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1  The Sims 3 / Sims 3 Buzz / Re: *sigh* want to play TS3-but want good graphics on: August 02, 2010, 05:51:55 pm
You've probably already bought your PC by now, but those specs are more than enough for TS3 (I'm running an Intel i3 3.2GHz CPU, 4GB DDR3 RAM and an nVidia GTS250 with all the shinies on), but to make the game look even nicer even when everything's maxed out, you'll need to go into your nVidia Control Panel and change these settings for ts3.exe:

Anisotropic filtering - 16x (this will keep the textures sharp no matter how far away a sim, object or ground texture is from the camera)
Antialiasing - Gamma correction - On
Antialiasing mode - Enhance the application setting
Antialiasing setting - 16x
Texture filtering - Anisotropic sample optimisation - Off
Texture filtering - Negative LOD bias - Off
Texture filtering - Quality - High quality
Texture filtering - Trilinear optimisation - Off
Threaded optimisation - On
Triple buffering - On
Vertical sync - Force on

The last two are important to stop your card from overheating, because the game rather stupidly does not lock FPS to the display's refresh rate and will happily let your card churn out hundreds of frames a second until it burns a hole in your PC.
2  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Junior / Fan Sites Must Be Destroyed! on: February 22, 2008, 01:15:27 pm
Quote from: rose_red;1147135
maybe you can recolour some penicillin and charge for it?? ;-)

Or, create a new penicillin mesh, bork it so that it's either invisible in-game, has huge gaps or has a super low-resolution texture in fluorescent green or yellow. Also don't forget the heavily touched-up photoshopped image that makes the object in question look super-good until you've parted over the cash and seen how bad it looks in-game for the two seconds you get before it kills the game altogether!

Also, offer no refunds, technical support or anything else a freesite creator would give! Smiley
3  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Junior / Fan Sites Must Be Destroyed! on: August 27, 2007, 03:27:54 pm
Quote from: Pistachio;885806
EA has no interest in preventing CC, its bad for business. I have good reason to believe that future releases from Maxis will be more CC friendly rather than less.

Unfortunately the humour in this particular artistic statement is somewhat limited for me, some of us get routinely subjected to too much crap from people who genuinely believe those sentiments. I don't personally enjoy stuck up kids giving me a hard time because they feel I should close my site if I can't afford to pay for it entirely myself, sadly for me the most important decision I have each day is not whether to take the blue or the pink Lexus out for a spin. The bewildering sense of entitlement that seems to be so pervasive throughout this community continues to shock me, the idea that not only should creators make things, they should also be solely responsible for paying for the privilege of other people playing with their creations? The community's deranged obsession with pay sites completely ignores the fact that *someone* has to pay to keep these websites online. Keeping websites free involves more than simply bullying those who can't afford their sites offline.

But the thing is, nobody is putting a gun to your head and saying you must make CC and distribute them for free. If you choose to make content and set up a website, that's *your* decision, and nobody else's. Therefore, why should you expect everyone else to pay for it? It's a hobby, not a business!

At the end of the day, there are sites out there like The Sims Resource that are simply in the business of taking players content and charging for it, claiming the copyright for themselves and paying a handful of privileged "Featured Artists" to churn out an increasing number of substandard items for a ludicrously high subscription price. The rest of the contributors, of course get absolutely nothing, not even ownership or control over their own submissions.

I used to make content for Sims 1 for a now-gone website (Living-It-Up). I did it because it was fun, not because I thought I was entitled to other fans cash! I never received a penny for my work, and I certainly never expected to. I did it because I wanted others to enjoy it.
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