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Title: Add/Change the Action String [Simantics Primitive]
Post by: Eric on August 28, 2005, 03:03:55 pm
These are my notes on how the Add/Change the Action String primitive is used.  This is by no means a complete set of instructions for this primitive, but a work in progress.

This primitive does the same thing as manually adding a pie menu string to a pie menu function except it allows you to dynamically change a pie menu item's text during runtime and allows you to build submenus that you would not be able to do with a pie menu string set (Example: a submenu listing all sims on a lot).

Primitive: Add/Change the Action String (0x0032)
Text List: 0x0000012E - Add Change Action Strings

example #1

example #2: Disabled pie menu item

• If you have University EP installed, Operand 4 is used to enable/disable the pie menu item (0 is enabled and 1 is disabled).
• Operand 5 is the String ID stored in Text List 12E.

Note:  The String ID that is used in Text List 12E is 1 less than the number that you place in Operand 5.
Examples: if you place a 1 in Operand 5 then the string ID that is used would be 0.  If you place a 2 in Operand 5 the string ID that is used will be 1.

Feel free to offer your input and/or correct errors on my part.

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