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1  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / A Little Confused~ The Kat White Legacy (Chapter 10!!) on: June 15, 2008, 08:55:06 pm

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10


She awoke with a start, jerking up from where lay on the soft, dewy grass. Images of her nightmare flashed through her mind for only a second before they vanished.  Her heart still racing, she looked around.  There was mostly just grass, with one tree a little way away from where she lay.  The sun's first rays were poking above the horizon.

She stood up, holding her head as she did so; it hurt immensely.  Swaying slightly, she looked around again. A little while away, she saw houses, buildings.  Seeing them rose a question to her mind: Where was she?  She recognized nothing.  She remembered nothing from before she woke up.  Maybe she wasn't anything before she woke up?  Perhaps, she thought, someone over near the houses will tell me where I am.
2  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / The Carter Legacy on: March 17, 2008, 11:40:37 am
Note to the Readers: Hey everyone!  Maybe some of you can relate, but I usually can only get to the second generation of sims.  I tend to get bored, or I get other ideas and I make a new family.  So legacies are really hard for me.  This specific legacy is just a fun go with the flow one.  That means lots of pictures and little storytelling.  I'm thinking I might do another legacy with an actual plot later, but first I wanna get past the second gen before I even think about another story!  Well, I don't wanna bore you, so...On with the story!

Chapter 1


Name: Anna Carter
Aspiration: Family
Turn Ons: Fit, swimwear
Turn Off: Makeup
Personality: Sloppy/Neat- 5
     Shy/Outgoing- 3
     Lazy/Active- 7
     Serious/Playful- 3
     Grouchy/Nice- 7
Sign: Pisces

Hi!  I'm Anna.  I just moved into Redleaf Valley which has a downtown and its own university: Newleaf Uni.

This is my cat, Jinx.  She's kinda weird looking, but she's my only friend right now.  I love her to bits!

This is my house! it's not a house per se...  But it's my home to say the least.  
The bathroom is behind that wall.

See the roof?  I have that there so my bed and bathroom stays dry when it rains.

This is my tree.  One day I'm gonna be buried there, along with the rest of my family.  Not that I'm dieing anytime soon.  Don't get any ideas!
That pond right there made the lot kinda expensive, but it's a nice touch, don't you think?  The rest is just land.  I can't believe that's all I have.

Jinx seems to enjoy it, though.  She should!  I spent most of my money on that spoiled thing!  

Ooo!  I have visitors!!  Maybe I'll make some friends!

Or maybe Jinx will.  I can't believe I'm being out staged by a cat!  Seriously!!

Well, Ben has an interest in me.  That's sweet and all, but what sim doesn't he have an interest in??  He's so overused!  I've seen him in every legacy.  Boring.  He's going to be a last resort.  

Marisa started to fish, so I joined her.  She's not so bad.
Actually, I've never fished before.  I managed to get the hooky thing in the water without hurting myself, though.  Yay!

Soon enough Marisa caught a fish.

Then another.  !!
I pulled my line in.

I caught a boot.

Marisa did hook herself, though.  Hee hee!!

I was having a pretty fun time, but then this crazy lookin' old lady came by.  She starts babbling about love and blind dates, and she's carrying a crystal ball.
Me: Blind dates?
Crazy Lady: Why yes!  I can find you a soul mate!
Me: Sure, I'm in.
Crazy Lady: It'll cost you though.
Me: Oh, ok.
I handed her 23 simoleons.

She looked all angry.
Lady!!  That's more than half what I have!!
She mumbled a few words, and then a sim dropped out of the sky.

He looked up and he's this old guy!  And I'm like, "What?  Is this your husband or something?"
I told her and the old guy to get lost.  I also said goodbye to the others too.  It was just me and Jinx.

My job starts tomorrow.  I'm supposed to supervise little kids during recess.  I wonder how well that will go?

Hope you enjoy it!  Write comments too!  I like constructive criticism!! :-P
3  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Help / Making Townies? on: March 15, 2008, 02:27:57 pm
Um...I've heard that you can make townies.  Like, actually make the sim look as you want and send them out in the sim world as random townies.  Can you actually do that?  If you can, how??
4  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Broken on: December 30, 2007, 08:57:58 pm
I'm writing this story with my friend Baby_Cat.  The updates will usually alternate between us.  I guess we'll get to see who's a better writer. Wink  Jk.

He pulled her close and cupped her chin in his hand.  Their eyes met and they held for what seemed like eternity.  In a husky voice he whispered to her, "Jane, I have to tell you...Who would wear that shirt with those jeans?!
Georgie looked up from her book, irritated.  

A group of girls were gabbing loudly as the walked up the stairs.  Georgie shut the book and shoved it into her expensive purse.  As she did so, she pulled out a nail file and began to buff her nails.  When the group of gossiping girls made their way into the common room of the dorm, Georgie looked glamorous with her legs primly crossed and the look of deep concentration across her brow, without actually wrinkling it of course.  Her lips were pursed very slightly, completing the look.  
"Georgie!" the girls screamed in unison.  They all crowded around her on the sofa.  "Did you see Jenna?  I mean, honestly!  Did she really think she could pull of that top with those skinny-legged jeans?" a girl with dry blonde hair gossiped.  
"And Anna!  I mean, really!  That eyeshadow looked so ugly!" another chattered in Georgie's ear.  Georgie plastered on a big fake grin, nodding at every other word.  Did they have to do that every day?  
Georgie was only half way through her freshman year and she was already one of the most popular girls at SC University.  Georgie didn't even understand why all these girls followed her.  She wasn't ever popular in high school, nothing had changed about her personality or her look.  People at the university were just drawn to her she supposed.  No matter how it had started, she wanted it to stop.  Georgie never was outgoing, and she valued her solitude.  How could she ever value it if she was never left alone?  The guys were a bit much too.  She had no intention of dating for awhile, her grades were sinking as it was.  She was asked out about five times a day.  Guys all ages asked her out it seemed.  Well, the oldest guys were seniors at the university of course.  She might kill herself if she got attention from anyone older than that.  
"Hm.  Guys, that reminds me.  I have to go," Georgie suddenly said, grabbing her purse as fast as she could.  
"Where?" a girl with frizzy red hair asked.  
"Yeah, where?" the rest parroted.  Georgie cursed the girl with the frizzy red hair in her head.  She thought her name was Hannah...or Jana...Or something like that.  
"I have out my outfit for tomorrow," she lied.  She pinched her hand.  That was the worst lie she had ever told.  Who would believe it?
To her surprise others nodded.  "Me too," some piped up.  
"Then..." Georgie was quick to add, "I have a ton of work to do for my classes."  She rolled her eyes to the girls.  Really, though, she would kill for more homework to do if it meant she could get away from them.  
She left them all talking in the common room and headed to her dorm room as fast as her heels would take her.  She was definitely wearing sneakers more often.  
"Hey, Georgie, wait up!" she heard someone call to her.  
I could keep going, she considered.  I could just keep going like I never heard her.  She stayed put though.  A skinny girl with her hair pulled back and wearing ridiculously large heels jogged up to her.  Georgie gave a real smile this time.  That was Cindy.  She could handle Cindy, the self conscious girl who was striving for popularity.  
"What do you think of my new dress?" Cindy asked.  Georgie examined it.  She wasn't fond of the color, but it worked all right for Cindy, and were those babies on it?  
"I love it," she fibbed.  

If the other girls knew she liked Cindy's dress, then they would like it, which would make Cindy feel better.  "Hm...Maybe you should stick to flats, though," Georgie instructed, gesturing to her heels.  Cindy nodded, taking in all the details.
"I will, I will," she said determinately.  Georgie walked away while Cindy took off her heels and went barefoot down the hall.
Georgie could see her room's door.  It was so close...
"Georgie!  It's so good I found you!" another girl said.  Georgie didn't know this one's name.  "I really need your help with my homework!"
"Ok, when can I help you with your biology homework?" she asked, remembering helping this girl before.
"Woah," the girl said, staring at Georgie in disbelief.  "How did you know I'm in biology?"  
"I guess I'm psychic," Georgie replied sarcastically.  The girl started cracking up, and Georgie giggled a little, suddenly uncomfortable.  

"Ok...I'll meet you later," she told the still laughing girl.  
That time Georgie blitzed to her room.  She whipped the door open, and then slammed it shut, locking it afterwards.  She sighed, relaxing.  She dropped her purse next to her desk and sat down.  
That morning, she had asked her teacher about extra credit to boost her grade before the end of the semester.  He gave her the simple assignment of being a pen pal.  He handed her an email address and told her to be able to come back in two weeks with a packet of her emails just to prove she had reached out to someone.  After she was assured he wouldn't read them, she took the email address.  
Georgie sat down at her laptop and started to type.  

Topic: Hey

Hey!  I guess I'm your new pen pal.  I'm doing this for extra credit in psychology.  I'm halfway through my freshman year and I'm no 4.0 GPA, but I'm actually doing all right.  I really like to read, but I'm not so good at writing. Maybe you can tell. Lol.  I guess I just can't think of any good ideas for a story...  Anyway, I'm not interesting.  What's your name?  What year of college are you in?  Are you in college?  What's your major?  Do you like to read?  
Er...Kay...Guess I'll talk to you later.  If you want to reply, anyway.  
Kay, Bye!

Georgie's fingers hovered above the keyboard.  It was nice enough, but something was off.  She started to backspace her name.  E, i, g, r, o, e...
She left the G as it was and clicked send.  There.  It was done.  She leaned back in her chair and stared at the computer screen, enjoying the peacefulness.
Bang, bang, bang!  "Georgie!  Georgie, open up!"  
She sighed.  The peacefulness was very short lived.  

Hey, hoped you liked it!  Write lots of comments! Smiley
5  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / It's Not Easy Being Me on: July 26, 2007, 01:03:12 pm
I'm hoping I'll actually be able to finish this story, since I tend to start writing something and then get another idea.Cheesy
Well, hope you like it!

"Goodbye, Mom," I said, shutting the taxi door.
"Mylie! Don't you dare leave! You get back here right now and talk to me!" my mom shouted, but her words were lost as the taxi pulled away...
Er...Maybe I should start from the beginning.  My name's Mylie, and this is how this whole mess started.  

"See, honey? This is a gorgeous house!  I'm sure you'll feel right at home," my mom claimed as we stood in front of our new house.  

"I doubt it," I grumbled.  "Why did we have to move anyway?  Just because for once a guy cheated on you instead of the other way around?"  My mom glared at me.  
"Of course not, it's just time for some change," she explained.  "Anyway, I'm sure you'll love your new school.  Maybe you'll even be part of the popular crowd!"  She clapped her hands together like it was the greatest idea ever.  "You just need to be more outgoing.  Come on, let's go unpack."

I sighed.  I didn't want to explain to her again that I was part of the popular group in my former school.  I had told her what seemed like a thousand times, and she still thought I was a loser!  My own mom!  Not that she knew me very well.  She's always out with a different man each night.  So I rolled my eyes, sucked it up, and carried my bags inside.  
Well, I had to admit, the house was nice, even unfurnished.  It was big and roomy and I had been promised the best room, but it just wasn't home.  
By the end of the day every room was furnished, and my bedroom was just perfect.

I booted up my computer immediately.  No emails from my friends yet, but it had to only a matter of time.  

Either way, I had to get ready for school.

I packed my backpack and headed downstairs fro breakfast.  I had no idea where my mom was.  She was probably leaving from some guy's house right now while he slept.  I had a quick breakfast of a toaster pastry, then headed down to the front of my house and waited for the bus to come.  
"Hi," I said, jumping up immediately when a boy about my age came walking down the sidewalk.  I practically ran to him to shake his hand.

"My name's Mylie, I'm new."  I said a bit over enthusiastically.  He looked at me strangely.

"Uh, yeah, hi...Jake."  He pulled his fingers from my pincer-like grip.  
"So," I began, blushing from my loserness, "you have to wait for the bus here?"
"I guess we'll be seeing a lot of each other, then."  Wrong thing to say.  Jake practically groaned at the thought.  I blushed again.  I was not doing well.  Thankfully the bus came at that moment.    

Jake was fast to get on, and I followed tightly behind him.  
On the bus he sat down in what seemed to be a designated seat in the back.  He sat next to a blonde boy who had his arm draped over a blonde, preppy, cheerleader-type.  On the other side of Jake was a pretty, dark skinned girl with perfect hair and makeup.  When he sat down, he turned toward her and kissed her right on the lips.  Of course.  He was a jock.

Well, hoped you liked my first update.  Comment please!!!
6  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / ~Phabet Legacy~ on: July 13, 2007, 04:55:43 pm
My first story on InSIM! This is an Alphabet Legacy, which you'll understand soon enough if you don't already.  On with my update!

Andromeda flattened her red hair over her ears, making sure they were completely covered.  Pulling her hat farther down, she moved across her new lot to the four blank walls that was her house.  She poked one of the walls, cringing at its weakness.  Inside the box there was a bed, sink, counter, refrigerator, table, a chair, a door she hoped led to a bathroom...

"...aaannnd no wallpaper, floors, or a roof for that matter," Andromeda said aloud.  She prayed it wouldn't rain before she could afford a roof of some sort.  Not that it would, anyway.  She was in a desert!  Like it would rain ever!  Glancing around for a second time she caught sight of a light, she supposed, and what could be called a bookshelf.  

Deciding to see if there was anything else around her 'house', Andromeda went outside and walked around it.  Just as she thought.  Nothing else was out there.  

Lying back in the sand, she started talking to herself and tracing the tattoo along the side of her cheek.  "Stupid paper, stupid people, stupid lot, stupid life..." Andromeda trailed off, but continued fiercely in her head.  "Ugh!"  She groaned and rolled onto her stomach drowning her face in the sand.  She sat up again, spitting sand out of her mouth.  Add that to the list, she thought miserably.  Two minutes in her new home and she was already sick of it.  What happened to her 20,000 simoleons?  Where had it gone to?

Andromeda glumly remembered the amount of simoleons she had left, how she thought she would have enough.  Enough to live by, at least until she had gotten a job.  No.  She had bought lots of sand and a box with 30 simoleons left over.  How very successful, she thought sarcastically.  

Sh sat there for a while, gazing out at the road.  What would she have to do to see another lousy sim?  Occasionally a car passed by, then after an hour or so the same car would go around again.  Andromeda began to wonder if there was a way into Aridia, but no way out of it.  She immediately regretted thinking that.  It was probably true, she was stuck in Aridia.  Forever.  Andromeda screamed as loud as she could possibly manage.  She wondered if anyone heard.

For the next couple of hours, until dark, Andromeda applied for a job and sharpened her cooking skills.  If she was going to have to live here she might as well eat as close to gourmet food as she could get.  The best way to make spaghetti sauce is to slice a medium tomato...Brrrring!  

"Ugh!  Stupid phone, way too loud..." Andromeda grumbled.  "Hello?!"  Someone cleared their throat on the other line.  "Hello?" she said again.  

"Uh...yes, hello?"  Andromeda stared at the phone.  What kind of idiot was this?

"Yeah, what?" she said roughly.  

"Well..." the woman on the other line began slowly.  Andromeda realized the woman was an older sim, and that she must have scared her.  "Since you're new in town..."  Andromeda snorted.  What town?  "I thought you might like to join me and the gals downtown," the sim offered.  Andromeda gaped.  Be seen with a bunch of old ladies?  In a downtown she never knew existed?  As if!

"Um...I'm kinda busy getting everything settled in, ya know?" Andromeda fibbed.  

"Oh, oh!  Yes, of course!  My name's Marsha, by the way," Marsha informed her.  "Just call me if you need anything, darling."

"Oh, don't worry, I will.  Ok, bye."  Andromeda sighed.  She hadn't realized how tired she was.  Slipping on her only nightgown, she slid into her bed.  She was out once she hit the pillow.  

Hoped you liked my first update!  I'll work on the way I put up the pics, though...:smile:
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