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1  Retired Creators / Skins for the Skinless / Pixie Gems on: September 02, 2008, 09:42:18 pm

Yes, yes, I know I’ve promised a natural skin pack and I will do it… but sometimes I have to go where inspiration takes me, and this time, it was to a fantasy skin pack Smiley

Pixie Amethyst

Comes packed with Gleam eyes.

Pixie Moonstone

Comes packed with Sonata eyes.

Pixie Ruby

Comes packed with Flicker eyes.

Pixie Sapphire

Comes packed with Inspiration eyes.

2  Retired Creators / Skins for the Skinless / More eyes... on: August 30, 2008, 03:27:08 pm

Just a few eyes to entertain you; I'll make more later Smiley

There's ten of them, all included in the .rar - just delete the ones you don't want.
3  Retired Creators / Skins for the Skinless / Pixie Colours on: August 25, 2008, 07:33:16 pm

I’ve received a lot of requests for different coloured skins without elaborate patterns on them, so I’ve finally sat down and finished them. Here it is –

Pixie Sleet comes packed with Silk eyes.

Pixie Bruise comes packed with Violet eyes.

Pixie Emerald comes packed with Gem eyes.

Pixie Chalk comes packed with Smoke eyes.

Pixie Cold comes packed with Chill eyes.

Pixie Heat comes packed with Flame eyes.

Pixie Nightwalker comes packed with Shadow eyes.

No makeup used in the pictures but the eyebrows aren’t included. Enjoy!

4  Retired Creators / Skins for the Skinless / Pixie Supernatural on: August 19, 2008, 02:41:34 pm

This is a collection for your supernatural Sims. It is NOT a default collection though you’re free to make defaults out of them and upload or just keep to yourself. I don’t do defaults myself.

Pixie Stalker

This skin is a classic vampire skin with faint veins, and a few bloodstains on the arms. It comes packed with the Murderer eyes.

Pixie Ivy

This is a summery skin well fitted for plant Sims. It comes packed with the bright Sunflower eyes.

Pixie Grave

This is a zombie skin but unlike my former zombie skins, this still allows for pretty faces. It comes packed with the Blind eyes.

Pixie Galaxies

This is a skin close to my old Pixie Serpet skin but with less glowy features. It comes packed with the Darkglow eyes.

5  Retired Creators / Skins for the Skinless / Vote for the next collection! on: August 18, 2008, 03:01:40 pm
So, I'm bored, and I don't know what to do next... so, what do you think...?
6  Retired Creators / Skins for the Skinless / Lace Collection on: August 11, 2008, 11:49:14 am

Hello everyone. Here’s the promised Lace Collection – a series of dresses I started on for my Princess Project and then decided to release separately!

A huge thank you goes out to the lovely mesh artists that make texturing possible (and especially to Violet Tonks for changing the mesh for me, yay!)

Lace Dreams
Filename: MESH_SUSSI_AlphaBallgown2

Lace Evening
Filename: MESH_SUSSI_AlphaBallgown2

Lace Midnight
Filename: Mesh_AtlauaFeatherFlowingPearls

Lace Moonlight
Filename: Mesh_biene_voltan_schleppe_220306
Biene - apparently the site downloads a trojan so I've removed the link for now.

Lace Nightfall
Filename: MESH_Aelia_DressforEnayla_Heels, 5ff4d474_enaylaeditmesh
Violet Tonks

Lace Nighttime
Filename: Mesh_AtlauaLovelyHippsofGold

Lace Sunset:
Filename: Mesh_biene_voltan_schleppe_220306
Biene - apparently the site downloads a trojan so I've removed the link for now.

Meshes are included.
7  Retired Creators / Skins for the Skinless / Nouveau - Pixie Warmth on: August 01, 2008, 11:21:40 am

Here’s Nouveau with the Pixie Warmth skin – she also comes packed with a new type of eye. I hope you enjoy.

In the pictures, she is wearing clothes from Peggy and this hair from Helgasims - ... I’ve included nothing but the skin and eyes.

If you ONLY want the skin, please just grab the file named “pixiewarmth.rar”

8  Retired Creators / Skins for the Skinless / Pixie Ivory, Pixie June. on: July 31, 2008, 06:21:50 pm

Hi again :>

Just a couple of skins I’ve made with the new template. They’re still Pixie skins (most of the muscle-tone remains the same) but the faces are different and some of the body definition is different as well.

Pixie Ivory is a light, soft skin tone without distinguishing birth marks (I know some prefer them that well). Pixie June is slightly warmer and more summery with a healthy smattering of freckles over the cheeks. Enjoy!
9  Retired Creators / Skins for the Skinless / Pixie Oak, Pixie Teak, Pixie Ebony. on: July 29, 2008, 06:52:09 am
Hi folks,

I have a habit of vanishing, I know, and I’m sorry. I go where my health goes. Right now I’m in a mood to do a bit of skinning so here we are. Hope you’re all doing great Smiley

The eyebrows aren’t mine and aren’t included. Aside from that, they’re wearing no makeup.

I’ve lost all the skins and masks I did the last run around because I forgot to move the folders when I uninstalled the game. This includes all the unreleased material I had still planned to release and the new body templates I have made, so I’m starting off from near-scratch here. I’m going to sit down soon and make something other than the pixie skins – just start off from scratch.

For now though, my next project is a princess (haha), any tips on where to find a really beautiful dress mesh to retexture are welcome. And anything else that would be neat on a princess…

10  Retired Creators / Skins for the Skinless / Eye-oholic! on: February 06, 2008, 01:55:30 pm

Hi again, everyone.

Some of these eyes have ’sort of’ been available before, appearing and then being lost at the forums I had briefly.

I’ve added quite a few now though, and gathered them all up in one .rar file. I hope you enjoy.

11  Retired Creators / Skins for the Skinless / New skins and lipsticks, whoo! on: February 02, 2008, 01:52:45 pm
Phew, only just made it before I have to take off for the movies D:

Aaanyhow, these are three new Pixie skins but the features are rather different from the regular pixie skins. You’ll see what I mean, the nose is very different first and foremost.

Also, I made a set of fourteen lipsticks for your enjoyment. They work for any semi-light skintones, and with my next dark set, I’ll make those that work well for darker skins too.

These are all without makeup save for the lips on the girls – which are from the lipstick set. The eyebrows are not included.

And the lipsticks,

Have fun and enjoy!

12  Retired Creators / Skins for the Skinless / Masquerade! on: January 29, 2008, 05:36:11 am

Hi again everyone,

I?m sorry for vanishing last time around. I?m really not well. More than a year and a half of sick leave and it comes and goes. I?ll be honest and say I?m not sure for how much longer I?ll be around (as in here, I'm not dying), and I won?t be as active as last time around. That having been said, here, finally, is the Masquerade project.

The meshes are not by me. Please refer to the end of this post and for more careful credit, to the texts included with every theme. Now for the sets.


Red Robin



And last but not least, the Queen of the ball,


I have set it up so you download the separate themes with all the belonging parts ? which means that the suit mesh is in ALL the different rar files (just overwrite).

I have two different versions of the masks so that you can use both the big and the small male meshes.

Please go HERE to get BOTH the meshes or the masks will not work.
(oh, and a helpful tip - always use slicked-back hair for the three different types of masks or there'll be some clipping).

All credits with links are available in the .rar file, but these are the wonderful people who made this project possible -

Kavar, Marvine (mesh: mask), Biene (mesh: dress, skylark and Wildflower), Bipsouille (mesh: lovely hair to complete Skylark look), Minanna (mesh: suit), Forwardmotionis (mesh: dress, Caterpillar and Red Robin),  ChristianMateus (mesh: mask, Wildflower )
SussisSoGoodSims (mesh: dress, Caterpillar)

13  Retired Creators / Skins for the Skinless / Adrian and Allis; Sims and Skins on: April 19, 2007, 03:09:31 pm

As promised, here's smug Adrian – and as a bonus because you guys rock, I'm also going to let you have my vain, sly Allis. They make quite the team.

I've packed the Sims with only basic Maxis content except for some makeup items, the eyes and the skins, done by me.

Adrian's sporting the new Pixie Joyless skin, which is a slightly darker and a more freckled variant of Pixie Loveless. His makeup and his eyes are new – and while you can download the skin separately, you'll need to download Adrian for the rest of the things.

Allis has a skin I've not yet released here though I've had it in my game for a couple of weeks. Pixie Shadow is the darkest 'natural' skin I've made so far. Aside from that, Allis comes with the makeup and the eyes – both new.

If you download the Sims, you shouldn't have to download the skins as well.

If you're having problems, please run them through

Not included: Adrian's most excellent hair can be found here - (Kavar rocks)
Allis's is a Peggy hair.

Have great fun, folks
14  Retired Creators / Skins for the Skinless / Annika and Pixie Loveless on: April 14, 2007, 08:36:53 am
After several requests, I've decided to upload my darling Annika.

She comes with a new skin (Pixie Loveless)- which is why I'm posting her in my skins section - and makeup unique to her (the eyebrows and part of the eye shadow is part of her particular face).

Custom content needed to make her look like she does in the pictures:
The hair: from Peggysims – not included
Eyeshadow to add to the style of her eyes: Helaene's intense colour (brown) – - included

Please don't use Annika in any competitions but feel free to use her as model for any of your own custom content – just remember to give credit. I can't vouch for what her offspring might look like... she's pregnant in my game but hasn't yet given birth.

If you're having trouble installing – please run her through and it should work out all right.
If you want just the skin – notice that you can download it without the Sim, but then it doesn't come with her makeup.

15  Retired Creators / Skins for the Skinless / Terms of use :) (edited regarding clothes) on: April 14, 2007, 08:15:19 am
You can (as long as proper credit is given):

O Upload my skins, eyes, and makeup with your Sims.
O Use them in any model on any site (no credit needed).
O Use them in any pictures, stories or videos (no credit needed).
O Add tattoos or piercings for upload.
O Recolour for your own, personal use.
O Recolour CLOTHES and ACCESSORIES textures for upload. Please keep in mind that the makers of the meshes might have different rules regarding what can be done and not. I leave this up to you to find out. Please drop me a line so that I can see the result.

You can't:

O Redistribute my skins on paysites or the exchange.
O Redistribute recolours of skins and eyes of your making.
O Claim the skins as your own.
O Re-use my textures for any purpose.
O Edit my clothes and accessories' textures.

Please don't:

O Send me requests for my models.
O Send me tutorial-requests, for tutorials on how I paint
(which is how I skin) see
O Ask me to do something exclusive for you; I like to keep my skins and eyes available for everyone who plays the game.
O Ask me to send you the files if you can't download them properly – that's either the server where the file is at, or
your computer that's causing the trouble.

I don't do:

O Defaults – but if you search MS2 for them, you'll find that
I give permission for others to do them. There are several
different variations around.
O Requests – I have more than enough ideas, and too little time,
as it is.
O Genitals. I don't find nudity disgusting in the slightest, but
I think it looks fairly silly in the game, so I won't go there.
O Body hair ;) I don't like it, plain and simple.

Check this thread to,
O Find geneticised versions of my skins (thanks to the wonderful people who take the time to do things as these - if you've made defaults or similar with my skins or eyes, please post them in this thread)

I hope you enjoy the skins :) Remember that I do this as a
hobby, I charge no money and I only want to help the
community out. Keep that in mind before demanding more work
from me than I already put out.

Please limit posts in this thread to links to download items connected to my skins

Hope you enjoy your downloads :)

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