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1  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Sim Honeys / Mystryn.. my ..Mithra? on: January 16, 2009, 06:44:47 am
Well it's about time I came up with an up-dated version..
This is Mystryn my Mithra(final fantasy online charicter)
I can't say that she is excatly close to a mithra.. but she is
my newest version, and generally I had them in mind when I
started , but this is what happens when I make things based on
how I want them... she's sort of a cross between a Mithra and a
Kajjit from Morrowwind/ stripes on her body , but
what ever ,just view for your self....(I spent HOURS/Days on her face)

(originally kinda changed it up some ^_~)Cheeks are by:: SeluXereZ@MTS2
This skin was made from a Louise/Ren skin
Tiger-ish face hand painted useing a picture as a guide.

!! you can just dl the skin if that's all you want -I included it all by it's

I requested some ears, and even though I'd still like(love) to see them done,
I managed to find these ears.. they are really cute!!
and you can get them here :

*in a few pics she has fangs by generalzoi
 , although they do turn up blue sometimes , you can fix it
in the mirror  ,you can find them as an accessory here::

She comes packaged with::

eyes are by: Shady @MTS2

You will need Blooms Maxis pushup Bra *toponly*  mesh for this to work in game,87395.0.html

The dress mesh by antonio11662
is included

IF you are not familiar with some pics and wonder WTF some of these are taken in The sims 2 castaway stories
I love that version of the sims, the clothes they have for the natives are adorable. I love every bit of that game X-D
I just wish I had all their stuff for the other version, but w/e :-p

No worries on if the genetics carry on ^_~ just wait till you see the infant X-D
and yes the males have it too X-D

I also added a little bonus in the pack^_~
they are separate so you can throw them out if you want!

My TId bits/TOS /Policy (what ever you want to call it ..)
Do not use as a donation, claim as your own, or use on a pay sight.
sims/skins or other wise must always be given proper credit , and
a link to the original. Keep off of the exchange or the sims resourse.
( I don't mind the exchange but most meshers don't want their stuff on it
so i tend to follow that.)
Feel free to edit / mangle or other wise to my textures.. Please give credit
if my stuff is used in any way shape or form.

(Feel free to use this sim as a model on a pay sight so long as their
is proper credit and a link, this also goes for stories /movies . )

Thank you and happy simming :-) Azn
2  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Skintones / Nomina Pale skin tone & and the original nomina skin that has the nose edit. on: January 16, 2009, 05:40:43 am
THis skin just won't fit in else where so it gets to have it's own place..
 All it is , is the vampire skin that I made , darker ..who said all vamps
have to be ghastly pale? This one is still pale but not as much as most..
 meh use ot for what you will ..

This is just the original skin with the minor nose edit(54e878dc_!!NominaMPLN!!)

Credits ::
Nose is by:: threehundred@MTS2
Cheeks are by:: SeluXereZ@MTS2
The basis of these skins are Louis/ren

My TId bits/TOS /Policy (what ever you want to call it ..)
Do not use as a donation, claim as your own, or use on a pay sight.
sims/skins or other wise must always be given proper credit , and
a link to the original. Keep off of the exchange or the sims resourse.
( I don't mind the exchange but most meshers don't want their stuff on it
so i tend to follow that.)
Feel free to edit / mangle or other wise to my textures.. Please give credit
if my stuff is used in any way shape or form.

Thank you and happy simming :-) Azn
3  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Skintones / Nomina Skin tones Undead (Vampire&Zombie) on: January 16, 2009, 04:59:41 am
Stick with the vampire and the make-up/ eyebrows to add your gore...
(to me it's not all that gorey , then again I hand painted most of the face ^_~

Here are the Undead skin tones :-3
The Vampire and the Zombie.
The Zombie was made useing the vampire skin
so yeah they look alot a like.. except for the you know
stiches and facial wounds..... :-p

:NOTE : these are not default replacements, feel free to make them
that way if you want.

Credits :

Nose is by:: threehundred@MTS2
Cheeks are by:: SeluXereZ@MTS2
The basis of these skins are Louis/ren

The zombie and vampire both come with their own little eyes/masks or what ever..
say you like the skin tone of the zombie but not all the nasty wounds, or maybe you don't want the wounds all the time , soo you have face masks , eyes and acessories ^_~(other than the autopsy stiches and the gapeing wound on the leg you can pretty much pull off the same look with the vamp skin.)

In order to get the eyesocket to show up looking like their
isn't an eye their I had to use(as well and the undead eye to go over the normal eye ...looks quite creepy lol) :
Different Colored Eyes by:generalzoi

:note: the flacid lightless eyes on the picture next to the zombie being attacked by locust/flies ..bugs
This white film is actually some contacts that I made that gives most eyes(or at least all the eyes I tested it on)
a light film ..giveing them that "I need glasses" or most importantly that"zombified" look... (It's in the zombie folder)

4  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Skintones / Nomina Skin Tones on: January 16, 2009, 04:32:47 am
Originally this included the Mithra ,vampire and zombie skin tones , but their was just to much content. SO they will be up in a different post. (as well as lip stick)

This pack includes normal skins based from the nomina skin tone, only I edited the nose to look more realistic useing a nose shaper that I found.
No worries I made sure that it was ok if I used it, by reading the creator policy.

*Skins do have nipples, no genitles though
if you want them more attomically correct you'll have to make them that way your self.

Credits :

Nose is by:: threehundred@MTS2
Cheeks are by:: SeluXereZ@MTS2
The basis of these skins are Louis/ren

THe zombie is the the obviously mangled sim wich isn't included in the pack as well as the mithra skin
wich is the girl with the short red spikey hair and a kitty face. .. aka the one in the middle

My TId bits/TOS /Policy (what ever you want to call it ..)
Do not use as a donation, claim as your own, or use on a pay sight.
sims/skins or other wise must always be given proper credit , and
a link to the original. Keep off of the exchange or the sims resourse.
( I don't mind the exchange but most meshers don't want their stuff on it
so i tend to follow that.)
Feel free to edit / mangle or other wise to my textures.. Please give credit
if my stuff is used in any way shape or form.

Thank you and happy simming :-) Azn
5  Simmers' Paradise / Accessories / Fluffy Cat ears ? on: January 10, 2009, 09:10:51 pm

Hello ^_^ I’ve been looking for quite a while now for some cat ears , yes I know that there are a few free ones and some that you have to pay for or.. Up grade your acct for ,like on TSR , but I don’t do the whole pay sight thing , I like the stuff that I texture to be free, their for the meshes that I use need to be free as well.
I did find some really cute ones, but I could only find images with them in it rather than a place to dl them.

So in stead of getting even more annoyed , I designed my own in photo shop to show exactly what I would like to have for this project that I’ve been working on.

*The hair in the pic got a little mangled when  I was messing with it in photo shop so I just painted over a lot of it, there is no hair that looks like this that I know of.  The hair that was originally used was by  Corinne (sweet and Spiky) I think it’s at MTS2 but not to sure.

* The skin is the project that I was talking about . I still have a few more things that I need to do before it is finished. (spent days on the face adjusting it over time, it’s my version of the Mithras and an up-grade to my old version ,so the rest of the body doesn‘t really have a furry texture ; unless someone feels like they want to tangle with it  once it‘s out; just let me know I have psd files that might help with the face/scalp .)

Now to the Ears :
if it's not to much to ask::
Fairly realistic ..(well realisitic enough for a fantasy charicter :-p )
*If possible I would like the ears to cover the maxis ears .
*Maybe alpha editable in parts
*Fit  from toddlers to elders.. Or if possible attach them to a body mesh, something like
 the body types that Warlokk makes, so that the infant could have them too. (make sure to get
the proper persmission to do that if you decide to. )
My skin(s) should be out soon so attaching the skin to the mesh would be possible as well.
* Attach fangs with the mesh , so the kitties have some fangs to go with their ears?

[Body types? Preferably something close to maxis so that they can retain a fairly similar shape. ]

These are just a few ideas , I’m not really picky.  I don’t  care for the  tails , just the ears, and maybe some fangs to go with it.
 ^_~ I'd be quite pleased just to have them as an acessory if anything. .. as long as they dont flash blue I'm happy !!

I hope that this is enough detail to inspire someone to create this for me ^_^
Thank you for taking the time out to consider my request .

6  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Skintones / Nomina Skin on: November 21, 2008, 01:07:24 pm
This is for those of you that just want the skin and not the sim ^_~

This skin was made using parts of SeluXereZ Elvira skin.
The base skin is a Louis/Ren skin

For the most part the lips were the only thing I was really focusing on, and then I just ended up changing the whole darn thing.

They eye brows are not painted on and each stage has their own skin. Males cheaks are lighter than the female's so that they don't look like they are wearing blush ^^ The children have the same idea as they are kids.. plus the boys and girls share the same texture ^^, and the babies have very slight detail in that area. Infants.. well they are infants so they have a very basic face... just look at the pics ^^
Sim With make-up
(Nomina Sim you can find here)

No Make-Up

My Tid Bits
Do not use as a donation,on a pay sight or claim as your own.
Please leave proper credit when useing , manipulateing or recoloring the skin.
By any means feel free to edit the skin, just as long as you leave credit.

Feel Free to leave me a link if you use this skin for anything ,I'd love to see what
you have come up with^^
Thanks, and Happy Simming
7  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Sim Honeys / Nomina on: November 21, 2008, 12:11:04 pm
While working on a new skin I eneded up makeing this Gal in the process^_~.
Hope you guys enjoy^_~
She is packaged in normal Maxis clothes and hair .
You can find the hair at Helgasims , can't get in to the main sight.
OK FOUND THE CLOTHES GUYS!!  (lolz thought I could get through the day and
find the clothes tomarrow but I'm pretty much done with my chores any way.I'm
glad that I found who it was by! )
So with out further delay...*Drum Roll*
The clothes are by: b-bettina @ MTS2  
Be sure to check her other stuff out !!^_~
You can find just the skin here

The skin Was made useing some parts from SeluXereZ Elvira skin

Links :

My Tid bits:
Please do not use as a donation,use on a pay sight or claim as your own. (You may use this sim as a model on a pay sight, so long  as you provide a link and proper credit)
Please leave proper credit to both me and SeluXereZ
if the skin or this sim is used.
You may edit , manipulate or mangle the Skin texture , and use in uploads for your own sims.
Feel free to leave me a link if you use the skin else where,
Thanks and Happy Simming!!
P.s Over on MTS2 I go by Zesta02 ^_~
8  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Make Up / Elvira Make-up on: November 20, 2008, 12:48:05 am
First off I want to point out that these are just SeluXereZ's Elvira skins's Face make-up that is painted directly on to the skin edited and adjusted to fit just about any fleshy sim under the make-up section rather than only on that skin Smiley... .
(YES I have permission to do this)

Odd blue ,green, purple or whatever else may not go to well with these.
Their may even be some skins that they don't work well with, even if they are fleshtoned. However the majority of my skins work well with these. Even some of the darker skins^_~
(Of course I'm mainly talking about the blush, oh and the blush is fairly light so some skins may require the normal and layered versions to look better on them.)

So what does this package include?

Elvira's Eye brows:
Red, Blonde,Brown and grey.. the brown can go for a dark brown/blk

This contains 1 blush and a layerable blush just incase you want it a little darker.

Lips stick:
one Dark red lipstick

This is just the eyeliner with out the eye shadow

This is both the eyeliner and eyeshadow

And hmmm oh right a Swatch.. you know the little Icon
just in case someone wants to make more eye brows or something
that has to do with SeluXereZ's Elvira skin.

:: My policy ::
No pay sights , do not use as  a donation and please do not take as your own.
Please leave proper credit and a link. Always include the original artist’s name when Showing credits.

You may feel free to edit mangle , or other wise… the original creator said that they didn’t care so long as they got credit for the original piece. If any of these are attached/edited  to a skin leave Selu credit and a proper link.

..Always be sure to check the policy of the other creator just incase ^_~

Happy Simming!!

Thanks SeluXereZ!!
9  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Women / Bejeweled Skirt on: September 07, 2008, 04:09:34 pm
Another recolor of Goth's wonder bra multy mesh. YOU WILL NEED THIS MESH FOR IT TO WORK!!
it's on the adult part of this sight so just a warning

This outfit comes with boots and no boots.
I tried to make these heelless
(the texture on the back of the foot  not the heels on the boot)
 but on a natural skin tone they have grey
squares on the back of the heels so it  was a no go.
(personally I like darker more gothier/punk stuff
so people who love pink(gag) eat your heart out lolz)

I found this absolutely BEATUIFUL gown and  I adored the texture so much that I had to ask the creator:Sherahbim: at MTS2 if I could use it. I got permission so here it is for your enjoyment!!

the texture I used for base of the shoes:

These items do have my own personal touches ^_~
in any case parts of Goth's alpha's for the bootswere used Smiley
OoOh and before I forget the boots version comes with Psd files for anyone who wants to make their own versions of the boots ^^
if any of the textures are used please leave a link back here and give credit to :Sherahbim: at MTS2 (since some of their stuff was used in the makeing of the boots credit should also be given to Sherahbim if the boots are used)
Also please do not use on pay sights or as a donation Smiley thanks

10  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Residential / Tropicana on: July 24, 2008, 06:17:44 pm
Thanks for movng this to the right spot for me ^_^

Yeah somehow Tropicana came into my head for a lot name  lol maybe at the time I was craveing some orange juice..
Any way I spent a lot of time makeing this, actually finished it a couple days ago .

 I did miss finishing the fence on the front of the house. It some how got deleted or something, I dunno I was half awake at the time. Also one of the walls may or may not be fully covered. Doesn't make it a bad house but I was really irritated because I already packaged the house, and the  problems with it were very minute, May up date later.

Oh Also you will need to move the beds on the top floor , Nothing wrong with them but they ar sitting over those floor partisions  and to a sim it's still a wall when they try to get into bed. Ok here is the long list of Sims2 Eps that I have . I don't really usually go for stuff packs butthe Kitchen & Bath seemed interesting .. their just aren't a whole lot of tastefull maxis walls and floors that I like for bathrooms so this was a plus.
Any way:
Uni , Nightlife, Pets ,Open for business, Seasons, Bon Voyage and FreeTime

Kitchen & Bath [COLOR=MediumTurquoise]]<-- You will need this one. I used alot of stuff from this Stuff pack .. [/COLOR]
Sims2 Happy Holiday <--- I doubt any one will need this..
But just in case their it is.

NOTE: This is a lot meant for the ocean( so you will have to have bon voyage most definately), you will need to have a spot that is near the ocean and the road for it to be placeable in a neighborhood. If you don't have a neighborhood near an ocean either make one or put it into your  vacation lot that has one, if you put it into a vacation lot then it will become a buyable vacation home instead.
At least I think thats right. In game for me it's a beach home, not a vacation lot.So it's up to you as far as if it's a vacation home or a just a home near the ocean.

Any way here are some pics ^^

Full view

Birds eye view of the bottom floor
*Bottom floor has , 1 bathroom , a study area(that can be converted into a bedroom if necessary) , Kitchen connecting to an out door
porch that over looks the ocean. A bar with a bar area of sorts ,And a living room area.

Birds eye view of the top floor.

Top floor includes 2 bedrooms, 1 nursery, and a bath room.
You will notice in the picture their is an empty area. It's kind of like a balcony that over looks the Living room area.

This a pic of the top floor bathroom.
You will notice that both sims are in the bathroom at the same time, no cheats here. With the rug partisans
it's basically a wall less room. So your sims can go in and take a bath or shower without hogging the bathroom.

Random pics:
Child sleeping in his bed :
(Bed is not included it comes with one of the maxis beds , sorry )

Porch over looking the ocean:

Also this is a very large house. And I am sure that it takes up a lot of space, It may or may not lag for you when you use it. So just a word of warning , Don't down load it if your compy runs slow.
11  Retired Creators / Male / HBB Starter set?¿! (Recolors w/ Meshes included) on: April 27, 2007, 03:51:39 am
Hello ^_^ I just have a few recolors here, From Causal to Undies .
Each item has multiple uses, how ever each category has it's own item.. if that makes any since ^_~. Any way I made this Hunky sim and he will be included with a water proof skin tone so you can test out your new HBB .
Meshes will be enclosed with in the package unless stated other wise ^_^

::smilieiforgetwhi:: (their are both Rar and Zip files you only need either the Rar or Zip .They both contain the same content ..neither have sub folders.)

Here is what we have , I'm sorry if my pics are not adiquate , I was in a hurry.
Swim Wear





I acualy left a couple out buut I got a screen shot ..Sowwies.
They are basically different versions of the casual(The Casual (the one with the blue jeans) will be called "multy use" in the file )

of course A great big thanks to all the creaters that made this possible ^_^

Richard is awaiting a happy home. (wich could possibly end up being a hellish night mare  but hey Beggars can't be choosers)..*glances at Richard* shut up Richie someone will come along and might think your cute..Remember to smile Richard or they might feed you to the cow plant..yeah yeah and if your lucky they might name you something better than Richard .. Hey!! Are you dissing my nameing skills!! Gosh Sims these days ..(*whispers*He's still mad about getting struck by lightning ):blob6:

Richard.. By smile I didn't mean for you to scare them away..sheesh!!

Sim CrEdITs
Skin by Louise(she's so awsome)
Water Proofed by (here are some links to WP skins at least until I find the one that the Sim uses Smiley :

Skn by: Louise aka Ren

Hair by : HystericalParoxysm  - If you want the hair that he has in the pics you'll have to go Here to get it .

other wise he is packaged with maxis hair.

Eyes by:Enayla

 Eyebrows by Helaene
Some of  these "re-colors" were made useing a couple of the Maxis textures , and chopped up,manipulated and painted on.. (The Sweater vests , The Pjs, and the athletics) If any flaws are noticed feel free to fix at your leasure, as I will prolly not have this Mesh to much longer as I'm thinking of getting a smaller version, Just leave a link and credit if my textures are used ^_^. Smiley He's cute butI have my reasons Smiley THis is such a great mesh and I wanted to share my recolors with you guys.  

Ahh  HA!!! Alas the Skn Richard was erm.. born with?? Thank you marvine for makeing SKINTONE_ju-beos-hugeBB-BARBIE-louis07tan-AllenABQ-light.rar  waterproof , I saw Richard naked and he looks like he's Got a chia pet growing on his back , I almost took a raizor to him but he gave me that adorable face*glee* ^_~

Some more Cute ness know you want him^_~


He's married!! OMg hide the ring!

HBB Credits ::

Don't Worry they may all have the same name but each is a different linkthat leads to different items. Go ahead have clicky fun it's alomst like a treasure hunt X-D ..

(Also , I left a read me File in one of the packages , it's Marvine's^_~ )

Laundry accident briefs ::


Pyjamas :

Outerwear and everyday: big sweater

::smilieiforgetwhi:: Here is a Great link to find more HBB content!
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