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1  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Help / SOLVED: Stuck object (cannot delete in build & sims cant use it) on: May 03, 2007, 05:17:43 pm
Apologies if this is the wrong topic for questions. I looked for my question first but cannot find it. I hate asking for help but I am desperate for a solution.

No hacks at the time
In Pleasantview
The purchased house/lot for my sims.
Windows XP

Trying to save some space, I built a small bathroom inside of a bedroom. This is using the smallest possible space a room can be built in while maintaining accessibility for sims.
Put in a normal toilet and shower from the catalog.
The walls were pretty close but the sims were able to use the bathroom and shower just fine.
Until the toilet got clogged.

Options used:

I had the sim clean the toilet first as the clog smelled with flies, sim goes to the toilet and stares at it but does nothing and goes away. (but the flies and green haze vanished??) the room consistently has a low environment value because of the smell.

Unclog :
 Sim experienced in repair goes to the toilet, pauses and does nothing then walks away.

Sim experienced in repair goes to the toilet, pauses and does nothing then walks away.

Call Repair Man:
Called repair man and he also stared at the toilet but could not fix it.

I tried restarting the game and the odor remained gone but the sims still cannot clean,use,unclog it.

I cannot move OR delete the object in build mode because "cannot delete object that is assigned) " I made sure no sims were selecting the object before trying to remove it in build mode.

I tried removing the walls, all the surrounding fixtures and everything but the wall behind the toilet can be deleted. The toilet and its wall cannot be deleted.

So basically, I am not sure what to do because this broken smelly toilet is in the house and I cannot delete it.

Is anyone aware of what to do? Or how to delete an object from within Sim PE?
I was considering bulldozing the house but I am uncertain if that is possible in the neighborhood because its not a custom neighborhood.
If I could find the object in Sim pe in the neighborhood browser, perhaps I can delete it?

any help is much appreciated..I am pretty good with tweaks if I know where to go. :smt120 :sad4:

I just found this thread and I will try this ...

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