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1  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Discussion / CRITICAL FIX FOR FREE TIME EP7 on: March 09, 2008, 07:48:24 pm
IMPORTANT! Well, they did it again, good old EAxis!!!!!!!!!
Mark found the following:

TwoJeffs at the InTeenimater has posted a fix for a critical error in FreeTime. It fixes the problem of almost always reporting a bogus aspiration for the sim if they happen to have a secondary aspiration set.

Just unzip the file in your downloads folder to make the fix work and, for example, delete it when Maxis has an official patch.
Find it on the following page (look for: Free Time Aspiration Critical Fix):
2  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Discussion / My Bon Voyage builds on: September 20, 2007, 05:46:20 pm
This probably is in the wrong place but I wanted to share my new BV lots. I built the Grand Hotel de Twikkii and then built beach front property in Bluewater Village.

Bluewater Beachfront:

Grand Hotel:

3  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Discussion / Links to TS2&EP hacks:More Critical AL EP8 FIXES;InTeen info NEW 1/1/09 on: March 02, 2006, 05:15:54 am
I am now trying to consolidate as well as update this thread to current status. RL has kept me too busy of late to be of any good use to all of you but thanks to Mark many updates have been found and reported in later posts in this thread. Over the next few days I will try to move Mark's research to the first post.

Chaavik has generously updated Monique's Cheap and Expensive Computers (FreeTime). It is an awesome tool and should be in your game:

SimPe has been updated to AL EP8 compatibility (see SimPe section below)

Game requirements (see link):

TJ has created the Sim Blender (an alternative to The InSim). It has been updated to AL compatibility.

See link for more information:

Mark (our tireless Sims investigative reporter) has also found the following at Sims Wardrobe:

"March 7, New Fix: NPC Phonebook Fix - After the installation of FreeTime the phonebook no longer shows any of the NPCs that should be callable, such as the Maid, Gardener, Etc. This is due to a glitch in the new LUA script that is supposed to filter out the "uncallable" NPCs. This fix makes the non BV NPCs callable again and has the added bonus of allowing you to call the new Hobby Club Leaders on the phone."

Please see the Sims Wardrobe section for the link to SW.

FREE TIME hack initial compatibility information (N99 is a free forum. You may have to register to read the posts but it is well worth the effort. N99 has been with us since the golden days of TS1 and is an amazing Site):


Read on

Maxis officially releases NEW BV Patch (see Patch section for

IMPORTANT: If you choose not to add the BV patch you will still need Pescado's Anti-Redundancy Hack to avoid NPC spamming.

Find it here:


BBB has also created a detailed, magnificent thread that is jam packed with well thought out and invaluable information titled, a must read: An Editorial from the Opposition:

Sleepycat (TA Mark) has a link to a program that will analyze whether your system will run EP5.

Are you wondering if Seasons will run on your computer? (EP6 is not yet listed but should mirror the specs for SEASONS)

James of Sims Wardrobe has an amazing tutorial: Windows XP Game Optimization Tips. It is definitely a must read:

Monique has updated her Journal as to what works with SEASONS:

DJSims has listed what of his hacks need updates with Seasons:[/B]

Magnificent MOD, Serafina, has an extensive "The Sims 2 FAQ **Work In Progress**" It is SIMply brilliant and a must read.

DJS Sims has a great many hacks for TS2 and its EPs. Most importantly, there is a new ***Pets Custom Content Updater***:



Apartment Life PATCH:

The Sims Free Time PATCH:

The Sims 2 Bon Voyage Patch:

The Sims 2 Seasons CD/DVD Patch:

The Sims 2 Seasons Digital Download Patch

The Sims 2 updated 3/23/07 adding a new comprehensive Pets (EP4) CD/DVD Patch (Including Body Shop):

The Sims 2 Pets Digital Download Patch (also updated):

EP3 OFB & FFS have new PATCHES available on the TS2 Site:

The Sims 2 Open for Business CD Patch:

The Sims 2 Family Fun Stuff Pack CD Patch

The Sims 2 Nightlife CD Patch (EP2):

The Sims 2 University CD Patch (EP1):

The Sims 2 CD Patch (Core game):

The Sims 2 DVD Patch (Core game):

Remember to remove or copy your D/Ls folder and copy your neighborhood files before installing any PATCH to protect them. Patches should be treated as clean or re-installs. After patching, run the game; if all is well then and only then put your copied or moved D/Ls and neighborhood files back into the game.

Also, don't forget to check with each hack creator to see if his or her MOD needs to be adjusted for this newest PATCH.

Please keep checking back as I will add new links I think pertinent as I find them.


Find the EP8 AL InTEEN here (As well as previous updates for the InTEEN; you may have to register to download it):

All questions pertaining to function, performance and problems with the InTeen should be asked at Simbology.

Jase previously updated the Jenflower's Teen WooHoo Lite mod to FT EP 7 compatibility. It has not been updated for AL. Remember this is not the InTeen; you can not have both the InTeen and Jen WH simultaneously in your game. Use the update that is compatible with your game. Read the ReadMe files.

If you wish to have teen woo hoo for AL Carrigon updated her mods to AL compatibility.

NOTE: The InSimenator has been updated to full AL compatibility!

The Apartment Life EP8 InSimenator V. 2.9 works with original TS2 core game and all subsequent add on packs and EPs.

Do not install more than one InSIMenator .package file in your game or you will have conflicts. Please be sure to remove any previous versions of the InSIMenator.

***,100226.0.html ***

Remember to have the most recent CEP (Color Enable Package)


***CEP*** has been UPDATED (It can safely be used by *ALL* users, with *ANY* game configuration):

For checking your files here is a link to the indispensible Sims2Pack Clean Installer:

Here is the link to the HackDiff (FEATURES: Scans old and new objects.packages from patches or new xpacks for differences
in BHAV/BCON/OBJD/OBJf/TTAB/TTAs/STR and spits out an index, then reuses index
to scan hacks.):,9517.0.html

All hail the good and great Dr. Pescado! his remarkable works are now pretty much 100% updated for all EPs up to and including AL EP8. MATY:

Link to master Merola: (the Multi-painting and the Mind Control Mirror still work for Sim humans (do not use the aspiration option in the painting as it is not compatible with either FREE TIME or Apartment Life). The cloned dressers all work . The only option missing is change to outerwear; all other clothing options are still viable.) Inge Jones has made single tile versions of the Multi-Painting(see Simlogical links section).

Link to: Vampcat's, Rockchick's, Delusion's, Nightstalker's and  Wintermuteai1's forum:

Carrigon's mods that work with BV (you need to be registered to read the files):

Indispensible SimPe

***UPDATED FOR Apartment Life EP8***:

SimPE for AL

March 11th, 2008 
"Following up the very delayed release 0.64 of SimPE we were quite fast to get it working with The Sims 2 - Freetime this time. So we happily announce SimPE 0.66.

***Quaxi No Censor Blur - (also works with AL EP8):***

Paladin the great God of TS1 has brought back his Sims Wardrobe to include helpful hacks for both TS1 and now TS2:

Inge Jones' magnificent Site Simlogical

Check out both the Simlogical and Dinerbell sections. You must register for Dinnerbell to be able to view and down load its wonderful content.

Carrigon is no longer connected with Simlogical. She may now be found at SIMS2Workshop. Find her here (she is already hard at work updating her fabu hacks to EP6 compatibility:

If anyone has TS2 SimEnhancer here is a link to Rick Halle's Site.


TS2 Enhancer has been updated for Apartment Life (Vista Compatible)

Scotty's grand and glorious Gay Sims Club 2 is yet another link that could supply more info for those of us hack happy souls.
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