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1  Retired Creators / Guest Bodyshape Add-ons / Giving Townies and NPC's Bodyshape. on: May 31, 2006, 07:44:15 am
I thought I would start this thread to share ideas and knowledge.  Now that our simmies have various bodyshapes, thanks to Warlokk, it doesn't seem fair not to share them with NPC (non-playable sims) and original residents (those who came with the game).

I remember seeing a comment on the easiest way to "transform" townies, replace them.  The general idea was to move out, say, the Goth family and move your own "Goth" family in.  However when you move out a family all the furniture goes with them so go to

or better known as The Laden Swallow and click your way to Simlogical Stuff/Sims 2/Miscellaneous Hacks and look for Stay Things Shrub. Plant that at the Goths house, set it to leave things behind, and move them out.  Off to create a family and create to your hearts content. Move them in via a cheap house and a money cheat, and forget about them.

NPC's are a little harder. NPC's are people like the maid, bar staff, postie, university staff etc etc.  A simple way to do this is available at

and click your way to Sims 2 NPC Replacer. This program works well, but is limited to clothing changes. It puts a .pkg file in your saved sims folder, which should be able to be moved to any game that has the identical clothing item and mesh installed.  An enterprising individual may produce a package that will replace all of the staff uniforms at well known community lots, using their own designed clothing uniforms linked to Warlokk's bodyshape meshes to give them bodyshape.  This program only changes the clothing, so under the censor blur will be the same old default maxis sim.

There is a tutorial at

for Ugly NPC/Townies Makeover. I have not used this method yet, so any feedback from those who have is welcomed.  My understanding is that the tutorial will teach you how to change NPC's/Townies from the bodymesh up.

If you change the work uniforms of NPC's using this or the next method you will need to get from

a .pkg file to stop them from changing back into uniforms for work.

The final method I am aware of seems to me to be easiest and best that I have tried. Go to

and download the Sim Boutique Clothing Rack.  Put the rack into a sims house and you can summons any neighbor, townie or NPC and do a near complete makeover on them using a cas like environment.  Not only that, your sim gets to spend a pleasant evening with them. The downside is it will not change the bodyshape mesh, however choosing clothing linked to Warlokk's bodyshape meshes will alter their outward appearance.

Please keep this thread to general viewing content.

Your imput is very welcomed as the aim of this thread is to share ideas and experiences.

If you use and like Warlokk's work please consider putting a couple of simoleons in the tip jar. Who knows, it might make Warlokk work harder and get those full body meshes out sooner.

Thank you
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