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Title: RiverofJazz Policy, terms etc...
Post by: riverofjazz on June 14, 2008, 12:37:41 pm
*******Texture Policy*******
Please do not recolor my texutres.
You may include my textures with your uploads on any FREE site EXCEPT the SIMS EXCHANGE.

**** MY MESH Policy****
This Mesh CAN be included with your uploads/ recolors what have you. ONLY Offer this Mesh on FREE SITES. Since I am not charging a dime for this mesh I dont want to see others ( seems fair to me)

****Teen Curvy Girls Meshes****
These Meshes are based off of Warlokks C-XL set and have been altered, mutilated, chopped up or more by me. These meshes are free to be used on any FREE site that also abides by Warlokks wishes as well. Thanks

****If a mesh was used other then MAXIS please abide by that creators wishes for their distribution policy. Lastly DO NOT take credit for my work.


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