, Power, and a great family life. Lena and Luna. Who names their twins that? They finished each other’s sentences. Have identical cars with licenses plates Twin1 and Twin2. Barf. The reason I feel sorry for me, is I’m playing at their seventeenth birthday party. The year is 1985 and I’m fifteen. It’s a lame party. They screaming and giggling. They’ve just open a present from their grandfather. Inside is a check for 10 grand for each of them. I look at Monica. She laughs. We’re their band. Me, Monica, David, Leo and when she feels like gracing us with her presence Carrie. Tonight Carrie is here. Carrie is their cousin. That’s how we got this gig. Carrie, who I still think is sometimes a rich snob, looks at me. It’s the “Don’t screw this up!” look. I usually book the gigs. But Carrie begged and pleaded, and of course made out with Leo. Leo then took her side. Once Leo took her side, Monica, who loves Leo, took Carrie’s side and me and David were out voted. This always happens whenever Carrie wants something. Carrie is not a fan of the stuff we usually play so she skips. But tonight, is her night. I pick up me electric guitar, which she made me peel the stickers off, and start the god awful song “Wake me up, before you go-go.” As we play the twins squeal and grab there ugly boyfriends and start to dance. David hits the drums, Leo strums the bass, Monica plays the keyboard, and Carrie sings. I’m usually the lead female, but it’s “her” night. But just in case there’s a microphone in front of me. This crowd is making me sick. They dance like its 1950 or something. All the sudden Carrie stops singing. I think “Dear god.” And take over. Carrie’s bright red, and grabs the tambourine. It’s the lamest of all instruments, we don’t need it. She doesn’t even know how to play it, she just randomly joins in. She’s only in this band because she’s doing Leo. Leo is somewhat the head of the group, only because his mom let’s us use their garage for practice.



   The party is ending, thank god! People are leaving. We start to pack up when Carrie gets mad. “Why are you guys packing?” She yells in her annoying nasally voice. She sent the summer with her other cousins in the California valley, and now insists on talking like a valley girl. Of course she’s yelling at me. I’m the youngest in the group, but I’m the glue that holds it together. David tells me I can defuse any situation. He thinks I should be a psychologist. I think it’s funny when he says that. I can’t defuse my screwed up family, why would I try anyone else’s? They all turn to me, and give the “Please stop her psychotic rage.” Once Carrie went crazy on Monica, broke her nose just because Leo said that she was looking hot. “It’s midnight Cinderella; our fairy godmothers are going to angry that we stayed out so late. Plus, we only get paid till 11, which was an hour ago.” Just then Mr. Snobs comes over and says “feel free to eat the leftovers.”


And we all change our minds. So we sit on the ground at the rec center which they’ve rented out, and get drunk. I wasted out of my mind say to David “You know your not bad looking for a guy.” He’s not so secretly loved me since kindergarten. He was the first one I told I was gay. But that didn’t stop him. Angie, my sisters’ mother and dad’s and live in girlfriend thinks I should go for it no matter how many times I explain gay. Anyway, David who’s almost as wasted as me says “You’re smoking hot. If I could, I do you right now.” Everyone laughs. Jokingly I reply “Go head stud, I think I can handle the man whore.” He starts moving closer and we kiss. Monica throws a nacho at my head and says “Get a room!” So we do. And we had sex.
   The next morning I wake up in a broom closet with my pants unzipped and in just my bra. I’m also in David’s arms. I start to move away. He only holds me tighter. I say “Dude, let go.” He replies “just another minute.” “Seriously man, I need to get home.” He smiles and lets go. “Need a ride?” he asks. As we walk out of the closet. “Yeah.” I say. The place is empty. “I think you need one too.” We took his VW to get here, and now it’s gone. I pick my guitar. His drums are missing. In the strings there’s a note. “Lilith + David, We took the BandMoblie home. His drums are in it. Left Lil’s guitar cause you’d kill us. Have fun with your dad Lil!” They only mention my dad because David’s parents don’t care. He does this all the time. David insists on walking me home. I’m pretty mad at him so I decline. But we live next door to each other. So we walk on different sides of the street in silence.

Title: It only took a year but here's the pics
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David’s House is first. He pauses like he wants to say something, But I rush into my house. David’s dad is a Reverend. His mom’s a nurse at our high school. Their most happy when David’s happy. They don’t know that I’m gay. I’m sure of that because they like me and are always letting me crash their after a fight with Angie or Dad. Angie is my sister’s mother. She’s always talking about how she and my dad are going to get married one day. This makes me laugh. The tricky she-devil only lives with us and had Meg because she “accidentally” didn’t tell my dad she was pregnant before the abortion cut-off. Every time I feel like I’m going to be stuck with her for forever dad says “I love her dearly.” Which in the Professor Mitch dictionary means “it’s over and she won’t leave”, of course Angie, with IQ of 60 thinks that he means “I be with you forever.” Whenever their having “problems” Angie feels the need to talk to me about it, Of course I want to hear about my father’s sex life! My mother? Lord only knows where she is. My father and her where together when she was in college, she was one of his students, they dated, she got pregnant, he did which he tells me was a mistake, the right thing and stay with her. She gave birth, and disappeared a few days later when she went to get “diapers”. Sometimes she writes me and asks for a recent picture. I’ll send one but half the time it comes back with the change of address stamp. He says her name is Mimi. Mimi what? He has no idea! We moved next door to David and his family when I was four and he was six. His mom basically became my mom. They have a spare bedroom that they say when people ask whose it is, is mine, after David’s brother, Harry, moved out when he went to college. Harry was cool. He was like my big brother. David’s always been my best friend. He was super excited when I was “asked not to come back” to my boarding school that my dad’s girlfriend at the time Sarah Lynn, sent me to. That meant I would go to his high school the next year. It’s October of my freshman year, and David’s junior year. He and Leo have been best friends since ninth grade. Monica’s in her sophomore year and a mutual friend of both of ours. One night over the summer we formed the band. The tambourine has no official player. We assign it to whom ever Leo or David is dating at the time. The “BandMoblie” is David’s. He, me, and Leo sent school breaks fixing up that thing. But its David’s because he paid for it and it’s up keep, Leo for gas, I got the short end of the stick, food. It’s like 1960 something VW bus with a cooler in it which I have to fill with food. They eat like pigs!
I enter the house and make a dash for the stairs. Their old and they squeak as you step on the fifth, eighth and second step. Angie hears me. Angie looks like she 50 even though she like 30 something. “Wheres ya been?” I’m at the top I turn and mockingly, of course, I say “Nos where!” She calls for dad. But I’m faster than that. I quickly switch outfits to my pajamas and mess up my hair. And climb in bed. He’s slowly coming up the stairs. Squeak! Pause. Squeak! Pause. Squeak! He’s drunk. I can tell by the fact that he’s pausing on the steps. He bursts open the door.


 “Lilith! Are you just….” I have my plan laid out. “Jeez, Dad! It’s like 8 on a Sunday! What’s the matter?” He looks confused. Although I don’t like when he’s drunk its fun to play games with him when he is. “Uh… Rev. Kelly called; he wants to know if you want to come to church with them.” I shrug. I jokingly tell dad “I guess they can make me confess to some sort of sin.” Dad gives me what if he weren’t drunk a pat on the head, instead it’s a noggie. I get on my “Sunday best.” And brush my hair into a bun. Dad gives me a bag of coffee that he swiped for work to bring to them. Angie is still trying to convince dad that I just came in.


   I knock on their perfect door. Their house is so well up kept that it makes our look stupid. Rev. Kelly answer. He looks surprised. “Hey Lil! Oh good!” He notices the coffee. “We need some, you know the Mrs.” I laugh. He stays next to me for a while. “Is everything alright Reverend?” “It’s just… David said he was with you, and…” “Yes he was with me. We were looking for Leo. He got in to some trouble and ran off with the BandMoblie.” This cools him down. “Oh. Good. Can you make the coffee?  I need to get ready.” I nod and head for the kitchen. David’s asleep at the table. He’s drooling. It makes me wonder if he drooled on me. I turn on the coffee grinner and he shoots up and screams like a little kid.


“Morning Sunshine!” I say. “Lil? You’re here? Now?” “Don’t worry, I’ve got it all worked out! You and me were trying to find Leo all night after he ran off with the BandMoblie. He got into some trouble no need to specify let the mind do it’s work.” He looks hung-over. I pull some make-up out of my bag and apply it to his under eyes. He was kicking and putting up a big fight. He looked okay. The coffee beeped. “Want some?” He drinks it. “How come you’re not hung-over?” He asks me. “I don’t know. Maybe I slept all night. By the way, later let’s talk.”
We go church. Monica is there. Which for her, is like seeing a whale on desk at school out of place. I rush to her. We head to the nursery where I work. She tells me all about how Carrie really didn’t want to wake us up and she wanted to leave. Monica said she wanted to stay and wake us up, But she was out voted. I told her the excuse that me and David were using and she said she would us it too someday. We just talked all the time. She helped with the kids. Soon church was over. And she gave me a ride home. We stopped for donuts at where Rachel, another friend works. We talked her into free donuts and a soda. Something bothered me though. The guys behind the counter were laughing and smirking and quietly gossiping. I thought I was because I was wear a dress and wearing a big sticker that said “HELLO MY NAME IS Lilith.” Little did I know how wrong I was.

Title: Maxis can kiss my @$$
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My sims game is having some trouble. I can not get to to not crash. I will post whatever pictues I can take, This will take time. I am sorry.
But here is a new chapter.

“Good Morning Bloomington! It’s going to another wonderful rainy day!” My radio alarm tells me. It’s Monday. I like Mondays. I think I can always start the week off right. Tuesdays are when reality comes crashing down on me. It’s pouring. I look through my window trying to see if David’s up. His room is still dark. I get dress and go downstairs. Dad’s asleep on the couch mumbling. I check on Meg. Meg’s just baby, a year old. I feel sorry for her. Dad didn’t and doesn’t want her. And Angie is just using her as an excuse to live here. She’s starving and has a dirty diaper. I don’t know what would happen to her if I wasn’t here. Kind of makes me wonder about when I was a baby. Who took care of me? Angie is asleep in the bathtub. She’s full clothed and dry. Why don’t they ever sleep in their bed? I grab a soda and I’m out the door. The BandMobile is gone. “What the hell?” I say. I knock on their door and the Reverend answers. “Hello Lilith. What can I do you for?” “Where’s David?” David is always my ride. Other wise I’d have to walk 2 1/2 miles to school. “He and Hannah left about an hour ago.” “Who’s Hannah?” I ask. Rev. Kelly looks confused. He knows if I don’t know her something’s wrong with her. “She’s yea high and has black hair. He was supposed to give you a ride wasn’t he?” I nod. Rev. Kelly asks me inside. He says something’s going on and he wants to know what. I tell him I’ve got to go to school.
   I walk in the rain. It takes forever, but I finally get there. People are rushing in. The late bell has already run. I walk into the office. David’s mom is there. “Hi Mrs. Bruce.” I say without enthusiasm. “Hello Lilith. What’s wrong?” I lie and say nothing. She can see right through me. “Lilith are you mad that David didn’t give you a ride?” She asks as she shows me into her office. There’s a poster saying sex is a sin in her office. “Along with other things.” I can’t help but stare at that poster. “What’s going on between you two?” I want to tell her. If she wasn’t David’s mom I would. So instead I look at my feet. My shoes are really out of style. All worn out and falling apart. “Lilith? What’s the matter?” I leave without a word. And go to my first class. Mrs. Fox is telling the class about Greek mythology. As I walk in people start to whisper. I figure it’s because I’m late. I hand Mrs. Fox the pass and sit down. Mrs. Fox continues on and I relax. This is my favorite class. Donny Jakeson, the jock throws a note at my head.

I pick it up. It reads “My place? After school? You me and some vodka?” I turn and give him the finger. I start taking some notes on the Iliad when another on lands on my desk. It says “Come on! We both know that you aren’t a virgin anymore! So stop acting like it!” I crumple it up. He throws another one. This time I don’t bother to read it. He throws 3 more by the time class end. I rush out the door. He and his friends come after me.

“Lilith? Babe! Come on!” They say. I open my locker. “Lil, please. We just want to have sex! It’s better than in a broom closet and with David Bruce.” I laugh. “You like your little boyfriend?” He asks. “No. I thought of your reaction when I do this.” I kick him between the legs. He falls over. I close my locker and walk away. “Not cool!” Donny squeaks. I go to find David. Its 9:30 and it’s his smoke time. I walk right into the smoking bathroom. The guys are use to see me here. David freaks when he sees me. “Hey…Hi!” “Where the hell were you this morning?” He looks uncomfortable. “Nowhere. Just… where were you?” He tries to play the defensive. “I tell you where I was! Walking to school in the rain! And who the hell is Hannah? And why did she get a ride and I didn’t? If I catch a cold ‘buddy’…”

 “How do you know about Hannah?” He asked. Everyone in the room started staring at us. “I talked with your dad. That car is partially mine too! I deserve a ride don’t you think? Since you told everybody about what happen?” “Hey! I only told a few people. Who’d you tell?” “Monica! But she already knew! Don’t you think it’s a little unfair on my part? I’m the slut and you’re the “cool” guy? Am I just another one of your little whores?” “Oh yeah?” he pushes me. “Oh yeah!” I push him back. We’re screaming now. “Get out! This is the boys’ room!” He says. “F you.” I say as I leave. The principal is walk in as I’m walking out. “Miss Gross! What do you think your doing in the men’s room?” “Leaving!” I march out of his way and down the hall. It looks like the entire school heard us.

   I walk towards the front door. I plan on leaving. But Mrs. Bruce stops me. “Lilith what on heavens was going on?” “It’s your stupid son’s fault! I never want to! He got me drunk! Damn Him!” I run out the door. She doesn’t follow. It’s still raining. I’m still running. I head to the pizza shop. I order a pizza slice and a soda. Kyle says it’s on the house. Kyle is actually a girl. She’s really nice. A college student. “What are you doing here anyway? Don’t you have school?” “I kind of left. I got into a fight.” “You must have beaten that person up good! You don’t have a starch on you!”

“It wasn’t a physical fight. Me and David got into it.” Kyle nods. “Maybe you should go back.” “I’m never going back.” I say as I leave. I leave a 5 as a tip. Kyle smiles and says “You have to go back sometime!” As I walk back towards home Rev. Kelly’s car pulls in front of me. “Lilith! What in are you doing here?” “Rev. Kelly I really don’t know anything anymore.” I continue walking. He gets out of his car and follows. “Lilith, was there a fight at school? They asked me to come in?” “Yeah. Me and David.” “What? Why were you two fighting?” I want him to leave me alone. “Sex really complicates thing.” I run up the hill. He stops and looks dumbfounded. I arrive at home. No one’s there. Meg’s at daycare. Angie’s at her job. So is dad. I have the house to myself. I go to my room and play my Bob Dylan. He’s my idol. I find myself falling asleep and soon I am.
   Someone is pounding on the door. I get up. It’s 1 o’clock. “Lilith!” I hear as I head to the door. “Lilith!” I answer the door. It’s David. “You told my Dad! And my mom!” He’s really mad. “I guess I told more than one person.” I say. He’s pacing. “You have no idea what you’ve done!” “Me? You have no idea of what YOU’VE done.” I’m thinking of the dream I had. “This isn’t about who’s done what! My parents are really mad!” “Why? You have sex all the time with other girls.” “You aren’t like other girls!” “Thanks. I think. Sit down. I need to talk to you. I had this weird dream.” “Oh, Lil! This isn’t the time!” He’s still pacing. “I think…” I stop. I have no proof of what I’m about to say so I don’t say it. “They want us to get married!” He says. I look at him. I start laughing. He looks so serious. But he can’t be. “I’m not kidding!” He says as he sits down. “But, I mean I’m 15!” “You’ll be sixteen I four months. All they need is your parent’s permission.” I laugh harder to the point of tears. He laughs some too. “I what are they thinking?” He says. As we laugh I feel in the pit of my stomach, that dream is true.

Title: Forever starts today-Chapter 11
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wow, this is really good i can't wait to here more! :D Except i have a few questions...I am confused because didn't she have a baby that died in the begining? I thought she was gay, so like...yea? And then she had sex with David even though she's gay?? Sorry i am just realy confused, but it is a really good story!! Keep it up! Oh, and who is her girlfriend, didn't she say something about having a girlfriend?

Title: Forever starts today-Chapter 11
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The girlfriend? Her/my father has a girlfriend, Angie, who later becomes step-mother (but not so far in the story)
She/i did it w/ david because she was drunk.
yes she/i is gay.
the baby dying is the first chapter because it was the first entery on my diary. (this is my teenlife story) I just taking these out of my diary as a teen and typing them/editting. (i had a pottymouth)

All will be answer in the end!

Title: Forever starts today-Chapter 11
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It’s been four months. People have mostly forgotten about the fight. They’ve got more important gossip. Like the fact that Carrie had an abortion. It’s the latest news. But I’ve got better. I’m pregnant. I started throwing up a few months ago, and having weird food cravings, plus being all moody and gaining weight in my belly. I’ve hidden it well. Nobody suspects a thing. I’ve hidden the weight gain with baggy shirts. The morning sickness has gone down. And as far as anyone is concerned I’m just stressed with winter finals. I hidden it so well I’m not sure I believed it. I needed to know for sure.
I asked to borrow the BandMobile, David said okay as long as I don’t throw up in it again. I drove to Indianapolis. Its one hour away. But it’s the only place I feel save going to for the test. I go to a free clinic. “Name.” Some ugly nurse asks me. “Katy Johnson.” I’m using a false name. I’m sure it’s not the first time it’s happen. “Well Katy what are we here for?” “A pregnancy test.” “Have you taking a store one?” “Yeah, it was positive.” “Then what are we here for?” The nurse looks a little annoyed. “I don’t believe.” She takes some blood. “What number should I call when the results are back?” I lie. “I don’t have a telephone. Send them to this address.” I hand her a p.o box address. This is the only way I can be sure with out anyone else knowing. She sighs and takes it. “Are you and the father together? Do you or he have many sexual partners?” She’s
either making sure I’m not some low life scum or that I have don't aids. “He and I are semi-together.” I lied. “I don’t. He does.” See looks at me sympathetically and checked a box.
   I waited a few weeks. It finally came. I was disease free, and pregnant. I fell to the ground; the clerk who was just a few feet away caught me before I fell all the way. They started fanning me. And some one called an ambulance. I woke up just as the paramedics were coming in. They wanted me to come to the hospital but I knew they would find out about the baby so I said no. They asked if I wanted to call my parents but I said no. I said I just needed to go home. They reluctantly let me go. I drove home with crazy thoughts in my head. I stopped for a soda and a slice at the pizza place. I sat down at the counter. I read the letter over and over again till a hand touched my shoulder. I jumped. “Jeez Lilith, a little on the edge?” It was Leo. “Hey Leo.” I tucked the paper into my jacket. “You up for a gig tonight?” Leo smiled. I didn’t feel like a care free teen.
“Who’s it for?” “Carrie’s parents’ anniversary, I’m still trying to prove I’m a good guy.” “You still with her since the pregnancy and all?” “Yeah, I chose to be a man. And sometimes a man has to deal with things above his maturity level and stand by the one he loves.” I smiled. “Who are you and what have you done with Leo?” “Watch it kid. Over your cold, cause I need a singer!” he punched my arm. My smile faded. “What?” he said as he sat down. “Well. My doctor told me to expect to sick a little while longer. And I’ll gain weight, and come next July I’ll be completely over it.” “Strange symptoms. What you got….OH MY GOD!” He looked at me. The room was quiet. “Hey! Talk!” He said to everyone. Leo leaned in closer. “You’re pregnant? Whose is it?” “David’s.” “What about me?” David said as he sat down. “I saw the BandMobile outside. I came in to get out of the December snow. I really bad.” He saw we weren’t smiling.
“What’s going on?” Leo looked at me. I looked down. “I really need a cigarette.” I said, as I pulled one out of my pocket. As I lit it Leo took it and snubbed it out. “Don’t you think you shouldn’t do that?” Leo scolded. “Oh….yeah. Well I’ve got to go.” Leo grabbed my arm. “Stop it Leo! You’re not my dad.” “I think you two should talk….Mommy.” “What are you two drinking?” David asked. “Look Leo It’s not you business! It’s mine and David’s and it’s…I’ve got to go.” I rushed out. Leo yells after me “It’s not going to go away! It’s only going to get bigger!”

Title: Forever starts today-Chapter 11
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I tried to start the car. It was frozen. I tried again and again. David knocked on the window. “We need to talk.” He said. I open the other door. He climbed in. “Did Leo tell you.” I said as I turned the key again. “He won’t. He says it needs to come for you.” I turned the key. “Please tell me. Whatever it is I’m sure we can handle it.” I stopped and started crying. “We can’t handle this one! We’ve screwed up big time!” He hugged me. “What is it?” He said as he stroked my hair. “I’m pregnant.” I whisper into his ear. He let me go. “What?” He asked a little annoyed. “I’m pregnant.” I said again. “How?” “You know better than I do! I don’t remember what happened that night.” “Oh my god. You’re serious!” “Yes.” I stared turning the key again. This time it worked. He climbed into the front seat. “You’re pregnant and I’m the father?” “Yes.” I said as we drove home. We sat in silence the rest of the way home.
   I pulled into his drive way. “Do you think we should tell our parents?” I said. He looked over at me with the most anger I have ever seen. He grabbed my neck. “You’ve ruined everything!” He screamed. I kick him and ran out the door. I started screaming as he came after me. “You bitch!” He yelled. I ran to my door. I couldn’t find my keys. He caught up to me. “You slut!” He began chocking me again. I tried fight back. I began to become weak. I thought for sure he was going to kill me. Suddenly I hear voices but I couldn't hear what they were saying. He let me go. And I collapsed.
   I woke up in the Bruce’s home. Mrs. Bruce was sitting on the edge of the couch. I tried to get up. She said “Don’t. Just lay down.” I saw blinking lights of police cars. I looked over and my dad was in the kitchen arguing with Rev. Kelly. Mrs. Bruce yelled “She’s awake.” It was dark out. I wonder what time it was. Dad came rushing in. He hugged me. “Oh Lilith thank god!” Rev. Kelly said “I told you we didn’t need an ambulance.” Two police officers came in. One female one male. The female came and sat down in front of me. “Hi Lilith. I’m Detective Mia Handler and this is Detective John Jason. Are you all right?” I sat up. “I think so.” I felt my stomach. Still queasy. The baby was fine. Or at least I hoped. “What happened?” Det. Handler asked. With everyone in the room, my dad, David’s parents and the police officers I felt nervous. “He went crazy on me.” I felt hot tears fall from my eyes. “He started strangling me in the car. And I kicked him, and I ran to my door. But I forgot the keys. And he came after me…and …and….” I was chocking up. “It’s okay, take deep breaths.” “And he strangled me at my door, and then somebody was yelling and I down remember anything after that.” “Why was he chocking you?” Det. Jason asked. I looked down. “I’m…he… he could handle… I’m gonna barf.” I ran to the restroom. I threw up over and over again. I could hear them in there. They were arguing. I washed my hands and flushed the toilet. I came out and Mrs. Bruce and Det. Handler were there. “What’s going on?” Mrs. Bruce asked. “He was perfectly fine before he left. And he comes home and tries to kill you?” I looked down. “He didn’t know before… I’m really not comfortable here. Can I go home?” My dad walked out of the room and the Reverend followed him saying things like it’s a “sin to lie.” “Yes let’s go! Officers please come with us. I don’t care what you say Kelly, I know what I saw! And you saw it too!” As we walked home I could see were I had run and fallen. There was an officer taking pictures, And another officer collecting “evidence”. They picked up the letter. It had fallen from my jacket in the struggle. “No!” I tried to grab it. They wouldn’t let me. “I’ve just found the motive!” They yelled. “No please! Don’t!” The other officers read the paper. They looked at me. “What is it?” My dad and Rev. Kelly both asked at the same time. “Please,” I HAD to get that paper back. “Just give it to me. I can’t let them know!” They put it in a baggie. By this time Mrs. Bruce had come over and wanted to know what was on the letter. Det. Handler said “Some one call an ambulance. This just got a little more complicated.”

“Why does she need an ambulance?” My father asked. “Is she okay? Lilith what’s on that paper?” Det. Handler came over and asked. “How far along are you?” as the ambulance pulled up. “Four months.” I said as the paramedics helped me on to a stretcher. “What are you talking about?” Rev. Kelly asked. Mrs. Bruce walked over to me. “Are you preg…pregnant?” “Yes.” I said as the paramedics lifted me into the ambulance. “I’m so sorry.” I said as they closed the door. The ride to the hospital was quiet. They were giving me oxygen. As we enter the hospital I saw people from the school everywhere. Apparently after the game at the school had ended there was a fight as some said or others said a riot. Whatever the case people saw we get wheeled in on a stretcher and they started gossiping. Monica saw me come in and ran over to come with me. “Hey! Family only!” The male nurse said. “Oh but she is!” I said. “She’s black your white…” “Please, I have no one else.” I said. It was true my dad hadn’t come yet. “No.” He said. But then another nurse came over. “Hi. I’m Nurse Betty. Is something wrong?” “Yeah. This girl won’t go away.  I told her family only.” They wheeled me into a room. Nurse Betty read the charts. “Frank! You insensitive jerk! If this poor girl wants a friend with her she can have the whole damn town. Now go tend to some other patients I got this one.” He left. “Thanks.” I said. “Oh, no problems honey. Frank is just mad because he’s the only male nurse. Do you want to see the baby?” Monica looked at me. “Baby? What baby? What happen?” Nurse Betty said “You fill her in while I get a sonogram.” After I told Monica what happen she held me and we cried. I also told her about my dreams that I’d been having and what I dreamt while I was passed out. “You see Bob Dylan has been coming to me in my dreams. He sings songs and tells me how I was going to live my life with my baby. I know it sounds silly but it’s true.” Monica laughed and said “I wish Prince came to me in my dreams.” Just then Nurse Betty walked in. She had a machine with her. She put some goo on my stomach and turned the machine on. It was cold. I looked at the screen. It looked like one V shaped blur. Something was moving. “Look! It’s a boy!” Nurse Betty cooed. Monica and me stared at the screen. “It looks like alien.” I said. “Well, think about it father. Have you ever wondered if his family is too perfect?” Monica is always good at cheering me up. I laughed. There was a knock at the door. “Come in and see the baby!” I said. But I wish I hadn’t. It was David and his family. I was actually scared. “Whoa! Watch it mommy! Don’t put stress on the baby.” Nurse Betty said. She turned around to see them. “Who do we have here?” David was entranced by the screen. He walked towards it. “Is that… a boy?” “Yes,” Monica said coldly. “One should be thankful for it being alive.” Monica looks at me. She holds my hand. “Are you alright?” Nurse Betty could see I was scared. David turned towards me. “Lilith I am so sorry. I came here so I could…” Nurse Betty interrupted him. “Are you the one who put her here?” “Well, I guess… but Lilith knows it wasn’t like me.” Nurse Betty looks as mad as Monica. “Well you should know. That because you deprived her of air for so long there is a 50 percent change that your son will die.” “What? My grandbaby is likely to die?” Mrs. Bruce said. “I’m afraid so. I’m going to have to ask you to wait outside. All of you. Expect the parents of the baby on the screen.” They started to leave, but Rev. Kelly wouldn’t. “I have a right to know.” He said. “Sir, I’m doing you a favor by letting your son stay in the room. See that baby. The poor mother is scared shitless. And you sir. Shouldn’t even be here.” After a few seconds he left. “Hello. I’m Nurse Betty. This is your son, this is his mother. And this is the fist that will beat you up if you try anything funny.” David looked a little amused. “Can you leave us alone?” He asked. Nurse Betty gets a little mad. “Hell no! You tried it once. I’m not letting you try it again. Lilith, David do you wan to keep this baby?” “No.” He said. “It’ll mess everything up. Our futures, our dreams….” He was talking. I wasn’t listening. I was watching the baby, it's moving, i can feel it's heatbeat. “Our plans. Our band. That thing…” It couldn’t take it anymore. “That thing is your son. His name is Dylan. He is going to live.” “Okay that’s that.” Nurse Betty said with a smile. “What? What about my opinion?” David asked madly. “Well, dear boy, it’s not up to you.” Nurse Betty said “Would you like a picture mommy?” “Yes please.” I said. “Lilith, what are you thinking? Are you thinking?” He was upset. I smiled as I wiped the goo off. Nurse Betty handed me a couple of pictures. “I still think he looks like an alien.” I said as I got off the bed. David was yelling something. But I wasn’t listening. I felt good. Better than I had in a long time.

Title: Chapter 6
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As I walked out of the room Monica greeted me. “Thank god your okay. Come to my house tonight. I don’t think your safe near them.” “If you could just take me home. That would be great.” I said. Mrs. Bruce was crying. Rev. Kelly looked mad. I walked over and handed Mrs. Bruce a copy of the photo of the baby. She thanked me. I walked to Monica’s car. It’s a really nice car. A sedan. A safe car. As I was getting in I hear my name being called out. It was Leo and Carrie. “Hey where were you all?” Leo said. “We had to perform with just a bass and a tambourine. Whoa, Lilith what happen to your next?” “David.” Monica said. “That’s the weirdest hicky I’ve ever seen.” Carrie said. “It’s not a hicky. He tried to strangle her. Damn near killed the baby.” Monica said again speaking for me. “What Baby? Your pregnant?” Carrie was confused. That was easy to do. “I don’t believe it.” Leo said. “He wouldn’t. He loves you.” “Apparently not!” Monica argued. They were yelling at each other now. They didn’t notice when I walked away. I’d just walk home. It was snowing. I love snow. I walked in the winter dream land. Everyone was happy. There was only four more days till Christmas. I checked my pockets. I had 60 bucks. I wonder where that came from. I walk into Mr. Henry’s Book store. He’s a nice old fellow. He smiled as I walked in. “Haven’t seen you in a while.” “Hi Mr. Henry. I need parenting books.” “Going to teach a few things to your parents?” He said as he got out the dealing with teens stuff. “No. I need baby books. For me.” I pulled the picture out. “Mr. Henry say hello to Dylan.” It about near gave him a heart attack. “You? Pregnant? But your so young.” “That’s why I need the books.” He got out a few books I pick out three. It cost 20 dollars. He smiled. “Where’s your car?” he said. “I don’t have one. I’m walking.” “Oh no you don’t! Have seat, I close in thirty minutes I’ll take you home.” We sat and talk. I organized his shelves. As I was doing that, He said “You know, I need someone to work here during the after school rush and help me close up. Are you interested in a job? I’ll pay you 20 dollars an hour.” I smiled “I’d loved a job Mr. Henry, but I can’t take all that money.” “No, if you work here you get paid that and that is that.” He drove me home. He has and a restored a love bug. His is white and is in really good shape. He dropped me off at home. I waved at The Bruce’s who were just arriving home. I opened my door and lock it behind me. The house smelled like potato leek soup. I walked into the kitchen to find dad pouring a bowl for me. I sat down with him. He wanted to discus my future, plans, how I was going to raise this baby. I told him I had scholarships already, and since he worked at the university I’d go for free. I told him about my new job. And I told him I loved Dylan (he doesn’t like the name, he think it should be name Mitch the second) more than anything else. I went to bed. Tomorrow was when he said he’d take me to get proper maternity clothes.

   I enter the mall. I don’t like malls. Their loud and dirty, this one smells funny, and crowded. Dad and I walk into the maternity store. They measure me. They figure I’ll gain anywhere from 20 to 30 more pounds. Most of the clothes are ugly. I find a few good ones. As we head towards the door I get a craving for a pretzel with soy sauce over it. Dad sighs and gives me 20 bucks and goes to the bathroom. I get in line at the pretzel place and a few guys from my school get in line behind me. I’m suddenly glad I don’t have the bags from the maternity store. “Hey Lilith, gonna ignore us are you?” one of them say. I place my order and turn around to see who it is. It’s Leo and David’s drug buddies. I’ve never bother to learn their names. “Oh. Hey.” I say as the lady behind the counter hands me my soda. “What are you doing here?” Another asks. They probably saw me in the store, but if they didn’t I’m not bothering to tell them. “Oh, just shopping with my dad.” Most guys fear my dad. He beat up one guy at a school pool party at my house because he tried to get a peek at girls changing. “Where is he?” They look around. “In the bathroom. But he’ll be right back.” My pretzel’s done. I grab it and a pack of soy sauce from the place next to it and sit down. “Why are you eating that?” They stand around my table. “Because it’s really good. You should try it sometime.” I take another bite. “We know that you’re…” one guy says as my dad comes up. “Hello. Good bye.” My dad says as he pushes them away. He grabs me and we leave. “Thanks.” I say. I really didn’t want to deal with guys anymore.
I turn on the radio in the car. It’s some hard rock song; I switch around till I find a channel I like.

I feel like I’m in trouble with the principal. Marie, my sister, has just moved in with me. And I’m look at schools.  People swear that I’m her mother. They’d quite surprised when we burst out with the same laughter and point at each other and say “Her?” There are 20 other perfect children with their perfect families for 3 spots. I’m pretending to be interested in their yearbook, but I’m actually trying to find a picture of a kid who doesn’t look like they’d walked out of “Parent” magazine. Marie’s listening to Ben Kweller and trying to be anywhere but here. I don’t blame her. She’s idolized me since birth. I was 22 when she was born. I was in college, I was the cool older sister who might buy you beer, if you lucky. Something about her oozed my own child. She was like my second change. So when I finished college was looking at a PhD I looked at colleges with daycare. Sure, Lindy had been born in the time between Dylan and Marie, but she wasn’t, like me. We didn’t share any common interests. She’s blond and tiny. Meg grew into her looks, but Lindy didn’t. Anytime I was with her she was “too cool” for me. Meg, Meg just hated me. None of them, not even Marie knows of Dylan. Nothing’s turn out the way it should be. I turn to her. She gives me the same look. I dump the yearbook and help my five and half month pregnant 17 year-old sister out of her chair. We walk down the main hall. She’s got to go to the bathroom, so I wait outside of it. As I’m standing there I decide this place isn’t good enough for her. I plan on telling her that. A man comes up behind me. “What are you looking at?” He says. Not in a mean way, but a question. “The school could use a make over. It’s…It’s…” He seems to find me interesting. “It’s what.” “Stuffy. This school, just like all the others. They play the “you’re not good enough” card. I’m the one who’s paying the big bucks so you can stuff my kid’s head with stupid facts she’ll never use. It’s a pity I didn’t realize this until now. School sucks.” This man is quite curious now. “Why? I mean you centrally dress like you did go in school.” “Graduated top of my class. I had a 4.0 in college. And all they do is look at her and turn us away.” “Why? What’s wrong with her?” “Nothing at all! And that’s what sucks. I say, “He who with out sin be the fist to condemn.” Marie comes out of the bathroom. “Oh god, you got her going on her bible quoting rant.” Marie complains. “That’s the only one quote rant.” I correct her. She shifts her weight. “I told you, you need better shoes.”  She takes out her ipod and sits on a bench. I see stone on the ground. I pick it up and hand it to the man. He looks confused. “What’s this for?” I stand against a wall. The man is very confused. A group is gathering. It must be a class change. “What’s this for.” The man repeats. Marie looks embarrassed. I say “He who without sin be the fist to condemn. Do you condemn me? Will you stone me?” The man is very confused. “For what?” He says. “Let’s start at the top. I’m an atheist.” There’s a very big crowd now. “That’s not enough.” The man says as if I’m going to stop. “I’m gay. I did drugs. I had sex once just for the hell of it.” Marie sinks deeper and deeper on the bench. The man once trying find out more about me is trying to shut me up. “I prescribe drugs to kids just to shut them up. I think that Godfather 3 was a good movie! I named my son after a musician because I thought he was talking to me through music and dreams. I got pregnant as a teenager and still think it was the best decision I’ve ever made wasted!” Marie looks at me. But I’m not stopping. The man drops the stone and says he’s sin before. I pick up the stone. “Anyone! Anywhere! Stone me! But only if you’ve never sinned.” Nobody says a thing. “Thought so.” I drop the stone. Marie gets up as we walk to the door. She’s really embarrassed.  The man walks up after us as we are about to get into my car. “My name is Luther. I’m the headmaster. And I think you gave the school a good make over. Your daughter is welcome to come to our school.” “She’s not my daughter. And your school doesn’t make me feel all warm and tingly inside.” I smile as we pull away. Marie and I are quiet. This is usual. Finally I ask if anything’s wrong. “Was all that true?” I watch the road. Hopefully she doesn’t notice the tears. “Yes.” “You have a son? Can I meet him? How old were you?” I pull over. I put my head on my steering wheel and sob. I’ve never cried in front of her. I’ve haven’t cried in front of anyone since I was 16. Marie puts her hand on me. “What’s wrong?” She asks so compassionately. “You remember the old grave yard, where grandpa and grandma are buried.” “Yeah.”  She says. “Remember the grave, a small one.” “Oh, the one for the baby…what’s was his name... David…Daniel?” “Dylan. Dylan was my son.” I wipe my tears away. I hope she doesn’t ask anymore questions. “Who was his father?” “David.” “Neighbor David? But you hate him! You two can’t have a conversation without fighting.” “Yeah, ever wonder why.” “But you’re gay. And he’s been married since he was 18.” I pull back on the road. “Hannah. are they still infertile?” I ask. “Yeah, last I heard.” Marie looks at her stomach. “Good.” I say more coldly than I meant. Marie makes a disapproving sigh. “It’s his fault.” I say. “What?” Marie looks at me. “End of conversation.” Marie knows there’s no point in arguing with me. I let silent tears fall from my face.

Title: Forever starts today-Chapter 11
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Wow. Your writing is... I have no words. It's so full of raw emotion. Wow. It's very good.
I just have one nit-pick. *perfectionist* Could you put the speech on a new line every time someone talks? It gets confusing as to who's speaking when it's all joined together. Sorry. I'm an annoying grammar geek I know. You can call me that if you want. :-P

Title: Cahpter 7
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-Squirt-I will do that with chapters I am writing now. I have no enhusiam for redo a lot of chapters!

It doesn’t feel like Christmas. I’m still in my pajamas. I look at my clock. 10:00 am. I should be at the Bruce’s preparing for the party. I’m always that their party. My room is still dark. But my phone is meowing. I answer it. And to my shock I hear Mrs. Bruce. “Hey honey!” She says as if nothing has happened. I turn off my Aerosmith. “Hey.” I say uneasily. “Why aren’t you here?” She says. “I’m still invited?” I ask. “Of course, Honey no matter what your family, besides, that baby needs some fun. We also a surprise for you.” I smile, maybe this will work. “Okay, I’ll be right over.” I get out of bed and get dressed. My maternity jeans feel much better than my old ones. I don’t realize it until I’ve left that the shirt I’m wearing is David’s. I knock on the door. Rev. Kelly answers it. He looks a little shocked. “Hi.” I say “Mrs. Bruce asked me over.” Then he looks mad. “Janie!” He calls her. Mrs. Bruce walks in smiling. “Hello there Lilith, just in time for breakfast.” She guides me into the kitchen. David is sitting there. He is stunned to see me. “You two talk while I have a word with the reverend.” Mrs. Bruce says. “Hey.” I say as I sit down at the familiar table. “Hey yourself. Is that my shirt?” He smiles. “Yeah. I stole forever ago.” He and I sit in silence. Finally he says something. “Your…so beautiful.” I laugh. “I’m fat and I’m not wearing make-up.” He laughs. “Your shaking.” “My doctors took me off my meds.” I had been taking medication since I was 9. My dad always thought medicine could fix me. “Why?” David asked curiously. “Well, as you know the meds are extremely experimental. They just know putting more and more teens on them. And it’s never been tested on pregnant people. My dad said he didn’t want his grandchild screwed up before birth.” I didn’t say exactly what my dad said. He insulted David more in the sentence. The Reverend and his wife entered. He smiled at me. “She’s been cooking away.” David said. Soon the table was filled with sweet smelling foods. I wasn’t really hungry. But they kept putting more and more food on my plate. “That’s really enough.” I said after Rev. Kelly put a four sausage on my plate. “I’m not much of a meat eater.” The truth was I hadn’t been eating meat for a month. It just seemed so, disgusting. “Please.” Mrs. Bruce smiled. “For the baby.” I noticed on their fridge was the sonogram picture. I ate a little bit of it. “So, I read that pregnancy hormones are quite odd.” David asked. “Are you having mood swings, cravings, or weird dreams?” He was using his polite tone. “Yeah.” I answer. They all leaned in as if they were trying to hear better. “I’ve been moody. I’ve been craving soy sauce. And… no weird dreams.” I took a bite of eggs. “I like your deodorant.” I told David. Apparently he had been researching this. I realized I hadn’t really been researching it.
   Soon the party was underway. The whole time preparing they wouldn’t let me do much. I settle to make some punch. Guest started arriving. I thought about leaving, but Mrs. Bruce wouldn’t have it. David’s grandparent’s arrived. I had switch shirts, not thinking. This one was a maternity shirt. They noticed the baby bump right away. Poppy, his grandfather hugged me and notice the bump first. “What’s this.” He asked. I was about to lie when Mrs. Bruce said, “Poppy, Lilith and David are having a baby boy. What was the name you picked out? Daniel?” “Dylan.” I said. Grams hugged me crying. She said something in Irish. I hugged me again. Soon everyone knew. I couldn’t walk into a room without 10 people touch my stomach. The main topic on everyone’s lips was who was going to get to be in the delivery room with me and David. The party was almost over when everyone was herded into the living room. David and me in the middle. David turned to me and got on his knee. People squealed. They looked so happy. He said, “Lilith Gross, will you marry me?” I stopped breathing. I looked around the room. People said “Answer Him!” Then I said “Are you kidding me?” People looked at me they smiled, David got off his knee. I looked around the room again. “I’m so sorry everyone, but I can’t marry him.” I left. His whole family saw him crash and burn. But I just grabbed my coat. I sat on my front porch for a while. I heard the whole Bruce clan arguing. Some of his relatives came outside to smoke. They saw me. “You think your so damn cool.” A girl yelled at me. “David and you are having a baby. You created it in love!” She was lecturing me. That was the last thing I needed and I just snapped. “You don’t know anything about me!” I yelled back at her. “I never loved him, I never will. And the baby was created with the help of alcohol, not love. She started to walk over. “You’re luck that a guy like David even gives you the time of day! What’s wrong with him?” I rolled down my shirt to reveal the bruises around my neck. “He tried to kill me when I told him I was pregnant.” She girl stopped. But I didn’t. “David is not faithful to any of his girlfriends. And thanks to his anger, he the baby probably won’t live. So don’t think I’m the whore because I’m carrying Dylan. He’s slept with more girls then stars in the sky.” She was focused on my neck. The bruises were pretty bad. “Besides, he knows why I’m not marrying him. I’m surprised you don’t know by now. So next time you go to scold someone, think. Do you have all the facts? I think not.”  I when inside. I blasted some heavy metal. I crawled into bed. I wished I hadn’t left it in the first place.

One night several days later David was going out with some friends. I watched from my window. They laughed and joked. And there was a new girl with them. I took it to be Hannah. Long Black Hair and skinny. She and David where all over each other. Monica had gone to her father’s place in Chicago. I really didn’t have any other friends. I walked in the kitchen. Dad was asleep and drooling on the table. 10 beer cans lay around him. Angie and Meg were at her parent’s house. Me and Dad weren’t aloud to go. I looked in the fridge. It was empty. Just a few more beers and a thing of Swiss cheese that was older than I was. My stomach growled. I thought about asking the Bruce’s for something to eat but decided against quickly. I grabbed my dad’s wallet and left. I had to walk into town. It was quiet. But not peaceful. There was faint arguments, and crying. A little girl stood in the snow, all alone. She wasn’t wearing a coat. Felt bad for her. I wanted to help her, but I couldn’t. I just sighed and walked on. I went to the pizza place. It was crowded. I made my way in and sat at the counter. I order two slices and a soda. I heard people say my name and laugh. They giggled. I just ate. Kyle wasn’t there. I heard some one walk up behind me. “So, your pregnant?” they laughed. It was Donny Jakeson. “I thought you were smarted than that. But I must admit it a turn on.” I gave him the finger not bothering to turn around. “Mood swings, eh?” He said. “Donny, what have I ever done to you?” I asked. “You turned me down way back when.” He was talking about the middle school dance. “You still haven’t gotten over that?” I laughed. He was getting angry. “You turned me down in front of all my friends. That was mean.” He said. “So your plan is to get even by being mean back. Donny I was 12, you were still icky to me.” He grabbed me. “You don’t understand.” The whole place went quiet. “Donny what are you going to gain? I’ll press sexual harassment and assault charges on you. Then you’ve go to jail and you’ll never become a big time college football player. What do you think you’ll gain?” “Knowing that I’m still better than you!” He screamed. A waitress called the manger out from the back. “Yeah, have fun with that when your someone else bitch.” I kicked him between the legs. “Always forgetting to protect that.” I paid and left the police were just arriving. I walked towards the movie theater. Maybe a new movie is out.

Title: Forever starts today-Chapter 11
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Title: Forever starts today-Chapter 11
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Good job phish!

Title: Forever starts today-Chapter 11
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OooooooooooooH . O _ 0

very, very good.

Title: Chapter 8
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~side note~ Story will appear whenever I have time. My sister had her baby. 2 infants and one big baby in the house do not make it easy for good writing.
My job is also keeping me busy soooooooooooooo.......
Here it is:

I still remember the phone call. Marie my sixteen year old little sister crying. I calmed her down. She was repeating
“I hate New York. I hate New York!” I figured one of the friends she made their ratted on her partying to dad. She finally told me what was wrong after fourteen minutes on the phone. “I’m pregnant.” She said as if she was telling me I had cancer. I dropped the phone. It clanked against the carpet in my office. I grabbed the puppy pillow that sits in the corner with the toy box and coloring table and screamed. Marie could hear this.
“Lilith, please, pick up the phone.” I picked the phone off the floor. It’s a miracle it’s lasted so long.
“I’m coming to see you.” I said as I hung up. I practically ran over the Langstons, who were coming in for 7:15 appointment. It was the only time that Mr. Langston could come.
“Hello Dr. Gross, where finally here as a family.” Mrs. Langston said a little to chipper. According to their daughter Kayla that meant she was drunk.
“Hello, Good-bye.” I said as I rushed passed them.
“Hey wait!” Kayla said as I power walked out of the hallway. Marsha, my receptionist and secretary tried to stop me as I head towards the door. “Hello? You have 3 more patients today. Where are you going?” She said with attitude. “Indiana. Send them home, no charges I’ll be back whenever.” I ran to my BMW and started driving. It occurred to me when I was about to enter Kentucky I should call my girlfriend Dot to tell her I’ll be out of town. It also occurred to me that I didn’t bring anything but what I was wearing and determination. Dot answered the phone with her usual “Yo?”
“Hey Dot, It’s me.”
“Oh, where the heck are you it’s 11 something.”
“I’m in Tennessee, now Kentucky.”
“Why? Oh don’t tell me you’re going there!” Last time I brought Dot to meet the folks they nearly shot us both for holding hands. We had an agreement not to go back.
“This time it’s different, it’s for Marie. Besides you’re not coming with me.”
“But I’ll be lonely!” Dot said in her playful tone.
“Buy an ant farm.” I joke.
“Okay. I’m going to get a tattoo do you think it should have two flowers or one?” She said very seriously.
“I think your going to chicken out. What kind of flowers?”
“I have no idea! I think maybe….”
She rattles on about the types of flowers she know. I think about how different we are. She’s a “cocktail waitress” aka stripper who’s only time on a college campus was frat parties. I’m a PhD with a doctor degree in psychology with successful practice making money hand over fist. But I’m not nearly good enough for her. She’s funny and playful, sometimes wild. She runs through the fountains at Centennial Olympic Park, dances in her underwear all over our apartment and will even answer the door like that. She doesn’t have much “Knowledge” but she has “Wisdom”. I’m all knowledge and no fun. I’ve learned to be this way and it’s hard to change back.
I’ve never told her about my past. She’s thinks my teen years were spent with Col. Gross in New York City. That’s partly true. A week after Dylan’s death I moved to New York to live with the Colonel. And Lived with him till I was 18 and then dad asked me back to Indiana, were I attend Indiana University were he taught. After a few years I was fed up of him and the town so I headed back to New York and went back to living with the Colonel and went to Yale and the Colonel paid for everything. It’s a family joke where the Colonel got his money. He spent his working years in the army and then retired. The army doesn’t pay nearly how much he had.
It’s 4:29am when I pull into the familiar driveway. “He” is there, probably just got in from working an extra shift at the police station.
“Hello Lilith! What the heck are you doing here?” He asks jokingly.
“Family emergency.” I say as I walk up the steps.
“Are you going to be here for a while? We can get caught up with each other’s lives!” He calls after me. I enter the door. The same dirty gray carpet. The same yellow walls. The same beer cans and chips all over the floor.
Some one screams “Who’s there? I’m calling the police!” I laugh and say
“It’s Lilith. Is no one going to greet me?” Dad’s on the couch, undisturbed by the yelling. A few lights click on. Meg, Lindy, Angie and Marie come out of their rooms. “What the heck are you doing here? At 4:30 in the morning?” Meg, always the rude one asks.
“I’m here for a visit. Can’t a girl come home at a strange hour?”
“Is she with you?” Angie asks.
“No, Dot didn’t come. Marie, come see my new car.”
Marie and I rush out the door before anyone can say anything. She begins to sob and I hold her. I tell her “Everything will be just fine. I’ll help you.” And I wonder if I can make it so.

No good movies are out. Besides I’ve already seen them. I wander around town. I look at all the shop keepers taking down Christmas stuff. I head over to Paulie’s Music Shoppe or PMS as it’s commonly known. Paulie is always mad about something. Last time it was his car wasn’t as cool as Tony Chestnut’s, a local hotshot. But when I’m in there he’s always talking about how I should get over the “oldies”. I like Bob Dylan; he thinks that’s the “oldies”. Paulie’s probably about 46 and he’s talking about oldies.
“Hey.” I say as I enter.
“I don’t think I have any NEW oldies.” Paulie says sarcastically. I ignore him and head to the classical junk. But the baby book says it’s good for the baby.
“Whoa, what’s with the grandma music?”
“Just looking.” I don’t feel like talking.
The bell rings as some one enters the store.
“Daddy!” A teen girl squeals. She looks about 18, and has black hair. She looks like Paulie. Same homely features.
“Hannah Banana! How are you?” Paulie says happily. They hug, it’s and awkward hug. Like one a father should give his daughter.
“Daddy I’m engaged!” The girl holds out her boney left hand. Paulie gasps.
“Lilith, Come and see this ring! It’s HUGE!” Paulie motions towards me. I walk over.
Hannah Banana sees my face and goes pale. I look at the ring.
“I know that ring!” I mumble.
“Are you L…Lilith Gross?” Hannah stutters.
“Yeah, and that’s David’s grandmother’s ring.”
“David’s my fiancé.” She says defiantly.
“And my baby’s father.” I say as I pull back my jacket revealing my belly.
Paulie just stares at my belly. Hannah shows no emotion.
“I know. We’re going to raise it. You’re an unworthy mother.” She says coldly.
“Oh yeah, bitch? What gender is it?”
“Um…a…um…It doesn’t matter! I’ll be ten times the mother you could be!”
“You’ll never have my kid! He’s mine! You can’t have him! I’m caring him for nine months, nursing him, changing his diapers, and raising him all by myself! You don’t care about Dylan! He’s just a toy to you! Wait till you get pregnant…which you will. David will drop you like a rock! He’s a bastard!”
“No, your dumb baby is the Bastard!”
“I’m leaving!” I say as I leave. I run home with tear filled eyes. Mrs. Bruce is unloading groceries.
“Lilith are you alright?” She asks as I run by and she grabbed my arm.
“I just met some one name Hannah. She says that she and David are getting married and Taking Dylan from me!” I cry out in one big sob. Mrs. Bruce tries to hug me.
“No. Is it true?” I yell
“Yes.” Mrs. Bruce sighs. I run into my house.

Title: Forever starts today-Chapter 11
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Good story so far

I cant wait to read the rest or see some pics

Title: Forever starts today-Chapter 11
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Oh wow. This story is...amazing! I can't wait for the next chapter!

Title: Forever starts today-Chapter 11
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thanks everyone!

Title: Chapter 9 part one
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~mini update~


Marie’s room was my room. She hasn’t changed it since I left. Probably hasn’t dusted either. Marie is sleeping. I’m wide awake on the floor. The sun is peeping out of the drapes. I grab some of Marie’s clothes and change into them. The pants fit fine but the shirt hangs on to me like a mid drift. I use some of Marie’s makeup. I look okay for staying up all night. I go to the basement and dig out some of my old sneakers. I decide I’m going for a run. I walk out the door. David is on his porch with a cup of coffee. He waves.
“Hey Lilith!” He calls to me.
“Hello David.” I say coldly.
“Hey can you come into the station to clear up some paperwork?” He asks as he approaches.
“Can it wait?”
“No. I’ve been sending letters to you for months. It needs to be cleared up now. Why didn’t you respond to letters?”
“You see, whenever you send me stuff I just throw it away. Saves time.”
“Come on, don’t make me beg.”
“Okay, whatever. I need to change, or grab a jacket.”
“Okay. Met me here in five minutes.”
I run again to the basement and grab my Yale sweatshirt. It smells funny put that’s because it been sitting in the basement for years. I grab some of Lindy’s perfume that she sells for “Mary Kay” and spray it on the shirt and me.

   “Okay, here’s the just of it.” David explaining to me. “What’s his name death was listed as a homicide, by some crazy nurse named Betty Walden. I need you to tell the truth and say it wasn’t.”
I laughed. “Sure. I’ll tell the truth.”
“Lil, I’m serious. I’ve been working desk for months because Nurse Betty named me as the murderer.”
I watch the town go by as we head towards the center. It hasn’t changed much, yet it has. I look for familiar faces. None. Zip. Zero. Nadda. He stops at a light.
“So, How’s um…what’s her name?” David asks making small talk. I don’t feel like talking to him.
“Great.” I grimace. “How’s Hannah?”
“Oh, Great. We’re thinking of adopting. Since you know…” He smiles.
“Is this the part were I’m supposed to feel guilty?” I ask mockingly.
“Actually, yeah. It’s your fault. If you hadn’t…”
I interrupt him, “Remember to watch your mouth. You’re asking me a favor which I owe you none.”
“You know Lilith,” He says as he pulls into the police station. “You’re a real bitch.”
“Thanks, you’re a murder.” I smirk. I walk into the police station. Same leaky roof, I notice as I walk in, just as I remember it.

“Typical Indiana winter.” Dad grumbles as we search for my snow boots in the closet. “You better not be late again.” He angry remarks when he hands me my boots.
“Yeah, yeah.” I say as I lace them up. I’ve decided I’m not pregnant, just abdominal challenged. That’s what I told my over-worked school counselor. He didn’t buy it.
 “Miss Gross that is not funny.” He scolds in his British accent that he’d picked up over the winter vacation.
“Neither is your accent, but who’s complaining?” I reply mockingly.
“Miss Gross I’d like you to consider your options…” He continues talking till I just get up and leave. I’m good a leaving, or should I say running away. Whenever things get too difficult I leave.

End of part one

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Good upadte cant wait for more

Title: Chapter 10
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---Lot has been going on in my live, example: Getting Married! I'm Now Dr. E Bruce*! and I'm now in NY, NY! My aunt got tired of My Grandfather's Penthouse, so who could refuse? (It's overlooking Central Park) Also quiting my job and becoming a stay at home mom to my lovely two daughters (one of who me and David adopted) and sister and her baby. Just some pictures:



* yes it's that David Bruce

My white t-shirt is not in fashion, everyone’s wearing neon ugly pieces of garbage.  My big, baggy t-shirt has more than served it’s time in my fashion jail. Little do I know my style will become big in the 90’s.  People didn’t seem to understand that I’m pregnant at first. I’ve gone from being a string bean to being a string bean with a beer belly and then the sluttly pregnant teen. The Classic’s teacher’s room is my safe haven. Mrs. Fox seems to be the only one who understands. She lets me play Bob Dylan.
I walk in and flop down on her bean bag in the “Lilith Corner”, a place where I keep my acoustic guitar and my snacks. She’s in a parent teacher conference. I turn on “I Shall Be Released”.
“Mr. and Mrs. Jones, we’re in luck! Lilith is just the person to help Annie.” Mrs. Fox says happily.
“But, she’s…” Mr. Jones says slowly and quietly as if I can’t hear. Mrs. Jones just snickers and says “Her?” Mrs. Fox is not put off by this.
“You just don’t know her. Lilith, how old are you and what grade are you in?” Mrs. Fox smiles.
“15 and I’m a junior, and don’t think I can’t hear you!” I say bitterly as I continue to sing “Any day now, any day now, I shall be released…”
“Lilith has a full-ride to the university. She’s The Classic’s League President she skipped two grades this semester…” Mrs. Fox keeps on talking about everything but the pregnancy. I notice there’s a small mousey girl with overly sized glasses. I smile at her. She looks down. Mrs. Fox asks me to show Annie around. I agree. Annie doesn’t talk much at first.
“So, where are you from?” I pry.
“Georgia.” She says with a thick southern accent. “Are you…Pregnant?”
“Yeah, five months. Do you like Bob Dylan?”
“I love him! I was trying to stop my self from singing along with you in the class room.” She gushes. “Wow, your tall.” She remarks.
“Yeah, I’m 5’12. How tall are you?”
“5’2. Can I ask that you not squish me?” She laughs at her own joke. She has a funny laugh. We walk around, I tell her which bathrooms to avoid and which one are the cleanest. As we turn the corner to the senior hall I’m attacked by the smell of Gamma Rays, I’ve decide that’s what is oozing off of this hallway, and of course Hannah and her friends, David is not there.
“Well look who it is.” Fake blond 1 says.
“Aww, she has friend.” Fake Blond 2 smirks.
“What are you doing here dweeb?” Hannah pounces.
“I’m in school?” I say sarcastically.
“I thought I told you to stay away from here or else!” Hannah sneers as she inhales a cigarette. I want one so badly. Annie looks down.
“It’s a free country; I can go where I want, when I want. And be careful what you say, you never know what will slip out of my mouth during court. I might accidentally mention that you threaten me and my baby’s life.” A crowd is forming, which just eggs Hannah on.
“Bitch, I will beat your ass if you…” Hannah threatens. But I cut her off mid sentence.
“If you still think I can’t kick your ass, your wrong.” My emotions never change.
“Lil! Hannah! Stop it!” David burst through the crowd. “Hey.” He says shyly to me as he rubs my belly.
“Excuse me!” Hannah says.
“Hannah, get this through your head! Lilith will always be part of my life! She’s carrying my freaking child! Got It?” He turns to me. “Lil I’m sorry.”
“Whatever. Tell your fiancé she is soo not welcome in the delivery room, but your still welcome.” I say sweetly. “By the way, are you coming to my Lamaze class after school? I kind of need a ride and seeing as you have the BandMobile.”
“Yeah, I’ll met you by the flagpole.” The bell rings. “Oh, got to go!” He hugs me and kisses Hannah. I find Annie and continue the tour.
“How do stand being talked to like that?” She asks amazed.
“You get used to it.” I sigh.
“What was it about anyway?”
“Hannah is David, my baby’s father, fiancé. She wants custody of Dylan.”
“Why? No offense.”
“I don’t know. David asked her to marry him two days after he proposed to me. I think she just can’t handle the fact that she is the rebound.”
“Why’d you turn him down? I know girls who would kill to marry their baby’s father!” Annie questions.
“I’m gay. Plain and simple. David and me got drunk, and had sex. I don’t remember any of it. Sex I mean.”
“Oh.” Annie looks down.

Title: Forever starts today-Chapter 11
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ahh shes so cute :D!

Title: Forever starts today-Chapter 11
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Thank you!
Her name is Norah. It was pure luck that I happen upon her. She was playing at the REC center near my new apartment, and I was lost...I spent 10 years living in New York City and I still get lost! Her mother was junkie, and had left her their while she went to get meth....A weeks and a ton of paperwork later I have another lost soul in my house. I have 6 people crammed into my apartment now... maybe more soon....hint! hint!

I didn't change Annie's name. She really was Annie Jones. (how many Ann Jones in the world are there? I met another down the street)
I've been so tempeted to enter my photo collection instead of sims pictures.. but... I can't. I can't open the final box of photos. I want to think Leo as a young, healthy.....oh! Next Chapter! Sorry!

Title: Thanksgiving and a New Chapter!
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I find now, I have a lot of time on my hands. So I will be update as soon as possible for the chapters... Also, I'm pregnant! I'm about 2 months and due sometime in May-June-ish area. The doctor was closed so I don't know. Thank god for pee-sticks. I'm about to tell the Bruces and my family so shh!

The Police station has a million pots around, hoping to catch the falling rain. My brown hair collects around my head, it so humid in there. People ask if I’m Italian all the time, for some strange reason my skin is darker that the rest of the family, I get it from Mimi. It just happen over night. I went to bed pale, and woke up tan. I look nothing like the rest of the pale town. Even the African Americans seem pale, I say because this town drains the life out of you.
   David shows me to a desk. He says he’ll be right back. I sit in his seat. I look at the photos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 photos of me and sometimes I’m with him. I look at a very familiar one. Dylan’s sonogram. I see one wedding photo of him and Hannah. I suddenly feel guilty. I’ve been so rude to him all these years, and he still keeps my photo on his desk. I look at one photo to another. Me and him, I must be 8 months pregnant and we’re sitting on top of the BandMobile, I’m playing the harmonica and he’s rubbing my belly. In another one we’re little kids and Mrs. Bruce is teaching us to make cookies, Harry’s even in this one. In the next one, I have a black eye and a broken arm. I remember when that was taken. Dad had beat me up, and the Bruce’s took care of me while dad went to his anger management classes. That was the one condition that the Bruce’s had when he did that sort of stuff. He get counseling, but it never seemed to work. I’m bawling now as I hold the last picture. Me, David and Dylan. He’s holding him. Dylan looks so tiny. I’m barely smiling. My hair looks like I was in a rave all night. I’m still in my hospital gown, David is in scrubs. I can see the bassinet behind us; it says “Baby Boy Bruce”.  A man walks over, and puts a hand on my shoulder.
“Ma’am are you all right?” He asks.
“No. I’ve been so cruel to my best friend and I don’t think I deserve his forgiveness.”
“Why don’t we go to a quiet place?”
“I have to wait for David.”
“Okay. By the way, I’m Captain Hardway.”
“Oh, I’m sorry, I’m Lilith.” I turn and shake his hand.
“I know who are. Everybody does. Your all Det. Bruce talks about.”
“Oh.” I look up. The entire squad is looking at me. “Doesn’t he something better to talk about?” I joke. Just then David comes back with a pile of paperwork.
“Captain!” David says surprised.
“I’ve finally met the world famous Lilith. I think she has something to tell you.”
“Hey! I’m the therapist here.” I tease.
“Yeah. Um… here, we have to do some paperwork.”
The flagpole is a favorite meeting place. I stand in what feels like 3 feet of snow wait for David. The Flag is up even though it’s raggedy and old, I think it’s against the law but no one seems to mind. I hear the clomps of shoes in the snow and turn, but it’s only Leo.
“Hey!” I say happily.
“Uh...Hi.” Leo says. “Who are you waiting for?”
“David.” I smile.
“Oh. Lil…I owe you an apology. I was a real jerk about David, uh… strangling you. But he’s my best friend and so are you. Can we still be band mates?”
“I thought you didn’t want me in the band! How about we do something after my Lamaze class? You, me, David, and Monica.”
“I’d love to!” Monica walking into the conversation.
“Me too.” David said as he came up behind me. “So Leo, what do you say?”
“Okay.” He said sadly but we didn’t notice. If only we had noticed!
   David and me are the only teens in the Lamaze class. Everyone else is over 30 and staring at us. They all have been together since the birth of the class’s first children. They seem to have timed their pregnancies so they all are on either their second or third baby. The instructor insist that we do the get to know you game. Kathy’s a stay-at-home mom, so is Linda, Trudy, Abigail, Sally, Mary, and Hope. Tom is a…. “Benefactor” (Unemployed), Josh is a cop, Mike is janitor, Frank is the male nurse, Ed is a doctor, Steve is a mechanic, and Will is a lawyer. It’s our turn to introduce ourselves to the hostile room.
“I’m David; I’m a junior, and an eagle scout.” David looks at me with an “I’m only faking serious look”. “This is Lilith, my uh… take it away Lil.”
“Hi, I’m Lilith. I’m fifteen and a junior too; I have a full ride to the University. And I haven’t a cigarette in 4 months.” The room fills with the “tsks” of Ward and June Cleavers. Soon the class is doing breathing exercises, and me and David are lost.
“Okay, breathing Hee-hoo-hoo.” David tries to coach.
“What the hell was someone smoking when they thought of this and where can I get some?” I said a little too loud. The class looks over.
“Hormones.” David mouthed. All the fathers nodded. I slap his arm.
“Want to get out of here?” I ask quietly.
“Yes please!” He replies.
“David, what time is it?” I say loudly as so he can follow my lead.
“4:30, Oh no!”
“David, how many times are we going to forget your court date?”
“You should be the one to talk! You’ve got Druggie Club in 5 minutes!”
“Hey! It is Narcotics Anonymous! I’ve been clean for a month!” Soon the class was more than appalled. And we left “arguing”.
As soon as we reached the main hallway of the REC center we where laughing our heads off.
“Hey, look what closet it is.” I say pointing at the broom closet.
“Well I’ll be. It seems to be open.” David said as he picked the lock.
“Wow it’s handy to have an eagle scout around.” I teased. We sat down in the closet and looked around.
“Hey! My cap stick!” David said.
“Hey! My underwear. I was wonder where this went to!” I hand David the underwear. “Have something to remember me by!” I say romantically sarcastic.
“Wow! Now I have your virginity, your underwear, and your first born! Boy I’m lucky!”  
“You can also have my first kiss.” I say as I kiss him on the lips. Before we know it we’re making out. And then once again, we’re having sex in the broom closet of the REC center, only this time I’m not drunk. It was like finding the Holy Grail, or a third arm, something cool like that. We get dressed again, and walk out to see the whole Lamaze class outside of the door.
“What?” David says. “The woman likes sex!” He says as he grabs my hand and we leave. Some of the men pat him on the shoulder and give him and “Atta Boy!”
Tom says “Kathy, Why can’t you be like that?” She scoffs. It’s only halfway home that I remember that I’m suppose to be gay. We pull up to the driveway and Hannah is there. She looks pissed.  
“Where the hell have you been?” She pounces on David.
“Jeez, chill! I told you that I was going to Lilith’s Lamaze class, after all, I am the father!” He replies.
“Uh-huh. What’s in your pocket?” She asks bitterly.
“Napkins. I ate two dozen cookies or so, and there wasn’t a trash can.” I save.
“Speaking of which go get Ozzy.” David changes the subject.
“Who’s Ozzy?” Hannah asks.
“And you get Floyd. Meet me down here in five minutes.” I tell David.
“Who’s Ozzy and Floyd?” Hannah asks angrily.
“I’m gonna need your help.” David says.
“Dude, can’t carry more than 5 pounds doctor’s orders.”
“What the Heck are you two talking about?”
“Oh yeah, I’ll ask my dad.” We run to our houses leaving Hannah alone. I grab Ozzy, my acoustic guitar, and he begins to carry down Floyd, his drums. The Reverend follows behind him.
“Hello Hannah.” Rev. Kelly says coldly. He thinks that I should be the one wearing the ring.
“Hello…um…” Hannah trails off.
“Hello Rev. Kelly, Do you mind putting this in?” I asks as I come down my stoop.
“Lilith, what a pleasant surprise. David, you weren’t seriously letting her carry that!” The Reverend beams. “How was Lamaze?”
“Better than we expect. I learned a bunch of new breathing exercise that I will definitely use.” I wink at David, he blushes.
“My dad’s out of town next week, do you mind if I stay with you guys? I really miss church.” I smile. Just then Mrs. Bruce comes out.
“Lilith! I thought I heard your voice! When’s the next sonogram? Grams is wanting a copy! She’s the first of all her friends to be a great-grandmother and boy, does she brag!”
“Grams’ isn’t totally mad at me?”
“Oh heavens no!” The Rev. Kelly says, “We always wanted to have you in the family and now we finally have you!” He begins to talk like a zombie. “You are one of us now!” Hannah clears her throat. “And Hannah.” He adds bitterly. Mrs. Bruce suddenly look like a light went off in her head.
“Why don’t we throw an engagement and baby shower? For Hannah and Lilith.”
“I’m free until June then I start to get busy.” I smile as Reverend loads the final drum into the BandMobile.
“I guess.” Hannah says. I feel guilty, Hannah is the fiancé but I’m the focus of the attention.

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haha,better Lilith (you,right?) be the focus then Hannah. I used to read this story,but when insim went down I forgot. I rembered and it took me a while to find,but I'm here and im listening :D

I think it'd be cool to see some real pics. Norah really is cute. I wouldnt mind seeing more of her around either :)

Title: Re: Forever starts today-Chapter 12
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Hey! It's now on the oasis! And guess what I'm putting pictures in! 3yay

April 1st 3:12 am
It's April. And I'm seven months pregnant. David's family has come from all corners of the earth to Baby/Engagement shower. I very much detest Baby Blue and Lime Green everything now, that's what the colors of the party are. I don't fit into any jeans now, so Grams and Mrs. Bruce are fitting me for some clothes, when Hannah walks in.
"Your too thin, Lilith." Grams declares. "Janie are you feeding this girl?"
"More than enough!" I say as Mrs. Bruce gets another plate of food for me.
"She won't eat meat!" Aunt Ruth calls from somewhere in the house.
"She needs Lamb." Uncle Richard calls from the kitchen. "I'll get her some!"
"She needs to lose weight; she's like a freaking balloon." Hannah says as she reads another brides magazine. Grams puts down the measuring tape.
"So when does her highness plan to have a baby?" Grams furiously asks. "When she does, she can tell us all the advice she wants, but until then keep your trap closed." Grams tells me in Latin, which somehow I've picked up or rather been forced to pick up.
"She's a rebound! A slut! I feel so sorry for you, David and Dylan." I laugh and Hannah gets upset. 
"What is she saying?" Hannah puts down her magazine.
I reply in Latin, "I feel worse for any of her kids! David will never know if their his!" The room erupts in laughter.
"Lilith, what is she saying and what did you say?" Hannah demands. Grams changes the topics. "So Hannah, what are you wearing for a dress? What colors?"
Hannah looks pleased that the subject is sifted to her. "Well, Periwinkle and Purple are the colors..." The rooms gasp all on cue.
"What?!? You can't choose those!" Cousin Carly says.
 "My grandson is marrying a fool!" Grams sits and puts her hand to her head.
"Any other colors, but those!" Aunt Martha cries.
"I will not give it my blessings!" Poppy yells as he leaves the room.
"What's wrong with them?" Hannah asks.   
"I hate to tell you this but the Bruce family has a long history of war with another family with THOSE colors." I says exaggerating the truth a little too lightly. "Pick some other colors."
"Put those are my favorites! A bride shouldn't have to compromise!" Hannah whines like a 3 year old.
"Hannah, you can't change three hundred years of history for a wedding!" I scold.
Grams takes my hands and pleads "Please marry my grandson and save him from her!" Hannah storms out.
Soon my new dresses and pants are done and I have to go to school. I really don't feel like a high school student anymore, I certainly don't look like one. Everyone has gotten better about me being pregnant, maybe because another 15 girls are starting to show. I took the time to count. Hannah and David argue the whole way there. All they do now is argue. Mostly about me. When will I leave? When will they won't have to deal with me? When will I give them the baby? David says I'm always going to be part of their lives forever. And I will not be giving them the baby. Me and David agreed on joint custody a while ago, which will be easy because we live five feet from each other. Then that brings up another argument: When will they move away, with the baby?
By the time we get to school I'm nauseas and not because I'm pregnant. My bright pink, fuzzy, sweater blends in with the other clothes, it's like a mosh pit of neon in here. I pass by Hannah's locker which is being decorated Periwinkle and Purple, I smirk and keep walking. My belly attracts hands, especially when the baby is kicking or has the hic-ups. I don't think I can go to my locker without someone molesting my belly. Monica's waiting by my locker.
"Guess what?" She says a little too "Your grandparents' are coming and you have to sleep on the couch."
"Uh, Frances got arrested over the weekend? It was the highlight of my week."
"No silly! You're going to a Pro-Choice protest and you're going to talk about how you would be pregnant by your druggie-alcoholic-abusive older neighbor, if you didn't have to gain consent from your parents who are either too drunk to notice you or M.I.A!"
"What the heck are you talking about? David's not an abusive!" I find that is the only thing that isn't true. I probably would have had an abortion, if it were not required to have consent, no one know. But then again, I probably wouldn't be pregnant had I used my brain and find a loop-hole. Monica goes into a long lecture/rant about Pro-choice, and I realized that I wouldn't have been born if Mimi had had an abortion like everyone wanted. My head spins at all the stuff I could have done before I got pregnant. I could have been a therapist; now that just seems so far away. Maybe I'll be a secretary.
I see Leo walk by; he looks so thin, too thin! His hair is all over the place, not his normal all over the place hair, it looks like he's balding almost.
"Leo! I got guitar in the trunk...Oh my god are sleeping at all?" I say because I can see the veins in his face. "What drug are you on? Get off of it!"
"Lil, I wish it where so simple. Hey, can I ask a favor?"
"Sure, anything!"
"When I die, make sure I'm donated to science, that baby of yours is gonna cure.... And another one, don't blame David for anything. I couldn't stand to see you guys not be together." He chokes up.
"But that's in a real long time! We'll be old and I'll forget, and you'll be chasing the ladies around in your old people scooter!" I try to get him to laugh or even smile, just something but this mood. Leo looks at Monica.
"Monica, I always liked you." He says as he kisses her lips and walks away.
"What the hell? Is he suicidal?" I wonder out loud. Monica holds her lips and says,
"I'm never putting chap-stick on these lips again!"
I don't know it then, but I'll never see him alive again.

Title: Re: Forever Starts Today Chapter 12 & What the... Pictures!
Post by: arielle22 on June 05, 2009, 11:28:16 am
aww :[ glad to see some pics up :]

Title: Re: Forever Starts Today Chapter 12 & What the... Pictures!
Post by: phishfood1301 on June 05, 2009, 12:03:24 pm
Aww thanks.
Can I make you an avatar for the contest on the Oasis.

Title: Re: Forever Starts Today Chapter 12 & What the... Pictures!
Post by: arielle22 on June 05, 2009, 12:34:02 pm
haha,If you want to  :D

Title: Re: Forever Starts Today Chapter 12 & What the... Pictures!
Post by: phishfood1301 on June 05, 2009, 02:59:46 pm
I noticed a lack of RL photos... so here's one

Thanks to Grams (god rest her soul) for the blanket

Title: Re: Forever Starts Today Chapter 12 & What the... Pictures!
Post by: Zorom on June 06, 2009, 04:58:19 pm
Your apartment must be crammed! lol. Da baby is adorable! 3yay

Title: Re: Forever Starts Today Chapter 12 & What the... Pictures!
Post by: phishfood1301 on June 06, 2009, 05:28:14 pm
That photo was of me and Dylan.
It was... Now I have a house! YAY me!

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Post by: arielle22 on June 07, 2009, 08:04:27 pm
yay!!!! for you   ;D

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