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1  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Help / HELP!!!!!! on: June 26, 2008, 02:30:11 pm
Hi! Did you check whether those files needed a mesh? If they did and you didn't download it, you can't see the items in the game ...
2  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Discussion / What do you guys think of the 2 new EA , EP's? on: June 17, 2008, 11:44:23 pm
I'm planning to buy AL - hoping not to have issues from SecuRom and already resigned to wait for the patch to get everything working.
For the first time sinc the Christmas Stuff, I'm passing on Ikea. My system is already handling a huge amount of downloads (not to mention the 7 EPs and 7 SPs) and I think a further expansion is all it can safely handle without exploding ...
3  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Discussion / Rate you EP's and SP's! on: June 06, 2008, 01:21:28 am
1 - Seasons - I love the gardening and fishing elements. The weather is also a great addition
2 - OFB - I appreciate the chanche of opening an home based activity and getting the whole family involved
3 - University - it opens a world I was missing in TS1
4 - FT - although the constantly ringing phone is really annoying, I like hobbies and the new interactions
5 - BV - holidays are way too expensive for many families of mine and the game is designed in a way you have to change lot quite often (which means loading pauses getting boring after a while)
6 - NL - I rarely use it
7 - Pets - althaugh cats and dogs really add to a Sim's life, the life goals connected with this EP are the most hideous in my opinion. I also hate strays coming and ruining every unfenced garden!

After reading the previews, I think I'm going to love Apartment life!

1 - Teen Style - I love the goth collection! I wish there were bath sets matching the room sets, though
2 - K&B Interior Design - at least, some variety for these rooms!
3 - Family Fun - wonderful furniture for kids!
4 - Glamour Life - the furniture sets are great, but kitchen and bath are missing. Some of the dresses are nice.
5 - Celebration - I don't use it that much and I really didn't like some of the dresses
6 - H&M - I'm basically a builder, so a fashion stuff is almost lost on me (it was a present from a friend ...)

I didn't buy the Holidays Pack and I'm not going to buy the Ikea one (saving space on disc for Apartment Life).
4  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Discussion / Apartment Life - Yet more green skinned creatures. on: June 04, 2008, 02:09:17 am
In Italy it is supposed to come out between August 22nd and August 26th ... I love all the new interactions and objects hinted in several official interviews I read - and I know I'll end up buying it, despite SecuRom and common sense
5  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Discussion / New version of SecuROM on: May 12, 2008, 01:20:32 am
This is completely insane! I do hope that they reconsider the whole issue!
6  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Discussion / Spirituality of The Sims on: April 28, 2008, 01:24:29 am
I'd love sims to have the chance of living a less materialistic life.
EA could make up a simreligion (same as thay did with the language), but I think that making a set of EPs would be a better idea!
7  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Misc. Mods and Careers / Garden Plots Can Have Terrains Underneath their Plots. (Seasons Required) on: April 18, 2008, 01:56:41 am
Wonderful!!! Thanks for sharing! Smiley
8  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Discussion / FreeTime Patch is Out! *EA removed patch from site* on: April 09, 2008, 01:33:38 am
It''s still up at the official Italian site as well - but then ... they are quite slow in updating the site ...
9  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Discussion / The "CEP" - Color Enable Package v. 8.1 - 18 MAY 2008 on: April 06, 2008, 03:03:35 am
Thanks for the advice! I'm off to downloading Cheesy
10  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Discussion / Insanely High Poly Counts - now you KNOW what to trash! on: April 03, 2008, 12:52:18 am
Thank you so much for this very helpful thread!
11  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Misc. Mods and Careers / Simlish Font - Write Simlish with ease - Sim City Societies Version on: March 31, 2008, 02:27:44 am
Thank you! This is really great!!
12  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Discussion / Which should I get? BV OR FT? on: March 18, 2008, 02:03:34 am
Free Time, definitely Smiley
13  The Sims 3 / Sims 3 Buzz / Who's going to get the The Sims 3? on: March 17, 2008, 02:27:00 am
I'm with MaryH
14  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Discussion / CRITICAL FIX FOR FREE TIME EP7 on: March 10, 2008, 02:13:46 am
Thanks for the link! I'm off to downloading this fix!
15  The Sims 3 / Sims 3 Buzz / The Sims 3 buzz/gossip/rumours on: March 07, 2008, 12:45:33 am
PegasusDiana I think you're counting the base game, while you shouldn't. I think that "with the PC edition spawning 15 expansion and add-on " means that after the base 15 eps/sps were created, so ... 7 eps and 7 sps - we are missing 1! Smiley
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