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1  The Sims 4 / The Sims 4 Pictures / Beautiful stuff found in Sims 4: Might include spoilers. on: October 07, 2014, 08:58:43 pm
I really enjoy having my sims wander around the various hoods, treasure hunting in each world.  One of the things I love about Sims 4 is the texturing of the environments.  I know people hate how often their sims have to fix toilets but even that can be a benefit. My primary got to level 10 Handiness just fixing stuff, and now he makes money for doing it.  All his plumbing, electronics, and appliances are fully upgraded, and he sells the parts he scavenges.

Anyway, here are two photos featuring the gorgeous rendering of trees, water, etc., and a distant city view that hints at cool stuff coming in EPs.  Reply to this post with your own favorite environments, and sim actions.  Please remember to follow the image posting guidelines at the top of the forum.

A view of the river delta world at night: I think the rendering of the environment is wonderfully done. Note the city in the background. That will likely be the destination for the S4 version of Nightlife (S2). There are loading docks, and I think mining equipment as well.  Someone, snap a shot of those, and share.  Pretty please?

A morning of fishing for a townie I play.  I love the shadowing, and high-detail rendering of trees, and ground. I really love the rendering of the water environs in the game with fish jumping, and butterflies dancing around.

2  The Sims 4 / The Sims 4 Pictures / Show off Your S4 Houses and Lots! on: September 22, 2014, 07:21:53 am
Hi, all!

This thread is for you all to show off your Houses and lots.  Simply reply to this post.  Please, do read the image upload guidelines before posting.

Below is the house of my Curator, Joey Jones, after enlarging a few of his treasures to use as a yard display.

Happy Simming!  

And after He and Zoe got married, they built a classic American with Violet and Zombie Carl posed as the bride and groom in their yard.

3  A Safe Haven / General Discussion / Why We Should Donate to Insimenator: An Essay on: February 01, 2010, 04:42:14 pm
     During the many years I have played The Sims, thousands of free fan sites have been created. Most, if not all, need some form of financial support from their membership, and some that provided my favorite content have been forced to close. The "survivors"--Insimenator, Gay Sims Club, Mod the Sims, and Sims2CarSource to name but a few, have all needed to alter their host/bandwidth costs in order to remain online. Naturally, in this time of recession, all of us are adjusting our budgets to pay for basic needs, but when natural disasters, or other tragedies occur we still give "out of our need" to those causes. When I think of the years of dedication given by managers and creators on these sites, I feel their generosity has enriched all of us Simmers; therefore, let us show our gratitude through concrete action, in this case consistent financial support.
     Take the example of pc-sims (Sims Mod Board). I remember when they begged for volunteers, and financial help. I quickly gave a donation, and offered to assist with moderating, but it was too late; the site closed. The owner kindly replied, and thanked me for my dedication, but a beloved site was sent to the "graveyard" which is still seeking content from fans.  
     Now consider the social aspects of these sites. I have made hundreds of online acquaintances, a few of which have become personal friends. Who among us doesn't recognize the names, Numenor, Beosboxboy, Warlokk, KSK, Delphy, Quaxi, Enayla, and countless others? These people have given freely to us players--we should give freely to ensure their amazing creations remain easily accesible. Neither The Sims Graveyard, nor Paysites Must Be Destroyed, are complete or easy to navigate.
     The Sims EULA: Yeah. The key to why I will NEVER support paysites. I challenge anyone to prove subscriber/donation content is equal, or superior to what we can find right here. I make a modest donation every month, out of my want. Please, fellow Simmers! Let us put our appreciation into action. Let us ensure Insimenator stays online, it's presence and vibrance a continuing part of our lives.  Thank you all who read this and take it to heart.  

Michele Hansen (Momma Michele, mhahse57, and mhanse)
4  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Community / Riverview Hotel: It's All About the Wedding Night on: February 28, 2008, 06:24:06 am
:-PHere is a hotel I created to give my Strangetown simmies a place to honeymoon, or have a romantic getaway without going on vacation.  It has a fabulous Bridal Suite that costs a whopping 27,000 simoleans per day!
Hey, Rich sims will love it.

The main hotel has prices more in the normal range for a lodgings in Bon Voyage.  Obviously, Bon Voyage and, I presume, every other EP, and stuff pack prior to February '08, will be needed to play this property with all the content included.

It is literally built on water because I have been creating properties that intersect Numenor's nifty river neighborhood object.  Use this lot wherever you wish.  After all: It's all about the wedding night...

In game description:

  Built directly above Alien Web River, when it was diverted to flow through Hive Canyon from Strangetown's first nuclear energy plant, scientists and government officials alike will love these comfortable accomodations when visiting Strangetown.  

     Enjoy fishing in an island paradise, without leaving home.    
Spend time in our sauna, and spa, or play a game of majong.  Bask in tropical splendor as you partake in a traditional tea ceremony.
      Newlyweds will delight in our incredible Bridal Suite with 28-hour private bar and massage service, indoor fishing and romantic decor.  
    Rivergrove Hotel: Your getaway close to home.

CC Credits for Riverview Hotel with thanks to all creators:
It's All About the Wedding Night!  Enjoy!!

Simple Sprial Stairs - Left and Right by Marvine  
Marvine's spiral stairs matching fence
Lavatera  shrub by Macarossi
Larger Cypress Shrub by Khakidoo
Other 1 - Fountain by Delphine-with thanks:
Exterior Ivy Wall by Zelia Theb @ MTS2
VanHelsing wall panel by ead425 of Spiffy Sims:  Many Thanks, Vera!
4ESF Outdoor 5 Rock Fountain:
Reflex Melua Wall 1 by Reflexionistin--free content:
5  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Sim Hunks / *FIXED!* My first upload. Joey Jones on: November 27, 2006, 06:07:49 am
Well, Folks, I am now officially sharing a creation.  (re-sharing, actually)
[ATTACH]46579[/ATTACH]This is one of my first, and still a favorite Sim,  Joey Jones

This "fixed" version was created with Nightlife and PETS installed.   With that exception, he should load and play in your game with no difficulty.  He now works fine in my CRS.  

He has been uploaded with no custom content.  He is all Maxis/EA.  

Joey was not created to be explicitly "sexy."  I just wanted a hunky, rag-tag pleasure sim.  He has afforded me many hours of eye candy.  I hope all of you grow to love him as I have, and nurture his tender heart for years to come.

Have fun, all!


[ATTACH]46578[/ATTACH]A hearty thank you goes to all the folks at SimPe for making it easy for me to pull his in-game portrait and splash for this upload.

Thanks, as well to Kathy (Platform bed and draperies), SAU (coris shear drapes), and XTS (bedding recolor).

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