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1  Resident Creators / Mod Requests / college megapack on: October 15, 2008, 09:05:05 pm
Great to see this set updated!

Sorry if this is obvious, but I can't find the info. This is flagged for AL, but I am only up to FT. At risk of being stomped upon, will there be / is there an FT version?

Quote from: Chaavik
This is flagged only for Apartment Life. Sorry. You will have to ask Mr Squinge if he will do a version for FT.

...nervously asks...will Mr Squinge make an FT verson, pretty please? Chaavik did indicate I was allowed to ask.
2  Resident Creators / Mod Requests / bubble bath fun on: September 03, 2008, 06:38:36 pm
I used to have your mod that makes bubble baths give fun - it was marvelous, since they keep having baths no matter whether they need one or not!

However, it stopped working at some point (Possibly with Seasons I think). I'd like it back, compatible with Freetime please.

Thanks for sharing your work.
3  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Help / bathroom complaint thoughts on: August 05, 2008, 01:35:08 am

I'm just wondering if this is a known problem someone can help me with.

My sims are complaining whenever someone is using the toilet, bath or shower on a lot. All other sims on the lot get repeated thought bubbles, with a pic of the bathing sim and a red cross through it.

They complain from anywhere on the lot, inside, outside, different storeys. And yes, the bathroom is properly closed. There is no reason for the rest of the household to be concerned.

I have done the whole divide and conquer thing twice over already. I thought I narrowed it down to Inteen, which I only recently added. Taking Inteen out seemed to fix it. However, this afternoon I noticed the same thing again, and Inteen is not installed.

Can anyone help? It's really annoying.

*attached image removed*
4  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Residential / Cream Craftsman (OFB Starter) on: May 11, 2008, 06:36:26 am
This house is based on one requested by Jersey.

Family home, open for inspection!

This classic residence may not be in the latest architectural fashion, but it is comfortable and conveniently designed.  

The inviting porch opens directly in to the loungeroom. Archways lead to the dining nook, set in a bay, and to the kitchen at the rear of the house. A coatroom off the kitchen has access to the back garden.  

The other half of the ground floor has been converted into a master suite. The old laundry is now a good-sized bathroom, with entry into the coat room and into the bedroom.

Upstairs, two smaller bedrooms share a bathroom.

The house has hardwood floors, and is tastefully decorated in creams and  soft greens. The exterior, in cream and white, is easy on the eye and easy on the back, with minimal gardening. If anything, the shrubbery has gone a bit wild, but that only adds to the charm of the cottage.

There is space for a driveway at the side of the house, although the current owners do not have a car. The house comes partly furnished, with all necessary basics.

Inspect today! Move in and enjoy the quiet life.

Notes for Players:
- The house has been briefly tested, and the furniture is new. Phone and fire alarm are fitted.
- Size 2x2
- Price $19, 854
- Requires OFB

I think it ONLY requires Basegame and OFB. Let me know if I'm wrong about that. As always, polite and helpful feedback is welcome.  


Thanks to the creators of CC used in construction:

Nengi 65 of Simscrossing
- Big Oleander
- Huge Oleander
- Big Bouganvillea

Holy Simoly
-Quaint Victorian Fence in White

- Federation Double-hung Window

-offest Uprite Column
5  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Residential / Fairytale Cottage on: April 23, 2008, 05:08:37 am

This sweet little cottage in the woods is just right for Snow White or Hansel and Gretel.

The cottage was made in response to a request by Simpleprincess.

Master bed on the ground floor, two small bedrooms in the attic.
Two small bathrooms, one on each floor.

Furnished for a couple, with all the basics including phone and fire alarms.

Price $19728

No custom content.
Requires EPs up to Nightlife.
2x2 lot.

As always, please report problems with the lot so I can attend to them.
6  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Custom Objects & Recolors / Tower Clock - Two tiles only, Uni required on: February 26, 2008, 05:21:23 am
"ever get tired of finishing that perfect uni building, or town hall and feel something is missing? maybe you just have an extra special mansion? what you need is a nice big clock! only 24 polygons!"

The SimCity Clock Tower clock was made by Zutafen, and uploaded originally on TSR. I am uploading it here with his permission, so it will also be available on a completely free site.

It requires Uni.

The other free tower clocks I've seen are three tiles wide, except for one that requires Pets and is therefore more limited in use. I was so pleased to discover this one at last; hope it is useful to others as well.

If you are over at TSR, say thanks to Zutafen there.

Happy Simming!
7  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Residential / Waterfall Gardens - Basegame Storytelling Lot on: January 31, 2008, 07:03:52 pm
Welcome to Waterfall Gardens!

The natural beauty of this property has been retained through generations, with the addition of a sunken pleasure garden, and a few conveniences such as the bridge and safe access to the top of the falls.

Flower meadows, mature trees, a swift stream and the triple cataract make this lovely spot irresistible. There are fish in the pond. The garden at the front offers benches, cozily nestled under the hedges, overlooking the flowerbeds and ornamental pool. Natural pathways have been worn into the grass, leading visitors to every beauty spot.

Stairs have been built up the side of the falls. A narrow ledge by the middle cataract gives a delightful experience of the area, with flowering shrubs, rushing water and rocks. Further up, the top of the falls is accessible, but fenced off for safety. Beyond the pool, the mountaintop lookout is an excellent spot for picnicking or just enjoying the view. The boulder under the trees has doubtless been used by generations of weary climbers as a resting place.

Down on the valley floor, a picturesque arched bridge crosses the stream. The path leads beneath large trees, shaded even on the hottest days, and comes out beyond a low hill. Here, the path divides. One branch leads down to the bottom of the falls, where there is a delightful spot by the water, with a stone big enough for two to snestle together. The other pathway leads up, to a cave in the hillside. Daylight filters in through fissures in the rock. The cave is quite large inside, but empty. It would provide shelter in bad weather.

Notes for Players
This lot was requested by Jubileebud here.

It is a residential lot, although not really designed for living on, long-term. The cave is livable, but it's quite a long walk to the road for work or school. The lot is meant mainly for storytelling purposes, but could be rezoned to community if desired.

Size - 5x5
Cost - $51, 475, unfurnished.
Tested - yes, in a Seasons game.
Requires - Basegame only.

The lot has many trees and plants on it, as well as many different levels. On my computer, this makes it quite laggy to play, especially when I have all my CC installed and a few expansion packs. However, if you have a better system than mine, it will work easier for you. (EDIT: just got a new graphics card, and this lot is MUCH faster now, even with all graphics settings on high. Hooray!) Removing a whole lot of the plants and trees would help, but then it wouldn't be the same place, so I didn't. However, if you wanted to keep the falls, cave and bridge, say, and redecorate the rest to your liking, I won't chase you.

The cave is weatherrpoof for Seasons, and big enough for a double bed, small bathroom and kitchen facilities. I had two sims living there during testing. The roof is standard height so you can put walls in. Apart from some seating here and there, the lot is unfurnished. The furniture seen in the screenie below is just to show one way to place things, although it blocks the player's view a bit - it's better to put the 'kitchen' along a side wall.

Because the cave is boolpropped, snow will not rest on that hill. It will also remain green, summer or winter. Some of the bushes used are evergreen also. However, I played the lot in winter and didn't find it bothersome.

Pretty much all the bushes and flowers are plastic, so it is NOT a gardening nightmare. The hedges require trimming, but no other garden care should be necessary.

I believe all CC is included. Please report any issues with the lot.  

Credits -
Thanks to Numenor for the BaseGameStarter, making this lot accessible to as many players as possible.

Custom Content - Many thanks also -
- Birch Shrubs
- Cypress Shrubs
- Stone seats

HystericalParoxysm- Liberated Plastic Daisies
- Liberated plastic Tulips
- Midbiscus recolour without flowers

- Big Bouganvillea
- Big Rosebush
- Big Oleander
- Huge oleander

Kate of Parsimonious- Eponymous Lavender
- Eponymous Golden Mantle
- Eponymous Lady's Smock

Boblishman / Numenor
- Simstones Arch
- Simstones Small Window

Maylou / Numenor
- Grass Floortiles from Modular flowerbeds set

- dirt wall

Dee of N99
- Urban Cement Wall

- Grass Walls set

Terrains -
Pustynne Kamloty by Margierytka
Aussie Beach Pebbles by Shrekheatherbelle
Brick Walkway by Neffie (Digitalangyl)
Aeden's Simwater by Aeden

8  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Community / The Dot Corner Cafe on: December 30, 2007, 07:20:22 am
Meet you at the corner for a coffee? Maybe a burger, or a quick game of pool? This tiny little business is the latest venue, and if you're not there, you're not anywhere.

A replica of The Dot from the DeGrassi series was requested, and here it is. My information was limited to the one photo below, so I've invented the inside completely. Also, I can't make the signage, but the requester says they know someone who will. The request thread is here.

Requirements - Uni, NL, OFB.
Lot size - corner 1x1 (was 2x1 originally)

Set up as a coffee bar downstairs, with a BBQ in the alley. Upstairs is a restroom and games lounge, although it's pretty quiet mostly - sims prefer coffee. Just as well, as the direct route to the loo is straight through the dartboard. Nobody has ever been killed, though.

The internal decor is black and red, with snazzy spots all over the wall behind the bar. Sorry, those didn't come out in the photos.

The corner is real. Pedestrian sims will actually use the crossing. The taxi will probably stop in the middle of the intersection, but you know how scary taxi drivers can be. The extra road to make a corner lot was added with thanks to Mootilda of MTS2 for her tutorial, and also for her much labour on the LotExpander.  

Credits and Custom Content:

Thanks first to to Andi8104 and MaryLou for the mini lots.

Thanks also to the creators of these items:
Ice Cream shop Menu by HChangeri (RetailSims)
Menu recolours by  Zeroth (MTS2)
Newspaper rack (Endtable) by HChangeri (RetailSims)
Wire Fencing by Supertramp (MTS2)
Lyric Brick 010 by LyricLee (ExnemSims)
Window by Macarossi (MTS2)
Wooden Short Blind and black recolour by Sims2play

Have fun with it! And as always, let me know if something is broken.

9  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Residential / Canadian Townhouse/Starter - OFB required on: December 08, 2007, 11:03:15 pm
Based on a real dwelling, this townhouse was requested by Jersey441. The request thread is here.

This sturdy brick building is a little old and ragged at the edges, but still comfortable. The garden is rather overgrown, and the place could do with some re-decorating, as it has been a rental property for some time.

There are living areas on the main floor, three bedrooms upstairs and a cellar underneath. The porched entry opens onto a hall, with the lounge room on the left and a door straight ahead leading to the dining room and enclosed kitchen.

The kitchen door leads to the yard, which has been gravelled for easy maintenance. Stairs at the side of the house lead down to the cellar. The cellar is windowed and paved, and has been partitioned. It could be made into a separate mini-flat if desired.

The top landing, reached from the living room, opens onto two small bedrooms. At the other end is the main bathroom, including a private door to the master bedroom with its attractive bay window.

The current furnishings would suit up to four residents, or purchase the house unfurnished for a bargain price.

Notes for Players:

Requirements - Basegame + OFB
Size - 1x2 Sunnyside lot by me.
Price Furnished - $22, 149
Price Empty - $13, 734

The house has been playtested, but please report anything that does not work. It has been designed for high visibility when played from the front right - check the furnished screenshots.

There is no gate to the side yard, so visitors will not be confused about which doorbell to ring. You can add a gate if you want. All furnishings are by Maxis, and a bookcase, phone and fire alarm are included.

(Update - I have just realised what was looking odd in the screenshots. There should be windows on the diagonal sides of the upstairs bay. They must have vanished somehow. You can easily put them back in if you like.)

Remember to download Beosboxboy's half wall as well as the furnished or empty house.


Included CC:
Short Mortar Halfwall by Beosboxboy
(separate attachment below, would not package properly)

Large Oleander by Nengi65 of Simscrossing

Eponymous Lily by Kate of Parsimonious

Small Cypress Shrub by Khakidoo

Iron Fence from the Lord van den Bricks collection by Olemantiker

Green Lino by WyckydSyn

Gray Cobblestone by Cokebuilder

Minipediment in Stucco by Macarossi

Independent Expressions Privacy Window by MaryLou

Thanks to Andi8104 for the original minilots, and to all the people who helped me make my rotated Sunnyside versions.

Not fully included:
Gray Modular Stairs by Simcastic. For these to function in your game, you need to go to Simcastic for the file, and follow their instructions for correct installation.

Many, many thanks to all the people who create beautiful things for my sims, and who generously allow them to be shared. In turn, give credit where it's due and keep it free!

Happy simming.
10  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Residential / Suburban Terrace House on: October 27, 2007, 01:15:53 am
Fancy a little more privacy than a tenement building, but not really the rustic type? Short on cash? A terraced plot in suburbia may be the choice for you.
This modest brick terrace comes in a little expensive for first-home buyers, but is still value for money. Plenty of street appeal here, and room for a few flowers. The side gate offers access to the rear of the house, with a finished path to keep your boots dry.
Inside, the lounge and dining areas combine blue accents with neutral tones. The separate kitchen is small but efficient, with dishwasher included to save benchspace, and double entry arches to prevent traffic jams. The paintwork is faded, but the design and structure are top-notch.
At the back of the house is a hallway, containing the downstairs toilet, the back door and staircase. Upstairs, the main bedroom has private access to the bathroom, and the second bedroom is ready for guests.
Furnished for three sims, phone and alarm installed.
Thanks to Andi8104, and all those at MTS2 who helped me make the Sunnyside rotated lots.
This house was requested by Loreleiuk04.
Thanks to Numenor for the Basgame Starter.
Requirements: Uni and Nightlife
Lot Size 1x1
Price $24,386
No custom content.
The lot has not been playtested - please notify me if something is amiss.
11  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Residential / Appleblossom Happy Home on: October 08, 2007, 05:59:24 am
Appleblossom Happy Home has been built in response to a request for an Adoption Centre, by ShiningStarSim, on this thread:

Looking for a new addition to your family? Come to Appleblossom!

The Happy Home is currently run by a married couple, and has beds for four boys and four girls in separate dormitories. No hanky-panky here! Clients are guaranteed that all the youngsters have been raised in the strictest morals.

The pseudo-colonial building is fairly well-kept, but with all those kids around, the paintwork has taken a few knocks. Kids are hell on a garden, too, so there are a few bushes and trees, but not much else. No sign of the apple blossom.

Visitors will appreciate the cool flagstone verandahs surrounding the house, and the large reception area inside the main entry. Matron's office is to one side, and a music room (or extra office) occupies the other front corner. Archways at each side lead to the twin staircases, one for the boys and one for the girls. The halls have been used for dart games, so mind how you go. Behind the reception area is the kitchen and dining room, with access to the back verandah and the yard. Tucked in at the back corners are the downstairs bathrooms, segregated of course.

Upstairs, on each side of the building is a landing, opening onto the recreation room. Toys and books make this a pleasant space for the children to wind down in the evenings (naturally they are not permitted to dawdle in the reception room!). Locked doors from this room lead to a private hall, opening onto the dormitories, and to Matron's bed-sitting room, with ensuite. This arrangement allows the caretakers to maintain their private space, while having instant access the the rest of the building in case of disturbance.

The girl's and boys' dormitories are completely segregated, the only communication being via the public rooms or Matron's suite. Each side has its own bathroom and a separate balcony. There is also the shared balcony accessed from the rec room.

The education of the children is taken very seriously, with piano and painting lessons, and quiet study periods insisted upon. The upstairs landings are equipped with desks.

If you would like to select your new son or daughter from the finest the adoption world has to offer, come to Appleblossom!
(Government fees and charges apply.)

Notes for Players

Size 3 x 4
Price $79, 988
Sleeps 8 - 10 (eight single beds, one double bedroom).
5 bathrooms
Requires Uni

The house has not been playtested, so please report if something is broken.
It was built using Numenor's Basegame Starter Pro.

Appleblossom is designed as an orphanage, but would also do well as a dorm with minor changes. I have not allowed for orphaned infants in the furnishing, but cots and bathtubs could easily be installed.

The yard is not fenced (sorry, forgot that completely), so the kids might run amok in town - maybe you should fence the yard first thing. There is also plenty of yard-room and some nice rolling terrain for landscape artists to use.


Numenor's Basegame Starter Pro

MaryLou's Independent Expressions windows and doors

Nengi's big Bouganvillea

Holy Simoly Victorian Porch Railing

Cokebuilder's Light Sandstone floor

Parsimonious Oasis tile

Heartfelt thanks to all these creators, and to ShiningStarSim for requesting something I've been meaning to build for ages. The request got me inspired, and here it is.

12  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Residential / The Roma - Seasons Request on: October 07, 2007, 09:09:04 pm
Requested by tinkerbell3552.

This house requires at least OFB and Seasons. I have all the EPs except Pets and Bon Voyage, so please let me know if I need to list everything else.

Welcome to the Roma!

The Roma has an arresting tower entry, and is spacious throughout. A powder room is situated in the hall, and after freshening up, guests can proceed to the formal lounge or dining room. The lounge boasts a bay window, and is big enough for any party. These rooms are reached through arches, enhancing the flow of the residence.

Another arch from the hall leads to the family areas, with a good-sized kitchen and sitting area. The kitchen opens onto the dining room for convenient serving. To the right, a private hallway leads to the downstairs bedrooms and bathroom.

Returning to the hall, double stairs to the loft prevent traffic jams in the evening. The two upstairs bedrooms each have private access to the loft bathroom, and there is a small sitting area on the landing. Over the garage, a narrow attic is available for storage.

Glass doors from the family room open onto the backyard. There is a patio with space for lounging, and room for swings and a greenhouse if desired.

The garden is tastefully landscaped, but with plenty of scope for the buyer to exercise their creativity. The current plantings are all no-care, and there is a small pond in the back corner.

Notes for Players:

The house is based on this one:

although the inside is quite different.

Size - 3x3
Price - $50, 620
Partly furnished
4 bedrooms (two double, two smaller)
3 bathrooms
main floor and loft
garage space

The house has not been playtested, so please report if anything is wrong. The optimal playing angle is from the rear, as shown in the screenshots.

As tinkerbell doesn't have NL, I have left the garage unfinished. If you want, add the driveway and garage door, and away you go. Otherwise, use it as a recreation room! There is also space for a second driveway at the edge of the lot, if desired. I've included one picture with the garage in place.

The loft storage space could be expanded over the garage to create more rooms upstairs.


MaryLou's 'Independent Expressions' privacy windows

Crocabaura's stone arch

Sandstone tile 11 by Komosims

LaFenetre two-tile window by Windkeeper

Khakido's medium cypresss shrub

Nengi's big rosebush and big oleander

13  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Residential / Mediterranean Basegame Residence on: August 26, 2007, 09:19:00 pm

This five-bedroom house was made by private request for stc123. It is based on a real plan, but altered to reduce the size and remove the garage which wasn't needed.


The house is in Mediterranean style, with lots of windows, stucco finish and cypresses in the garden. The current landscaping is minimal, leaving space for gardens, a pool, swings, whatever the owner desires.

Inside the front door, an office is tucked in at the front, while the formal entertaining rooms are to the right of the foyer. The airy hall leads to a family room, with access to the back yard, and the kitchen is large enough for a full dining suite, nestled in a bay window to view the garden. Beside the kitchen is a powder room for visitors, convenient to the large formal dining area.

Opening off the family room is the master suite.The large bedroom has its own bay window, and walk-through robe with his'n'hers layout, leading to the bathroom. The dressing room is currently set up as a nursery, but dressers could easily be installed if preferred.

Upstairs, the landing space provides an extensive rumpus area for the kids. There are two double bedrooms at the front of the house, and a door onto the balcony. Two single bedrooms are tucked in behind the large bathrooms on each side of the top floor.  


Lot size 3 x 3
Price $84, 638.
5 bedrooms
3 1/2 bathrooms
Furnishings by Maxis.

Custom Content Included:

Flat Roof Tile by Uma Design

Worn Wall by Komosims

Textured Taupe Wall by Amanda (MTS2)

Tile Floor 13 by Komosims

Puerta La Clasica (Door) by Temptress

Independent Expressions Windows by MaryLou.

LaFenetre 2-tile Window by Windkeeper

Column Arches by Brasstex, recolour by Dewshine.

My thanks to all these creators.

14  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Residential / Basegame Country Charm on: August 17, 2007, 06:57:00 am
"Sunny Cottage" is a family home for those who like thngs compact. The block is small, the house is small. There is no wasted space; everything is within arm's reach.

The house is well-worn, but was built in the days when traditions of sturdy construction were still the norm. The aluminium sheeting is in great condition, and the window frames will be as good as new with a lick of paint!

From the street, the house is charming, with a picket fence, wrap-around verandah, palms and established shrubs.

Inside, the lounge extends towards the rear, with a study nook under the stairs. To the left, an arch leads to the dining area, nestled before a picture window. The attached kitchen is sized for generous country cooking.

At the back of the house is a double bedroom, with space for a cot or dresser. The downstairs bathroom is petite, with a laundry room which could become a separate toilet if desired. The laundry leads out the side door to the garden.

Upstairs, the attic contains a second bedroom, large enough for a double bed. The mezzanine provides a second sitting area, or could be used as overflow sleeping space when guests arrive. There is a small bathroom under the roof.


2 double bedrooms
2 bathrooms
Lot Size 2x2
Price $19, 914
Barely furnished for two sims, space for six if friendly.

Notes for Players:

This house is very similar to one I have on MTS2. That one is an even smaller house, based on the same plan, but has a private swimmable beach. (Just mentioning it, in case someone wants to take a look, and also to stop anyone saying "But isn't that the same as...?")

This version was made with the beach house idea too, but is more suburban coastal than waterfront.

The house is minimally furnished, with lights, double bed, table, 2 chairs, sofa, shower, toilet, kitchen, phone, fire alarm and bookcase. All by Maxis. The screenshots show the house fully furnished.

Custom Content included:

Teal slate Wall

Seaside Retreat Siding

Nengi's big Oleander

Recolourable Wooden Stairs by Numenor

Stair Recolour by Dewshine

Lilac Steel Siding

Federation Column by Darylmarkloc

Louvred windows by Helena

Curved Window by Helena

Mauritania Door Recolour by Flye

Windows by Temptress

Seaside Retreat door and Windows

Lino by WyckydSyn

Wood Stairs Open Underneath by Crocobaura

Fair Trade wood Floor

Burned Floor from the Trashed Set

Plaster and Tiles in Aqua

Heartfelt thanks to all these creators, and to those whose tutorials have helped me build.

15  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Residential / Family Split-Level on: August 15, 2007, 07:24:22 am
This house was made by private request for Jersey.

Requires - Basegame
Lot Size - 3 x 2
Price - $22, 655
4 or 5 bedrooms
2 1/2 bathrooms
Daylight Basement


This family dwelling has a ground-level entry hall, and a converted garage space suitable for a workshop, home business or guest suite. Or of course, parents could retreat to this refurbished area, end enjoy complete privacy and a luxuriously large bathroom.

Carpeted stairs lead up to the kitchen and meals area, with room for a lounge. This level also contains two single bedrooms and a small bathroom. The original dark browns and whites of seventies decor are still in evidence, but the house has been well-kept and is in wonderful condition.

The kitchen door opens onto the side yard.

The original master bedroom is on the lower floor, with a second bedroom, full bathroom and generous TV room. A tiled corner could host a kitchenette or laundry appliances.

The driveway is gravelled, and low-care gardens surround the house. The block slopes gently.

Notes for players:

The converted garage is not quite big enough for a 'real' car, but if you have NL, there is space to enlarge it (the roof would need to be altered). The gravel can be covered by a Maxis driveway.

The house is minimally furnished, mainly just to show what the purpose of the areas is. All furnishings are Maxis.

All CC should be included. The house has been playtested for around seven sim-days. Please let me know if something doesn't work.


Birch Shrubs by Khakidoo

Eponymous Lavender by Parsimonious

Flowering Vines by Nengi65

Recolourable Wooden Stairs by Numenor

Carpet recolour for wooden stairs by JLonier

Courtier's Path Tile Floor from Parsimonious

Light Sandstone Floor by Cokebuilder

Glass Block Full Wall Window by Moon_Ez

Independent Expressions Windows by MaryLou

Grand Trianon Beige Stripe Wallpaper

Sunset Beige Wallpaper

Double Pane Window by Rebecah

Many thanks to all these creators, and to those whose tutorials have helped me build interesting houses.

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