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1  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Help / Looking for nude clothing on: April 04, 2008, 07:56:39 am
Hi ! :angel: is my latest problem... I have to say it's not a pervert ask, it's just that my Sims are living in a lost and distant island, and i'm fed up to change diapers !
...diapers, on a island... :smt120

So, i don't want my babies stay clean, no, i just don't want to see diapers anymore... that's why i'm looking for baby nude clothing...

maybe some knows where i can find it ?

...or, better, a loincloth...for all the family... Yeah, that would be great too !

Thanks for reading ! Cheesy
2  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Custom Sims / Conan the Barbarian on: March 16, 2008, 06:34:56 am
Waah! can't believe it, babe ! Conan ! and he looks so ... so ... barbarian !:-P
Thanks so much !
I'm going to play with him right now !
Undeads and females can tremble now ! ;-)
3  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Help / ... any tools ? on: July 21, 2007, 08:47:15 am
Hi MissDoh :angel:

As i was looking for this kind of tools, i already take these great one from Delphy, and tried all that tool propose... and, yes, it don't exactly do what i wish...:icon9:
... so, i'm affraid to be agree with you, i had to clean up my folder myself ( ...more than 8 Go...:bawl:...)

Nevermind (... i guess), thanks for the reply Wink
4  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Help / ... any tools ? on: July 19, 2007, 08:42:57 am

I'm desperatly looking for a tool that can scan all my HUGE ( more than 8 Go :smt107) downloads folder, and can tell me which download i never used in my game... cause i'm a hardcore downloader, and i allways find some download so good, so cute, so beautifull, in this site that i can't resist... but i have to confess don't using all of them...:oops:
...and my downloads folder gets bigger and bigger...

So i would like to know (...if it's possible) if this kind of tool exist and where  :pray:?

Thank you:icon_smi:
5  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Misses / Mandie's Everyday Tunic Collection on: May 28, 2007, 09:02:14 am
So thank you, thank you, thank you !

So great ! I never had enough of this kind of stuff !

My teen are so lovely in your clothes ! I LOVE them ( my teens in your clothes, of course ! ;-p )

Thank you !
6  Retired Creators / Custom Body Meshes / L'adolescence en HBB on: May 20, 2007, 11:24:25 am
Salut !:icon_smi:
J'ai lu, un peu et en diagonale, j'avoue, les post précédents:tongue5:, mais il ne me semble pas avoir trouvé le même problème que le mien... à moins que ça ne gêne personne, c'est possible aussi...:angel:

Donc, moi, mon petit souci, c'est que mes ados mâles, et fiers d'être HBB, dès qu'ils sont nus sont qu'une tête et un service "trois-pièces" ambulant...:laughing:
Je pense avoir plus ou moins compris qu'il s'agissait de la skin HBB qui n'était pas liée à un corps d'adolescent, il m'est arrivé les mêmes phénomènes avec mes SlimBB, ou mes AthleticGirl, il me manquait toujours une mesh, mais pour le cas qui m'occupe, peut-être que je me trompe...Cheesy
Enfin,c'est finalement très drôle, et puis de toute façon temporaire, puisque en dehors de cette période, critique visiblement, tout roule.:toothy8:

Je voulais simplement être sure que rien ne me manquait, en terme de mesh.:?:

Merci d'avoir lu mon si long post... :toothy7:
7  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Misses / teen maternity collection 1 on: May 01, 2007, 07:28:18 am
So thanks for you great job !
I'm always looking for teen maternity clothes !
Thank you !
8  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Residential / Country Living, Part Five on: April 11, 2007, 11:37:57 am
So lovely ! .... oh, boy, I want to be a Sims, and live in it :-) !
Thanks for share it !
9  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Sim Hunks / Dax² on: March 25, 2007, 09:49:06 am
So hot ! Very nice work !

I take the both !:P
10  Resident Creators / EP5 Mods / Hot tub enabled for pregnant sims EP5 on: March 21, 2007, 12:43:12 pm
Thank you so much !
11  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Walls, Floors & Murals / Metal Floors on: January 17, 2007, 01:56:50 am
My aliens and scientists sims say thank you !
 I download it right now !
12  Retired Creators / Guest Bodyshape Add-ons / 34DD Enh. Full Body Outfit on: January 09, 2007, 02:55:00 am
Thank you ! I'm always happy to find some clothes for my bodilicious simettes, and yours are very cute !
Thanks !
13  Retired Creators / Merfolk Project:Le Peuple de la Mer / Merbabies and linked skintones - finally!! on: January 01, 2007, 02:19:56 pm
Great work !
Thanks a lot :-) !
14  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Custom Objects & Recolors / Pet Cave on: November 10, 2006, 06:33:03 am
Good job !
It's very usefull for my Sims-Rock families.
15  Resident Creators / EP4 Mods / Pets Beds Stay Clean on: November 07, 2006, 08:21:27 am
thanks a lot for the job !
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