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Title: Older Mods Compatible With Apartment Life: 2-7-09
Post by: Chaavik on September 03, 2008, 11:34:24 pm
Older Mods Compatible With Apartment Life

These are the older mods still working with Apartment Life. Before you make a request for something to be updated, please check the list here and see if the mod is available for Apartment Life or check the Apartment Life Compatibility List ( for information on whether a particular mod you want is being investigated, updated or tested.
If you have questions about a particular mod you don't see in the forums under Squinge's Mods, please ask in the Help Forums (,653.0.html) and see if Squinge made that particular mod or someone else did before you make a request.



Apartment Life Patch #2 has been released. From today and on, the mods will be tested for compatibility with Apartment Life Patch #2.

Mansion&Garden will also be used to run tests against for compatibility upon request. Please post the requests in Mod Help Section for us to run tests on the older mods for MG. Anything else not tested should be assumed at risk.

Compatible Mods:
Ghosts More Often (
Nap More Energy - V1.0a ( - Has no updates from Seasons to AL
**Nap More Energy - AL (** - Has newer sofas from Seasons to AL
Vampire & Zombie Aging EP4 v.1.02 (
Squinge - Rub Belly v.1.0a (
Throw Bottle Away (
Werewolf No Change (
Feed Baby Female Only No Autonomous (
Wear Anything To Private School (
College Assignment Fun (
Write Term Paper Faster (
Leap Arms Pregnant Enabled (
Baby Memory Fix (
Rake Faster (
Always Fresh Litter Box (
No Memory Uneducated (
No Autonomous Taking Trash Out (
Auto Clear Crush & Love (
Bottomless Food Dish (
Cheer Up Enabled (
Espresso Less Bladder Decay (
Swim Pool Talk - Swim was misspelled **Discovered an issue with this mod not working with beaches - Being updated **
Fun Gain While Writing Term Paper (
Less Romantic Greet&Goodbye EP2 (
No Relationship Decay Mods EP4 ( - All of these mods are clean to use with AL
Random Alien Pregnancy Female Only ( - Only this mod works! The telescope mods aren't needed after FT
No Autonomous Dancing On Toes EP3 (
No Bar Abuse EP3 (
No More Reacting to Romance Sims (
No Autonomous Reading ( - Only the No Autonomous Reading mod works
Same Day Adoption Service EP4 ( - Use the updated FT/AL version ( instead
Family Kiss Enabled For All Children EP2 (
Encourage Anyone (
No Unwanted Stuff in Inventory & No Going Broke EP5 (
Blow Bubble Motive Stop ( - Bubble Blower mod
No Adult Mascots ( - EP2-EP3 ONLY
No Shop Gardening (
Young Adult & Downtown Shoppers ( - All of these mods work as long as you don't have BV installed
No Adopt A Pet Want (,31592.0.html)
Hire More Employees (
More Employees For Hire (
OFB Customer Loyalty (
OFB Customer No More Complaining (
OFB No Trying To Call (
Raise Buy Bar Faster (
Dazzle No Motive Loss (
Employees Don't Charge Only (
Be Seated Faster (
Close Shops Faster (
No Podium Phone Calls (
Restock Crafted Items Without Need To Craft ( - Both versions are compatible with AL. Choose either not both
Always Gain Customer Loyalty When Showing Items (
No More Bad Sale Socials EP3 (
Sales Manipulation Less Motive Cost EP3 ( - Both versions work
OFB Customers Stop Asking For Help EP3 (
More Customers On Lot ( - Both versions work
No Duplicate Memories EP2 (,7173.0.html)
More Servings From Group Meals EP5 ( - Both mods are clean for AL
Wear Underwear After Shower (
No Pet Wants Collection ( - Both mods are clean for AL
No Autonomous Stereo On/Off ( - Both mods are clean for AL
No More Visiting Campus EP1 (
No Autonomous Chess (
Gardener Door Fix ( - Clean for AL ONLY **BV and FT users cannot use this mod**
Teen Run Away Interaction Enabled (,23563.15.html) - Clean for AL
Don't Steal My Food EP3 (,16084.0.html) - Clean for both AL and MG
Pet Adoption Enabled For Kids ( - Clean for both AL and MG
No Autonomous Fishing (,47753.0.html) - Clean for both AL and MG
No Autonomous Chewing or Scratching (,28735.0.html) - Clean for AL and MG
No Influence or See Ghosts Wants (,8856.0.html) - Clean for both AL and MG

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