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1  Retired Creators / Fashion Model / The Urban Mage on: December 28, 2008, 10:32:21 pm
Jank Falcon awakens from a long slumber, blinks open his eyes, yawns, stretches, and glances around with a confused expression

Wha...? Where in the Nine Hells am I?

Hi Jank. The crap hit the fan while you were dealing with real life and the site has since been captured by pirates.

Ah, well, aye! S' about time! Yer 'ol pal was wonderin' when that was gonna happen. Pirates! Can't trust'em, but at least they know how to throw down, heh heh. And I don't recommend real life folks, it's worst than ye's billfold billowing with birdcrap!!

Why Jank? What happened to you?

Never ye mind! I didn't come here to whine, Yer ol pal dropped in to be engagin' in some uploadin'! Apartment life introduced us to those godsbedamed mages. A dangerous lot n' deedy. What with their charm spells and raging balls of fire blastin' everything in sight! It's a wonder how normal folk can even walk down the street anymore. Anyway, I thought the mages garb be a mite outdated so I came up with somethin' yer ol' pal liked more better!

This is based of of the Mad Wizards sheer robe from a bygone era. Though I have edited it quite a bit with milkshape (which apparently also allows ye to shape milk, but yer ol pal hasn't figured that one out yet). I removed the belt and replaced the bodytype underneath with the Xhires Fashion model, then resized the the mesh to fit. The nude has full detail on top but with the smoothed over bottom mesh to eliminate the "camel toe", which is just fine with me, heh heh.

Yer ol' pal also fixed some gaps around the collar and shifted some verts around to address some clipping, and added a few niceties from the maxis mesh, like the boots and those weird glove things. I've provided ye with two recolors as well! An everyday outfit and somethin' for colder climates!

Right Jank. Can we recolor these?

Aye, do whatever ye will, as long as ye follow the Mad Wizards policy, which if ye don't know what that is by now I suggest ye go and find out! Next ye will be askin' yer ol pal to tuck ye in at night, read ye a bed time story, and wipe ye's bottom for ye!!

Well met and good day.

2  Simmers' Paradise / Content Creation & Recoloring Help / Help with the new neck gap on: January 26, 2008, 02:32:48 pm
Ah what a relief! I completely forgot about this section. Yer ol' pal has gotten into meshing lately but darned if I haven't had a problem with that age old neck gap bug that has been plaguing the S2 community for a donkeys year! But BlooM pointed out to me on a another thread that it was likely caused by milkshapes "forgetting" the correct bone assignments or some such and not the original rounding problem as it was years ago.

Lo and behold, the ol' boy was right  Cheesy

And I've come to learn that my entire mesh is not ruined, as I still have three different bone assignments on my upper arm :angel:

So my question is this: Currently I have 65% of my neck verts going to the neck bone assignment, and 35% going to spine2. Can anyone tell me what the correct assignment should be, that includes the head, to eliminate the gap? All meshes that are freshly imported have the same, so I can't simply look at an unaltered mesh to get a point of reference....
3  Retired Creators / Guest Recolors / Eh, what the heck on: October 20, 2007, 09:36:49 pm
Aye there!

What ye see here doesn't need much explanation. It' the Rock Star Outfit harnessed by BlooM and fitted on to his kick-butt FM muti-alpha, with some extra little minor details thrown in! I also made an attempt to figure out what it might look like without the jacket, which wasn't easy folks! I have the first one appearin' under outerwear and everyday just in case ye want the jacket outfit as outerware. I've never quite seen anything like the second, but it turned out kinda cool in it's own right. Visit the Mad Wizards Dungeon, if ye dare, to see my further dressed down versions.

Ye will need this mesh.  

Thanks BlooM, it's all about ye matie!
4  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Women / The Shadowblades on: July 27, 2007, 03:22:31 pm
Alright I confess! Yer ol' pal Janks been playin' Dungeons and Dragons since Jimmy Carter was president! It turns out I be a complete DORK!

Uh...Jank, we knew that already.

Oh...uh...anyway! So like many of ye, I'm a fan of the Dark project. But I noticed a lack of women at arms. Given the meshes those folks had at the time, I'm not surprised! So here ye go! The outfits appear in everyday, outerwear, and athletic categories.

But Jank, armor as outerwear? That doesn't seem very warm...

Aye! I thought that too! Then I remembered seeing an accessory cloak made by generalzoi. I did a brown recolor then rigged it with SimPE to appear only when the sim is wearin' their outerwear! Pretty nifty eh? EH?!  

Sure Jank, thats great. Whats goin' on with the boots we see with the the chainmail? Thats not part of BlooM's mesh!

Aye how very observant of ye! Those are also an accessory; a recolor done by me of generalzoi's metroid boots! The boots were not designed for the mesh, which is why ye'll find the chainmailed warrior just has on gray socks  underneath. This is to address the the clipping that goes on there. Don't worry folks! It ain't real noticeable in game, unless ye are lookin' fer it, so don't!  

Sheesh Jank! Those armor textures are pretty good! Did ye become a genius overnight er somthin'? But I DID find some good pics online. The robe is textured by me though. It's probably my best work to date!

Jank Falcon, ye sure are full of yeself.

I'm full of somthin' folks! That's for sure! Well met and good day to ye!  

Meshes ye will need:

Chainmail: BlooM's multi alpha for Warrlokk's Fashion model
Breastplate: BlooM's multi alpha for Warlokk's Pinup
Sorceress Robe: Warlokk's sheer robe
Cloak and Hood: generalzoi's Hooded cloak
Leather Boots: generalzoi's metroid boots

Special thanks to these folks fer makin' this possible!
edit: requested keywords: Medieval, fantasy
5  Retired Creators / Fashion Model / Consistent Wear for the Fashion Model on: July 18, 2007, 02:48:41 am
Thats a novel idea, Jank Falcon, now what in blazes are ye talking about?!

Aye, what indeed? Ever noticed how when yer simmies go out to play in the snow they change their shoes, pants, shirts, jackets and probably their un-mention-ables? Why don't they just put on a durn coat?! Likewise, what if she's so tired from a long day of makin' robots and the gods know what else, that she just whats to kick off her shoes, take off her pants, and hit the sack?!

But Jank, finding similar meshes to do that sort of thing is nigh impossible! Are ye using some kind of alien technology?

Almost folks! Heh heh. This is actually something I attempted long ago but ultimately abandoned due to lack of resources. But the other day, Bloom released his Multialpha outfit for Warlokk's Fashion Model! And I realized their are no more excuses. Behold! The time is upon us!

Jank, what exactly are we downloading?

Ah yes, four outfits total for the outerwear, everyday, Pj, and undies categories. The first two will need the mesh from the above mentioned link, while the last two will need at least the undies from Warlokk's Fashion Model clothing set 1. Seasons is required for the outerwear.

Jank Falcon, ye used Maxis textures! Don't ye know how LAME that is?

Oh the agony! The stinging ray of Truth! Well Ive Decided not to attempt any more of my own texturing until I get Photoshop, which will be any year now! The undies ye see below are the exception, they are mine (Well... not MINE really. But you get my drift:happy8:). This thread is just as much a request as it is a release. I'm hoping some of the talented folks around here with the right equipment can do more with this concept!  

But Jank, so and so already came up with this idea! They released it over in the such and such forum!

Aw crap! Not again!

BTW thanks Bloom, for including the texture maps. They were a life saver!                                 :worship:

Update: Just in time. I've added conversions into Sexy feet for the second two outfits. Ye can get the mesh here.
6  Simmers' Paradise / Content Creation & Recoloring Help / V.S. Photoshop on: July 03, 2007, 04:20:35 pm
Aye there! So I've been moddin' around with this free program called It works great as far as I can tell, but I was just wonderin' if anyone out there uses this program now or has in the past, and how it compares to Photo Shop. Should I buy it? What would I be getting that I don't already have? etc. Thanks fer any input any of ya might have.
7  Retired Creators / Classic Pinup / Winter coats **fixed** on: April 26, 2007, 01:15:41 pm
Aye, so I fired up my sims 2 seasons in order to reap the benefits of my labors and lo and behold! A hole in my winter coats collar big enough to drive a boat through!!

YAR!! 'Tis a frustrating thing but I got to work fixin' straight away. The only explanation is that I fully fumbled some last minute tweaking in the testing phase!

Yer ol' pal Jank be lowerin' his head in immense shame! Me thinks I may take a short intermission after this to hone my skills...

Or I may just walk away from the ol' insiminator in complete disgrace!!

Either way, ye shouldn't have ta suffer a broken coat even one more second!!
So here are the fixed versions.
And in case this is ye's first time veiwin' this you'll need the mesh found here.
And then there's the original post.
8  Retired Creators / Classic Pinup / So, you need outerwear for the Pinup, eh? on: April 24, 2007, 01:02:24 pm
Aye, Jank Falcon, we do. Yes n' deedy.

Well, ye have sought, and now ye have found!

But Jank, Warlokk doesn't have seasons! How is this even possible?!

Aye, yes, aye! 'Tis true the Mad Wizard doesn't bother himself with such trivial matters. But he made a mesh, aye, a virtual swiss army knife of all meshes: The Sheer Robe for the Pinup! Which ye will require. With it, you can make practically anything!! And they say Alchemy is dead! Ha!

But Jank, I don't have seasons either, so why should I care?

WHAT?! Well goblins lips and puppies bits!! But worry not lads and dames, for the blue overcoat and winter coats have been rigged to appear in everyday wear. But only those two so that the folks that DO have season don't have their already-bursting-at-the-seams everyday categories polluted with even more crap that don't belong!

But Jank, ye already released the blue overcoat, so why are ye releasing it again? Are ye stupid?!

No! of Course not! Just incompetent. When I recently upgraded bodyshop, I saw there were flaws, so I fixed 'em. So ye may want re-download it and delete the old one!  

Jank, how did you get so cool?

Ha! I'll have ye know I'm very uncool! But I am extremely BORED! In case it wasn't obvious. Anyway, let me know how these work in ye's game, and I'll fix anything that needs fixin'.

More to follow soon. Enjoy!

Edit: Aye, please refrain from downloading the winter coats from here and see my fixed versions here.
9  Retired Creators / Classic Pinup / Formal and outerwear for the pinup on: April 22, 2007, 02:27:38 am
More fun with the alpha mesh-

Warlokk's sheer fur trimmed robe for the pinup.

O.k. I'm going to go take a couple of naps now.
10  Retired Creators / Classic Pinup / 3 outfits for Warlokk's pinup, sheer robe mesh on: April 20, 2007, 11:14:54 am
o.k. so I haven't done much work on the pinup but I couldn't resist messing around with this crazy mesh!:

Warlokk's sheer fur trimmed robe for the pinup, which you will require.

I've only barely scratched the surface here. For a demonstration of this mesh's full power, check out post 17 by Navetsea in the above mentioned thread.

Thank you Warlokk! I've always enjoyed your work, but this mesh is obviously the product of a deep understanding of the subtle arcane forces that permeate the universe.:beer:
11  Retired Creators / Fashion Model / Maid and gardener for Warlokk's Fashion Model on: April 16, 2007, 07:25:19 pm
Yeah yeah, I know. BIG DEAL.

But you may be interested in the, uh, different versions I have up in the Dungeon.

If you do like these you will need the sun dress and tracksuit for Warlokk's Fashion Model for them to function.

Thank you, Yangn, for unlocking the Gardeners outfit.
12  Retired Creators / Fashion Model / Some odds and ends for Warlokk's Fasion Model on: April 13, 2007, 07:25:17 pm
O.k. so it's mostly odd, but there might be an end or two.:-?

For the vest & dress, you'll need the loose dress found here.
For the military outfit you will need the mesh with like boots here.
For the "Power Suit" you will need the short skirt with striped shirt here.
The Karate uniform requires the Pajama mesh on this page.
Club wear will need the summer dress located here.

Special thanks to Morague, Yangn, and callum91 over at MTS2 who's talents and drive to unlock clothing from the deepest bowels of Maxis programing have given me a lot to work with.

And of course Warlokk for giving me something to put that material on.
13  Retired Creators / Fashion Model / Recolors of Warlock's Fashion Model set on: April 07, 2007, 10:41:31 pm
Hi. This is my first upload so pardon my ineptitude. I have here some recolors (and some rearrangements) of Warlokk's fashion model set. Naturally, all the cred goes to Warlokk not only for his meshes but also his inspiration.

Oh and you can find the mesh here
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