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1  Simmers' Paradise / Sims 2 Apartment Life Chat / Butler burns food on: September 23, 2008, 05:04:34 pm
Haha, my sim's butler COMPLAINS about cleaning up!
2  Simmers' Paradise / Sims 2 Pictures / Re: Akward,Funny,wierd, PICTURES on: September 23, 2008, 04:58:37 pm

3  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Discussion / New version of SecuROM on: June 12, 2008, 01:34:53 pm
I have decided that if Apartment Life has this 'new' SecuRom on it, I am NOT buying it.  I'm also NOT buying Sims 3 (like I was going to anyway hehe) The only way EA will listen to us is if enough of us decide not to buy their games.

I don't have Nero, and I haven't had issues, but I've been afraid to put anything on it.  I just got a brand new laptop and no way in heck I'm going to go through what I went through again.
4  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Discussion / Spiffy Sims is going away! (Aug. 1st!) on: June 12, 2008, 11:39:03 am
Can't say I'm surprised.  We'll see a lot more of this as Sims 3 draws closer and Sims 2 comes to a close.

It's like the old saying says... all good things must come to an end.
5  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Female / Two New Polos Converted to Teen and Adult Females on: March 24, 2008, 02:33:00 pm
I love these, they're great.  Thanks a lot!
6  Simmers' Paradise / Sims 2 Pictures / Re: Akward,Funny,wierd, PICTURES on: June 20, 2007, 11:44:45 am
Oldies but goodies involving Wanda Tinker:


Sorry the pic quality isn't the best but these are older pics... I've since reinstalled and have default replacements.

Take a look at where the baby is!
7  Simmers' Paradise / Sims 2 Pictures / makeovers! just for spending time... :D on: June 20, 2007, 11:30:15 am
Great makeovers everyone!

One thing I've always wondered about these makeovers, especially of Maxis sims.  Do you guys make them over according to the way you see their personalities or do you go by what Maxis has said about their personalities, in their bios and such?
8  The Sims 3 / Sims 3 Buzz / What would you like to see In Sims3 on: January 04, 2007, 03:38:54 pm
Most of the things I wanted have already been said -- re: different shapes/sizes for Sims.

I was also thinking about more life stages -- like a middle-age and pre-teen, for starters.  It bugs me that a child sim can go from being a child and playing with teddy bears to being able to drive a car with nothing in between.  And a healthy, vibrant adult can become, dare I say it, a decrepit elder.
9  Resident Creators / Squinge's Mods / Sit on Floor to Watch TV on: September 14, 2006, 05:04:59 pm
This one just caught my eye and I have one thing to say about it....

This one definitely has me scratching my head.  I always wondered why when there isn't any sofa space Sims stand up to watch TV.  And I always wondered why Maxis never used the sit-down-and watch TV interaction -- after all, isn't that what us "real folk" do?
10  Simmers' Paradise / Sims 2 Pictures / Re: Post your favorite Sim kids, toddlers or babies on: September 04, 2006, 08:13:37 pm
This is Darla, the daughter of Darren Dreamer and my CAS Karla:

I know you can't see from this pic, but she's adorable...but a handful!  9 active and 1 nice point tells the story.
11  Simmers' Paradise / Sims 2 Pictures / Pretty Sims - Post ALL your beautiful females HERE! on: September 04, 2006, 08:10:32 pm
All these sims are gorgeous and I don't know if I can compete...XD

But here are some of mine:

Princess Alissa (who I have yet to play but did make):

12  Simmers' Paradise / Sims 2 Pictures / Show off all of your self sim attempts! PLZ!?!? on: September 04, 2006, 08:04:27 pm

Here's mine.  The face on my self-sim is A LOT skinnier than my real-life face, which is round.  LOL... Doesn't look like me at all.
13  Simmers' Paradise / Sims 2 Pictures / Post your celeb lookalike sims here. on: September 04, 2006, 08:01:34 pm
This is my first and only attempt at a celebrity sim.  

It's a kind of little-known actress named Heather Matarazzo.  She was in both of the "Princess Diaries" movies as Anne Hathaway's best friend, and in her younger days she was also in one of the Scream movies and was the star of 1995's "Welcome to the Dollhouse."  I did her as a YA sim, so the YA and adult sims are the same.

14  Retired Creators / Female Hi-Res Bodyshape Project / *PREVIEW* 34A Full-Body Outfits on: September 04, 2006, 06:03:24 pm
Thanks Warlokk!  This will be great for my new waifish YA character.  Smiley
15  Simmers' Paradise / Sims 2 Pictures / makeovers! just for spending time... :D on: August 16, 2006, 10:03:44 pm
LOL my Flo D makeover isn't nearly as dramatic, but here goes:

And here's that darn Sophie Miguel?  Whaat?  All grown up?  Are you kidding me?

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