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1  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Help / body shop error D3DERR_invalidcall on: March 12, 2007, 03:39:16 pm
I have never been able to open my body shop I get a strange error message
Can anybody help me or will I have to reinstall?
Oh the error is Direct3D returned an error D3DERR_invalidcall

Anybody know what that is?
2  Simmers' Paradise / Anecdote Assistance / Content question on: January 20, 2007, 01:07:38 pm
I was wondering now that I'm finally caught up in my crazy impulse to join three contests I want to put some work on a story I began here.
There will be a rape scene in the story.  I can figure out a way to do this tastefully so it's not obscene would help me to know exactly what is taboo.
Like a rating system of sorts that was clear.  I think would help other story tellers too.

I know it's been mentioned we should keep it pg13 but I really don't know what that means anymore.

Ok I looked up pg13 and this is the definition
 Parents Strongly Cautioned. Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13. This signifies that the film rated may be inappropriate for pre-teens. Parents should be especially careful about letting their younger children attend. Rough or persistent violence is absent; sexually-oriented nudity is generally absent; some scenes of drug use may be seen; one use of the harsher sexually derived words may be heard.

according to this from what I understand as long as I make the rape somewhat non violent it should comply pg13.  I know that other story tellers here struggle with these issues when posting a more mature type story.
3  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Beguiled updated chapter five on: January 04, 2007, 03:41:07 pm
This story is inspired by a 1940s movie that I love The Innocents it is my own version.


Marta Cortez was more than a little nervous, she was about to meet for the first time her new employer Galo Montanez.  He had hired her without ever meeting through his high powered attorney.  Marta was more than a little intimidated by the luxurious office and the presence of Mr. Montanez.

“Hello Ms Cortez I’m glad to meet you.  Please have a seat.”  Marta sat down in front of the enormous desk in an overstuffed chair that made her feel even smaller and more insignificant.

“Ms. Cortez my driver has already taken your things to the house  and will come pick you up in a little while.  I thought it a good idea we talk before you begin your assignment.”  Mr. Montanez  attorney had told her he was a very busy man and that she would be on her own at the house fully in charge and expected to make all decisions regarding the children she would be caring for.

“Your resume says you are a widow?”  “Yes Mr. Montanez my husband died overseas he was in the military”.  She said so matter of fact few people would push on details of her husband’s premature death.  “ How sad how long were you married?”  Montanez stared at her with curiosity.  “Only six months when my husband was deployed and well a year and half when he was killed in action.

“You had no children?”  “I lost a baby early on”.  “Oh I see.  Ms. Cortez this assignment is for more than a nanny.  I need someone who will be in charge of this children as if they were the parent.”  Montanez looked at her questioningly “are you willing to do that?”  Take charge of these children without my input Ms. Cortez?

“You see I am a bachelor and a very busy man.  I have no interest in raising these children and they are being attended right now by the cook and housekeeper.  I insist you make yourself in charge and not bother me with any details regarding their care or upraising.

You will be handsomely paid and when they are older can vacation during their board schooling.  The boy Carlos is in fact away now in boarding school.  You will be caring for the girl Laura.

“Do you think me selfish for this Ms. Cortez”?  “No sir she lied you are a busy man and are making arrangements for them sir.”

Excellent Ms. Cortez!  You will receive your pay through my accountant William you will hear from him soon enough, my driver is waiting for you Ms. Cortez it is about a four hour drive in the country.  I expect this will be our last time talking Good day Ms. Cortez.”

With that she was dismissed.  She got the point he never wanted to be bothered regarding these children and it was her job to make sure he could forget their existence.  Marta thought it the saddest  thing she had ever heard.  Rich people and their cold hearts!  She shuddered.  It was ok she would love these children and make them her own.

It was a long car ride.  Marta thought about the children their mother dead and their father completely uninterested in them.  She had wanted children and God had not blessed her with that.  When her baby died in her womb it caused complications that left her completely barren.  She had wanted children as soon as she learned that someday she could.  The pain was almost worst than losing the love of her life to know that she would never have any of her own.

Marta used the grant the government supplied to study child development and child care.  If she couldn’t have her own children she would help raise others and do it the best she could.

She asked the driver to leave her in front of the gigantic house she wanted to walk instead of be driven in.  It also gave her a chance to explore the surroundings.

The sight of the property took Marta aback it was enormous!  This would be her home for quite a few years hopefully.  She would not have to live with her dysfunctional family and work in an dismal orphanage, she would live in the lap of luxury with children that she could basically call her own.  Marta was very happy indeed.
4  Simmers' Paradise / Anecdote Assistance / Black and White? on: December 31, 2006, 08:46:17 pm
I been thinking of doing an old movie it's from the 40s so I would have to update some of the content.  But my question is should I do it in black and white?
It's a really moody dark sort of movie so it seems color might not be good.  Also does anybody know what colors look best in black and white photos?
5  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Ridiculous Townie mini-stories New one! on: December 25, 2006, 03:27:45 am
I love some of the Maxis characters just because they are psycho.  Nervous just invited himself on this lot while I was playing and I had to take some pics and make a stupid mini-story.
Enjoy, oh and if you have any silly townie stories please share them on this thread I love them!

In Strangehood live three scientist bachelors who are quite lonely despite rumors of their orientation they do date ocassionally and have met three lovely ladies who they work with in Area 46 at the secret military base.
Tonight was in Sim Universe a magic night for one of those bachelors Vizcund Curious.

Now Vizcund has had therapy and is no longer lashing out and attacking newcomers in their own homes.  This in itself was not easy to overcome but after seeing his first real woohoo experience it's almost understandable why he feels compelled to acts of violence toward other sims.

Vizcund Curious has finally been able to surmount his years of bad luck with women and has managed to interest Maura Lakes an attractive intern at the base.  This was their fourth date and Maura had finally invited him over for drinks.
Tonight was the night he was going to make his move and things were steaming up in the hot tub as you can see...

Maura was sighing softly and responding to Vizcunds caresses Vizcund could hardly believe it!
"Oh...Vizcund let's woohoo right now! Here under the stars" she whispered in his ear.
"OK" Vizcund responded quickly before she changed her mind.

They passionately jumped about in the hot tub in a whirlwind of steamy lovemaking unaware that something stupid and evil had joined them....

Vizcund was not about to interupt the magic with Maura who was so into him she didn't seem to mind the town nutjob had crawled into the hot tub and joined them.

Vizcund and Maura went under the water to enjoy each other completely as Nervous clumbsily stepped over and around them.

"Hey!  I'm your neighbor from next door, dang this is a nice hot tub!  hope ya don't mind I have a lot of muscle spasms" My name is Nervous!  Can ya hear me down there?"

Nervous made himself cozy and watched as Vizcund removed Maura's suit and explored her body...
"Ya know I live with this couple they pay me to hook me up to electrodes it hurts like hell but the money's pretty good"  Yeah he puts these wires all over my body and his girlfriend watches while he zaps me with electricity"  Nervous sniffed "sometimes she zaps me too"

"Dang how can ya'll breath down there?"

"Hold on man...I'll help you with the hook on that, since your hands are kind of occupied and all"

"Oh ok suit yourself I'm just trying to help"

They were finally done it took all of ....three minutes which for most male sims is about average, Maura was breathlessly hugging Vizcund and enjoying the afterglow of their first woohoo, when she finally noticed Nervous sitting there at the other end of the hot tub.

Vizcund slowly got out of the tub and since conditions of his parole required him not to assault anyone again went to the garden gnome to kick and mutilate it.
As he was stepping out of the tub he heard Nervous ask Maura "Do you have any chili laying around the house?  I normally wouldn't be so bold but I had electroshock testing today and that make me so hungry."

"I'm sorry...but who the hell are you?"  She said in shock.

"I'm Nervous I introduced myself earlier but you were busy underwater..hey don't worry about the chili I see you have a grill I'll just make some hot dogs instead then.  Want some?"
6  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Solitarios Don't Die... Final Chapter up now! on: November 29, 2006, 07:54:29 pm
This story is about a haunting.  The name Solitaire's is based on a message captured on EVP (electronic voice phenomenon}
Where the spirit is captured on audio.  It was a female voice that said simply "The Solitaires are always alone, they don't die they hold on...they gather together only to do evil.  This recording was recorded by me in my home it is in spanish and English it was a very strange recording and it definately haunts me.   I will post a link to it later on if anyone would like to hear it.
The story is fiction mixed with some reality of true haunts if you like ghost stories you may like it.
Solitario's Don't  Die

Miguel and Teresa brother and sister had been contracted to house sit a large estate by a lake.  The house had been Empty for years caught up in a settlement dispute by distant relatives.

Miguel:  Well Teresa this is it.
Teresa:  Oh my Miguel it's huge!
Miguel:  Yeah this yard is going to be hell to upkeep...let's get in and check out the condition of the inside I will bring our suitcases in a minute let me find the key...

Teresa:  Oh...this house feels cold and unfriendly Miguel...
Miguel:  Yeah well it's been empty for a long time..

Teresa:  It feels like it's looking at us Miguel.....ugh I don't like this place..
Miguel:  Come on Teresa!  We just got here! Give it a chance...I know it's a little creepy it just needs some work cleaning and all come on let's go in.

Miguel:  Hmm...that doesn't seem to be the right key..
Teresa:  Miguel are you sure no one is in the house?  Honestly I feel like we are being watched...
Miguel:  No Teresa!  It's empty.  Ah here it get to work on the kitchen I will bring in our food just concentrate on getting the kitchen done and dinner for now it's late already we have a lot to do tomorow.

The house was pretty dusty but not too bad.  Teresa got busy in the kitchen and Miguel brought their things in.  Teresa could not shake off the feeling of being watched it was almost unbearable.  Never the less she started dinner and kept herself busy...


Miguel:  Oh man I was starving!  There seems to be water puddles upstairs I mopped them up but I'm going to have to find where the leak is coming from first thing in the morning.
Teresa:  Miguel is there a church nearby?
Miguel:  Yes I think so I will go into town tommorow and ask ok?
Teresa:  Ok.
Their first night was pretty uneventfull they were exausted and there was much to do in the old house.

Teresa had overslept and was still tired as she drank her coffee she noticed in the kitchen window a little girl peeking at her she ran to the window but there was no one there...

Teresa:  Miguel there was a little girl with red hair peeking thru the window earlier.
Miguel:  I doubt it Teresa there are no homes around here for miles..
Teresa:  Yeah well I saw her!
Miguel:  Maybe you saw an animal or something...
Teresa:  I don't think so...
Miguel:  Look I have to go into town I will be gone awhile it may be late try to clean up as much as you can take a walk or something to the lake it's quite pretty there you might feel better and less homesick Ok sis?
Teresa:  hmmm well Ok you go ahead I will be fine.
7  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Cayo Hueso.. Chapter 8,9 and Final Chapter up! on: November 09, 2006, 09:48:14 pm
This is my new story I hope you enjoy...I have had the pictures for awhile and decided to go ahead and put them up.  Hope you like it.  If you like occult type stories you will probably enjoy this....but it's a little different it will have a sort of inside view to a pretty secretive cult I will try to remain accurate to those elements as much as I can.

The title Cayo Hueso means Key Bones..

Cayo Hueso

Chapter One

This is a story about a quiet unassuming man in a quiet unassuming town

Here at Pleasantville Library is Melvin Stoker it is his last night at

the library it is a place he has haunted for Almost 15 years of his


Here Melvin would feed his hunger for adventure, romance and mostly his

greatest and only passion his specialty African Caribbean religion.  He

had written two textbooks on the subject and taught as a professor at

the University on the subject that consumed him.
Tonight was his last night here because his ship had finally come

in...his last textbook had been bought by three colleges and now he had

enough to make the trip of a lifetime....Cayo Hueso....a smile came to

his face as he thought about it..

He decided to send Rafa a quick email.  Rafa was his contact in Cayo

Hueso it was his online friendship with Rafa that made this trip a

reality he owed him so much.  Rafa was a religious leader in Cayo Hueso

 and ran a temple dedicated to initiates of the was a

perfect opportunity when he invited Melvin to visit the temple and

witness some ceremonies....Melvin was ecstatic!  To actually be there

not just studying it out of old textbooks and lectures...

Email to Rafa:
Dear Friend:
I can't wait to have that beer with you on the island everything is set

 my house has been sold and I have received my retirement from the

College.  I look forward to seeing when you get back from the mainland.
Sarah and I should be settled into Salty's houseboat for about two days

before you get back can't wait to meet in person finally!
Your Friend,
Melvin Stoker

Debby:  Melvin get over here!  We have a little surprise for you!

Debby and Clara were Melvin's best friends in Pleasantville they had

known him since he was a kid and fed his love of reading for almost his

whole life.  He had worked part-time at the library since he was a kid

and now it was his last night there.

Debby:  Let's toast Melvin!  To living out your dream!
Clara: passion and chasing it to the ends of the earth!

All three:  To Passion!

Melvin:  I will miss all you two you have been such good friends to me

and inspired me to always learn more I could never thank you both

enough for that.
Clara:  Melvin just go and live out your dream and your passions we

have watched you live a very sedate quiet life we want you to find of

course whatever you want but mostly adventure something to make you

feel alive!
Melvin thought about that......Clara was right...his life had been

quiet and unassuming...he had never been in love.  He had never

traveled except to lecture for the University.  He had never even had a

fling.  He was hoping this trip would ignite something new in his soul

that would make him feel more alive...

The next day....

Sara:  Melvin I'm really nervous about doing early

retirement from teaching is not going to be enough money to live on

what if we can't stay on that Island?
Melvin:  Sarah everything is set stop worrying...

Sarah was Melvin's sister she led an equally quiet safe life as Melvin

somehow after years of working on her Melvin had convinced her to sell

the family home they shared and join him on his trip to Cayo Hueso.

 She appeared to be having another neurotic moment he would have to now

work on her for awhile.  Sarah was a frightened neurotic woman.  
She had never married and had worked as a kindergarten teacher for 15

It took Melvin showing her a picture of one of her students in the

paper as a sucessfull entreprenuer to kick start her need to move on.

Sarah:  What if Father and Mother can see us in heaven and don't like

us selling their home?  What if we have to come back and have nowhere

to live Melvin?  What then?
Melvin:  Sarah calm down......if that happens we will find another

house thats all.
This time tommorow we will be in Cayo Hueso a tropical paradise and you

will feel much better I promise.

The next day on the plane..

Stewardess:  Hi!  I'm Judy I will be your stewardess can I get you

folks something from the bar?
Sarah:  Well....I have never drank before well that's not exactly true

I have had anissette but that's more an aperitive than an actual drink.

isn't it?  Oh my I am rambling Miss I am sorry I am very nervous...

Melvin:  Miss it's ok just bring her a soda any kind you have will be


Sarah:  You know Melvin...I am a grown woman I am perfectly capable of

ordering my own beverage!

Melvin:  sighs....Sarah you were rambling...and sounded crazy...after

9-11 anybody that looks unbalanced gets shot first asked questions

Just try to relax this is a long flight...we still have three more

hours to go.

Sarah:  Fine!  I will sit quietly in my seat and try not to call

attention to myself or appear unbalanced!

It was a long flight.....and Sarah true to her word kept quiet if not

icy for the rest of the flight.

Judy:  Folks we will be arriving in Mainland in 15 minutes so if please

upright your seats and fasten your seat belts.  I hope you enjoy your

stay on the Island!
The view was amazing from the plane they were finally here!  Melvin

felt his heart pounding......of course they still had to take a ferry

to Cayo Hueso but they were on the mainland and would be in Cayo Hueso

in an hour and half!

Even Sarah forgot she was offended at his somewhat callous comment and

seemed excited.  When the plane landed all the pasengers clapped and

cheered and so did Melvin and Sarah they couldn't have been happier.

After a choppy ferry ride they finally arrived at Salty's houseboat by

cab.  It was just a beautiful place Melvin felt a relief in seeing it

for himself even tho Rafa had described it as a very nice place in his


Salty was a strange old goat he was a retired Naval Officer on pension

he obviously loved living on the beautiful houseboat and his good

humour was contagious.

Sarah:  Mr. McQuagge your houseboat is just lovely and this food is

wonderful you are an excellent cook!
Salty:  Call me Salty Sarah please!
Sarah:  Well ok Salty then.
Salty:  Well I can't take credit for the food it was prepared by my

wife Manuela she prepared it before she went to mass.  She should be

back shortly.

Salty:  As you know Melvin the natives here are more Catholic than the

Pope during the day going to mass every day and then of course at night

they do their own thing with the Santeria..
Melvin:  Is your wife a practitioner Salty?
Salty:  Of course Melvin they all are it's pretty much everybody here.

Melvin:  Have you seen Rafa?
Salty:  No....Rafa is in the Mainland probably for two more days.  But

I have a computer upstairs and dial up connection if you want to send

an email just do it late tonight so it won't interupt the phone line.
Melvin:  Thanks Salty!

Salty:  What makes a young strapping young man such as yourself

interested in the natives mumbo jumbo Melvin?
Melvin:  Well it's sort of my area I have written two textbooks on

African religions and the syncretization of the Catholic and Yoruba

religion is fascinating to me.
I met Rafa on a forum and we became friends and when Rafa invited me I

jumped at the chance to finally experience some of the rituals myself.

Salty stood up and announced....Well here is my darling now back from

church like a good little girl!
Melvin turned to greet Mrs. McQuagge and when he saw her his jaw fell

from shock!
Salty's wife was a beautiful black twenty something year old!

She greeted Salty very profusely....a little too profusely...

Sarah:...Melvin....that girl...she could be his Grand daughter...what

are we suppose to do?  While they ravish each other...I'm uncomfortable

with this Melvin...

Melvin:  shh...Sarah we are not in Pleasantville anymore....
8  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Rosemary's Babies! New one up now! on: November 07, 2006, 07:46:26 pm
The Babies

Hi! Hi! I remember you!  Did you miss seeing me?  My name is Suki I am happy you came it is my Birthday!  I am excited!  My brother says I am bouncy I am just happy!  It is okay to bounce when you are happy right?
My brother and me are happy!  We are learning something called self-control  Mommy says it is very important because we have to live in this world.  Will you stay and have some cake?  We will be very good babies!   Well I will be good Mateo is always being bad…he is a problem..

Mateo*  I am not a problem you are a problem.  I am a serious little man.  I am with my Mimma Carmen she calls me Chamaquito she loves me best she only loves me not Suki because Suki smells bad…..
Suki*  I do not smell bad Mimma gave me a bath!  She loves me too!
See now you made trouble and they are putting us to bed.  It is that nanny’s fault she wants us always in bed!
Mateo*  I don’t like her she feels angry and grumpy….
Suki:  I do not like her either.  She makes Mimma grumpy Daddy too.

Suki:*  Mommy don’t put me here!
Nanny Vicky*  These babies are spoiled rotten!  They need to cry themselves to sleep it’s the only way they will learn to stay in their cribs!
Rosemary:  Vicky I want to talk to you about the babies….They are different than any other children you may have cared for before.
Nanny Vicky*   All children are the same they need discipline and routine!
Rosemary*  You will not attempt to discipline my children your job is to help me feed and care for them!  Understand?
Nanny Vicky* yes…..but you will be sorry when they grow to be brats!
Rosemary*  Look I have to talk to you in great detail today is your first day here and there is much I have to tell you before you interact with these babies.  I will be right back just  please have a seat until I return don’t try to care for them yet.

Suki*  Brother?
Mateo* Yes?
Suki*  Listen to that Nanny woman she is making Daddy man upset.
Nanny Vicky* Mr Alvarez I have been a nanny for 35 years I have cared for dozens of children and your children are very spoiled!  It is because your wife refuses to put them on a routine of discipline and routine!
Luis*  Look!  You don’t know these babies they are different my wife will tell you what to do!
Nanny Vicky*  Oh and that woman your maid!  She is feeding those children ethnic foods that cause colic!   They will never learn proper English from that woman!
Luis*  Look I am Puerto Rican too!  You have a problem working for Latinos?
Nanny Vicky*  No of course not it’s just she is a very crude woman!
Suki*  Brother I am tired of that woman’s energy she is ruining our birthday!
Mateo*  Yes I know but we promised Mommy woman not to use our power to harm anyone!
Suki*  What if we just use a little bit?  So that she will at least be quiet and not make Daddy man’s head swim with disgust?
Mateo*  That is a good idea Suki!  Let’s do that I want to use something new I learned!
Suki*  What is it Mateo I want to learn new things!
Mateo*  I learned how to make a beautiful shiny orange light it is warm and it makes the people run away!  Maybe the Nanny woman will run away too!
Suki*  Ok Mateo you start and I will copy you until I learn how!

Carmen*  Aye Dios Mio!  Ju Ass iz on FIRE!
Nanny Vicky*  WHAT!  HELP ME!
Carmen*  HOW DA HELL did ju catch fire?  Ju were smoking? Huh?  If ju was smoking  round these babies ju gonna be fired lady!
Nanny Vicky*  I don’t smoke!  I don’t know how it happen!
Mimma Carmen was not liking Nanny woman either she had her eye on her….

Suki*  Brother that did not work!  The Nanny woman did not run away!
And now she is again making Daddy man upset!
Nanny Vicky*  Mr. Alvarez……You have some kind of weird electrical problems in this house!  I insist you call an electrician immediately it’s not safe for the children or anybody well just now I caught fire for no reason at all!
Nanny Vicky*  OH NOOOO! NOT AGAIN!
Daddy man put out the Nanny woman and he had trouble so the red truck people came to play too!
Suki* YAY!

Mateo*  I love when they come!
Suki*  Me too!  Aww they are leaving Mateo….we will have to do it again….

Firewoman Debby:*  Luis…..this is the second time we have been out here today…..does somebody have hot fingers here?  
Luis*  Debby I am so sorry….they sent us a new Nanny and I think she is senile or something she keeps catching on fire!  I’m going to talk to my wife we have to get rid of her she is menace!
Firewoman Debby*  Yeah…..Ok I’m going to leave now good luck with that.

Suki*  Mateo that nanny woman is still here and she won’t leave Daddy man alone!
Nanny Vicky*  Mr. Alvarez I need to change all the furniture here because I have rehumatism in my left knee and this furniture with this wicker is running my hose I will have to charge you for those hose they are orthopedic and cost a fortune!
Luis*  CARMEN!  Where is Rose?
Carmen*  I’m beezy wid da baby I canno help Luis!  She writing a list for the nanny!
Luis*  ugh crap!
Nanny Vicky*  You know my family had a Puerto Rican maid she kept house real well…….knew her place too!
Luis*  Excuse me I have to go throw up now.
Nanny Vicky*  Oh! stomach problems?  I have that too now I take fiber pills you got to drink a lot of water with those cause if you don’t ……



Firewoman Debby*  Let me guess you tried to fire her and she wouldn’t leave so you set her on fire?….
Luis*  I’m going to get my wife now…..
Firewoman Debby*  It’s ok Luis I’m going to go now but I’m going to leave real…slow so when ole sparky nanny hag decides to ignite again well we won’t have too long a drive..

Nanny Vicky*  It’s time for as the stomach turns I watch that everyday when it’s time for my show your maid will have to watch the babies because it’s in my contract..
Luis*  I was watching a game on that!
Suki*  I’m glowing! Mimma gave me a bath so I smell nice!

Nanny Vicky*  You know I have never experienced anything like this.  I went in your room Conchita and saw your collection of Voodoo upstairs!  You should be ashamed of yourself!  God punishes witches!  They will burn in his eternal damnation  burn witch burn ! Witch repent from all your sorcery and the Lord may forgive you!
Nanny Vicky*  It is the voice of the Lord that compels you Witch!
Carmen*  Listen to the voice of the Puerto Rican witch now GO!  JU ARE FIRED!

Nanny Vicky*  I’m going to Sue!  That Puerto Rican Satanist he tried to set me on fire!

Bystander*  Wow!  What is going on in there?   I saw the Fire trucks!
They tried to kill me with Voodoo!  Then when they couldn’t do it cause the Lord wouldn’t let them they fired me!
Bystander* hmm….I see….

Suki*  After we were done playing with Nanny Vicky and she had gone home it was time for our birthdays!
Mimma Carmen held Mateo and Mommy woman held me!  It was a happy bouncy time!
Suki!  YAY!  WE GREW UP!   

Suki*  Here is Mateo he drinks all the milk he is selfish!

Suki*  Here am I!  I am such a good girl!  I eat all my yucky vegetable and Carmen is happy!  You see?  My bowl is empty cause I ate it!  Stay a little while!  We have to have a bath don’t go…

Suki*  Mommy woman gives me lots of baths because we stink and she said germs live in our skins she read me a story all about it!  I can see them and make them grow on people but it made Mommy scream and Mimma faint so I don’t do that anymore…

Mateo*  This is our Daddy man!  He is very good we love him and play with him every night when he comes home from work.  He tells me to be strong and good!  I am being good so much Suki is being the bad one!

Mateo*  My Mommy woman is very good she kisses me too much but I like it!  It is time for sleep I want to try to make my dreams real tonight I did it before I wonder if it will work?

Suki*  Mimma is putting me to bed tonight she tells me to ask baby Jesus to protect me and to make me a good girl!  She put baby Jesus pictures over my crib so he can watch me when I sleep I think he does his job well!

Sweet dreams……

Rosemary*  I guess they are dreaming again Luis…..I call Carmen to wake them!  At least we are not floating again!
The End
9  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / The Box Ending up Now! on: October 12, 2006, 09:54:53 am
This is a story I been working on hope you enjoy it!  I was inspired by the wonderful strange wonderfull objects some of the creators make for us to use in our games  so in the style of the old Night Gallery tv show from the 70s I bring you the box...

The Box

Rosemary:  Maggy...I cant't stay long I have to meet a new client he is  well super rich and there's no way I can keep him waiting...

Maggy:  Really who is it?

Rosemary:  His name is Paul Beal.  Do you know him?

Maggy:  Oooh yeah! Honey big money He owns all the banks in Pleasantview and Veronaville he is definately not someone you want to keep waiting!  Really sad about his wife isn't?

Rosemary:  His wife?  What happened? I don't really know much about him
 his secretary just called and said he was looking for an Art dealer to sell an eastern collection but I have never heard of him except that he is a big wig in town.

Maggy:  Well he is sort of reclusive...but the way I heard it his wife was an acclaimed Egyptologist very well known in her field she came home from her last dig sick with something unknown and the town gossips say it made her psychotic and that she went from being an attractive woman to a monster!  Her name was Elizabeth Merrell I'm sure you heard of her.

Rosemary:  You're kidding!  Of course I have heard of her I spent 3 years in Veronaville museum during my internship studing her finds there is a whole exihibit just with her finds she donated it all and didn't want any publicity for some strange reason so it was very low key.  I didn't know she had passed away.

Maggy:  Well she was sick for about six months her husband tried every Doctor in the country....she finally died about three months ago..
Rosemary:  How sad...

Maggy:  Well I guess the old man wants to get rid of her stuff probably too painfull to look at it now.

Rosemary:  Yes...I'm sure it is..

Maggy:  How have you been feeling Rosemary?  You look a little pale...

Rosemary:  I'm tired I been working a lot.  I have quite a few new clients  that's been keeping very I haven't had time to think about Douglas that much...

(Rosemary thought about that not thinking about Douglas now this is a lie she had thought about Douglas a lot..and it was making her sick.

She thought about their last conversation...where he told her not only was he not asking Laura for a divorce but that for the children's sake he was going to try to work things out with his was so painfull she couldn't take seeing and working with him anymore she had made the move to Pleasantville and while she was doing ok this ill fated affair still haunted her.

 Douglas and her had become close while he translated artefacts for her and one thing lead to another and next thing she knew they were deeply involved.  I suppose what hurt the most is that he told her on the phone that he didn't have the decency to face her and break her heart to her face....)

Maggy:  That's good honey cause he is a maggot!   You just need to get out  there and start dating again you will see there are so many fish in this sea and without barnacles if you know what I mean?

Rosemary:  I'm not ready yet Maggy.....I ended up getting drunk two Friday nights ago right here in this pub and going home with Ali of all people now he won't leave me alone!

Maggy:  "What! You and Ali?"  Maggy screamed

Rosemary:  Don't laugh it just sort of happened I think he slipped me something cause I know I wasn't that drunk..ugh...
Actually I have to go see him today because Mr. Beals items should be in the warehouse I need to do at least a preliminary look over before I go see Mr. Beal this afternoon.

Maggy:  Well just make sure you don't have a drink with him! LOL!

Rosemary:  Yeah.....No kidding!  Now I do have to go love ya Maggy stay crazy!...bye....

Rosemary:  Ali have all the crates arrived from the Beal collection?

Ali:  "Yes baby they are here don't worry... and so am I when are you going to go home with me again?"

Ali put his octopus arms around her trying to plant a kiss on her..ugh not again....Rosemary pushed him hard with a force that even surprised herself.

Rosemary:  ALI! WHAT PART OF DON'T TOUCH ME EVER AGAIN DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?!  I told you I was drunk I did not want to go out with you again now unless you want to lose this job don't try it again.  Ok?

Ali:  Ok don gotta be so nasty....

Ali:  Here are the items from Mr. Beal they are very nice there will be some good money here thats for sure I have hired a guard and of course the alarm and the bars so it should be safe.  Of course all the big money items will go in the safe.

Rosemary:  Good!  I already have a really eccentric client in Veronaville that has wants to bid on it as soon as it is catalogued so you need to get to work.  I will be here tommorow morning and help as much as I can.

Ali:  Oh and there is also this.....Ali pointed to an unusual box Rosemary took a closer look at it....what the hell was it?

Rosemary:  What is this it's not Egyptian?

Ali:  No it's not....There is a note attached to it addressed to you I didn't open it.

Rosemary opened the envelope it was a note from Mr. Beal addressed to her.. it read...

Miss Woodhouse please accept this box as a bonus for your help with this matter.  It belonged to my wife and before she died it was the only one of her artefacts that she asked me not to sell.
She asked me to give it away to a pretty girl although we haven't met personally I have heard you fit the bill of her descriptions.
Looking forward to meeting finally.
Paul Beal

Rosemary:  Well this is very cool it's a bonus on top of my commission!

Ali:  You should bury that thing Rosemary....I'm not kidding!

Rosemary studied Ali's face puzzled by his remark.

Rosemary:  Why would I do that?

Ali:  This thing is a Dybbuk box it is evil don't keep it please!

Rosemary:  Dybbuk?  

Ali:  Yes Dybbuk it is a devil inside the box when you open it the devil will possess you and kill you.

Rosemary:  Come on Ali!  I don't believe in such crap!
What is the writting on it?  Can you read it?

Ali:  No it looks like Hebrew but my Hebrew is really not very good you should call Douglas he can translate the writtings..

Rosemary winced at the idea of calling Douglas but Ali was right this was a job for Douglas.  If this Dybbuk box was worth anything maybe she could finally take that cruise she had been planning...of course she had planned to make it a honeymoon with Douglas now it would her alone.....

Rosemary:  Go ahead and package it and send it to Douglas I'll call him and confirm with him tonight.

Ali:  Ok!


Rosemary started the drive to Mr. Beal's cabin it was  it was a bit of a drive since it was in the outskirts of the City.  She pulled up to a quaint log type vacation home it was cozy and by a lake Mr. Beal owned many homes but she had heard since his wife died he spent most of his time in this small cabin gardening which was his true passion besides making millions.
She was met by a caretaker and asked to wait in a lovely patio until Mr. Beal would join her.  She felt nervous for some reason she had dealt with powerfull people before but this felt different she had a feeling Mr. Beal was not your typical millionaire.

Mr. Beal:  Good Morning Miss Woodhouse how good of you to join me!

Rosemary looked up into Mr. Beals lovely blue eyes they were kind and welcoming but there was definately a sadness there that she could detect.

Rosemary:  Mr. Beal it is wonderfull to finally meet you!  Your home is wonderful  you can really breath the fresh air out here.

Mr. Beal:  Well it is way to big for just one old stuffy man but I find the gardens keep me fit particularly the rose garden.

Do you garden Miss Woodhouse?  

Rosemary:  No actually I love plants but have had very little time to plant a garden but maybe your lovely garden will inspire me..

Mr. Beal:  Oh I hope so working with living beautifull things feeds our soul Miss Woodhouse my wife never cared for gardening and spent all her time with her artefacts of the dead all those dead ancient things cold and well not good for anyone..I will give you a plant to take home with you so that you remember to connect with the good and beautifull it's very important!

Rosemary:  Thank you Mr. Beal you have been so generous to me I was very flattered you chose me to take care of these items for you.

Mr. Beal:  Well don't be you were chosen by my late wife she left her wishes written and they were quite specific.. she wanted her collection to be sold and the proceeds to go to a  Archeological research team in Kurdistan and Israel.  She specifically chose you to barter the deal because she liked the way you worked with her items at Veronaville Museum.
She said you had done such a good job that she wanted you to be rewarded generously in this deal.

Rosemary was shocked!  She had never actually met Elizabeth Merrell she had been told at the time that she never attended the Museum except by private viewings a few times and that was before her time there.

Rosemary:  Mr. Beal I am very flattered to be doing this for your late wife her career was astounding...she was an amazing woman.

Mr. Beal:  She she was her illness and resulting death were a great tragedy to me and I wish to honor all her requests she was very very sick at the point of her death but somehow managed to detail her wishes very clearly with her I of course want to honor every single one.

Speaking of which the box I sent you she wished you to have it.  You may sell it or do as you wish but apparently it is quite special so you may want to hold on to it for awhile until you can figure out it's value.
Here is her log on it I wanted to hand it to you in person honestly I looked at it briefly and it sort of reads as ravings my first instinct was to destroy it so no one would ever see how this strange illness had ravished her mind but her attorney was very specific that I hand this personally to you.
Just keep in mind that my wife's illness had made her.....well delusional in the last six months of her life.  I would consider it a personal favor if no one but you ever saw it.

Rosemary:  Yes of course Mr. Beal I will keep this confidential and if what it contains is too upsetting then I assure you I will destroy it.  I want to assure you I will not allow anyone else to read it except for any details having to do with the scholarly analysis of the artefact.

Mr. Beal:  Thank you Miss Woodhouse!  I can see you are a person of character I see now why Elizabeth chose you for this task she was an excellent judge of character.

As Rosemary drove home she thought about calling Douglas for the translation of the box she hadn't spoken to him in over 4 months she decided she would be professional and detached....she wasn't sure she could pull that off but she would try...
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