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31  Retired Creators / Female / Request for Marvines Athletic Girl By Chopperchic on: December 17, 2007, 01:19:35 pm
I had a request to do a few outfits for Marvine's Athletic Girl.

So Here are a couple of full body outfits for one of the coolest ladies in my Neighborhood.

Marvines Althetic Girl Full Body Mesh is needed for these recolors to show up in your game is at this link

This is such a great mesh.
 I just love the boots. I made 2 outfits for Marvine's mesh.
One outfit with blue jeans and one outfit with black jeans.
The boots are Frey Classic harness boots.
An oufit with a Blue or Brown Sweater tube top.
She has a neclace that is in this outfit as well.
I hope you like them Sis.

Thank you Marvine for all of your hard work and for making so many wonderful things to put into the game.  :notworth:

As always enjoy your game everyone.

32  Retired Creators / ToonGal / Jeans Recolor for Warlokks Toon Girl By Chopperchic on: December 10, 2007, 01:34:07 am
Warlokks Toon Girl Base set recolor by Chopperchic

Thanks Warlokk for all of your Awesome work. :worship:

A Link to get Warlokks mesh for this bodyshape and the one that you will need to use this recolor in your game is located here.

Well I finished this recolor today for Warlokks XHi res Toon Girl.

I thought for everyone who has Seasons installed it might be a light jacket to use in the spring or fall. I did not enable it for seasons but you can do this in Bodyshop. So for everyone who doesn't have seasons they can still use this outfit also. It has a cute jacket made with lace and it dresses up a pair of jeans for her.

It does look a little blurry in my screenshots of it in Cas but the lace is clearer than it looks here. That happens when I crop the screenshots and edit the screenshots in photoshop sometimes.

I hope you like it. Enjoy your game

33  Retired Creators / ToonGal / Warlokks Toon Girl Recolors By Chopperchic on: December 05, 2007, 08:09:52 pm
So I spent some time making some outfits for Warlokks new Bodyshape Toon Girl meshes Meshes.
I have not had time to load my game lately but I do have screenshots in Bodyshop that I will include.

Thanks so much Warlokk for everything. I am one of the many people who gets to enjoy the game because of all of your hard work. :worship:

So to see these recolors in your game you will need Warlokks Toon Girl Bodyshape base set meshes and a link to His meshes for this bodyshape is here.

Ok well I made an everyday outfit, formal, swimsuit, workout outfit, and a undies outfit. There are 5 files and I will include all 5 in one zip also.

Have fun and enjoy your game. I had fun making them and I hope you can use them.

 Oh shes not bad she is just meshed that way....

34  Retired Creators / Fashion Model / MixdCrysy's FM Alphaslip Mesh Maid recolor on: December 04, 2007, 04:12:03 pm
Hey folks

Well since I had already extracted the Maxis textures for the maid. I wanted to have a little fun with them before I moved on to a few other projects. I hope you like this one it was another fun one to make.

The Mesh for this recolor is found here it is MixdCrysy's Warlokk's FM Alphaslip with Gothplaques Thigh High boots. Wink

A quick recolor here. I have been wanting to use this mesh. Maybe a punk inspired recolor might work in someones game. She has ripped fishnets but I kept the maid outfit pretty much Maxis and played with the textures in the boots a little.

Thanks to MixdCrysy this is another great mesh of yours and pretty easy to work with. Thanks for all of your hard work making all of them. Thanks to Warlokk for all your wonderful bodyshapes. Gothplaque those boots just Rock and so do you. Of course thanks to Insimenator. net crew for being the best on the net.  

Have Fun and enjoy your game.

35  Retired Creators / ToonGal / Request ToonGirl Maid outfit on: December 04, 2007, 01:56:22 am
Hello :wave:
Allyoop90 Requested a Maid outfit using the Toon Girl bodyshape.

I had fun making this one. I Hope you like it Allyoop.

I recolored MixdCrysys Mesh its the ToonGirl with Strappy slingbacks and you can get it here.

You will need the mesh for this recolor to show up in your game.

I used the maxis clothing on her. I thought I would keep it simple.
I have been reworking the local hood sims in my game.
I thought it was a great idea and a good way to work more of Warlokks wonderful bodyshapes into my game.

Thank you MixdCrysy, Warlokk, and GP for helping me fill this request.

Enjoy your game
36  Retired Creators / Guest Recolors / BlooMs Multialphapants Recolors By Chopperchic on: November 16, 2007, 05:47:25 pm
BlooMs Multialphapants Recolors By Chopperchic

BlooMs Multialphapants Mesh is here

Thanks BlooM for the awesome meshes Wink
Make Sure to have the latest version of this mesh installed. You can check the dates on the mesh to make sure it’s up to date.

I had a request some time ago to make more lacy pants. I found a texture to use and finished these. There are 2 pairs one red and one black. Both are included in the Zipped file. They both use Marvines heels.

I hope you like them

Enjoy Your game.

37  Retired Creators / Rio / MixdCrysys Rio Dress Recolor By Chopperchic on: November 16, 2007, 05:27:26 pm
MixdCrysys Rio Skirt With Marvines Heels Mesh
Recolor By Chopperchic

MixdCrysys Mesh is Located here

Thank you, MixdCrysys for this Rio mesh.  Exactly the shape I needed for this recolor.

I wanted to convert more Diva Dresses for Warlokks Rio for Dregpirate. I didn’t want to leave Rio out. I made just a few quick recolors. I left the the shoes alone in the alphas I love the style. There are 2 different colors to tell them apart from the others. One is white and one is black. Everyone needs a funky black dress. I hope you like them.  Enjoy your game.

38  Retired Creators / Classic Pinupgirl / BlooMs CPU_MULTIoutfit Recolor By Chopperchic on: November 13, 2007, 04:50:37 pm
A Couple of Dress Recolors of BlooMs CPU_MULTIoutfit By Chopperchic

Thank you BlooM for all your Awesome Creations. You Rock! :thumblef:

You will need this Mesh for the dresses to show up in your game.
BlooMs Mesh for Warlokks CPU is located here.

I thought Dregpirate might want a couple of dresses for the Divas. So I altered the dress a little that I made recently to fit the CPU.

Its a little Spicy. May not be to everyones tastes but I am thinking those Sexy Divas might need these.

I hope you like them everyone.

Enjoy your game.

39  Retired Creators / Others / BlooMs 34DDEx36 alphadress Recolors By Chopperchic on: November 08, 2007, 06:48:05 pm
BlooMs 34DDEx36 alphadress Recolors Underwear

Thanks BlooM for your hard work and wonderful things you make for the game.

BlooMs Mesh for these recolors can be found here

Thank you Pupke1979 for the toenails very nice to have with no polish.

So Since I made the other size 34de36 I wanted to make Mrs 34DDe36 some underwear also.
I know I needed the underwear in this size in my game. I hope someone can use them also.
They have BlooMs sexy feet.
I tried to do them in different colors from the others thinking it would be easier to find them in the catalog.
The red one is a little lighter than the red for the other bodysize.
They will show up in Undies and PJs in Bodyshop and CAS. I hope you like them.

The first Zipped file includes all of the underwear. The other four are one each.

Enjoy your game
40  Retired Creators / Others / BlooMs 34DEx36alphadress Recolors By Chopperchic on: November 08, 2007, 06:29:45 pm
BlooMs 34Dex36 Alphadress Recolors  By Chopperchic Underwear

Thanks BlooM for all of your hard work.

Credits: Love your toenails Pupke1979 thank you. Thank you for doing them without polish.

BlooMs Mesh for these recolors is located here

I know I really needed underwear for this size in my game so I sat down to see what I could come up with.
I thought I would upload them in case someone else might need them as much as I did.
They all have BlooMs sexy feet and they will be found in Undies and Pjs in Bodyshop and CAS.
The first Zipped file is all of the underwear together. The other four files are a single pair of underwear split up. Hope you like them.

Enjoy your game

41  Retired Creators / Male / Marvines Slim Body Builder Full Outfit Recolor by Chopperchic on: November 05, 2007, 03:28:06 pm
Marvines Slim Body Builder full body Recolor By Chopperchic

Marvines Mesh for this outfit is located here

Full Body SlimBB

Here is the full outfit of the Seprates I made. So you can use them either way. I hope you like them. The difference would be an untucked tee on the full body outfit. Oh well Take care. Enjoy your game.

Thanks Marvine for all of your Fabulous Hunks.

42  Retired Creators / Male / Marvines Slim Body Builder Recolors Separates by Chopperchic on: November 05, 2007, 03:18:57 pm
Marvine’s Slimmer Body Builder Separates Recolors.

Marvines Meshes for Separates can be found at the following links

For the Top mesh (Top Only)
SlimBBtop-bump.rar its found at this link

Marvines Bottom Mesh is found at this link
Slim BB : trousers only

Many thanks Marvine for all of your Hunks... Drool.:worship:

I altered the alpha on the trousers slightly so they would be a little more lower cut for the jeans. Remember these are Top Only and Bottom Only recolors. I hope you like them. Be aware they are lower jeans.

Enjoy your game

43  Retired Creators / Rio / BlooMs Rio for Bussines Recolor By Chopperchic on: November 05, 2007, 02:28:55 pm
BlooMs Rio for Bussines Recolor By Chopperchic

Thanks BlooM for everything. You Rock! Wink

BlooMs Mesh for this recolor is located here

So I liked this mesh and wanted to make an outfit for cooler weather for the bodyshape.
Its a little on the western style with a suede jacket.  
I hope you like it and enjoy your game.

44  Retired Creators / Classic Pinupgirl / BlooMs 34DDEx36 Alphadress Recolors by Chopperchic on: November 05, 2007, 02:05:01 pm
BlooMs 34DDEx36 Alphadress Recolors by Chopperchic

BlooMs Mesh for these outfits are located here

Here are 2 More formal dresses for BlooMs 34DDex36 Alphadress mesh.

There are two Dresses here. A red and one blue for everyday and formal.

I thought since I made the other size that someone might like to have these also. I finished up quite a few things in bodyshop yesterday.
I hope you like them. Enjoy your game.

Thanks BlooM You rock!:headbang:

45  Retired Creators / Others / BlooMs **34DEx36alphadress**SexY FeeT** Recolors by Chopperchic on: November 05, 2007, 01:44:08 pm
BlooMs **34DEx36alphadress**SexY FeeT** Formal dresses Recolors by Chopperchic

Thanks BlooM for one of the most used meshes in my game.

The Mesh to see these Recolors are located here


I have a quite a few recolors today to upload so I will cut the fluff and get to the good stuff.

I have dress recolors for BlooMs 34Dex36 alphadress mesh. There are two colors red and blue. They will show up in everyday and formal.

I hope you like them. Enjoy your game.
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