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Title: Older Mods Compatible With FreeTime: 11-18-08
Post by: Chaavik on September 24, 2008, 01:05:50 am
Older Mods Compatible With FreeTime

These are the older mods still working with FreeTime. Before you make a request for something to be updated, please check the list here and see if the mod is available for FreeTime or check the Apartment Life Compatibility List ( for information on whether a particular mod you want is being investigated, updated or tested.
If you have questions about a particular mod you don't see in the forums under Squinge's Mods, please ask in the Help Forums ( and see if Squinge made that particular mod or someone else did before you make a request.
Also check the Apartment Life EP8 Section ( for some mods that work with both FT and AL.
Compatible Mods:
No Autonomous Relaxing On Beds (
Random Alien Pregnancy Female Only ( - Only this mod works! Telescope mods aren't needed after FT
No Autonomous Dancing On Toes EP3 (
Objects Never Break - New Universal Version (
Fun Gain When Teaching Toddlers (
Move Away From Fridge Before Feeding Babies ( - Also Works With AL
No Unwanted Stuff in Inventory & No Going Broke EP5 (
Fun Gain While Making Out EP5 (
No Duplicate Memories EP2 (
Child Taken By Social Worker Memory Replacement (
Wear Underwear After Shower (
No More Visiting Campus EP1 (
No Autonomous Chess (

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