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16  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Eyes / Coppelia Eyes on: May 01, 2007, 05:56:17 pm
One word...BEAUTIFUL!!!!!:worship:
17  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Make Up / Beautiful. on: April 05, 2007, 10:03:01 am
These are great. Thanx for sharing them. You ROCK bren!!!:worship:
18  Resident Creators / EP5 Mods / Desperation Interactions Enabled EP5 on: March 14, 2007, 02:00:01 pm
Quote from: Squinge;626138
Thanks Frog Girl Smiley

8-) :tongue: :happy3: :angel5: :tongue3: :smile bi: :happy8:
You ARE the Hack Master!!!
19  Resident Creators / EP5 Mods / Thanx for updating... on: March 13, 2007, 02:41:59 pm
I had this before and was waiting for the update. tongue
20  Resident Creators / EP5 Mods / Squinge ROCKS!!! on: March 13, 2007, 02:39:22 pm
This is going to be a fun one!!! :laughing: I cant wait to start messing with my Sims...:shock:
Thanx for all these cool mods you put together.:glasses1:
21  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Self-Sims / Thanx... on: March 11, 2007, 02:24:15 pm
:hello2: Just a quick thank you for the nice comments.:toothy1:
22  Resident Creators / Squinge's Mods / Thanx on: March 07, 2007, 01:11:15 pm
Just what I needed. I am lazy and I hate having to clean up after everyone!!!! Well at least that is how my Sims feel...:oops:
23  Resident Creators / Squinge's Mods / *bows to The Hack Master* on: March 07, 2007, 01:03:05 pm
You are the greatest!!:thumblef: ! Now I can have the first kiss the way it is supposed to be.:wink:  I HATED this interaction!! Thanx for yet another quality product from Squinge...:toothy6:
24  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / These cliffhangers are TOO MUCH!!! on: February 02, 2007, 11:41:34 am
I had to catch up today and read the last three posts. And  they were great, as always, but you did it again...:blob6:
I thought I would get more about the resurrection, BUT NO!! You have to keep stopping when things could get interesting!!!
This is driving me NUTS!!:smt120

At least I have that silly contest to keep me busy...
25  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Help / Video card time... on: January 30, 2007, 02:21:23 pm
Well it looks like I'm gettin a new card.:smile:  If that doesnt solve the problem then what?Huh?? I think we are going to look on-line cuz there are some really good deals if you look in the right places.

I want to thank you all for the help. I will let you know if there are any more problems.:happy8:
26  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Self-Sims / Thanx a million!! on: January 29, 2007, 10:47:33 am
Quote from: DecoraChroi;550593
Frog Girl, the hair you included mesh 003 and is by XM Sims. Make sure you include the required meshes, pictures and credits in future uploads.

I will edit and post this right now. Thanx for the help. I couldnt find it when I went looking for everything I used.
27  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Self-Sims / Ok Now I'm scared!!! on: January 29, 2007, 10:46:07 am
Quote from: xK-la;550879
Thanks for the simself honey, I'm going to have fun with you hehe :twisted:

UM, I dont think I want you downloading me.

*looks around asking "can I get someone to keep xK-la From downloading me?"..."Anyone???"*

I would tell you to be nice, but I dont think it would do me any good. Would it?
28  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Self-Sims / Thanx, Kathy on: January 28, 2007, 11:46:45 pm
Quote from: kathy;550238
You look very cute!

I just was wondering why I was edited. Did I mess something up? If I did let me know so I can get it right next time. Thanx.:happy8:
29  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Self-Sims / UM, no on: January 28, 2007, 02:38:39 pm
Quote from: Dread;549386
Are you married to Frog_Man? Or his daughter? Or... b-both...? Anyway, very hot.

I am not related to Frog_Man in ANY way!!! In fact we just met here a few months ago.

And Thanx!!!:happy8:
30  A Safe Haven / General Discussion / MICHIGAN on: January 28, 2007, 01:13:53 pm
In the thumb of Michigan in a little town that the traffic actually stops for the kids parades.:happy8: :angel:
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