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Title: Older Mods Compatible With FreeTime: 11-18-08
Post by: Chaavik on September 24, 2008, 01:05:50 am
Older Mods Compatible With FreeTime

These are the older mods still working with FreeTime. Before you make a request for something to be updated, please check the list here and see if the mod is available for FreeTime or check the Apartment Life Compatibility List ( for information on whether a particular mod you want is being investigated, updated or tested.
If you have questions about a particular mod you don't see in the forums under Squinge's Mods, please ask in the Help Forums (,653.0.html) and see if Squinge made that particular mod or someone else did before you make a request.
Also check the Apartment Life EP8 Section (,655.0.html) for some mods that work with both FT and AL.
Compatible Mods:
No Autonomous Relaxing On Beds (
Random Alien Pregnancy Female Only ( - Only this mod works! Telescope mods aren't needed after FT
No Autonomous Dancing On Toes EP3 (
Objects Never Break - New Universal Version (
Fun Gain When Teaching Toddlers (
Move Away From Fridge Before Feeding Babies ( - Also works with AL
No Unwanted Stuff in Inventory & No Going Broke EP5 (
Fun Gain While Making Out EP5 (
No Duplicate Memories EP2 (,7173.0.html)
Child Taken by Social Worker Memory Replacement (
Wear Underwear After Shower (
No More Visiting Campus EP1 (
No Autonomous Chess (

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