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1  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Discussion / What would you prefer to see more of? on: September 13, 2007, 04:47:48 pm
Quote from: snaveskins;890305
more ethnic black male hair styles like having different kinds of braidstyles for men.
Quote from: anscott125;893726
I would luv more children african american hairstyles
Quote from: vita4all;899769
3. More variety of realistic African ancestry hairstyles - waves, braids, twists, cornrows, and afros, for both genders and all age groups.

While Compulsive D has a nice selection and TenshiiAkari's neat and tidy braids are to die for, I'd love to see some new stuff. I saw a couple gorgeous styles this week in a braiding shop with my daughter. One is African Twists that cascade to the shoulder blades and curl at the end with red and gold highlights. (My daughter looks wonderful in it.) Another we liked was braids only on the top and sides of the head in a lovely pattern, with shoulder-length wavy curls to her shoulders.

4. Salt n' pepper colored hair in all hairstyles for the middle-aged adult sim, so they won't be confused with their adult children.

5. Accessories: More earrings, including studs and small, simple gold/silver earrings (the round pirate style) for the chill teen male.  More designer and non-designer sunglasses for adults and teens, both genders.

6. Under Decorative, if and until EAGames progresses: Two types of basketball hoops with the net: The kind that attaches to a wall (like a garage), and the pole with the hoop. And of course, a ball. All in recolors. MTS2 has a nice one, a hoop on a pole but it doesn't have the net.

7. Under Decorative: A variety of single drinking glasses and mugs in different sizes, so you can place a single realistic looking glass on a table or bar in front of your sim so it looks like he's having a beverage, from lemonaide to milk to wine to scotch on the rocks (without the little umbrellas). Otherwise they just sit at the bar and talk

Thanks to any creators who would make this possible. :thumbup:


Quote from: Fenen;928448
I agree with whoever mentioned adult meshes/clothing for elders. Elder bodyshapes are scary. There is no reason for someone to look horrible, just cause they're no longer 25.
Quote from: Baby Bananas;932801
I would like to see BTE (Behind The Ear) hearing Aids for both genders and all ages
Actually, I would like to see that too! Especially the BTE hearing aids.

And I would like to see more comprehensive tutorials on meshing and custom animations, since many creators seem irritated with the concept of filling requests made in the request thread.
2  Retired Creators / Female Projects / Bodybuilder girl :D on: September 13, 2007, 04:13:36 pm
... I guess that's a no to the animations box...
3  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Male Hair / For SynapticSim, Halo 2 MC Helmet (Hair) on: September 12, 2007, 08:50:39 pm
Quote from: beosboxboy;930345
I was looking through all my bajillion models on my back-up drive and saw this and read my notes.  And I said, "Precious, why haven't we made this for the Sims 2 yet?"  So, 20 minutes later, here it is.  I will eventually convert the body portion... but that looks like considerably more than 20 minutes of work >_<
"20 minutes"?

... Impressive!

I only aspire to be able to reach that type of greatness.
4  Retired Creators / BodyShape Requests / *Request* Ren Gal Flag Dress on: September 11, 2007, 04:34:50 pm
... It did turn out that I didn't extract the mesh correctly. (Just my luck... I've extracted millions of files before this one...)

I apologize for the mishap (again).

The dress is working... and it is beautiful! Thank you, SharpeiVampire. Thank you, BlooM, for the dress mesh. Thank you, Warlokk, for the body mesh. I can commence my project now :angel:
5  Retired Creators / BodyShape Requests / *Request* Ren Gal Flag Dress on: September 09, 2007, 07:21:40 pm
Yes, they're in my download folder. Here's what I mean:

I have certain... limitations on my computer that make it time consuming for me to use SIMPE. This dress has its own GUID and everything, right?
6  Retired Creators / BodyShape Requests / *Request* Ren Gal Flag Dress on: September 05, 2007, 11:50:40 pm
Quote from: SharpeiVampire;917423
Is this kind of what you are/were looking for? o_O

I did make it in RenGal form... so if you want it, here ya' go...
You will however need the mesh located here::
That is exactly what I was looking for! Ohh, thank you!

Although I'm highly embarrassed that I wasn't able to find it myself when it was right here on this site... I tried using the search term "patriotic", "flag dress", "flag", and "red, white, and blue", but I had no luck.

Thank you very much for your time! ~deeply embarrassed~

Edit: It isn't working correctly (doesn't show up in Body Shop). I have all the EPs up through Pets (Family Fun Stuff is the only stuff pack I have). Can you tell me where you got this dress from, please?
7  Retired Creators / BodyShape Requests / *Request* Ren Gal Flag Dress on: September 04, 2007, 01:40:51 am
Quote from: Warlokk;904093
I'm fairly sure there's something like that around here already for one of the other shapes, although MUCH higher quality... it would be a simple thing to convert it in Bodyshop, the tutorial is in the How-To linked in my signature.
Thank you so much for your reply! I haven't actually seen a dress like that anywhere else (I searched for hours... OneBlondMomma has some striped outfits, but they are a bit... skimpy). I will see if I can get recoloring and texture down and I'll look through the tutorial.

Thank you again!

Edit: The tutorial just tells me how to use an already existing outfit. I prefer not to use the dress I formerly referred to since the mesh is messed up at the neck and the dress lacks detail. Looks like I'm back to square one.
8  Retired Creators / BodyShape Requests / *Request* Ren Gal Flag Dress on: August 27, 2007, 04:46:35 pm
So then... that's a no?
9  Retired Creators / BodyShape Requests / *Request* Ren Gal Flag Dress on: August 03, 2007, 09:48:16 pm
Can someone please create a mesh and color for the full body Ren Gal body type for a dress that is similar to this one found at MTS2 (only more detailed and without a messed up mesh):

It doesn't have to be an exact likeness, but I would like it to be red, white, and blue and to display the American flag on it. Thank you, you who take on this challenge...
10  Retired Creators / Female Projects / Bodybuilder girl :D on: August 03, 2007, 08:02:53 pm
I've seen fit female meshes, but I believe this is the one and only female bodybuilder mesh I've seen. It's great! Oh, the possibilities...

Quote from: marvine;244037

The 2 first pics were made with Simpose 2, which for now just allows to create and save poses for picture taking and experiment on basic animations (that can't be imported to the game - yet Cheesy). It's still in an early alpha stage, and to my knowledge there aren't any other tutorials than the explanations found on the website. For these reasons I don't recommend it to people not used to mess around with mesh and texture files - for now; given the expertise of its developer, I believe that a more user-friendly version is just a matter of time.

Is this still a possibility? Will an animations box be released anytime soon?
11  Retired Creators / Female Hi-Res Bodyshape Project / Organised Set Links on: August 03, 2007, 12:01:29 am
Thank you... You've saved me so much time in searching.

Now hopefully I'll be able to find the right mesh to get an outfit from ModTheSims2 to work.
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