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1  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Never Again on: December 22, 2007, 10:15:35 pm
Well, i've never tried writing a story on this sight before, but i love writing, it goes--this is a spontaneous move by the way, i have just found the stories thread and about a minute ago i thought, "Why not just write a story" but the problem is, i haven't really though about the plot so this is just gonna be made up as i go along... hope you like it! (Oh, and please forgive my spelling, i'm am not the best at grammer!) Oh, one more thing, the first post has no pics cause my sims is down at the moment but next post will have pics! Sorry-i'm more of a writing person not a picture person...


The taste of salt washed into my mouth, although my lips were only slightly parted. My eyes were dull as i stared at my reflection in the mirror. Tear-streaked cheeks, firey-red, tangled hair wildly cascading around my pale face, and hazel-green eyes staring back at me.
I took a sharp intake of breath, but tears continued to pour down my face. Everything i had ever known-Mom, all my friends, my school, my house, my town...everything-I was leaving it all behind to move to...where? Some New Jersey small-town, with a highschool that has a total of...what? 450 kids? I'm leaving it all behinde for this stupid town...stupid school...stupid state. Yeah, some kids say moving is no big'll make new friends, you'll joing a new clique. But i don't want a new clique, i don't want new friends....
More tears trickled down my face as I walked to my window. The wind out side whispered to the trees, swaying their leaves gently back and forward. I pulled open my window and let the cool breeze dry my wet face. Combing my tangled hair with my fingers, i looked outside, and let out a soft cry. Everything was already packed and there was nothing left to do except wait.

I let the brush slide through my hair for the millionth time. Once again i stared at my reflection in the bathroom mirror. my red hair framed my face, which was as pale as ever. My mouth was curved into a frown and my eyes showed no emotion. I silently questioned why this had to be me, why this was happening. If only Mom hadn't taken the job offer which had lead to her set me up to move in with dad in New Jersey. Why were they even divorced anyway? I wouldn't be moving to live with dad right now, if mom's new apartment wasn't too small for me and her to live in together and if they weren't divorced. Of coarse i loved dad though, it's just that we had never been close. Visiting him in the summer was like living in an empty house...neither of uus liked to talk much, we were the silent type, and so i had many times found myself sitting by the window, watching the birds flit around and letting silence fill the room all day until some one finally broke the tention by saying, "What's for dinner?" or "Nice day out...isn't it?" when i was visiting him in the summer.

Finally, i pulled away from the mirror and dressed in a blue tank and normal jeans. I then pulled a dark navy sweatshirt over myself and walked downstairs. Pulling the box of "Captian Crunch" out of the closet, i let out a sigh. I was definitly dreading the long flight to New Jersey. I really did hate to fly, but the 3 day car trip was to long for me and my mom. Mom was in fact just driving me to the airport and then i would meet dad at the airport in New Jersey.

I rolled down the window and, for about the billionth time, frowned unhappily. We had arrived at the airport. I just wished that i could turn around and drive right back home with mom...but now it was to late. For the last time i turned to mom and said, with a fake smile and a tone that almost hit the mark-i'd been practicing this all night so as not to hurt mom's feelings. Despite the fact that she was making me move in with my dad, she really did love me intensly and wanted me to be okay-"I'm going to be fine, Mom. Dad and I will have a great time! Everything is going to be okay!"
And with one last hug, i departed and set off towards my plane. Mom called after me, "Bye Jenna! Call me! And I love you!" and with that, i was off. Headed to my new destination. New Jersey."


Sorry that there are no pics, hope you like my first post! I'm really more of a contest person, but i have decided that i think stories might be better...who knows right? Well, anyway, more posts to come!

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