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16  Retired Creators / Arcias Specials / New Shorthair for Men on: September 20, 2007, 05:36:19 am
I ve`got new Hair for your male Sims,short,simple,but cool.It comes in the four
maxiscolors,red,blond,black and brown.It´s for Adult,Young adult and Elder.
It works with the base game and all Expansions up to Bon Voyage.
I hope you like it.
You can make recolors,upload it together with your Sim,to any freesite you choose,just give credit.
17  Retired Creators / Arcia's Babylon / Apollimy,Dark Hunter Characters on: August 19, 2007, 03:57:14 pm
So here she is,Apollimy the Destroyer,highest goddess of the famous Atlantis.
After her long awaited Child was taken away from her,she went berserk,killing
all the other  atlantean Gods and destroying  Atlantis.The Greek Gods finally
managed to capture her and confine her to Kalosis(a dark and lonely place
between worlds and time)There she waits for the Day,when she will escape
and than she will bring the end of the world.

First up,I really couldn´t decide what Hair I should give her,cause she looks great in every style,so she comes with the maxis original shown in the pics.
Custom content included
beautiful skintone by will stefan,eyeshadow by bruno
eyeliner by the fantastic helaene
eyes,dress mesh and texture by me(this mesh has a fatmorph)
As always I hope you like her and have fun with her in your Game.
Next up are Sin and some of the Characters of his book.
Have a nice week.
18  Retired Creators / Arcias Specials / New animated Hair for males on: July 16, 2007, 03:41:58 am
Yesterday was the hottest day in Germany,the streets were melting and I was meshing:D.So here are long Cornrows for Males,four colors not binned,but they are animated.The mesh is for adult,young adult and elder.It works in the original
Game with or without Expansions.Here is a picture showing details.

You can recolor it or upload it together with your sim on any freesite you choose.
As always I hope you like it and have fun with it in your game.
19  Retired Creators / Arcias Specials / Braids for Males,new mesh on: June 14, 2007, 09:31:17 am
Hi from hot Germany(the weather is slowly killing me)today I have some
braids for your malesims,and believe it or not the bangs are actually
animated :blob6:, seems like i finally figured that out(it was a long and painful
way,:smile: )The mesh was made with all EP´s installed but works fine with only the basegame.It´s for adult,young adult and elder.I´ve just made some
maxirecolors,red,black,brown,blond,cause i don´t have a decent braidtexture.
You can recolor it,upload it together with your sim on any freesite you choose.
Hope you like it and have fun with it in your Game.
20  Retired Creators / Arcias Specials / Halloweenhair for Males on: October 14, 2006, 09:57:50 am
Another new Hairstyle for Vampires,Goth etc.When I first played Nightlife I
had a vampire Sim named Seka,I always wanted Hair like that for him,so the official name for this is Sekahair.Anyway it works for adult,young adult and elder,and it is compatible with all expansions so far(don´t know about pets yet)Only basic animation and not color binned.It comes in black,platinblond,
brown and redblack striped.

(taking pictures is so boring):lol:
You can make your own recolors,you can upload recolors together with your sim to every freesite you choose,just give proper credit and link back here for the mesh.Hope you like it and have Fun with it,have a good weekend.
21  Retired Creators / Arcias Specials / Recolors of Sshodans Flowing Tail on: August 14, 2006, 01:41:14 pm
Something new today,I made four recolors of Sshodans newest beautiful hair
mesh Flowing Tail,I was so happy when I saw this beautiful Style yesterday,so I  thought I ´d share my recolors with you.The four colors are
honeyblond,platin,redstriped and auburn,as shown on the picture.The hair is not colorbinned cause my workcomputer on which I make meshes etc is currently under construction.

You´ll find the mesh for those recolors here,
You can upload those recolors together with your Sims on any freesite you choose,but don´t use my texture  to make your own stuff.
Hope you like it and have fun with it
22  Retired Creators / Arcia's Babylon / Dark Hunter Characters,Stryker&Urian on: July 22, 2006, 11:43:05 am
Well today I have two Guys for you,the evil Stryker and his Son Urian.
Stryker is first,so here we go.Stryker is the son of the God Apollo and the
apollite Queen who lived on Atlantis.When his mother came to know that Apollo had found himself a new Mistress on Greece and didn`t care for her anymore,she´d send her children to kill this new Mistress,and Apollo got so enraged that he cursed all Apollites,to never walk in Daylight again,to drink blood from each other and to die a very cruesome death at 27,the same age that his Mistress had died.Stryker was outraged about that but he got help from the Atlantean Goddess Apollimy who told him how to prolonge his live by
taking human souls into his body.Although Stryker serves the atlantean Goddess,he hates her.He is the Archenemy of Acheron and tries his best
to get rid of him,the Dark-Hunters and Apollo.It´s save to say that Stryker hates everyone,with only one exception,his Son Urian who is lost to him forever.

custom content  included,athletetop and jeansmesh by marvine,
hairmesh by me
,midskintone by louis of simscribbling,
eyes,brows,hairrecolor,clothingrecolor etc by me.He comes with the black
outfit in the pictures,not the suit
23  Retired Creators / Arcias Specials / Biker,verylong Fuzzyhair on: July 03, 2006, 01:36:04 pm
Okay I admit it ,I am a bit obsessed with this hairstyle.maybe because it was so difficult to make it fit on the male head.But i needed a very long wavy hair
that would have a good fit on my Bodybuilder Sims,and here it is.I just made the four maxiscolors,but you can as always recolor it as you like.It works for adult,elder and young adult and it works for the original game and all expansions.As always you can upload it together with your sims on any freesite,just give proper credit and link back here for the mesh

Hope you like it
24  Retired Creators / Arcia's Babylon / Dark Hunter Characters,Fang Kattalakis on: July 03, 2006, 12:47:13 pm
Hi everyone,hope you had a good Weekend.Here is the second Wolf,Vane´s
Brother Fang,until the Day he and Vane got captured by Daimons,he was a
charming Boy who couldn´t keep his mouth shut.But than their evil Father sold them out to the Daimons,who tried to steal his magic powers,he was in a
severe state of Shock,brought to Sanctuary,he there was tended by the only Daughter of the Bears.I guess he will have even more trouble now

As always I hope you like him and have fun with him in your Game
All custom content is included
cclist,midskintone by louis of simscribbling
hair+bodymesh as well as  the recolors are by me,
eyes,brows etc,all by me
This is the updated version,he looks exactly as on the pictures shown
25  Retired Creators / Arcias Specials / New Fuzzyhair for males,long and short on: June 21, 2006, 04:50:41 pm
My Milkshape works again but it has killed two of my meshes that I made before it´s crash,anyway today I got two new ones for you that I just finished today,both have basic animation,work for all expansions and the original game and are for adult,young adult and elder.First up the long version

I made only maxistexture recolors as you can see on the pictures,brown,red,blond and black.As always you can recolor it and load it up on any freesite,together with your sim,just give credit and link back here for the mesh.
Hope you like it and have fun with it:group hu:
26  Retired Creators / Arcia's Babylon / Acheron,the first Dark Hunter on: June 05, 2006, 10:51:10 am
So this one´s for you Knightskykyte,This is my version of Acheron Parthenopaeus fom the Dark-Hunter Books by Sherrilyn Kenyon,originally I made him and the other Dark-Hunters for a friend of mine as a gift but
Knightskykyte liked him a lot and so here he is.I tried to make him look as
described in the books but I failed to get this bow and arrow tattoo,anyway
for those who don´t know those books,Acheron is eleventhousand years old,
he was born in Atlantis,and is the leader of a group of immortals called Dark-Hunters who guard Humanity against the Soul stealing Deimons,all Dark-Hunters once were human until they sold their souls to Artemis in order to get revenge for injustice that happened to them,as the Gods never grant anything for free they have than to become Dark-Hunters,if you wanna know more here is a link to the Dark-Hunter webside

this time all custom content is included,credits go to louis of simscribbling
for the awesome skintone and to helaene for the beautiful eyeliner
the clothingrecolor,hairrecolor and mesh,eyes and brows are made by me.
I hope you like him and have fun with him in your game
27  Retired Creators / Arcias Specials / A new shoulderlength Malehairstyle on: May 26, 2006, 06:33:19 am
So this is the mesh with which a fought a long time,it´s a tricky beast.Now finally it looks like I wanted it to be.But to be honest there is still one thing that bothers me,there is a thin line running around the head of which I
couldn´t get rid of,no matter what I tried,luckily its only visibly on the blond one,the darker colors look great ingame as you can see on the pictures

Anyway it has basic animation and as always it´s for adult,young adult and elder.It works in all expansions as well as in the original game.I made four colors,black,blond,brown and auburn,you can as always recolor as you like
and load it up together with your Sim on any free site you like,just give credit
and link back here for the mesh.I hope you like it
28  Retired Creators / Arcias Specials / Acheronhair,the third long Malehair,updated on: May 19, 2006, 03:36:18 pm
So the third one is ready for you,I like this one a lot,it looks great  in game,and it was easy to make compared to the other ones,it has basic animation and i made four colors,black,blond,red and brown,you can recolor it
as you like.Its as always for adults,young adults and elder and its compatible
with the original game and all expansions,you can upload it together with your sims on any freesite you like,just give credit and link back here for the

Note,the mesh has been updated,the new one will overwrite the old one,the textures on the recolors are new too.The Hair is now animated and colorbinned
29  Retired Creators / Arcias Specials / Here comes the next long Malehair on: May 16, 2006, 08:12:07 am
Seems like I can´t stop,making long hair huh? Don´t worry I m working on
shorter Hair too.This is the second one of three longer styles,it´s called Sumerhair,it has basic animation,which means it doesn´t stick out of the back so much and it moves  in the right way when the sim moves his head,
I suck at explaining,so please test it in your Game first and than tell me what you think,okay?
It comes in four colors,red,,black,brown and blond.It´s ,as always ,compatible with the original game and all expansions.And it´s for adult,young adult and elder.
You can recolor it as you like and you can upload it together with your sims
on any freesite you like ,just give proper credit and link back to this Thread
for the mesh.Hope you like it and have fun with it.

The mesh is now updated,the new meshfile will overwrite the old one,the Hair is now animated and colorbinned and it has new textures as shown in the pics
30  Retired Creators / Arcias Specials / Tiglathair,a variation of my first mesh on: April 30, 2006, 05:52:10 pm
Hello me again,while fighting with another mesh(which at the moment,wont
work as i want it to work) I made another go at the maxis rockermesh,it turned out very nice and looks good in game.And I know some of you like longer hair on men as much as I do,so here it is.I named it Tiglat after an
ancient mesopotamien King

Eight recolors this time,darkbrown,redbrown,black,wheatblond,shinyblond,
auburn,redblackstreaks and honeyblond.For adults,young adults and elders,works with all expansions and the original game.
you can make recolors,all you want and you can upload it together with your
sims on any freesite you want,but give proper credit
Hope you like it
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