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Title: Toddler accessoires, how to do it
Post by: BlooM on July 22, 2008, 01:44:31 am
This is a quick tut for those that already are familiar with making mesh packages, its not really a tut but a post i wrote/copied and pasted here ;)

*You take a glasses file in bodyshop and clone it
*Open it with Simpe and delete all the genders and ages except the kids one.(delete the mesh overlay for every age and gender except the kids)
*save the file and clone it again with bodyshop(delete the earlier one ;))
*Open the new one with Simpe again and you will see all the carbage from other ages and genders will be gone, click the mesh overlay and change the line ''Age''
It still says 0x00000002 (kids) so change it to 0x00000001(toddler) in the value box on the right side.
click commit and save

Your recol(glasses) will now show for the toddler but will be off position as the mesh is designed for kids.
Now you need to attache(link) a mesh package to your recol like you normally but you need a mesh package made out of toddler files.
Because the toddlers uses another skeleton for the animations!

The fastest way is to open bodyshop and clone a toddler outfit
You do not have to import it in your game, just the package in your projects folder is enough.

Open simpe again and use the PJSE tool to make a new toddler mesh package by redirecting the tool to your file in your project folder.
Or do it your own way but make sure you fix the intigrity on it and save it ;)
Make sure you have a toddler mesh package as wat you normal use for a outfit.
Then link both the cres and shpe file from that mesh package to your accesoire recolor and your done.

You now can reload your new mesh in the gmdc.

Make sure you use the same meshgroup names or rename them in your recolor file.

Here are 2 examples:
magic wand (
toddler boots (
Feel free to clone them(make a recol) and attache a new meshpackage to it!(or fix the intigrity again)

Title: Toddler accessoires, how to do it
Post by: on July 22, 2008, 01:06:32 pm
This is awesome! A lot of people will find this a great help. Thank you :)

Title: Toddler accessoires, how to do it
Post by: Tenshii~Akari on July 22, 2008, 07:18:29 pm
:notworth:  Gracias, good sir!  I've been looking for a good way to make some toddler accessories.  Definitely going to put this method to good use... (someday).  :smile bi:

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