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1  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Misses / "Pretty Skulls" Winter set for TF on: November 09, 2008, 09:56:31 am
I really like these. Great Thanks
2  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Junior / 5 (five) new outerwear recolors for teen boys!! on: November 09, 2008, 09:54:48 am
Thanks, Very nice
3  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Men / Acqu > adult male outfits 2 types. on: November 03, 2008, 06:29:33 pm
Thanks for sharing these with us, they are very good
4  Resident Creators / EP7 Mods / Updated Monique's Computer/Laptop Variety (FreeTime and Bon Voyage) 9-22-08 - UPDATED on: May 05, 2008, 01:28:56 pm
Many thanks for the update, just what I needed. This is one of my favourite downloads
Quote from: Chaavik;1197989
All credit goes to Monique for her original work at

her thread at MTS2.

Credit goes to Alexx for his fix to Monique's original Write Novel bug that he discovered and posted about in his thread at MATY.

Credit goes to Takasims2k5 for the wonderful Focus Book G laptop at MTS2 and at Takasims2k5's site.

Two computers, Monique's Cheap Computer and TakaMQ Laptop, are available for $1500 with new features, whistles and bells (Kitchen sink not included) for your Sim(s) to drool over, making Moneywell's outdated computer (Maxis), Little Sister's WD15 flimsy laptop-wannabe (Maxis) and Mr Humble's craptastic computer (Maxis) look like slow and ugly dinosaurs from pre-DOS days! Yayy, the college students don't have to lug their oversized computers everywhere at Uni!

But, at a mere $3300, Monique's Expensive Computer makes everything seem unimportant with new features and shininess for your Sims to forget about their rusty kitchen sinks and holes in their pockets and the ozone layer above their houses! Cheesy

New Features:

Give Financial Advice - (better wording than "Give Financial Consulting" on all versions. Why "Give Financial Consulting" when "Give Financial Advice" makes sense? Available only IF the Fortune Sim or Sim with Secondary Fortune Aspiration choose the benefit from their Aspiration window for FT.)

Browse Web/Blog - (Available only IF the Sim has enough enthusiasm points in his or her hobby to do either one. All of the hobbies will become available if the Sim reach that point in some, most or all of his or her hobbies to do so. Enabled for children as well as teens, adults and elders to browse the web and/or blog if they have enough enthusiasm points in their hobby.)

Write Restaurant Guide - (Available only IF the Pleasure Sim or Sim with Secondary Pleasure Aspiration choose the benefit from their Aspiration window for FT. Enabled for Teens and up who have this Aspiration.)

Start Gaming Competition - (Available only IF there is more than one computer and more than one Sim on a home or university lot. Similar to LAN Party, but available at all times.)

Write Novel - (Completely revamped to be compatible with FreeTime. This new function enables Sims to choose the plot elements and book cover for their new novels just like they would on the FT computers.)

Pottery and Sewing Badges - (Added to the functions for studying badges on both home and business lots.)

All of the original options (except Write Novel) are available on these versions for those of you who want everything -but- the kitchen sink. All versions have autonomy removed, meaning that there should be -no- reason for your Sim(s) to touch the computer without you telling them to.

The Cheap and Expensive Computer versions can use recolors made by Monique and/or happygolucky.

You can use either JM Pescado's "nohumble" (MATY) or Jfade's "djshumblechoice" (DJS site) mods. For descriptions of their mods, visit their sites/threads to check them out. Whichever floats your boat.

I request these versions not be uploaded to any paysite or Exchange please.

A few screenshots below to check out some of the new features and computer versions.

Fixed 4-4-08:

A minor label fix was implemented to address the issue brought up by jsalemi in Alexx's thread at MATY. The old label "Sell Community Lot" was changed back to "Sell Owned Lot" to reflect the option(s) to sell both vacation homes and business lots back. "Sell Community Lot" was Monique's own label for the original "Sell Owned Lot" function that was seen on Maxis computers.

Fixed 4-4-08:

With Alexx's permission, I incorporated his fix for the Write Novel issue he addressed in his thread at MATY. Monique's original Write Novel function was re-introduced into the FT version of Monique's Cheap Computer.


Redownload if you don't have the current version to be sure you have the most recently updated version of Monique's Cheap Computer for FreeTime. Remember to remove any old versions of Monique's Cheap Computer and install the newest version. Just a reminder to watch for new updates.


The Expensive Computer version is up for downloading now. This one can use the recolors made by Monique at her thread. Same features, shiny whistles and new bells but the kitchen sink is still not included!


Readjusted the prices on these two versions to bring them back in line because in reality, computers cost more if they have Vista and have more features than Windows 98/XP. That same idea is applied to these computers in Sims 2.


I uploaded the fixed version of Monique's Expensive Computer version with the correct Write Novel function to allow Sims to choose plot elements and book covers for their novels. The fixed version also allows the Sims to enter the "zone" (in other words, gain Enthusiasm) when they begin writing their novels.

Apparently, I uploaded the wrong version of Monique's Expensive Computer and didn't notice anything odd about this version not giving one of my Sims any enthusiasm. Thank you for pointing it out, Sanati.

The new version is labeled FT_MQ_Expensive_Computer_v.1.4_FIXEDFinal.


The laptop version is now available! This one retains all of the original features and Freetime functions (based on FT_MQ_Cheap_Computer_v.1.7Final) with a slimmer and shinier look. Many thanks to Taka for letting me use the laptop with permission because I really liked the laptop myself for my game! Smiley


**LAPTOP version now available**

Re-download if you don't have the current version please.

*CAUTION*: If you don't have FreeTime, don't download this. Go to Monique's thread to donwload the appropriate version for your current expansion pack.
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