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Title: I did a bad thing (I think)
Post by: dlockett61 on July 17, 2008, 11:36:24 am
A few weeks back, I resurrected Darleen Dreamer and now I am having some problems with my game. I lost Herb Oldie, Darren Dreamer and Darleen, when I first went into the Dreamer's house, Dirk was frozen and Darren and Darleen were nowhere but their faces were still in the family list, there was a plumbob there for Darleen but no Darlene, so.......I moved Dirk to the family bin and bulldozed the house. I then moved Dirk into his own home and Darleen's pic was in the family list but no plumbob and no Darleen, I used booprop and an error came up for Darleen so I deleted, her memory stayed with Dirk she was still in his friend list and his phone book. I ended up killing Dirk off and so far  my game has run fine and I will never resurrect a character again. Do you think my game is fixed or is there something else I should do.

Title: I did a bad thing (I think)
Post by: Theraven on July 18, 2008, 11:57:30 am
I resurrected her once, but nothing like that happened to me. She got triplets, and lived a happy life until I got bored playing with the family.

could be another problem, you know. like hack trouble or something.

Title: I did a bad thing (I think)
Post by: cloudy_cml on July 19, 2008, 12:28:00 pm
He he! Spooky! Never mess with the deads! :evil1:
Ok, time to be serious. I think Theraven is right, unfortunately sims is a game that crashes a lot and with anything. Maybe you executed the poor Dreamer family without a reason. I heard that you cannot resurrect maxis sims who died before we played, since there are no tombstones. But I think that if there are not, then you cannot resurrect them at all, they won't appear at the list, but Darleen did (she's a Maxis sim who died before we play, isn't she?). Maybe this caused an error?..
I don't know...I haven't tried to resurrect her myself, so maybe I'm just saying nonsense.

Title: I did a bad thing (I think)
Post by: dlockett61 on July 19, 2008, 01:55:19 pm
I will never do that again!
Fortunately, I have another sims game downloaded on my computer under my guest account so I can just pluck that dreamer family and put them in my game. But I'm leaving the dead, dead.

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